Heroes: The Wonder Boy

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  1. So our adventure begins...

    The The Elder Woman (Mistress Blake) escorts A large man with black hair into her office. A room filled with hundreds of books, and another man who wore all black. Shortly after, a Crinis walks in.

    The three of you manage to glance at each other before Mistress Blake gathers your attention,

    "Please sit down, I wish to discus some things before you three get started introducing each other. Here have some Tea."

    She slowly sits down at her table, wave her hands and telekinetically places some hot tea at three individual seats.

    "With my old bones, I can barely manage small tasks like this anymore. Wouldn't you agree youngsters?"[​IMG]

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  2. Shadow sat in the center, glancing once more at the woman before using the shadows to better appraise the other two in the room.
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  3. "You seemed to handle yourself at the hearing just fine." Ansel said, not giving the man in black a second glance as he takes his tea and observes the Crinis. "...So, you an alien, or did you get a squid stuck to your face?" He asked.
  4. "Oh my no, you are not mistaken. This is no Earth-squid attached to my shoulders."
    The Crinis replies solemnly. His eyes lazily roll to the large human. With his best effort, he raises his brow much like a human muttering something sarcastic would. While not something his species normally does, being around humans all of your life calls for some adaption,
    "While you may find it unsettling, I on the other hand enjoy having a larger 'tentacle' than human kind, if you.. catch my drift."
  5. "Yeah, I don't give a shit about that." Ansel said, turning back to Mistress Blake. "So, this is the kid I'm supposed to be guarding?" Ansel asked, pointing his thumb at Shadow.
  6. Shadow raised an eyebrow and set the tea down after taking a sip. The shadow cast by the woman on the other side of the desk engulfed him, and he vanished before rematerializing in the larger man's shadow, still taking great care not to look at him. His aura was bad enough. Shadow sensed that his appearance would be worse. "A human? Protect a reaper? As if."
  7. Ansel snorted derisively, turning back to look at the boy- and the little welp wasn't even looking in his direction! Pathetic. He turned back to the elderly woman in the room with them once again. "Looks like he has an attitude. And some kind of weird teleportation." It wasn't the sort of thing to faze the huge man- In point of fact, so far, he hadn't found much that did, aside from his father and lab equipment. "Any chance we can get to the point?"
  8. "Ah yes yes, we are all very tough." The alien sighed, "Now, with that being said.. Mrs. Blake, please continue."
  9. Mistress Blake gave a small chuckle to the three of you,

    "I see you three will get along just fine."

    She coughs heavily for a woman her age as she lifts a book from a shelf across the room and caries it to the table and opens it.

    "No, the boy I am speaking is on his way. Tell me what do you know about the Greek Spartans on the first Earth?"
  10. "Not a damn thing." Ansel said, shrugging his massive shoulders. "Being experimented on 18 hours a day doesn't leave you a lot of time for history lessons. You understand, I'm sure."
  11. Shadow directed his attention towards her. "What do we know of them? I know little about their motives, but their campaigns left a great many souls wandering the planet in their wake."
  12. "Allow me to explain, The ancient Greeks fought off over 20,000 Persians with 300 Spartans, 700 Thespians , 400 Thebans, and perhaps a few hundred others, most of whom were killed."

    She flipped the pages of the book and pointed at a page,

    "And more than two thousand years later, under 5,000 Super Heroes, and roughly a million human soldiers, on Earth II fought off Krodi and his military with over 5 trillion troops strong. On that day, the Original Earth was sacrificed to halt the Crinis's genocide. We did loose the human's home world, and technically lost the battle, but we rallied the other planets under his rule and launched a campaign that would see the end of Krodi's Empire."

    She pointed out a specific line, "Earth was teleported into the Sol System's Sun." She made a chuckle and continued,

    "Earth was not destroyed in such a way. We created a weapon that would turn the Star into a massive bomb. The lessons of history we teach now was created by my team who became the 1st council. The reason we decided to change history like that was to make sure the common man to thought they where safe, but they are not."

    She pressed a button on a remote device to make a hologram appear. The hologram showed a clip of Sun exploding with what looked like hundreds of ships escaping the Sol system, "When we used project 'Armageddon' to Destroy the bulk of Krodi's entire fleet, we realized that we created a weapon of unimaginable terror. This weapon has been rebuilt by an unknown group of terrorists. Unfortunately, there is no hard evidence of this, so this mission is not on the record."

    She closed the book and looks up to meet your eyes. Her tone dropped from an elderly, happy, old woman, and became full of disrepair, "I can not stress the importance of this mission enough."
  13. "Very well, but what exactly does this mission entail?
    Who are the others sitting before me?
    What 'child' is being guarded, and how does that pertain to the mission?"

    The Crinis replied with a hurried voice. He was not sure what made him more uncomfortable, the fact that the other two were ready to battle for supremacy before the mission even started, or that Mrs. Blake was beating around the bush. Nothing ever good comes from a superior hiding something. That just means one more variable unaccounted for.

    "Forgive me Mrs.Blake for my impatience, but speaking cryptically is not conducive to a well-informed team.
    From looking around the room, I can only assume this is the team.
    That being said, I do not think we can afford to be any less informed than we already are."
  14. "I'd like to know exactly what's expected of me as well. I'm strong as hell, but I dunno what good I'm going to be if you want data recovery. I suppose I could just destroy the hardware housing it, but I'd need to know where it is first." Ansel waited expectantly- The squid head was right, they needed more info.
  15. "Well I assume that is what the child will be for."

    He says to the large man, though still looking intently on the old woman. Gesturing around, he continues in his droll tone,

    "I mean, look at this one for example. I doubt this.. Reaper as he calls himself, has any form of technological experience.
    You are obviously here for your own personal talents of 'guarding' us.
    I, while capable, have little to no experience with technology at that level."
  16. "Let me cut to the important details. Yes, the boy is our technology person, I need you to keep him safe, and act as a strike team. I can not ask other members of the Power's Academy because there is no hard evidence of thees weapons of mass destruction."

    The doors open and a voice saying, "Grama, I was in the middle of perfecting my Mark I Power armor-"
    The boy pauses and looks around, "Who are these three...?"

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  17. Shadow gazed between the three, once more avoiding looking upon the large man. "My name is Shadow. I have existed for millennia. I am no "boy", as you refer to me."
  18. "I'm a genetically engineered bioweapon. I'll be flattening anything that tries to hurt you. That guy," Ansel continued, pointing at Shadow, "Is a Raper I think, and that one is an alien, and not a guy with a squid stuck to his face despite appearances. You're going to help us keep people from blowing up stars." Ansel turned back toward the elderly woman who'd assembled the C-Team. "I get that all right?"
  19. "Greetings. And welcome to the team.
    My name is Aatch-Ti, it is a pleasure to meet you."

    The Crinis says as he walks up to the newcomer to the group. He sticks out his hand for the boy to shake, though obviously it was not to his custom. Looking curiously at the boy he continues,

    "I apologize if this is too personal, but did I hear you refer to Mrs. Blake as your grandmother?"
  20. "Well, I'm not her grandson biologically. I actually-"

    Mistress Blake cut him off, "Sek, why don't you get Mark I Power armor ready to go?"

    Sek paused for a moment, his mind clearly lost from the previous conversation, "Oh so this is the group...? You know I can handle myself better then most people could!"

    Mrs. Blake smiled and retorted, "That is exactly what your grand father told me right before he was hit with a bus silly child. Besides the universe is filled with dangers beyond the comprehension of most people. Now go get ready."

    Sek replied, "Ok grama, Nice to meet you guys!"

    He ran out the door as Mrs. Blake stood up, "Such a intelligent child, but just as misguided as his ancestors." She stood up and asked, "Any more questions?"
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