Heroes: Who will survive?

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  1. You have guessed it, this is a RP about the NBC show "Heroes". Hope you guys enjoy. May the best survive. And no you do not have to know the show, just know how to roleplay. :D

    The Story:

    The Story is this, since the dawn of time people extraordinary gifts have lived among us. People with gifts such as super strength, flight, and tissue regeneration. For millenia they have lived in secret co existing with humanity, playing miraculous roles all through out history good and bad alike. Many of their acts through out time have caused them to be integrated into our culture as legends and gods. However no more are these people fictitious, they have been outed. A New York Senator Nathan Petrelli is responsible for this act, a man with an ability craved by many. The ability to fly, one meeting he held in Odessa, Texas has changed the course of human history forever. In this meeting he outed not only himself but Specials everywhere. Various reactions were had across the globe some met with fear and awe others met with disgust, rejection, and ignorance.

    These reactions to this discovery have shaped the future, and what’s becoming of it. This is unlike anything the world has ever dealt with before, Specials are not limited to one area or one people. They are apart of every race, religion, society and culture around the world. This is a global issue, for once the world is united in dealing with a single issue. The ignorance of people proved to be these advanced people’s downfalls, religious beliefs were used to brand them heretics, outcasts and worse, society’s refused to accept them, families denounced them, and those in support of them were assumed to be under their control or worse specials simply hiding their abilities. The American Government was the first to react to the situation in the form of the Darwin Laws. These Laws limited the rights of Specials, in ways limiting, restricting, and taking away basic human rights.

    However these actions were supported by many, and as such things are being taken a step forward. Numerous Governments around the world have formed similar law systems, and there rumors of camps being set up in hopes of contributing to the genocide of the Evolved Humans. A War has begun, but not on the battlefield, a war for survival, peace or violence, whatever choice is made regarding these people, things will never be the same..again.

    Can't figure out what you want your character to be? This should help:

    Specials: They are just like regular humans, except they possesses a super human ability. However each special has a single ability often with multiple uses. Aside from their ability however they are regular humans who require food, water, and rest unless their abilities state other wise.

    Pinehearst: A Pharmaceutical Company that has formed an alliance with the Government in order to develop a serum that can negate and eventually permanently remove the abilities of Specials so that they can be re integrated into society. Due to their alliance, their funding has increased, and more they’ve formed a deal with the American Government to become in charge of special affairs. They hire agents to deal with and bring in specials, in turn they are allowed to experiment with Specials for their own goals. They have information, answers that the rest of the world is lacking, and currently there the only person Specials can work at and retain their rights.

    The Pack: An Extremist group formed by a group of radical Specials who believe in the long run the Government will attempt a genocide of the Special populace. They are small in numbers, and desperate to recruit more specials to their side. They have claim to a powerful weapon which could be detrimental to society, and as such Pinehearst is careful in approaching them.

    Now that that is out of way, time for some rules:
    1. Most importantly, Have fun! :D
    2. Be able to post at least a paragraph or more, no one-liners please.
    3. Romance is encouraged, but no cybering on the thread, take it to PM.
    4. No Godmodding, Metagaming or Autohitting.
    5. I will allow for you to play more that one character, considering there are three options you can chose from. And keep up with your characters please.
    6. Please keep everything on a realistic level.
    7. Please try to get along with everyone. My word is LAW.
    8. If something happens that you don't like, please bring it to my attention, via PM.
    9. Have a problem with someone? Solve it. We're all adults here.
    10. Again, Have fun, be creative. NO CANONS from the show.
    11. So that I can ensure that you have read the rules, please add your favorite color to your Character Skeleton.
    12. Also, when you chose whatever ability, I'll PM you so that you will know you limits.
    13. Please be able to post once a day, if not, we can work something out.
    14. Also, if you are playing more than one character please be able to keep up with them.


    Character Skeleton:
    Appearance: (Pics are fine, even Anime):
    Evolved Human: (Are you one? If not then leave this blank)
    Occupation: (What does your character do for a living?)
    Ability: (Please describe your ability.)
    Weakness: (Everyone has them, whether Emotional or Physical.)
    Family: (Self-explanatory.)
    Brief Bio: (At least a paragraph please.)

    Again, Thanks for reading this, hope you are interested.
    By the way, all my characters are a work in progress and will be uploaded soon.
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