Heroes: Seven Deadly Sins

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    "The sun rises on a new dawn, yet few of us realize the debt we owe to those responsible for this, to those who dwell among us, anonymous, seemingly ordinary, who destiny brought together to repair, to heal, to save us from ourselves, and they're still out there among us, in the shadows, in the light, we pass them on the street without a glance, never suspecting, never knowing. Do they even know yet? That they are bound together by a common purpose? A glaring reality, to be extraordinary, and when destiny does anoint them, how do they hide from it? How long can they dwell in the shadows before either fate or their own flawed humanity draws them out into the light again? And how will they know what awaits them when it does?"
    -Moinder Suresh

    Plot (Ic)
    This world is naive, simple as that. People think that the world is ruled by governments and such, but what about people that are more powerful than those governments, people that wouldn't be treated as people if others knew what they could do, not because of race, or skin, or even personailty, no these people are different because of DNA genes, they have abnormal abilities you would only see in comics, or T.V. The people that do know of their existence know of the "First" Seven. They were the first to use their powers to get to the top, the ones that are the strongest, the most powerful. The Seven Deadly Sins.

    How they came to be is an impossible story with twists and turns, but that is not the story, no the real story is whether they would ever fall or not. Will new people with abilities decide they have had enough, will they simply fall into the backround, living a somewhat normal life, or will they fall down the path of the Sins, deciding they want just as much power if not more.

    Plot Volume One: Discovery (Ooc)
    If you couldn't already tell this is a Heroes roleplay, one of my favorite shows overall. This roleplay will be taking place in a different Heroes World, meaning zero cannon characters, unless I feel the need for there to be one. It will take place in 2015 right after an Eclipse which of course triggers powers in your characters, the plot for the first of many volumes will be simple, dealing with your powers finding ways to use them, and around mid volume, will be when they start to be hunted, by not the Sins, but a branch that works for the Sins as the Sins don't want others to be able to use powers on par with them, and what better than to use Supers against Supers.

    Character Alignment​
    This is something that I though was a good thing to have in a Rp like this, so it is simple when making you Cs choose one.

    Lawful Good
    You have always thought of yourself as a hero, meant to do something bigger, from kid to teen to adult you have done the right thing no matter what the cost meant, you would never hurt someone unless they completely deserved it and you believe in the no man left behind saying, when you get you powers you take it as fate telling you that this world needs saving and you are the one that needs to do it and no matter what you are going to do this.

    Netural Good
    You have always been decent your life you know when to do the right thing and when something or one is wrong it doesn't mean you always are the most heroic or perfect person, but your heart is pure expect for when someone messes with you are someone you care with then it means you have to deal with it, when you get your power you aren't gonna go and save the world right away, but of course if you are asked then your answer would be "Of course".

    Chaotic Good
    The way you act isn't always the sanest way, but you have a good heart yourself at least when it comes to innocent people, but when you feel that someone is evil, you take it upon yourself to take them out no matter what happpens, good or evil people have to watch out for you and when you get your powers your job is simple, take out the evil guys.

    Lawful Neutral
    You are a morally gray person, but much like Chaotic Good you don't care who is in your way, if they are then they will be dealt with, but unlike Chaotic Good, you know the difference between good and evil, you just don't care, when your powers arrive you decided to use them for mostly personal gain, and why not take out a few people that have done you bad as well.

    True Neutral
    50/50 right down the middle you could care less about justice of evil as long as you get what you want then it is fine, right? Either way you are somewhat of a Sociopath as you don't have much feeling for how others feel, but hey it is alright. And you use your powers when you want, Good or Evil the powers are there for you.

    Chaotic Neutal
    Now you use your powers for a few reasons, whether it be money, personal gain, or just a little bit of fun you could care less, you would say what is the point of using them if you can't do whatever you want, in a way you a one step away from being evil if it weren't for your way in having fun, or hurting of course you find amusement in both.

    Lawful Evil
    Aww you were probably only a step from being lawful neutral, oh well the reason you fall into this catagory is because the way you pass judgement isn't a slap on the wirst no, it is full on murder no matter what the person did, but don't worry in your mind everything is for justice, expect for you that is.

    Neutral Evil
    Really only a few fit on this catagory, as it is hard to be neutral evil and not be mixed in with Chaotic Neutral, maybe it is your personailty, maybe it is just easy to tell when someone is a villian, who knows, but you can easily manipulate others to believe you are good as in a way you are neutral.

    Chaotic Evil
    If you aren't batshit insane then I don't know how you got here, all you want is to have fun and more power, and you have zero morals about murder, children dead, teens dead, people dead, the world....dead.

    Character Sheet​

    Day of birth:
    Current Location:
    Relationship Status:
    Alignment:(Choose from top)
    What They Look Like: (Color of Hair, Eyes, Height, Weight, etc.)


    Powers: (One paragraph at least only one power allowed for the moment)

    Power Limits: (One Paragraph)



    Characters Skills/Hobbies:

  2. love this show allowed to do people from it?
  3. For the pictures, do they have to be real people?
  4. I would perfer real pictures but drawn is also fine nothing ridiculous though.
  5. [​IMG]

    : Alexis Smith
    Alias: The Kunoichi, Alex, Al, Chuck Norris
    Gender: Cis Female
    Age: 21
    Day of birth: Sept. 16th, 1993
    Current Location: Dale City, Virginia
    Relationship Status: Single
    Sexuality: Hetero-romantic Bisexual
    Job: Free Lance Digital Artist (Original, Photoshop, and Video work), YouTuber
    Affiliations: None
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral ( Could go either way )
    What They Look Like: Long Rusty colored hair to her mid back, green eyes, she stands at 5'6". Her body type is both athletic and curvy.


    Powers: ● Adoptive Martial Memory (AKA Mimicry Fighting)- The ability to master any fighting/hand-to-hand/martial art style or move she sees once. It can be either in person or on TV.

    Power Limits: ● This power only pertains to fighting, if she did not already have a physical skill such as playing the piano, she will not be able to do the task after simply seeing it once. She is able to use the ability with or without active concentration. It is unknown at this time whether or not she retains the ability or "forgets" it after a period of time.

    Strengths: She's very smart and creative, allowing her to excel in Art related activities, and surprisingly math as well. She always has ideas to do things differently, or out of the box (though they aren't always the best ideas). She also is fluent in Japanese, and Sarcasm aside from English.

    Flaws: She has OCD and Autism (high functioning), so at times she doesn't understand what people say with how they word things and also things have to be a certain way or she'll throw a fit. She is very sarcastic and a smartass and at times she doesn't know when to stop so can get obnoxious.

    Likes: She loves animals, her favorite animal is a cat. She also loves anime, movies, music, having fun, and helping people: even though her version of helping people is doing art commissions. She loves mixing fashion styles like tomboy, goth, scene, emo, and lolita.

    Dislikes: Any discrimination of any kind, arachnids, skeletons, and horror/thriller movies. (Though a side note: she has no problem with gore, human bones freak her out). Maistream American fashion, and reality shows.

    Family: She currently lives with a friend of hers and her cat, Spot in a two bedroom apartment.
    Mother: Aileen Smith-Herrison, 42
    Stepfather: Andrew Herrison, 38
    Brother: Ashton Herrison, 10

    Birth Father: Thomas Smith, 45 (Unknown if deceased)

    Characters Skills/Hobbies: Highly skilled in Digital art programs: Photoshop, Sai, and Sony Vegas. Average skilled in karate. Her hobbies include going on the Internet for blogs, streaming, and other forms of goofing off.

    History: She was born out of wedlock and though her father stayed with her mom for a while after she was born, by the time she 3 he disappeared. She only has one memory of him, walking through field during summer while holding his hand while the sun seemed to make a halo around his round head. After her mother got over the fact that he was either dead or wouldn't return she started looking for love and a father figure for Alexis. When she was 7 she was the flower girl and ring bearer at her mother's and Andrew's wedding.

    Ever since then she never though of Andrew as a father, more like an uncle or someone that didn't have much authority over her. Slowly it seemed to her that she wasn't getting paid attention to much, so she asked if she could learn karate. Thinking that she wanted to learn self defense, they allowed her to do so, enrolling her in an after school program at the age of 9.

    When she turned 11 her new half brother Ashton was born. After that it became more and more apparent that they weren't going to pay her much attention, so when she got into high school, she started doing things like skipping class or going somewhere after karate. It seemed that the only time they noticed her at all was when she would get in trouble.

    As it got closer to senior year, they would exclude her from things; it started out as little things like not taking her to the store, or watching tv, but then it started to be more and more. Not taking her along to a nice restaurant or the movies, then it grew to her having to get to and from karate class and any competitions, to leaving her in the dark when they planned a vacation because they thought she didn't care because over time of not being laid attention to, she became a recluse.

    But the final straw was when they didn't attend her graduation because Ashton wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese's. When she got home late due to having to find someone to drop her off, they yelled at her for not telling them she was going out in the first place. Alexis couldn't handle it anymore and that night packed up a couple of suitcases, taking Andrews debit card and called a cab. She went to a motel and the next day took out 2 grand from her step father's account before cutting up the plastic and throwing it away.

    After a month of couch hopping, a friend of hers was able to convince her parents to let her stay there until they could afford an apartment together. After about a year they moved into an apartment and got a kitten. Alexis has not had contact with her parents since the night of her graduation, though her brother found her on Facebook and frequently talks to her.
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  6. I'll make a CS a bit later. Also, hi :D
  7. @Celane do you approve if the pictures used? I don't want to continue writing the current CS if not.
  8. The picture is just fine.
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  9. Edited my CS to near completion, still working out what power she should have and I had no idea that I would write that long of bio for her xD I generally only write maybe a couple sentences lol.
  10. I like it so far very well written and take your time with a power it can be difficult.
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  11. ♦ Kira Conners ♦
    Alias: Kitty, Stormy
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Day of birth: March 7th 1993
    Current Location: New York City, New York
    Relationship Status: Single
    Job: Barista
    (Owns and runs a small coffee shop by the name of "Poison Apple Cafe")
    Affiliations: Poison Apple Cafe
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


    Kira Conners is a physically attractive woman with bountiful endowments and curves to match. She sports ashen red hair, pale snow-white skin and juxtaposed; crystalline blue eyes.
    She stands at 5 feet 9 inches (175cm) and weighs just under 140 pounds.


    ♦ Weather Manipulation ♦
    Kira can sense, create, shape and manipulate weather, i.e. the meteorological patterns, creating rain, wind, hail, lightning, snow, sleet, fog and temperature changes. This includes the ability to generate various natural phenomena or control the intensity of the weather in highly concentrated (inside room) or vastly extended (continental) areas.
    ♦ Applications ♦
    Ariel Adaptation
    Kira is able to survive and adapt to extremely high or low air pressure (not becoming disoriented or deprived of the normal breathing capacity), and high wind friction; this is accompanied by an innate immunity to the vertigo and/or fear of heights. -- Limit: 30,000 feet up or down is as far as she can bare without feeling side effects, and passing out.
    Atmospheric Adaptation
    Kira's lungs acclimatize and breathe in/on any gaseous mediums, whether hostile or deficient, Kira's lungs also filter away non-gaseous substances such as dust, asbestos, etc. She can breathe toxic gases instead of oxygen and survive mountain, aerial, or terrene air deficiency, which are among the longest and most painful deaths the average human can suffer. -- Limit: Kira must immediately expel these toxins after 15 minutes of absorption, or face death.
    Air Manipulation

    Kira can create, shape and manipulate air, common name given to the layer of atmospheric gases and various compounds (mostly oxygen and nitrogen) surrounding the planet Earth that is retained by Earth's gravity, and wind, movement of air relative to the surface of the planet. It is an important factor in determining and controlling climate and weather, and the generating force of most ocean and freshwater waves. Wind occurs because of horizontal and vertical differences in atmospheric pressure, and include breezes, squalls, gusts, whirlwinds, zephyrs, gales, tempests, and hurricanes. Since air cannot be seen by conventional methods, neither can the attacks and derivatives formed by/from it, making it an invisible and versatile weapon that is very difficult to block and dodge.
    « »
    Create tornadoes/hurricanes, vertical drafts, microbursts, and other devastating forms of wind storms. Naturally, this includes the less extreme air/wind movements. -- Limit: Requires massive amounts of already present wind.
    Flight, Gliding, and Levitation. -- Limit: Can remain airborne for no longer than one hour.
    Telekinesis by controlling the air around objects. -- Limit: This can only be used to control the winds that Kira herself has created.
    Ecological Empathy
    Kira can sense the overall well-being and conditions of her immediate environment and natural setting stemming from a psychic sensitivity to nature, including all biomes (forests, deserts, tundras, wetlands, mountains, etc). A tree naturally falling or predator catching their prey in a near by forest would be felt by Kira, leaving her feeling calmly relieved. Unnaturally, it would leave her sickened. Kira can detect natural changes as well (raise in temperature, humidity, etc). -- Limit: Kira must been within 50 feet of the affected area to feel these changes.
    Electricity Manipulation

    Kira can create, shape and manipulate electricity, a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons) which give the user control over electric fields, electric charges, electric currents, electronics, and electromagnetism.
    « »
    Lightning Calling:
    Kira has the power to send lightning from the sky that could be used to blind, stun, and/or severely burn their opponents even to the point of death they can range, from minor to fatal voltage. -- Limit: Kira cannot devastatingly harm another, but she can summon a vast amount of ambient lightning for show.
    Can create electric bursts and/or shock-blasts.

    Limited Electromagnetism Manipulation
    Kira can create, shape and manipulate electromagnetism which (with the exception of gravitation) account for almost all physical phenomena observable to the unaided human senses, including light and other electromagnetic radiation, all of chemistry, most of mechanics (excepting gravitation), and of course magnetism and electricity. That said, only few truly powerful individuals are capable reaching such heights of power, most users have to content themselves with lesser if still impressive abilities. Due to the intense versatility with electricity (such as electrocution, heat generation, computer and mind hacking, and electrolysis) and magnetism (such as metal manipulation, magnetic levitation, atomic manipulation, and attract and repel), electromagnetism is one of the most powerful and versatile elemental manipulation in existence. THIS ABILITY IS LIMITED BY 80%
    Limited EM Spectrum Manipulation
    Kira can create, shape and manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum, the range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation, which in order of increasing frequency and decreasing wavelength, consists of radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays and gamma rays. Limit -- Currently Kira can only manipulate small bouts of radiation.
    Environmental Adaptation
    Kira is able to survive and adapt to any natural environment, being able to tolerate a wide range of temperatures and levels of moisture, any amount/quality of sustenance, breathable medium, etc. with little or no discomfort. -- Limit: Currently this ability only works with mountain ranges (high climate).
    Thermal Manipulation
    Kira can create, shape and manipulate temperature, a form of kinetic energy between particles at the atomic or molecular level: the greater the movement of these particles, the greater the thermal energy and reversed. Heat itself is internal thermal energy that flows from one body of matter to another, it is not the same as the energy contained in a system—that is, the internal thermal energy of the system. Rather than being "energy-in-residence," heat is "energy-in-transit."
    « »
    Kira can create, shape and manipulate cold air, combining various air/wind related powers with freezing cold.
    Kira can create, shape and manipulate hot air, combining various air/wind related powers with searing heat.

    Thunder Manipulation
    Kira can manipulate the shockwave, which is thunder, to deal deadly and possibly concussive results. She can release thunder energy to make someone deaf by busting their eardrums, or even make organs burst, killing her opponent. -- Limit: Kira can currently only manipulate on-going occurrences of thunder and by no means can cause deafness, only hearing impairment.
    Water Manipulation
    Kira can create, shape and manipulate water, inorganic compound with liquid, gas (steam, water vapour), and solid (ice) states, including changing them from one state to other.
    « »
    Kira can create, shape and manipulate precipitation, any product of the condensation of atmospheric water vapor that falls under gravity, including drizzle, rain, sleet, snow, graupel and hail. Precipitation occurs when a local portion of the atmosphere becomes saturated with water vapor, so that the water condenses and "precipitates". Thus, fog and mist are not precipitation but suspensions, because the water vapor does not condense sufficiently to precipitate.
    Kira can create, shape and manipulate rain, a liquid water in the form of droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapor and then precipitated, ie. become heavy enough to fall under gravity. Rain is a major component of the water cycle and is responsible for depositing most of the fresh water on the Earth. Forms of rain include drizzle, light showers, downpours and monsoons.
    Kira can create, shape and manipulate snow, precipitation in the form of flakes of crystalline water ice. Because snow is composed of small ice particles, it is a granular material with an open and therefore soft structure, unless subjected to external pressure. Snowflakes come in a variety of sizes and shapes, with types that fall in the form of a ball due to melting and refreezing, rather than a flake, are known as hail, ice pellets or snow grains.
    Kira is able to use a combination of cold, winds and snow, sleet, hail, and/or ice to create blizzards of varying power. They can make a snow day at the cost of a natural disaster and disable ground and air traffic for stalling time.
    Kira can generate freezing rain: rain that falls when surface temperatures are below freezing. Unlike rain and snow mixed, ice pellets, or hail, freezing rain is made entirely of liquid droplets. The raindrops become supercooled while passing through a sub-freezing layer of air many hundreds of feet above the surface, and then freeze upon impact with any object they encounter. The resulting ice, called glaze, can accumulate to a respectable thickness and be quite heavy.
    Kira can create, shape and manipulate vapor, a gas phase at a temperature where the same substance can also exist in the liquid or solid state, below the critical temperature of the substance.
    Kira can create, shape and manipulate clouds, visible masses of liquid droplets and/or frozen crystals made of water or various chemicals suspended in the atmosphere above the surface of a planetary body. Clouds are usually created and sustained by upward-moving air currents, produced by the condensation of water vapor.
    Kira can create/generate clouds.

    Weather Generation
    Kira can generate different aspects of the weather, such as Ice, Heat, Lightning, etc. -- Limits to this application can be found in other sections of Kira's abilities.
    Weather Sensing
    Kira has the ability to sense what kind of weather will be coming.

    Power Limits: Though Kira can vastly control nearly every meteorological pattern, as well as most all aspects of weather, this control causes great strain on Kira body. It was not built to withhold such energies and as such, Kira can rarely control the weather for more than 15 minutes, without internally injuring herself.


    ♦ Strengths: ♦
    Intelligent - Since childhood, Kira has always been a rather intelligent individual. Always seeming to be the first with Plans A,B, and C, and always having the correct answer to a question. She has found this a very useful trait in her life, giving her real world application in instant scenarios that require her immediate and active attendance.

    Nomadic - Kira has always been able to adapt to new places easily, and each and every time she relocates to a new area, she finds herself needing change almost instantly. This is why she is adventurous and exploitative, always needing to be somewhere new and find something different to peak her interest. This makes it easy for her to up-root her current life and start a new.

    Friendly - A bright and joyous smile can always been found on the red-heads face, bestowing an aura of kindness, compassion, and loyalty. Kira is a very friendly individual who gets along with practically everyone, however if pushed in the wrong direction, can easily snap and turn from friendliest person alive, to worst enemy.

    Creative - Whether it be a notebook, a spool of yarn, or a piece of putty, Kira has something in her hands with which she can mold and create, something she can turn into a new canvas for her mind. She expresses her creative outlets with art, and physical representations of the weather.

    ♦ Flaws: ♦
    Brash - Always with the first or last word in a conversation, Kira will be right in your face with a brutish impossibility of conversation. She chooses to do things her way or the highway, normally ending her up in rather sticky situations.

    Impulsive - Though Kira is a very intelligent woman, she never thinks twice about something she's about to do. Be it draw, or talk, there is literally, no filter.

    Unknowingly Rude - This may be a spin off of Kira's brash personality, but she unknowingly speaks in rude ways to others, though she is friendly and never means any harm by her words, there's something mentally there that cannot stop the ashen haired beauty from saying the first thing that comes to her mind.

    Chaotic Neutral - Kira only does things for herself that benefit herself. She has never considered the sides of good or evil as side she wants to be apart of, and therefore, is very "pro-Kira" and will generally help herself WAY before she helps another.

    ♦ Likes: ♦
    +Drawing +Creating +Talking +TV +Different Weather +Tea +Coffee +Sugar +Animals +Being Right
    +Leadership +"Hotties" +Lightning +The Cold +Unique Traits

    ♦ Dislikes: ♦
    -Stupidity -Blue Eyes -Black Hair -Extreme Warmth -Snobs -Vegetarians -Competitors
    -Purposefully Rude Individuals -Insects -Birds -Bland Personalities

    ♦ Family: ♦
    None alive that can be spoken for.

    ♦ Characters Skills/Hobbies: ♦
    Kira is an excellent barista, being taught by her step-father when he was alive. She also excels in the arts, finding entertainment in always drawing small little images atop her customers lattes. Currently, the only hobby Kira has, is exploring the city she belongs to, hoping to one day expand her horizon and branch out from New York.



    Kira was born in a small neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska - 1993 to a poor mother and father who gave her up for adoption almost as soon as she was out of her mothers womb. Thankfully, Kira was given to a good foster home, one that had a 96% success rate in finding parents to adopt children, and a newborn baby, with no impression on the world around her, was a much wanted item.
    Kira was adopted by two very old individuals, a lovely, kind, and caring mother who at the time was nearly 71 and a sweet, gentle, supportive father who was nearing 80. Both seemed frail and old, but the love the gave Kira as a child and into her younger teen years was relentless, suffocating, but perfect.
    When Kira was 12, her mother passed away.
    When Kira was 17, her father passed away.
    Being parent-less at such a young age, left Kira scarred and scared for the world around her.
    She enlisted the help of relatives her deceased parents had contacted in case of their passing; knowing full well she'd have a place to stay if need be.
    However, Kira was dead set on learning to handle herself and the world around her, so she took her inheritance, and departed Nebraska, on a one way trip to New York City.
    She had always wanted to visit "The Big Apple", never given a chance as a child because she was constantly tending to her loving parents. But now that she had nothing tying her down, Kira had decided it was time to expand her horizons, and live her own life. She settled down in a small apartment, under her parents name for the time being - seeing as she was too young to own a complex of her own. She worked a few odd jobs here and there, but was rather comfy with the money her gracious adoptive parents had left her with.
    Today -- Kira owns a small Cafe by the name of "Poison Apple Cafe", a small, homey little shop, interconnected with her own apartment which is on the second floor of the cushioned building.
    After the Eclipse, Kira discovered her emotions had began to affect the weather around her, realizing when she was sad, it would rain, when she was angry; the winds would pick up to incredible strengths, and when she was happy, the sun would shine down upon her beautiful city.
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  12. Name: Nikolai Arkaden Luzchezke
    Alias: (Unclear)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Day of birth: January 29th 1988
    Current Location: Somewhere in Ecuador
    Relationship Status: Widower
    Job: N/A
    Affiliations: Russian Special Forces
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    What They Look Like: He stands at 6'1, and weighs in at 178lbs. He has a very muscular figure and many tattoos scattering his body. The most important of which is a set of numbers on his arms. The date of birth and death of his wife and child, 1990-2013, 2010-2013

    Picture: [​IMG]

    Powers: The user can alter their skin and other physical aspects to be made of a living metal. They can generate this metal around their entire body and within themselves, or in select places. With training, the user could shape the armor into extensions and possibly create spikes/blunts on the users own body to be used as weapons.

    Power Limits: The metal is still susceptible to magnetic fields, can be damaged, and after a certain degree of damage it will return to normal flesh.

    Strenghts: Firearms training, Physically above average, Caring partner, Speaks fluent Russian and Spanish.
    Flaws: Alcoholic, Takes various non prescribed pain medications, Somewhat of a destructive personality.
    Likes: Dogs, Explosives, Guns, Alcohol, Women.
    Dislikes: Mobsters, Politicians, Churches, Small spaces.

    (Deceased) Wife, Serah Vergoza Luzchezke
    (Deceased) Daughter, Ivana Luzchezke

    Characters Skills/Hobbies: He is a very gifted craftsmen, be it wittling, metal working, or masonry.


    ***Early Life***​
    Nikolai was raised in Moscow, Russia. His father was a night guard at a bank, and his mother was a waitress. When he was born the two of them moved into an apartment in the divier side of town. The Russian Mafia had a heavy presence in this area, crime was not uncommon. Nikolai often had time to himself and enjoyed the life a young boy would, fighting and causing trouble in his neighborhood. One day when he was 12, He came home much later than his parents had expected him to. His mother saw him from the kitchen and rushed to him. She wrapped him in her arms and tried to guide him outside before he could see what was happening, but she failed. Nikolai saw a man in his living room. Not just any man, but one of the Mafia's Brigadiers. This man had allot of power and controlled a hit-squad, this man was not someone that should have been in their house. This man should not have been beaten and bloodied, and missing several fingers. His eyes were bruised so badly it was strange that he could even see. Behind him Nikolai saw his father, holding a pair of brass knuckles. His father looked up and saw his son being held by his wife, he immediately rushed over and scolded his son for being late. When Nikolai asked about the man his father had strapped to a chair his father simply ushered him and his mother outside, on the way out he grabbed his coat and car keys. The three of them got into the family vehicle and drove to the train station. Several times his father checked to see if they were being followed, and several times did he change paths.

    When the family arrived at the train station they bought tickets to the furthest place away at the soonest time. St. Petersburg was the destination. Nikolai and his mother sat on a bench while his father stood and contemplated their new life. While the family was waiting for the train, the Mafia showed up. A killer, one of the Brigadier's showed up with a group of near 20 men. They blocked off both exits of the train station and Nikolai's mother began crying. She wrapped Nikolai in her arms and began praying. His father took the more proactive approach, he walked towards the Brigadier and began shouting that he did it. That he tortured the man, that it was all a misunderstanding. A bullet ripped through Nikolai's father's left leg, he fell and Nikolai could see clearly the man. He wore a wife beater and in his hands was a TT-33, Nikolai's eyes traced the smoke rising from the barrel. His father was clutching his knee in his left and his right hand was raised as he begged for his life. Nikolai watched as the tattooed man smiled and squeezed the trigger again. His father's head knocked back and his mother let out a gasp as his body fell. The man with the gun began walking over to Nikolai and his mother his lackeys moved like a wall about 15 feet behind him. When he neared he began waving the pistol around.

    "You say nothing, because you saw nothing" The man said in Russian, he and his lackeys walked away and for a few minutes Nikolai and his mother just sat there. His mother was crying while cradling Nikolai's head. Nikolai slipped away from his mothers grip and in his absence she pulled her knees to her chest. Nikolai walked over to his fathers body and saw the fair chunk taken out of his forehead and the blood leaking over the cement. He knelt down and grabbed his fathers arms and dragged the body to the side of the station and rested it against a wall. Nikolai walked over to his mother and took her hands. The two waited together, slowly her eyes dried and she fell to sleep. Within an hour the train pulled into the station, Nikolai forced his mother to move and to board the train. The pair arrived at around 5am in St.Petersburg.

    ***Five Years Later***​

    After some time on the street Nikolai and his mother found an apartment, there they lived for some time. Until his mother just stopped eating, every since his father's death she had seemed like a broken woman. He could force her to eat, he couldnt make her move, he couldnt even get her to bathe. Until one day he came home and she was dead. He walked in on her in the living room, sitting in the same chair she always sat in, her eyes and mouth just open. That day Nikolai packed his bags and left, not capable of dealing with the body. He left and joined the Russian military. He served for 2 years as a grunt, after several brushes with death and following orders without folly he was recruited for a special ops team. Russian Special Forces had him for 2 years before he was on a mission and injured heavily. His team was in an Osprey carrying a few heavy explosives over the Middle East. They were going to be giving the warheads to America's troops, fighting for the Red White and Blue. From the cockpit there was a series of beeps and warning sounds, all before a loud boom and then the back of the Osprey was ripped open by an explosion. The team scrambled to secure themselves while some of them were thrown from the plane by the force of the wind. Nikolai grabbed some netting and held on for dear life as the aircraft sunk to the ground. The metal scraped against the ground for a split second, this was the instant that Nikolai's body pushed its power to the surface. His skin turned into a shiny reflective metal like substance. Everything except his body was obliterated in the instant after when the warheads went off. There was a crater where the Osprey exploded.

    Nikolai woke up in a hospital, he wasnt metal anymore. In front of him was a beautiful nurse, stark blonde hair and fair figure. Her name tag, Serah Vergoza, a beautiful name for such a face. Nikolai and her began chatting regularly. Eventually he asked her out, after a few tries she agreed. The pair hit it off and on their first night together they fell in love. 6 months later they had been married and had a baby girl, Ivana. He was 25 and happy with his life, he had been retired and now worked as an artist. Selling whittled figurines and intricate metal sculptures. Within these few years he had managed to work at honing his powers. In some time Ivana got sick, she had Thyroid Cancer. He didnt make the kind of money to afford treatment, and even with Serah's income the pair needed money. When she started getting worse Nikolai saw no other option, he had to go to a Loan Shark. Russian Mafia, men like the men he had run from all those years ago. He borrowed a fair amount of cash in order to pay for her chemo and for a time, things were going well. A year passed and Nikolai couldnt pay the Loan Shark back. He had been making steady payments but they wanted more, they wanted every penny he earned. He told them he couldnt pay for some time that he had to pay for the apartment. One day Nikolai was down at his shop, he heard a few crashes upstairs, some screams. He grabbed one of his ball peen hammers and ran out of his shop and up the stairs to his apartment. When he got inside he saw 3 men beginning to walk out, two were holding shotguns and another was holding a pistol. Nikolai rushed forward and his metal came out all over. The first man blasted him in the chest but Nikolai took it in stride and grabbed the man by the collar, he brought the hammer up and began pounding into the mans skull. The other men shot at him but the bullets ricocheted or fell to the floor after crashing into him. Nikolai threw the man aside and picked up his shotgun, he grabbed it by its forend and threw his arm up then down quickly ejecting the spent shell. He position the gun and aimed at the man holding the other shotgun. He squeezed the trigger and watched the other mans chest erupt in blood.

    "Die you bastard!" The other man said raising his pistol and turning it to the side as he fired at Nikolai's head until the gun clicked empty, "You freak!"

    The man began backing into the bedroom, and thats when Nikolai saw it. The bed had blood on it, in its white sheets a trail of blood. His eyes followed the blood to the corner of the room where he saw his wife, Serah. Her stomach was bleeding heavily, she looked like she had been beaten as well. In her arms was his little girl, his sweet innocent little girl. She had a head wound, a bullet had ripped right through her. Nikolai walked slowly over to them, he knelt by their corpses dropping his weapon and reached his hands out. The remaining hitman ran out of the apartment and out through the streets. Leaving Nikolai alone with his grief, his metal retracted and he reached out to try and feel the warmth of his wife and child. But he could not bring his hands to touch them, they simply hovered over the two of them as he sobbed. He retracted his hands and let his head fall to the floor, he stayed like that for some time. Thinking through everything he knew about the bastards that did this, the name of the one that lived. Parker, no, Philip or Peyton? No. His name was Petyr, he was one of the rats that reported to the men at the bar. Nikolai slowly rose from the floor and picked up the shotgun, he knew what he had to go do. He walked out of the apartment and down the street with the shotgun at his side. As he walked down the road people parted, he didnt care. He had a mission and as he neared the bar he felt more clear about what to do. The bar was on the corner of an intersection and walked from one corner crossing traffic causing several cars to halt and honk.

    He saw the two street level thugs outside watching him make his dramatic crossing and prepare their pistols. He brought the shotgun up and cocked it, fired at one of them, then cocked it again and shot the other one. Some of the glass windows were shattered from the scattershot, and people inside began fleeing out. Nikolai calmly walked forward and into the bar, behind the counter cowered the bartender. Nikolai heard commotion coming from behind a door and aimed the shotgun and cocked it once more. He watched as a man with a Kalashnikov came out of the door and began spraying into the bar the bullets slowly crossing towards Nikolai. His metal instinctively came out and as bullets pinged against his shoulder he squeezed the trigger, but the gun made a click. Nikolai ran for the man in a full sprint and rammed his head into the mans chest when he got in range, bending the Kalashnikov into the mans sternum. Nikolai moved further into the bar using random furniture as bludgeons and pikes, eventually the bar was destroyed and the man who had fled before was dead.

    Nikolai has traced the Russian Mafia's roots to Ecuador, the cocaine business flows through there. His current target is a man known as Mikhail Olegovich, a councilor to the Pakhan of the American side of the Russian Mafia. Olegovich is in Ecuador checking books and keeping partners in line for a big shipment for the distributes in New York.​
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  13. Interested. A lot! I am a major fan of these series :3. Will post my CS later on today as soon as I develop my character nicely.

    Edit: I wonder if you approve two characters per person maybe? (I apologise if you already said about it in a description maybe I missed out on it)
  14. Yes you may.
  15. I hope my bio is what you were looking for, if not, let me know and I'll alter it to whichever specifications fits this RP.
    But aside from that, I'm really excited to start this! It's going to be so much fun.
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  16. Celane Kato
    Alias: C.K
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Day of birth: March 24th 1996
    Current Location: New York City, New York
    Relationship Status: Single
    Job: Pizza Delivery Boy
    Affiliations: None
    Alignment: Neutral Good


    What They Look Like:
    Eye Color: Black
    Weight: 165lbs
    Height: 5'11
    Hair Color: Black

    An ability to amplify the abilities of other evolved humans. The ability can also generate a concussive energy blast and be used similar to an electric shock. This also can be used on technology and such, also reffered to as Red Lightning.

    Power Limits: It remains unknown whether or not the user of this ability may amplify his or her own ability, and what the effects would be. It is also unclear whether passive, "automatic" abilities such as rapid cell regeneration can be amplified.This also somewhat strains him leaving him drained when amplifying and when using it offensivly the power could easily start to be hard to control.

    -Calm and Collected
    -Silver Tonuge
    -Escape Artist (Kind of)
    -Enjoys using powers for fun
    -Easy to beat in a physical fight
    -Talks too much
    -Doing hard work
    -Being bored

    Corey Kato (Father)
    Faye Kato (Mother)
    Keon Kato (Brother Older)

    Characters Skills/Hobbies:
    -Surfing the Internet
    -Decent at Parkour
    -Finding things out

    Our story of this nineteen year old starts on March 24th, 1996 where he was born in brooklyn much like other babies that were born on that day it was somewhat uneventful, of course his parents took him home and that is were the real fun started.
    Celane was the little brother that was always good at things right away, school? All A's. Sports? He could just about make any team. Popular? He had to many friends to count, no girlfriends though he didn't really care for that at the time. Either way he was one of those perfect kids, he was just extremly lazy.
    While yes he got A's his school work wouldn't be turned in until the last minute, and he wasn't exactly the best to go to for support and such, but Celane being the lazy teenager he was decided "Fuck it." and dropped from High School.
    This proved problematic as he moved out of the house and got his own apartment in New York City. Where he slacks off with his own money and Delivers Pizza's, and of course does jobs to the side as he wouldn't be living alone in peace if he did't have the money for it.​
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  17. Oh yeah your App is just what I am looking for. So obviously accepted and such.
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  18. @Celane Great! I shall then proceed in making two of mine. One of them shall be a villain
  19. Good to hear.

  20. Name: Alessandra Brunetti

    Alias: The Bookworm/ The Geek, Alessa, Alex

    Gender: Female

    Age: 20

    Day of birth: 10th of August 1995.

    Current Location: City of Rome, Italy

    Relationship Status: Single

    Job: Physics student, works part time in the city library

    Affiliations: La Sapienza University science department

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    What They Look Like: Alessandra is quite short, only 5ft 7in and quite fragile in built and really light. She has a pale skin, chocolate-brown eyes and a long chestnut hair. Her dress code is casual and kind of geeky, though she knows how to amaze in more formal clothes.


    Powers: Space-time manipulation (She is able to stop the time, time travel back and forth, speed up or slow down time and appear from on place to another one no matter how far - something like a canon character Hiro)

    Power Limits: She gets tired quite fast. The longer the distance, the less time she can use her power. She is also still quite easy to distract and still can't make it possible for others to travel through time and space with her but just get involved into a speeding up or slowing down the actual moment.

    Strengths: Fluent in several languages (English, Italian as native, French, Spanish), intelligent above average which make it easy for her to solve problems, physics prodigy, strong-willed, patient, brave, just, optimistic and reassuring, cheerful most of the time.

    Flaws: Stubborn, clumsy, quiet, sarcastic, speaks only the truth and her mind even if it is bad for her
    Likes: Singing, books, art, learning new things, sharing knowledge, helping those in need, sea food, pizza and pasta, playing guitar, healthy and productive discussion

    Dislikes: stress, fear, storm, balloons, mirrors, snobs, evil, cruelty, stupidity

    Family: Parents and a younger sister

    Characters Skills/Hobbies: Reading, sketching, singing, volunteering, studying, experimenting

    History: (Will work on it though it is nothing special. She is a simple girl.)


    Name: Caine King

    Alias: The King

    Gender: Male

    Age: 30

    Day of birth: 14th of April 1985.

    Current Location: New York City,Manhattan

    Relationship Status: Single (has a lot of one night stands and stuff, but not an actual partner)

    Job: Professional Financial Advisor and a Major Stockholder

    Affiliations: New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    What They Look Like: Caine is 6ft 2in tall with a mild skin complexion and a dark hair and well trimmed, tidy beard. He has a piercing blue eyes and a rough maculine facial features. He wears no accessorises except an expensive Rolex watch and he is usually seen in nicely tailored unique suits.



    Powers: Caine has a power of Nitrokinesis (basically he can adjust pressure around him on lower and higher points, create vacuum field, pressure shields, make things explode and implode and he can create controllable currents of his powers)

    Power Limits: His powers are short to medium ranged and he can't do two things at the same time though he can switch between them quite fast (depending on his physical and mental condition) and he doesn't have a decent way to stop using them before the person is killed if he is overly angry (or he just doesn't want to stop? That is the question...)

    Strengths: Assuring, sly, clever, intelligent and a quick-thinker, has a great influence on important people and keeps creating many valuable connections, persistent, determined, daring, calm and collected, powerful

    Flaws: Cold, aggressive, has little to no sympathy and it is still unknown if there is anything that could make him at least a little bit soft, he is a stubborn and sarcastic, rude and plain, loves his power and influence and is not as willing to give up any of it

    Likes: Classy things, money, power, doing things on his own terms, sensible people (that agree with him), being in control, women, expensive drinks and cigarettes, obedience

    Dislikes: Cowards (he is evil but not a coward himself), rebels, stupid people that act smart, useless people, weaklings that he considers a burden to society, loosing

    Family: His family, consisting of his young wife and twin boys died in a car accident and he was the only survivor.

    Characters Skills/Hobbies: Piano playing, stockholder, making a successful business deals, knowledge in computers and programming, skilled car driver and knows how to handle guns and blades

    History: Not much is known about his history, only that his family died when he was only 24 years old. He never mentions it and it is a rarely known fact, not to mention the fact about what exactly happened. (Probably will reveal details in IC if needed or if it fits the situation).
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