Heroic Fantasy with a Newbie

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  1. I have had plenty of experience roleplaying in the DND scene, but I decided that I wanted to branch out a little bit into online roleplays like on Iwaku. To get started, I made a basic adventure-type fantasy scenario similar to what one might play in a role playing game but, I'm willing to take things in any direction. I just wanted to put out an ad in case people were interested in taking a look and helping a newbie out with a simple fantasy roleplay. You can find the main page here.
  2. I'm hella interested.
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  3. Seconded.
  4. I'm still interested.

    I shall play a bard, Mage or dashing swordsman. Depends on everyone else.
  5. Thank you for the guide, Minibit. Also a big thanks for everyone who showed interest hopefully we can get things a-started soon.
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