Heroism and Heartbreak at Hogwarts

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Character Name: Fiona Kathleen Nickal
Gender: Female
Blood: Pureblood
Age: 16
Parents: Charlotte Nickal and Theodore Nickal
Year: 5
House: Slytherin


General Appearance:


Current Goal/Purpose: To graduate school. She's not sure what she wants to be yet. Maybe a professional Quiddich player.
Talents: Quiddich, Transfiguration, Astronomy
Inabilities: History, Herbology
Fears: Spiders
General Personality: Relatively nice for a Slytherin. She's more of a prankster and mischef maker. Enjoys doing things that are risky. A bit of a Playgirl.
Inner Personality: Would rather have a real boyfriend. Isn't into the whole Death Eater scene. Likes to sneak up to the astronomy tower at night and look at the stars.
Secret: Has a crush on a Gryffindor.


General History: Grew up in a relatively rich, but humble family. The Nickals consorted with all of the pureblood families, and like any ranking family should, her parents became Death Eaters. She grew up with the children as well, Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkenson, etc.

Present Life: Currently the star Chaser on the Slytherin Quiddich team. Friends with Draco, Pansy, Blaise, Crabbe, and Goyle. Has an on-and-off romantic relationship with Blaise.

Pet: Rat named Flex

Character Name: Sean Cullens
Gender: male
Blood: Pure blood
Age: 16
Parents: Maveric and Judy Cullens
Year: 5th
House: Gryffendor

General Appearance:


Current Goal/Purpose: Sean is trying to rid himself of a crazy ex girlfriend who stalks him and steals his stuff. Also, he wants to raise his grades in several of his classes. Over the last few weeks they have slipped beyond the point of "average".

Transfiguration has always been his strong point. He is also an above average flyer.

Potions. It is by far Sean's worst subject.

Although he claims to have no fear, Sean is secretly terrified of small, enclosed places.

General Personality:
Sean is out going and outspoken. He never "tip toes" around touchy subjects, but rather attacks all problems head on. He is a good friend to those he trusts, although he has been known to turn his back on people who lose his trust without giving explanation. Often times people who don't know him see him as being cocky, but this is not the case.

Inner Personality:
Calm and reserved. Sean takes everything with a grain of salt, never letting the little things get to him. He feels like he has to guard his true feelings or else people may try to take advantage of him.

Sean is looking for true love, something he has never experienced.


General History: Sean was born in London. His parents, Who were often times more than a little busy with work, were never around. He was instead raised by a loving aunt who took the role of bother mother and father. When Sean was 10 his father, Maveric, a well know Curse breaker, was killed in a freak accident at work. Even 5 years later Sean is still trying to deal with the death of his father.

Present Life: At school, Sean can be found hanging out with his friends or waste deep in book. During the spring and summer seasons Sean loves to spend time outdoors.

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The minutes seemed to last for hours as Sean listened to Professor Trelawney go on and on about the connections between peoples moods and cloud formation. Although Sean respected the Professor, he found many of her "Teachings" boring and uninformative. Sean glanced over to his left where Seamus Finnigan was on the brink of sleep with his head propped up on one hand and a small pool of drool accumulating under his mouth. Just as Sean was about to stifle a laugh he noticed that Professor Trelawney had stopped talking and was staring at Sean.

Sean looked at her and asked "Professor?" Several students laughed at his response.

"Mr. Cullens." Said the off beat professor " I Don't think "Professor" explains the ties between Low lying clouds and Depression."

It seemed that Sean had been so lost in his thoughts that he had missed the question entirely. Just then Seamus' head slipped off his hand and hit his desk with a wet "T H U D". And as if Seamus' head signaled the bell, it rang and the hour was up, free at last thought Sean.

He exited the class and hurried to the Gryffendor 's common room where his supplies for the next subject were; Potions. Sean hated potions with a deep rooted passion. Not so much because of the actual potions part, but rather because of Professor Snape. Snape gave most Gryffendors a hard time, but none as bad as Harry Potter, who Snape seemed to constantly harass.

Sean rounded the corner and stood in front of the Portrait of the fat lady.

"Password." She said, looking rather pleased with herself because over the last few weeks the password had changed several times. Every time Harry and his best friends, Ron and Hermione, got into trouble it seemed everyone paid for it.

"Toad Stool." Said Sean after thinking on it for a minute. The door opened and Sean entered. Sitting on the Couch in front of the fire were Fred and George Weasley. They were Throwing folded paper cranes into the air and attempting to Change them into Birds before they hit the ground. Sean walked softly up behind them with his wand drawn. As Fred tossed up one of the paper cranes into the air Sean flicked his wand and turned it into a slimy toad instead. It hit the ground with a splat, croaked once, then hopped off indifferently towards the dorms. Fred and George both looked back at Sean at the same time.

"Well done, Mate." Said Fred

"You could have at least warned up." Said George.

Just then the twins eyes both shot open with surprise " Are you thinking what I'm thinking Fred."

Fred winked once and said "Girls Dorm."

"Exactly." Said George " The next Girl to go into the Dorm will get a "ribbiting surprise"

Sean realized what they were thinking and partly blamed himself for it.

As Fred and George were leaving they looked back at Sean and said '' By the way Mate, That crazy girl you used to date was here earlier going through your stuff. Whats her name again?"

"Madalyn." Said Sean as his hand shot up to his temples. The twins left and Sean was left with his thoughts. Madalyn Murch had been his girl friend through most of his 4th year at Hogwarts. Although at first she was a pretty cool girl, after they had broken up, she became a jealous monster, often times following him and going through his things. He took a deep Breath and entered his Dorm. At first everything looked fine, but then he noticed what she had taken. His Cauldron. No anything BUT that!, thought Sean. Not only was Potions his next subject, but he was going to have to go unprepared. Brutal. As if Snape didn't have it in for him enough already. That Bitch KNEW Sean had Potions next. It was her desperate attempt to see him, but he wasn't going to play her game. Even if it meant going to Face Snape and the Slytherins in the dungeon with no Cauldron.

Sean left the dorm and walked slowly down the Stairs. He made his way down the hall and then down another set of stairs that would lead him to the Dungeon. He saw Slytherins and Gryffendors alike hurrying into class. Sean was nervous, but there was only one thing to do. He would have to Tell Snape and then face the repercussion like a man.

He walked up to Snape with his head held High. " Professor I need a Cauldron" Snape, who had his back turned and was measuring something out into small glass vials, Turned on Sean in an instant, his greasy hair flying around his face in a black swirl as he did so.

"Mr. Cullens!, Have you ever forgot your Broom or your Beater Club to a Quidditch match.?" Snape's face was curled up into a snarl " You can't expect me to hold your hand to and from class, can you Mr. Cullens.?" A few Slytherins laughed at this " You are doing a poor job of......" Just then Snape stooped as Harry and Ron entered the Room. Snape seemed to loose interest in Sean for the time being as his eyes followed the two boys to their seats.

"Take a seat, Mr.Cullens" Said Snape.

Sean hurried to his seat, well aware that he had been saved by Snapes hatred for Harry.
Having an open first period, Fiona took this time to do a little flying. She walked out onto the field, her brand new Firebolt in hand. Some said that a Chaser didn't need a Firebolt, but her father always insisted that she have the best of everything. Fiona was an only child and a bit of a "Daddy's Girl".

She slipped off her shoes and left them by the opening of the locker rooms. After getting on her broom, she hovered just above the ground a bit, feeling the dew from the grass settle between her toes. Fiona loved flying barefoot. She would do it during matches if she could, but Madame Hooch only allowed her to do it during practice. After a few minutes, she kicked off from the ground, flying higher and higher into the morning fog. She made a soft turn and flew upside-down for a little bit. She was often told that she could make a great seeker, but she didn't want to ruin her friendship with Draco over a Quiddich position.

Fiona took a sharp dive and quickly turned upward about a yard above the ground. She was lucky enough that the Slytherin team even let her play. She was the first Slytherin female to play for the house team. It was all via her parents connections, though. Everything was through connections nowadays.

She heard a bell ring and glided softly down to the ground. After landing near her shoes, Fiona put them on and headed back to the common room to grab her things for potions. She sighed and felt a little jump in her chest. Potions was one of her favorite classes. Not because she was good at it...but because she got to see the Gryffindors.

"Candle Wick," Fiona stated once she got to the door of the Common room. The wall moved to let her through and she walked in.

"Flying again?" Blaise Zabini said, poking his head out from behind a chair. He stood up and walked over to Fiona, his 6'1", lean frame towering over her, at 5 feet.

"Yeah. You should be out practicing too. I could show you a few moves," She commented, attempting to make her way up to her dorm to get her things.

"Oh, there's some moves that I'd like you to show me," Blaise replied, moving his arm to block her way. "But they don't have to do with Quiddich." He smirked and moved in for a kiss. Fiona ducked under his arm and walked down the hall.

"We're done, Blaise," She called back toward the common room. "Get over me." She walked in and closed the door on her room, before hearing what Blaise had to say to her comment. Fiona shuffled through her things, throwing what she needed for potions into her cauldron. After getting everything she picked it up, and headed out. Blaise had left the common room by the time she re-entered it. He was probably on his way to class.

Walking into class, she noticed that someone was getting yelled at. Cullens. She bit her lip softly and walked over to her seat, the table next to his. Her emotions confused her when it came to this Gryffindor. For some reason, she couldn't help but feel an attraction to him. When he sat down, Fiona realized she was staring at him and she turned to look mindlessly at her book.
As usual the Potions dungeon was dark and dank, Windowless and candle lit; everything you'd expect a dungeon to be. Directly behind where Snape gave his lesson was a wall lined with various vials containing a wide assortment of ingredients.

Sean felt his body relax a little as he sat in his chair. He let out a small sigh of relief as Snape focused his anger on Ron and Harry. Besides the fact Sean had no Cauldron, It was other wise a normal day. He closed his eyes and ran his hand through his hair, that was in dire need of a cut. He let it fall loosely back, so that his bangs almost covered his eyes.

Then, as if the gates of heaven had opened, Sean saw Her. A Girl he had never noticed before? Impossible! After all he spent almost all of his time checking out girls, as most 16 year old boys will do, but he was sure he hadn't noticed her until now. Lights from the outside hall shot directly into Sean's eyes, slightly blurring his view of her face, but at the moment he wasn't looking at her face at all. Her build was absolutely breath taking, with all the right things in all the right places. He could make out Red hair, was that right? Yes! Red hair, and at that moment it was the most beautiful hair he had ever seen in his life. Unable to keep looking with out breaking out in a full on smile he looked away once she got close. Then his heart jumped when she sat down, and with the glare of lights out of his eyes it was all clear. He had noticed her before, as he took note of her green accented robes he realized who it was. D.J Nickal. Not only was she a Slytherin, but she was also a Chaser on the house team. As Sean's heart seemed to go Numb from his new discovery it was soon beating at full sped again when he cast another glance at her and saw her looking at him too, with a pair of eyes that could melt ice. This time he couldn't hold back as a huge smile crashed over his face.

The sound of Snapes voice cut through Sean's ears like a Razor as he whipped his head to attention.

"....And seeing as Mr.Cullens finds it unimportant to properly prepare for my class he will be sharing with....." Snape narrowed his eyes as he saw the way Sean had been Smiling at D.J. "Miss. Nickal"

Several of the Slitherin snickered under their breath, assuming it a very awkward and embarrassing moment for The 5th year Gryffendor. His fellow house mates cast looks of sympathy in his direction, little did they all know Sean was exploding inside with joy.
Fiona couldn't believe her luck! Was he smiling at her? She blushed a little bit but couldn't be seen smiling back.

"....And seeing as Mr.Cullens finds it unimportant to properly prepare for my class he will be sharing with.....Miss. Nickal"

Fiona looked up, wide-eyed. Was he...She shot a look over to Cullens and he was moving over to her table. She had to keep herself from grinning, and instead flashed a dirty look at her Slytherin classmates. Fiona set her elbow on the table and placed her head on her hand, trying to look uninterested.

"Today you will be making a Forgetfulness Potion," Snape said, in his signature monotone. He flicked his wand and the words appeared on the chalkboard. "The duo that does the best job will be able to test their potion on the group that does the worst." Everyone's eyes flickered to the team of Neville Longbottom and Seamus Finnigan, who's faces looked very unsure.

While everyone looked at the two, Fiona took a look at Cullens' tattoo. Why did he have it? Was it not his choice? He started turning back and Fiona looked back at the board.

"Suppose we should start, hmm?" She said, trying to gather some of the ingredients.
Sean knew how to keep cool under pressure. It was one of his stronger attributes. So when Snape announced that he would be working with D.J he hardly flinched, even though his insides were doing somersaults like an experienced gymnast. Only when he heard one of the Slytherin boys, Malfoy he suspected, do a loud wolf whistle did he break his composure and shoot a quick "Don't F with me" glance back towards where they were sitting.

Sean sat down next to D.J. who looked more or less uninterested, had he imagined the look she gave him? Either way he was determined to find out.

"Suppose we should start, hmm?" She said, trying to gather some of the ingredients.

He nodded in agreement, giving her body another quick once over with his eyes.

"Right, I'll start the fire," Sean opened his book to page 243 headlined "Forgetfulness Potions" He scanned down the page, and began to read.

"Ok, lets see. Over a med high flame heat 2 litters of purified saltwater then slowly stir in a half cup of powdered Badger fur." Badger fur? Sean often times had trouble in Potions, so he looked over to D.J. and said "Do we have Badger fur?" He just then realized he hadn't formally introduced him self.

"By the way, I'm Sean. I'm a beater." He turned slightly red realizing how that sounded, then quickly added "A beater for Gryffendor I mean."
Fiona pulled out a jar of powder and set it in front of Sean.

"Here," She said, still trying to look uninterested. "I know who you are. I'm Fiona Nickal. Chaser for Slytherin." She looked up at Sean, smiled a little, and pulled out a notebook.

"You're a great Quiddich player. I mean it." Fiona wrote and pushed toward Sean, then looked up at the board.

"Guess we need some essence of dragon blood, too," She commented, pointing at the board. "Do you have some of that?"
As D.J introduced herself Sean looked into her eyes and it sent a warm burst of joy through his body. He had to remind himself that she was a Slytherin, after all, half the Gryffiendors would disown him if they found out he was falling for the enemy, but at the same time he was powerless to his emotions.

With the potion brewing nicely, Sean felt a little more comfortable in his skin. He even managed to add the Badgers fur and stir it in flawlessly. At this time, Sean saw D.J. write something on a piece of paper and push over to him across the table. It read: "You're a great Quiddich player. I mean it.". Sean was a little taken back at first, but soon realized that he would have done the same.

As D.J asked if he had the Dragon blood, Sean decided to make a drastic move
. He feared if he didn't do it now, he would lose any chance he may have had to get to know her.

"Yea, heres some right here." he replied handing her the small glass bottle then writing a note of his own.

It read: "I want to talk to you in private, away from our respective classes. Can you meet me at the Owlery tonight after dinner?"

Sean knew he was being more than a little forward with his "secret invitation", but he was overtaken by this girl. He had to get to know her, and would go any distance to do so.
After reading Sean's note, Fiona looked up at him, eyes wide. Was this a Joke? This had to be a Joke. But only a Slytherin would pull a joke like this. She relaxed her expression and nodded at Sean, putting the notebook away.

"Well," She said, grabbing the bottle, "let's get this over with." She returned to her disinterested expression, when on the inside, she was giddy with joy.


Fiona finished her dinner quickly and skipped dessert, complaining of an ailing stomach. This was partially true from the knots forming the closer she got to the Owlery. She arrived there and seemed to be the only one, except for the excess of owls screeching and squawking. Fiona chose a spot to lean against the wall and winced, glad that owning a rat meant she didn't have to deal with the noise.
After Sean passed the note to D.J. the class flew by in no time. Before Sean knew it class was letting out. About time, thought Sean. He flashed D.J. a quick smile before heading out the door with Ron and Seamus.

"That was wicked of Snape to seat you next to That Slytherin, I feel for you Sean." Said Seamus as they exited the building.

"YEa, It was wicked all right." Sean said with a hint of excitement in his voice, however he quickly covered it up by saying "Yea, Snape has always got to give us a hard time for no reason....talk about favoritism!." With that Sean headed back to the Gryffendor common room to wash up before Dinner. Just before he left the room he gave himself a once over in the mirror.


Sean found that he had little to no hunger for food. Instead he downed a small glass of Pumpkin juice and headed out the door into the night. He cut across the school grounds and before he knew it he was at the stairs leading to the Owlery. He took the steps two at a time as the cold nights air left soft plumes of steam in front of his face.

When he finally got to the top he froze, eyes wide with cation and emotion. Standing before him leaning against the wall was D.J. She looked even more beautiful than she had in class. The glow from the moon dripped down onto the wall and spilled out over her silhouette, illuminating her features to an almost goddess like quality. Sean swallowed hard as he approached her. Never in his life had he felt so strongly for another person, especially one he had meet only hours before. Was it fate? was it true love? Had all the stars fell into place and connected She and him on a crossed path? Sean did not know. All he knew was that he had to kiss her.....right there and right now.

He approached her slowly, taking car to grab her eyes with his own. He placed his hand softly on her shoulder and ran it down to the small of her back, giving her a slight nudge towards him. In that brief instant a fire, brighter than the sun, seemed to ignite in Seans chest. The only thought in his mind in that second before their lips would touch was.......will she pull away?
Fiona felt their breath mingle in the air between them, and she closed her eyes, her body reacting automatically to the situation. Their lips touched, and she felt a jolt, like electricity, shoot up her spine, making her knees weak. As she felt Sean go to deepen the kiss, Fiona snapped to her senses and pulled away.

"Wha..." Sean spurted, surprised at Fiona's sudden change of mind.

"We can't do this," She replied, pushing him away and averting her gaze. "You and I are not supposed to happen." Fiona walked about 6 feet away from Sean, her back turned to him.
For a second, and only a second, Sean's insecurity and doubt took hold. Why had she turned away? Was it because she did not find him attractive? Did his breath smell bad? Was she a Virgin? He shook all the useless question from his mind. He had seen the way she looked at him, he knew she wanted him as bad as he did her. After all, she hadn't left, but only turned her back.

Sean approached her slowly, then spoke in a quiet voice.

" Why can't we happen? There's no one here right now anyway. Look me in the eyes and tell me you didn't feel something from that kiss."
Fiona looked at Sean over her shoulder.

"Whether I felt something or not isn't the issue here," She said, rubbing her arms. Fiona turned around and looked at Sean. "You're a Gryffindor. I'm a Slytherin. You and I are not meant to be together."

Fiona looked into Sean's eyes. Oh, how she wanted to kiss him again! But it could never happen. It would be like a Muggle dating a Death Eater. It wasn't natural.
Sean heard her words, but nevertheless took another step towards her.

"Look, I'm scared too. I'm scared that I'll regret it the rest of my life if we don't at least see if there's something between us. I've never felt like I did today in Potions before, Its almost as if its something stronger than a simple Lust filled attraction. If we walk away from each other today and never speak again...." Sean paused looking down at the ground, as if trying to find the right words, then again looked D.J. in the eyes " I don't want to live a life running in fear of my feeling.....besides No one has to know"
"I..." Fiona was lost for a moment in Sean's eyes, then looked away quickly. "I suppose...Maybe..." She looked back at him. He looked sincere, and his eyes held a pleading expression. Fiona sat, trying to accept reality, but having a budding feeling of desire pushing it out of the way. The feeling suddenly overwhelmed her and she threw her arms around Sean, startling him a bit.

"Maybe you're right," She whispered in his ear. "Let's take a chance."
That was all the invitation Sean needed. He placed his Hand on her back and slowly ran it up to the base of her neck, pushing her face towards his. Feeling the warmth of her breath on his face, and that of her skin on his own, Sean closed his eyes and pressed his lips to hers. A kiss between two fifth year students at Hogwarts from opposing houses is all it really was, but to Sean, It was as if he had been lifted from the ground and carried away in happiness. Never in his life had he felt such a raw surge of joy as he did that day. The smell of her hair would forever be ingrained in his memory, and in later days would bring tears to his eyes. Sean was in bliss.

~ Foot steps approach~

Not 10 steps down from where D.J. and Sean were, came the steady "Thud thud thud" of approaching foot steps. Sean's brain, for the first time since he had noticed D.J. in potions, Came slamming back into reality. With the realization of what he was doing - Making out with a Slytherin!!- Came the sudden fear of what would happen if he was caught. He Jumped up and spun around, just before shooting a "We're F*****" look" back at D.J.
Fiona rolled her eyes and frowned, giving him a "glad you figured that out" look. She pulled two envelopes out of her robes and handed one to Sean. He looked confused, then read what was on the envelope.

"Pretend you're sending a letter. I knew something like this might happen."

Fiona picked out an owl and started to tell it to take the letter to a random place. She looked over her shoulder at Sean and saw that he was doing the same thing. A glance at the door confirmed their suspicion the someone was coming to the owlery.
Quick thinking on D.J.'s part may have very well saved both their asses. As Sean turned to send his Owl off with a bogus letter, he heard the one voice that he dreaded. It was Madalyn, his Caldron stealing ex girl friend. Her shrill voice cut through the owlery, destroying the passion with a single blow.

"SEAN<!!! What the hell are you doing here. I though You we're going to be studying after dinner...at least thats waht that Granger twit was saying. How come she knows where you're going to be when I don't. I hate it when you lie to me, Sean SEAN S E A N !!!, are you listening to me!"

" Madalyn, get it through your head. We are no longer together. Stay away from me and Give me back my things!!!" Sean, as usual, was ignored by his ex girlfriend

Madalyns long black hair whipped around behind her head as she spun to look at D.J, obviously noticing her for the first time upon entering.

She looked at D.J. for a moment, her eyes growing wide.

"Oh, It's you. What's your name again? It doesn't really matter. Why the hell are you here with Sean?"

Sean, by this point, was shaking with anger.

"We're not together. This is a Public owlery!!!."

With that Sean brushed past Madalyn, angry and frustrated that his first meeting with D.J had ended in such disaster, and headed towards the door.
Fiona looked over, wide-eyed. This was obviously an ex-girlfriend. As they fought, she kept thinking that she was glad that Blaise was, possibly as annoying, but much more passive than this girl.

"We're not together. This is a public owlery!!!." Fiona winced at that phrase, feeling as if someone had stabbed her in the chest. She knew it had to be said, but she didn't want to hear it. She turned all the way around, once Sean left with his ex on his tail. Sighing, she left the owlery as well, oh her way back to her dormitory.


Fiona laid on her bed, playing with a piece of paper that she charmed to fold into different origami shapes. It was an odd charm that Draco taught her. He wasn't really as bad as people thought. He was very charming and chivalrous when it came to Slytherin girls. Fiona assumed he wouldn't be that way to her anymore if he figured out about her and Sean, though.

She suddenly grabbed the paper and wrote a little note on it.
"What are we? -Fi"
Fiona charmed it to make a bird and took it to the fire place. She lowered the flames and sent the little bird on it's way, up the chimney, to the Gryffindor tower.
Sean heard the words leave his lips "We're not together", but they had no meaning, in fact everything after that Kiss had a dull, lifeless, quality to it. It was that good. As Sean left Owlery he hardly noticed as Madalyn followed behind him.

"Sean whats wrong with you........." He turned on her in a fury of rage and frustration.

" Leave me Alone, You are Crazy." He looked at her for a split second and saw her turn a bright shade of red. Seemingly irritated, and with nothing more to say she turned and left. Sean was glad, and more than happy that she was gone.

~later that night~

Sean lay on the top bunk listening as the wind blew outside. He thought of D.J., mostly; the way her face had looked in the seconds before he kissed her, the way her red hair felt pressed against his face when she hugged him, even the way her breath smelt - clean and delicious - so damn good he wanted to taste her lips again. Just then, as if his thoughts had brought fantasy to life, a paper birdie flew through a small crack in the Window. When sean caught it and opened it up he saw it was a note.

It was short, only three letters.

"What are we?"

Sean reached for his quill and answered.

"Give me a chance to show you. Meet me again?"- Sean

He sent the note off with his Owl, knowing that she would give him anything he wanted - including a chance - he had seen the look in her eyes; shining with the first sight of love.