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  2. [Name] Nobu McDonald

    [Location] Nobu McDonald's home, Suburbs in Virginia

    [Mood] Annoyed


    "Oh, come on!"

    Slamming a file with the words King on it, Nobu got up from his desk that he sat in his home study. As A member of the secret serves financial crimes unit, his job was simple; catch the bad guys. The bad guy he was chasing? Caine King, a New York City Stockbroker/ wunderkind. What did King do? Money laundering, off shore billings, the works. However, even though a blind man could see King was guilty, the trail tot eh crimes? The all ended dry as a whistle. Nobu was getting nowhere, and besides, something else was on his mind

    Walking to the Kitchen, movie poster loitered his home. Pulp fiction poster? Check. Original Star Wars posters? Check. New Godizalla poster? Check. In the living room, his roommate Ben sat watching Jojo's Bizarre adventure. Pausing the show, he turned to Nobu. Ben and Nobu had been best friends since first grade. Ben was an "artist", a writer. However, now he is Nobu''s house keeper, till he sells a book at least. Nobu didn't mind taking care of Ben. He's basically family. They are brothers.

    "There you are Benny-boy! So how is that case goin'? Wait! You can't tell me. Alright, so, you want to talk about your super powers?' Or maybe, you know? Use them. Not on me again, just to be clear. I like my feet on the earth

    That was the main thing on Nobu's mind. A day or so ago, Ben and Nobu discovered that Nobu could control gravity. Ben was lifted in to the air about five feet. since then, they've been working on Operation: What can Nobu do (Working title). Nobu looked at his friend. A devilish smile followed by sarcasm

    "Sure. I guess. If we really need to . I mean, I need to clear my mind."

    Nobu's house was big. He bought it when he was engaged to his ex, Mattie. She was a stock broker (The good kind). However, people drift apart. Mattie made a mistake. She cheated on Nobu on a one night stand. Nobu wasn't mad as much as sad. Nobu was always busy. He blamed himself. They tried making it work but failed The two are still friends, just not He was now single, and not sure if he could ever be ready to mingle again

    In the basement, they duo need music. So, Nobu put on one his favorite band.

    "Okay, Let's get started."

    [Name] Kamilah Helms
    [Location] Her Apartment in Rome, Italy
    [Mood] joyful


    A bird sat outside Kami's window. While on he bed studying, Kami started understanding the bird. The two seemed deep conversation till the bird left. This wasn't the first time something like this happened. However, she never shared this with her roommate, Alex. The seemed more like sisters than roommates.

    Eailer I the day, she got good news! Dale, her father (in reality, Dale was the girl's step father) said Alex was invited to NYC during break. She always wanted to show Alex NYC. Her home, her brothers and sister (Alex met her mom and dad), Plus there was this cute guy who owned a book store that kami had a crush on. Also real pizza; New York pizza. Now she just waited for Alex.
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  3. [Name] Nikolai Luzchezke
    [Location] 'The Ignacio Casino and Hotel' Quito, Ecaudor
    [Mood] Pissed and Vengeful

    Nikolai sat at the bar, he wore a suit and jacket with a black under shirt. The bar had a mirror on its main wall and from his seat he could clearly see the door, watching it open and close with whoever walked through it. He tapped his glass and the bartender refilled his cup with some Anisados. Nikolai swished the liquor around in the glass then brought it to his lips and threw his head back, it burned his throat and sat warm in his stomach. He looked back at the door through the mirror and saw his target, Mikhail Olegovich, stubby little man. He wore a black panama hat and a black sear-sucker suit. To his left and right were 2 very large thugs, a man in a Hawaiian shirt walked close to the left of the. The man on the left pushed him about 2 feet away, Nikolai smirked. He was dealing with two brutes and old man, no problem. Nikolai reached into his jacket's inner pocket and pulled out a pill bottle filled with Ritalin. He uncapped the top and tipped a few into his hand, he popped them into his mouth and pushed off from the bar. He slowly walked through the crowds and followed the two big heads that poked above the crowd. Eventually the crowds got less dense as they neared the elevators. Nikolai waited at the edge of the hall as the trio stood in front of an elevator door and waited as it descended. Nikolai looked around for a minute then began walking towards the trio as they entered the elevator.

    "Hold the door!" Nikolai said adopting an American accent, "Hold the door man!"

    Nikolai put his arm in just in time to stop the door from closing, one of the brutes moved to move him out but the short man put his hand up to signify it was no problem. Nikolai nodded at them each in turn with a small smile. He stood in front of the numbers and saw the 19th floor was lit up. Nikolai pressed 23 and looked back for a moment as the elevator buckled to life. He turned towards the small man and saw that the two men had moved so that he was behind them, forming a wall of muscle. Nikolai smiled and turned back towards the door of the elevator. He put his hands in his pockets and moved his car keys aside. He wrapped his right hand around his butterfly knife, he pushed his arm further into the pocket and worked the knife into his sleeve. He tucked his wrist in order to make sure it stayed up there then brought his hand out of his pocket and pretended to cough. He put his hands in front of him and let the knife slide out before quickly opening it, he flipped the blade out and around his thumb before grabbing the handles so that the blade was facing behind him. He extended his elbow and then brought it out to the side, he turned and the knife caught one of the bigger men on the chest.

    "Grah!" The other man said as he reached for his pistol, Nikolai let go of the knife and balled his hand into a fist. As it sailed through the air it became metal, it connected with the second mans cheek bone and he only managed to bring his pistol halfway out. Nikolai made a grab for the gun but it was out of his reach, the first man still had the knife in his shoulder but threw an elbow into Nikolai's back. Nikolai's full metal came out and he grabbed the man with the knife in his shoulder and slammed his own head into the mans face. The man growled and clutched his nose. The other man raised his pistol to the back of Nikolai's head and fired, the bullet ricocheted and hit Olegovich in the leg. The old man screamed and clutched at his leg as he fell to the floor. Nikolai spun around and grabbed the barrel of the gun in his right hand and twisted while punching the mans wrist with his other. The gun fired once more before it was wrenched from the mans grip, Nikolai flipped the gun in his hand and pushed it into the mans chest and fired two shots. The man with the knife in his shoulder wrapped his arms around Nikolai's throat. Nikolai threw his head back and knocked the man unconscious. Nikolai looked around him, one dead man, one unconscious and one heavily wounded. Nikolai fixed his coat and reached down to the unconscious man and pulled his knife out of his shoulder. Nikolai moved over to Olegovich and crouched beside him, he grabbed the mans jacket and wiped the blood off on it. He looked at the tiny old Russian and then down at his leg, the bullet had landed in the man's lower thigh. Nikolai stuffed the knife in his pocket and looked at the gun, it wasnt anything cheap. It had an interesting engraving pattern, some rose vines going down the barrel and a pearl grip. Nikolai smirked and stuffed it in his belt line. He reached to the wound and dug a finger in it. The old Russian made a few clutches for air but wound up screaming.

    "I tell you what you want know!" The man shouted, Nikolai smirked and pushed his finger in some more about up to the second joint. The man continued screaming until Nikolai pulled his finger out, "I dont know what you want. Take briefcase, it's got cash and files, Records! You can take it all, just dont hurt me anymore."

    "I know who you are Olegovich, I know lots about you." Nikolai said letting his normal Russian accent flow, "I know you pay for your niece's school in Italy, I know your daughter Emelia is in rehab for cocaine. Which, might I add, would make a caring parent get out of his current business. I also know you are privy to information regarding the North American cocaine business."

    "If... If you know this, why do you do this?"

    "I'm doing it for my girls," Nikolai said his tone growing dark, he rolled up his sleeves and showed the numbers, "I'm going to eradicate the mafia, every man that's like you, every man that works for those bastards. I'll torture, and kill, and maim until I destroy every trace of the Russian Mafia."

    "You'll be stopped, you dont know reach of Russian Mafia. You'll never be able to succeed," The old man said laughing, "You're a god damn fool to try."

    Nikolai stood up and grabbed the pistol from his beltline, he ejected the magazine and saw 3 bullets left. He aimed the gun down at Olegovich. The old mans body was shaken by 2 shots to the chest, his arms shot up and then fell after a final shot to the skull. Nikolai bent over and picked up the briefcase, he tucked the pistol into the back of his belt-line and held the briefcase in front of him as the elevator ascended. When the doors finally opened he calmly got off on the 19th floor and walked to the stairwell, he descended the stairs slowly and calmly. When he got to the bottom floors Quito Police were storming in and he made himself a member of the confused crowd and walked out of the building with them, he moved quickly on the streets and made his way to the small run down motel he had come to call home for the past month and a half. He opened the briefcase with over $30,000 American in it, some shipping manifests, a few private details about the men that were with Olegovich, and 3 plane tickets to New York City. He smirked and continued digging through the files, purely for his own interest. He had what he needed, a destination. He tossed the papers back in the back and grabbed his duffel from under the bed, inside he found his 'medications' a leather satchel with various drugs inside. From cough syrup to Diamorphine, but what he was looking for was Ketamine. He had bought some from a shady 'doctor' who lived a few doors down, Nikolai grabbed his syringe and stuck it into the bottle. He pulled out enough to knock him out for a few hours and reached for his wallet, he opened it and pulled out a picture of his wife holding his baby girl. He smiled and put the needle in his arm as he laid on his bed.

    "I will never forget you my darlings," Nikolai said in Russian. He felt the effects kick in and slowly he faded into black, his eyes forcibly closing.
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    Adelaide Applegate married Isaiah Smithe when they were both young. When she developed her abilities as a telepathic, she didn't understand what was happening to her. Believing she was schizophrenic, her husband had her institutionalized, but no matter how much she was drugged, she could still hear the voices, and the burden was too much for the man and his son.

    Eventually, the "voices" told her Isaiah had been cheating. Insisting she was crazy, she told him it had been her voice telling her and quoted his exact thoughts. Realizing what couldn't possibly be, but surely could only be, he became frightened and enraged, uncertain what else she may know or, worse, let slip.

    Rhys couldn't admit to his father that he was as strange as his mother, knowing what could happen to him, too. He watched as his mother flinched long before his father would hit her. Sometimes, it was what provoked him.

    Then his mother became pregnant.

    She didn't mumble strange things. He stopped hitting her. Things became normal, a normal he'd never experienced before in his life, like he'd only seen on TV and in other children's homes. It was perfect, it was a dream come true, it was-

    Too good to be true. His sister was born, and his mother started again, so he did, too. Over time, his sister developed the same symptoms as their mother, talking to no one, hearing things that weren't there. Rhys covered for her, answering and making up stories to fill in the blanks. He knew his father knew, though, and he could only imagine his sister flinching before the large man's fist closed in.

    One day, he heard the cry. His mother's scream soon followed and he rushed into the room just as he saw his mother flung into a wall and knocked unconscious. His heart beating rapid, Rhys finally revealed his secret, changing into a large dog with teeth that could pierce a man's forearm - especially if he was aiming it at a small creature curled up in the corner. Twisting hard with his thick neck, he threw the man down the stairs outside his sister's bedroom door, pushing his nose under her elbow until she held onto him, and hauled her out through the window.

    People whispered about the pale girl riding the large dog through the streets but no one ever stopped the ephemeral apparition. Not in 10 years. He stole to keep them fed, but it did not always end well, and there were people that wanted to help them, though not out of the goodness of their hearts. Eventually, Rhys knew his sister would be better off without him and the enemies he was slowly acruing.
    A hit had been planned on a large home, the residence of an old man who could never fight back. 'Robin Hood stole from the rich', he told himself.

    The old man did fight back, though, and one of the boys involved in the heist with Rhys pulled out a gun. It was no longer an honorable fight, no longer a matter of self-defense. It was murder. Rhys tried to take the gun from the boy, but was simply pushed aside, shot, and abandoned with it and the bleeding old man. Crawling over to the stranger, he laid his hands on the man. His powers had never assisted another in his life, except maybe his sister, and now was no different. He made a decision then and there. He called 9-9-9.

    The boy awoke in the hospital, fully healed. The bullet had passed through the empty cavity of his stomach where organs were scarce and exited the opposite side. He had been cuffed to the bed and, looking up, he saw the man shared his room. Braking his thumb so that he could slip it off was no easy feat, but he was too tired to shrink his hand, and he continued with his ecape, removing the IVs and sheets.

    The noise stirred the old man from his sleep. "You," he croaked.

    Rhys ignored him.

    "You," he repeated, determined, "saved my life."

    Now the boy tried even harder to ignore him.

    "I heard them talking, the nurses, the police. Had you not removed the bullet, I wouldn't be alive to face you now," he coughed from the strain of so many words, but it didn't stop him from catching the wrist of the young man as he made his way for the door by his bed. "That takes more than guts, boy. I remember the pain, and I remember you hesitating, weighing the options. You used your brain. Why're you in this life? Where'd you study?"

    Rhys sighed, whispering, "In the forier."

    That caught the man's attention, his brows raising. "Well, then. A talent like that shouldn't be wasted. Come with me. I move to the Americas in a fortnight, to teach. Let me apprentice you at the university there and spirit you away from this life. You are not like them, boy."

    "Who talks like that; Americas? Fortnight? You should be dead. How old are you anyway, mister...?"

    "Zachary. Professor Zachary, actually." He chuckled, a smile crinkling his grey-brown eyes shut as his head rolled to the side, passing out once more, his grip falling with it, and the boy darted out of the room.

    In two weeks, Professor Viktor C. Zachary was packing the last of his things for the trip to the United States. Looking into the shining light of the veranda, a silhouette of what looked like a dog stood on its hindlegs, taking the shape of a young man as he stepped through the billowing curtains.

    Rhys stood, back straight, as he looked the man in the eye, a duffel bag in his hand. The other remained behind him. A small, white hand reached out and pushed the curtain back further, revealing a girl with equally white hair and eyes to match the pink backpack strapped around her shoulders.

    "Hello, dear. You're a sweet little thing, aren't you?" he asked without answer, kneeling before her. He stood after a moment with a patient nod, looked Rhys in the eye and lifted his hand, the boy taking it in a strong shake. The smile never left his lips as he closed his own travel bag and they made their way to the taxi outside.


    Rhys "Robin" Smithe
    Flustered mood - late for class


    A bell chimed, low an steady in the background. It was a considerably gentle sound from such a sizeable machine, especially because of how close they were.

    "Alright, time to get up," Rhys told the girl, lifting his head from the hard ground. The words came out in a single groan, bubbling up under his lips until flapping them out in a huff. As his jowls fluttered back into place, he realized he was still shifted into the shape of a dog, which really should've meant the sound could practically kill him at this proximity with his canine hearing.

    Glancing up at the inside of the clock face, he saw her sitting on the hour hand. The shadow of her skirt fell over the sides, ruffling in the wind and exposing her tiny feet as she laid her head back against the minute hand, shoulders rolling with a silent sigh. She was outside.

    Rhys barked, galloping over to the slitted windows of the tower. His legs elongated, hair shed. Really, they simply reversed growth back into his original shape as he bacame a young man again, stumbling through the process -literally. Throwing his head between the bricks, he cried out to his sister. "Jaden! Get off a-there! Get back inside! NOW!"

    This time he heard her sigh and the full breadth of the clock came crashing to his ears. His hands shot up as he screamed her name again, filled with the anger of fear for her life and pain of his own.
    In a moment, the cloud-like child appeared. She walked the tight-rope of the brick ledge, high above the schoolyard, one foot before the other with nonchalance. Rhys stomped his foot, grinding his teeth, and moved out of her way. She flitted into the room. Skipping over to her brother, her white hair bounced cheerily, blue eyes laughing as he heard the sound replacing that of the booming clock.
    "Thank you," he growled, this time as a human. "I see ye've got your contacts in."

    He didn't need to face her to know she nodded at him eagerly. Gathering their things and making sure no trace was left behind, he turned back to the girl to find her walking along the gears of the clock. Extending his fingers to the ceiling, he questioned the gods supposedly idling there why he had such a difficult sister.

    "Come on, Jay, le's get you to class," he demanded in a monotone.

    The annoying teen ignored him. Really, what else had he expected. "Jay." She made no motion in his direction. "Jaden..."

    As the clock tower came to it's last, rebounding chime, the gentle sound twisted. "I's "Jasmine" now, remember?"

    Rhys shook his head. "Jas, please get a move on. Ye're late as tis."

    Her shoulder fell in another silent sigh, but she didn't express it through her gift this time. She simply got down and went for the door, opening it a little more violently than necessary, but walking calmly as if nothing bothered her. Getting to the bottom of the metal staircase, they heard the sound of a radio just outside the door.

    Jay stood her ground, prepared to meet the patrolman, but her brother grabbed her arm, dragging her away. Yanking it out, he looked back to see her shaking her head rapidly. Her other hand hung in the air and she closed her eyes, focusing.

    "What are you doing?" He asked, receiving only another shake of her head in response. Taking a breath, he received a more severe reply when she put her finger to her lips. "Fine."

    He listened and heard the radio come back. "Alright, move on."

    "What?!" the patrolman asked. "What do you mean move on?"

    Crackling interference. "If there's nothing to see there, move on. You're not that new."

    "But I said the door's unlocked." Crackle.

    "Good, it's supposed to be locked."

    "No, UNlocked!"

    Buzzing silence.

    "Eargh, fine!" the young security guard growled. He locked the door and the scuffing of his shoes on the concrete could be heard as he traced the building then, as he was ordered, moved on.
    Rhys shook his head. "He could've come in here anyway."

    The blonde shrugged, a small smile creeping up her unashamed face. He sighed. This time he didn't waste his energy looking to the ceiling gods. Unlocking the deadbolt and holding open the door like the gentleman he intended to be, he turned and relocked the door with his pick-kit that proved the gentleman he had not always been.


    Jaden "Jazz" Smithe
    Currently Disoriented
    NYC - High School IEP Classroom


    Jaden laughed heartily, though her vocal chords didn't shake once. The wind in her ears lifted her hair, and with it the sounds she imagined for herself, loving the way it sounded like she'd heard from children in the playground. The road whizzed by, cars the most hideous of white noise interrupting her thoughts. Simply cutting it out and finding the stream of vehicles tuned to the station she liked so she could listen for the entire ride, letting go for just a moment to throw her hands in the air with exhilaration!

    The giant mastiff growled low, but he didn't slow down, in fact, he sped up; it was one of Rhys's favorite songs. She buried her fingers into his black scruff and leaned in close. He was large, even for a dog his breed, and people jumped out of the way of the one-pup stampede. She zeroed out their cries and the honking of the discourteous drivers as they went, caring only for the enjoyment of the moment, of the tear-inducing breeze under the heat of the sun, and of the thumping bass at their backs.

    Reaching the high school, the girl shook out her hair. It stood on end all the same, and she knew she'd have to go straighten it out, but in the meantime, she'd just gotten done riding an over-sized dog, she figured her hair wasn't the craziest-seeming part about her right at that moment.

    "Woof," the mastiff reprimanded. Jay nodded. "Boof..." Rhys warned. She nodded. "Grr-ruff!"

    She scratched behind his ears, wishing him a good day, too, and ran off. Finding the restroom, the girl quickly finger-combed it straight again, focusing intently into the reflection of her own eyes as she planned her day.
    Uncle Viktor, as Rhys liked to call him, would not be pleased they had stayed out all night. Rhys would tell him why. They had gotten the word last night that their mother had died. It appeared to be a suicide, pills, which the police assumed was a product of her... condition. Depression, Schizophrenia, a failing wife whose husband had to be fulfilled elsewhere - Jaden felt no sympathy. The woman was weak and had nearly allowed such a man to do the same to her child, to Jaden. She despised the thing that have given her life.

    It would assuage the old professor, but he would see her dispassion. It would disturb him. She wondered if her ghost-like appearance had been the first thing to cause him alarm of her, or if that had simply been an affirmation once he'd started doubting her emotional authenticity.

    The sudden, sharp, and insistent screech of the school bell slammed through her skull and back. Jaden jumped into the sink, hands to her ears as she doubled over it and fell to the floor, crying out hissing air without it's own voice. She couldn't get her thoughts straight to end it. The bell kept going and going and going...

    Hands touched her shoulders and she flailed. They gripped her. Wrists, ankles, face, waist, they were pinning her, forcing her, taking her. The bell. It kept going! They found her mouth and chin, closing them with a hard push that echoed between her teeth in greater pain, reverberating in the cave of her throat. The sound was muffled, though, and she opened her eyes to find the teachers of her classroom. What were they doing? They were supposed to be assisting her.

    "It's all right, Jasmine. Calm down. We've called your father, he's on his way."

    No, not Viktor. He wasn't a bad person, not like one would label her birth father, but he did not understand, and that was so much more frustrating to her.

    "Calm down," said the soothing voice. She could hear it clearly. What happened to the bell?

    The girl nodded, wanting nothing more than to compose herself before the old man got there. He was so confident and unfazed, always smiling. She would not be his amusement. Jaden nodded again, closing her eyes once more to gather her wits in the quiet, focusing on the steady sounds of breathing from the exhausted bodies around her. Soon she had herself.

    "Okay, dear," Mr. Bruce said. "Let's get you to class. We'll check your wounds there, okay?"

    He helped her up, the large-bellied man. Mr. Bruce was like Viktor, always smiling, but it wasn't threatening or secretive or demeaning or arrogant like Viktor's. They took their time getting back. Inside the door stood one of the boys, Kyle, his son. She waved, hello, and he grunted back at her, not looking directly at her, then turned his head and his body followed, finding the instrument she favored out of the desk where they were maintained.

    Mr. Bruce sat her at her desk and waddled away for the first aid kit. Kyle came back with the keyboard, struggling to flip the switch on, then pressing a button to replay a song recorded in it's memory. It had been one he wrote with her and Jaden found herself swaying. She couldn't sing, but her lips parted as if she could, and she continued rocking as Mr. Bruce looked her over for the bruises and scrapes she'd contracted from the porcelain.


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  5. Alexis Smith
    Potomac Mills mall - Dale City, VA
    Tired, Hungry

    Alexis yawned as she entered the mall through the main entrance into the food court. She looked around at her options: McDonald's, Jerry's subs, a couple of Spanish places, some Chinese food, and teriyaki. As soon as she saw the teriyaki joint, appropriately named Nori Japan, she walked towards it, snagging a free sample of their famous-to-the-area teriyaki chicken, before waiting in line. She heard a shout across the food court, returning her attention to the cashier when the short Asian woman tapped her on the shoulder to ask her order.

    The redhead quickly glanced up at the posted menu, "Uh number 4, white rice." she said, licking her lips, 'Mnn~ teriyaki chicken and shrimp~.' She moved over in front of their grill as they fixed all the meat in front of customers. When her meal was ready she took the styrofoam container it was in and walked towards an empty seat.

    She heard a shout again, looking up just as a man ran into her, destroying her meal. As the man got up to get away, Alexis grabbed him and slammed him into the ground as if she were a pro wrestler, a move she just happened to see last night while on a YouTube marathon. Most people looked at her in disbelief that such a small woman could pull off a move only seen acomplished by muscle men. However it was another girl her age that came up to her thank her for helping. Alexis looked at her, though admitting to herself that had the guy not bumped into her and ruined her food, she probably wouldn't have stopped him.

    Natsumi Nagisa
    Downtown Pawn Shop, Brooklyn, NYC, NY

    Natsumi had decided she wanted a katana. Why? Because she was half Japanese so why the hell not. She had been searching all day and finally found a genuine samurai blade. She brought it up the counter at the pawn shop, not noticing the price tag attached to it. She noticed no one else in the shop, she smiled, "How much for the sword?" she asked politely.

    The old man working the shop, the owner, looked at her, "Are you sure you want a dangerous weapon like that? A pretty girl such as yourself shouldn't be playin' around with things like that, it ain't a toy." He took it from her and looked at it, then taking it out and inspecting the blade, "I'll take $375 for it, no less." he stated, then setting it back in the sheath on the counter.

    Natsumi looked almost disturbed by the amount he expected her to pay. She took out the sword, the old man stepping back, "Hey lady that thing ain't no toy! Put it back or I'll call the cops-!" he gasped as she nonchalantly ran the blade through him.

    "Oh, look at that, it's got blood all over it, I think you're gonna have to drop the price..." She said before slowly pulling the blade out, then poking him with the very end of if, giggling at his cries of pain as if it were the most hilarious thing ever, but she quickly grew board of it. She grabbed a cloth nearby, wiping off the blade and sheathing it. Leaving the owner to die she browsed the shop, finding a duffle bag and filling it up with anything that interested her. she back over to the cash register, taking out all its contents and dumping it in a pocket.

    She leaned over, "Oh my, you're still alive?" she asked before her hand lit up in flames, she smirked before 'dropping' some fire onto the just barely living man. Then she shot a couple small fireballs around the shop, escaping out through the back alleyway before stopping to dial 911 to basically clean up her mess, though wording it differently on the actual call.​
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  6. Name: Fred Pierce
    Location: A police station in New York
    Mood- Glum and pissed off


    Detective Pierce walked into the morgue of the station. A body had been brought in yesterday and the autopsy had been completed two hours ago, the pathologist was waiting for him. Upon seeing Fred enter the morgue, the pathologist pulled out the body and zipped open the bodybag, revealing a young man with a scruffy beard.

    The pathologist was an African-American woman in her early forties. She had dark hair that was tied back and brown eyes.

    "He didn't have any ID on him, but we were able to run his fingerprints through the datebase. David Brooks, aged twenty six." She explained
    "He was homeless?" Fred asked in a glum tone
    "Yes, a bunch of other rough sleepers found the body in an alley. No one saw anything though."
    "Was he liked the others, the other victims?" Fred asked in the same glum tone
    "As in it appears as though he drowned on dry land? Yes." She sighed

    Some of the latest victims, at least those who were homeless had been found this way. In alleyways with the autopsy always showing the same result, the victim had died of drowning.

    "Did he have a family?" Fred asked "Any next of kin?"
    "No. The records say that his parents kicked him out when he was eighteen and he's been living on the streets ever since. His parents died three years ago."
    "Maybe the shelter knows something. I'll head there and ask around."
    "Wait, there's something else." The pathologist stated as Fred turned to leave "David's parents kicked him out because he came out."

    This didn't surprise Fred as a lot of the victims had been gay, but it still disgusted him. Rather than say anything Fred slowly walked out of the station and to his car, lighting a cigarette and sighing. Based on all the other victims and their profiles he knew the killer had some religious motivations behind their actions, but the motivations were not purely religious. As far as he knew, there was no passage in the bible or other common religious texts that were against the homeless.

    What was most confusing about these murders was how they were carried out. How was the killer able to drown people on dry land? As he thought again about how this was possible he yelled in anger and kicked over a nearby trashcan. He took three deep breaths and picked it up.

    Fred finished his cigarette, stomped it out and got into his car. It was a rental paid for by the FBI. He focused on driving, trying not to think about the case as he made his way to the shelter in case he lost control of the car. He parked at the shelter, stepped out of the car and took ten more deep breaths before going inside.

    Name: Emma Lambert
    Location: Homeless shelter in New York
    Mood: Smug


    Emma had no shifts at the hospital that day and instead was at the shelter, handing out soup with a smile. She looked up as the door opened and paused in thought. This man was far too well-dressed to be homeless, so why was he here? Was he looking to volunteer, or something else? She keep the same smile as he approached her.

    "Can I help you sir?" She asked

    Fred displayed his badge, causing a shiver to go down Emma's spine. She was too careful, there was no way they had found her! They couldn't, she still had so much more work to do!

    "A guy was killed yesterday. A homeless man called David Brooks."
    "David...David..." Emma muttered, her smile faded "The name rings a bell. Yes, he was here a lot."
    "I was just wondering if you, or anyone else around here knew anything."
    "I was working yesterday, I wasn't here. Sorry." That was the truth, or at least part of it. She had been working at the hospital yesterday but waited outside the shelter afterwords, waiting for David.
    "Okay. I'm just going to ask a few of the people here some questions but don't worry I'll stay out of your hair." Fred reassured her

    Emma simply nodded

    "I hope you catch the guy that did it. David seemed like a good man." She lied
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  7. ---William Taylor---
    ---Athenian Books, second floor---

    William sat in the dark, alone. Below him, his precious bookstore was locked up for the night. There was very little light in the room, save for the blue light of his TV screen. There was plenty of sound however, as William had a tendency to sing while he played games, even though he was a simply horrid singer. In this case, he was punishing the team-killing jerk in this particular game of Titanfall, with the wonderful ballad of, "I killed a guy and I liked it. Liked the feel of my skillful jump-kick," William had muted the other players, so he couldn't hear their complaints or pleas to stop, "I killed a guy and I liked it, I hope that his team won't mind it. It felt so wrong, it felt so right..." Will stopped his terrible ballad of yesterday's pop song to focus on the immediate threat of four members of the other team opening fire on him, "Aaw, I died. Shit." He complained, stretching out with a yawn while he waited out the respawn timer. As he joined back in the game, he took a second to look at the in-game leaderboards. He was in the lead for his team by far, but there was someone on the other team who was so far his equal. "R3Drum, you have not seen the last of me..." He grumbled, easily dispatching two enemy players who thought that they could team up on him. They were wrong unfortunately. William managed to get himself onto the fifth page of rankings worldwide, which made him pretty good. 56th best in the world, to be exact.

    As the match rounded to a close, William heard a thumping in his bookstore down bellow. The shop was supposed to be closed, and the sound of shattering glass was an even greater signal that whoever was coming in wasn't supposed too. Anyone whohe wanted in here at this hour would've had as key, after all. Ryan crept carefully down the steps, his eyes darting as he gingerly grabbed the baseball bat he kept by the stairs.

    As he came down the steps and down into the shop, he saw that the register was still closed. While this meant he still had today's earnings, it also meant his intruder was likely still inside. William listened carefully for the sounds of footsteps...the intruder was wearing heavy shoes that clunked with every step. "Listen, I know your here," he called out, "But I don't think you want to be. Whatever money you think is here, it's gone. Somebody tilled over the register already and killed two people upstairs. Some police brass got capped, SWAT will be here any minute," he called out, "Do yourself a favor and run." He was lying, but he did it well. There had been a string of murders recently, and a local gang had just broken up, leaving a sort of power vacuum in the area. The scuffle had been noticeable, but largely non-lethal. It made sense, and he could hear the scuffling as whoever was inside left in a hurry. William got a half decent look at him too as he vaulted the broken window.

    That problem solved, William did the sensible thing and called the police to report the break-in. He was fine, unhurt, but they said they'd send a squad-car around and a sketch artist, maybe a detective or someone from forensics to look for prints. Nothing serious.
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  8. Alessandra Brunetti


    Location: City of Rome, Italy
    Mood: Tired

    "Grazie!" Alessandra smiled to the seller on the stand and grabbed the grocery bags. She had a hard time focusing her strength in her arms and her vision field crystal clear. She couldn't remember the last time she had a decent sleep, all because she was a damn weirdo. Or it is, at least, how she saw it. No matter how hard she tried, she tended to often lay down tired and wake up just a few minutes later by the sound of the alarm and the sight of daylight. The more she thought about it, the less cool it seemed to her. She finally managed to lift the bags off the stand and turn around just to jerk and drop one of the bags, with oranges scattering all over the place, as soon as the male behind her spoke to her with a simple "Good morning". Before Al even managed to understand what happened, the young male was already crouching and picking up the fruit. "I am so sorry, Alex. I didn't mean to scare you. I will just gather these real quick." Alessandra's brain took time to process the incoming information through the fatigue, but once it did, she went down quickly and started grabbing the scattered fruit. "Oh no. I am the one that should be sorry. I am a dead mess since I woke up." She was somewhat ashamed that she recognized her long-term science partner just when he laughed and got up lifting a bag, with her following. "For sure, you do not look so fresh. Though, pretty as always." Alessandra sustained the blush and pouted unwillingly. "Please." The male's bright eyes narrowed as he smiled once again. Yes, Daniel was darn attractive for a science geek, but nothing more. He was never exactly her type, and after her 'change' occurred, he had even less chances than that.

    "Just telling the truth here." He tilted his head and handled the paper bag to Alex. He was more than a full head taller than she was, and she already got a new headache session, just by lifting her head to look at his face. "Thank you." Daniel nodded in response and offered her to go forward first. "So, how did the exam go?" Alessandra smiled. "Quite good actually. Was easier than expected." The guy laughed. "Why of course. Ever since I know you, that is all I hear coming out of your mouth as a response to these kind of questions." Alessandra cocked her eyebrow. "Hey. Even prodigies have to study and evolve. Can't you tell?" She was referring to her tired face and big black sacks under her eyes, but she herself knew the exams and studies were not to blame. Suddenly, a loud sound of breaks and a thud stopped their conversation. Just there on the street, in front of them, laid a body of a young female, twisted and torn, kicked away in the air by an incoming car, rushing in through the red light. The time seemed to have stopped for everyone on the scene. Alex didn't hear what Daniel said. Her ears went numb and filled with static noise, her eyes fixated on the crumpled body. Never even noticing the moment when the bags dropped to the ground again, he closed her eyes in disgust.

    "Hey um...you OK?" Alessandra opened her eyes and looked at Daniel that now seemed really concerned. "You poor thing. You are so exhausted that you fell asleep in the middle of a sentence." She looked around. The groceries were still laying on the stand. Didn't she do that before? Yes. But nobody else knew that she did. "Oh yes. I am OK, don't worry." She hesitated. "I just tried to calculate, got lost and eh..." She chuckled nervously. Daniel nodded, unconvinced. "Yeah. Sure thing." He grabbed her groceries. "Let me help you with that." She tried to protest but she couldn't. It was a nice gesture after all and she didn't want to insult him in any matter. This time, they didn't talk as much. Daniel decided that she needed a break and she did nothing to prove it otherwise. Instead, she looked around her like a maniac, searching for something...or someone. Daniel jerked when she finally shouted. "There she is!" Before he could comprehend, Alex ran towards the young female that now seemed perfectly alive, waiting for the green light for pedestrians. "Hey! Wait!" She turned to Alessandra and frowned. "I am sorry, do I know you?" Alex shook her head, catching a breath. "No, but there is a shithead storming towards here and he will kill you in a hit and run." The girl glared at her for a moment before laughing at her. "Funny. Now leave me alone. Freak." The light turned green and the girl stepped on the street. "Listen to me!" Alex shouted and pulled her back by her arm just before the car stormed over the spot the girl was on just a second earlier. Unable to handle the ultimate shock she had survived, the girl quickly mumbled. "Um...t-thanks." She then disappeared in the crowd blabbering something about how drivers now days did so like a bunch of maniacs. "How...on earth...did you know?" Daniel asked, stunned. Alessandra smiled and took the grocery bags out of his hands. "Woman's intuition, sixth sense, a hunch. Call it as you please."


    As she walked into the apartment, she slammed the doors, dropped the bags on the sofa and waled into the room where her roommate Kami was actually doing something about her life. Alessandra zig-zagged towards the bed, near the working spot and dropped down between the sheets. "I. Hate. Mondays." To be fair, she wasn't even sure if it was still a Monday or not.

    Caine King


    Location: Personal Office, New York
    Mood: Calm

    Not even a loud piercing sound of heels stomping the marble floor of his modern office, had made him look away from the brand new piece of art he installed in the room. It was a minimalistic picture made of perfectly composed geometrical shapes. He was turn sideways from the entrance doors, seemingly studying the artwork carefully. Even so, he was very much aware of a tall, slim and gorgeous red head woman that walked in determined, swaying her hips in a seductive, but classy manner. She stood in front of his desk of a moment before she cleared her throat. "I have news for you." Her voice was somewhat husky and as seductive as her looks. Caine nodded. "Do tell...isn't this indeed a perfection?" Woman's eyes narrowed slightly in a confusion. "Pardon me?" Caine gestured towards the picture nonchalantly. "The work. Isn't it marvelous?" Woman hesitated a bit. All she saw was a bunch of random shapes as a work of one lazy ass artist, but if Mr. King saw a perfection, then it must have been just that. She nodded lightly. "Yes. I can tell there was a lot of work done for that beauty." She bit her tongue at the end of the sentence. She had hoped her sarcasm went unnoticed, but there was no such luck. Caine's bright blue eyes shifted in her direction and narrowed, creating a sly and calculated glare that always sent chills down her spine. He was a synonym for charisma, no doubt. And no doubt any woman would love to spend even a single night with the man like King. But as much as he screamed charisma, he was also the most cunning and cold person she knew. She could have sworn that there was never a true deep emotion behind those chilling eyes. Only calculations. Worst of all, he could smell fear and weakness. After years of working for Caine she still wasn't able to figure whether the death of his family changed him, or he was never a human at all.

    "You are so adorable when you, after all these years, still try to lie. I thought we established that you can't possibly lie to me." The woman nodded and bowed her head lightly. "I am truly sorry sir." Caine let out a small chuckle and turned in his chair to fully face her. "That is just fine, my dear. I know you are not. You will do it again." She was afraid. She was really afraid, but instead of poking holes further into her defense, King offered her a wide, comforting smile. "Now, now. No need to be shy. We all lie and cheat sometimes." Yes. Only 'sometimes'. It didn't even scratched the surface, but it was better not to elaborate it more. "Indeed." Cain nodded pleased and leaned in his comfortable chair, rocking back and forth. "Very well then. I can tell you are in no mood for jokes today...or ever... what was it that you had to tell me so you can get your cute behind out of my office?" Woman blushed lightly. They both knew very well that the employer-employee connection was violated many times before, but King never made any deep relationships and every employee that tried to bring it up got fired...and disappeared. It hurt her the first time, but it wasn't too long before she accepted it. She would never be more than a night stand for him. "Our guy, Olegovich. He... he is dead." She announced coldly and professionally, waiting for Caine's reaction. He simply kept rocking in his chair for a while, before replying. "Hm. Is that so?"

    The red head nodded. "Our scout confirmed it." Caine shrugged in a comical matter. "Then it must be true, no?" He chuckled and straightened up, leaning against the table. "That was faster than I planned, but it just might be the right way to go." He played with the pen that laid on the table, rolling it between his fingers. "Now, I wonder what happened to that over-the-top Russian bastard. Drugs? Whores? Too much food? Drinks? Lack of taste in fashion? Truth be told he is a swine when it comes to all of those. Well...WAS." Caine smirked lightly and once again it made woman uncomfortable. "None of those, I am afraid. He was assassinated." For the moment, Caine King lost the cold smile that constantly hovered on his face. Now it was plain and emotionless. "By whom?" His brain was running fast. The guy was an idiot, but the people around him were easy enough to handle even for a drug-whore like Olegovich. "That, they couldn't tell us. All that is know is that Olegovich was followed by an unknown male from the bar into the unknown direction. As bartender, you can't really see much of the action out of the bar." King frowned. "A single male. A single. Male? He had his gorillas with him, didn't he?" Woman nodded and tucked a wisp of hair behind her ear. She just wished to get out. "Both dead and gone like they were nothing."

    "And the briefcase?" Not sure what was in it, the woman was uncertain how he would react and she hoped that she was ready for it. "Yes. He took the briefcase." For several moments, there was a silence that was broken by Caine's light laugh. "Well then, we might as well have a visitor, my dear. Perk up and look pretty." Woman gulped as she imagined how terrifying that 'visitor' might be and how Caine was still so awfully calm about it. "Sir, what would you like me to do?" Caine lifted the pen off the table and turned towards the picture again. "Take the day off. Get your nails done, have a coffee, whatever you females feel like doing." The female nodded and got up instantly, eager to go through the doors. "I appreciate it, mister King." He smirked. "May that be a good 'thank you' for a job well done, sweetie." No matter what she had thought about him in general, those small signs of fake affection always made her heart warm up with hope again, even though it would last for a short time and she was aware of it. "Thank you so much." She greeted him, bowing down slightly with respect and turned to go. "Oh! Just one more thing I completely forgot."

    The woman turned back. "Yes?" Caine proceeded, glaring at the painting. "Arrange for little miss Olegovich to come visit me as soon as possible." What could someone like Caine King possibly do with a miserable crack-head like Olegovich's daughter was beyond her, but an order was an order. "Very well." She was stopped once again after opening the doors. "Say. Is that silly 'doughnut-ivore' still on my case?" She knew very well he was referring to Officer McDonald. "I suppose so. Why?" She somewhat regretted asking any questions. She jerked after a pen hit the expensive painting and stood stabbed in the middle of it. "No particular reason. Send him a cup of coffee and more doughnut when he is around." He noticed how she glared at the ruined painting and he turned her head, making the best puppy face he was able to. "That is OK, hun. I never liked it anyway." After the doors closed and he was left alone, he frowned, focusing towards the painting. As he kept on humming the mocking version of 'Ol' McDonald Had a Farm', the painting crumbled and twisted under the pressure of his glare. Literally. It imploded in it's own self until the only thing left of it was a small cube of highly pressurized paper, harder than a stone and a metal pen body wrapped around it as an additional shield. King picked up the small cube and put it in the cup on his desk, filled half way with similar cubes like the one he just made. He smiled. "Ee ya, ee ya yo..."
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  9. Name: Monhinder Suresh
    Location: New York, New York City
    Mood: Contemplating


    Monhinder hated the feeling of having to leave India for such childish trials, his father's talk of sins and abilities were more than annoying and he extremely hated ignoring all the calls, but this one he couldn't ignore he played it over again in his head as he thought about it fully, running a hand through his smooth, curly hair.

    "Son.....I don't expect you to believe me when I talk about this, as this will probably be my last call for....a long while if things are going to go down the way I think it is. Either way I am going to keep this going for as long as possible, I know my ramblings of powers, and the Sins and such have made you life complicated, and I truly apologize for all the trouble I have caused you in anyway. Damn I think I hear them at the door, I hoped I could talk longer either way Monhinde-, no Son I love you, if you wish to see me, come to New York City and find me."

    Then it just died out and Monhinder made a mad dash for his Father's apartment. This is where he currently was, the place was wrecked when he opened the door, things things all over the place scattered around as if there was a type of struggle which there obviously was, why and how where the questions running through his head, he had only been able to gather one thing of his Father's that seemed important, and that was a recorder, he slowly sat hearing the wooden chair creek as he did so and when he "relaxed" he slowly pressed the on button.

    "Hello to whoever listens to this now uhh I want to start off with an introduction, but I doubt it is needed instead think of a land of fiction for a moment as I speak, what if there were people with amazing powers, abilities as some would call, that could change the world, or maybe have already changed the world, like altering one's body.

    The first man still had the knife in his shoulder but threw an elbow into Nikolai's back. Nikolai's full metal came out and he grabbed the man with the knife in his shoulder and slammed his own head into the mans face. The man growled and clutched his nose. The other man raised his pistol to the back of Nikolai's head and fired, the bullet ricocheted and hit Olegovich in the leg.

    Or control the flow of time.

    Suddenly, a loud sound of breaks and a thud stopped their conversation. Just there on the street, in front of them, laid a body of a young female, twisted and torn, kicked away in the air by an incoming car, rushing in through the red light. The time seemed tohave stopped for everyone on the scene. Alex didn't hear what Daniel said. Herears went numb and filled with static noise, her eyes fixated on the crumpled bodyNever even noticing the moment when the bags dropped to the ground again, he closed her eyes in disgust.
    "I am sorry, do I know you?" Alex shook her head, catching a breath. "No, but there is a shithead storming towards here and he will kill you in a hit and run." The girl glared at her for a moment before laughing at her. "Funny. Now leave me alone. Freak.""Listen to me!" Alex shouted and pulled her back by her arm just before the car stormed over the spot the girl was on just a second earlier. Unable to handle the ultimate shock she had survived.

    Even control fire with a small thought,

    "Oh my, you're still alive?" she asked before her hand lit up in flames, she smirked before 'dropping' some fire onto the just barely living man. Then she shot a couple small fireballs around the shop, escaping out through the back alleyway.

    These are only a few possibilities that can change the world, of course this brings the idea, what if they already have changed the world using their powers, for their own benefits, well I guess you could say I am finding a few people on a list I have compiled and I can't no won't stop until I can find these uhh the correct word would be "Sins."

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  10. A squad-car pulled up at william's door, sirens screaming and lights flashing. He was rather grateful he had sent the intruder away. The local gangs were mostly young ethnic kids who turned to crime because they couldn't find an honest job that was willing to hire them, and the NYPD had made some...questionable calls regarding minorities as of late. An officer stepped out from the car. He was sweating, even though the night air was cool. Nervous. The word came to him like a whisper, as his power-granted mastery of psychology kicked in. Nervous, partner is still in the car. Partner is the source of nervousness. "Nice night huh? Say, don't you guys usually come in pairs?" William asked conversationally. The police officer responded, "Yeah, I guess. My partner falls asleep in the car like a baby, and I didn't think I'd need to wake him up for this..." Lie. Partner is notorious? bad to be seen with? Dead? No blood, not disheveled. Notorious...Partner is corrupt? "So, before e get started, how much do you think that window's going to cost to fix?" William was probing the man, subtly trying to glean reactions from him to learn more. No reaction to mention of money...Partner is notorious...Or abusive. Man is impatient, wants to hurry back. Doesn't want to disappoint his partner. Partner has some leverage on him, dirt.

    William and the police officer talked for a time, and it allowed William to glean the rest of the info. The man's partner was indeed corrupt. He was a mole for the white supremacist gang known as The Supreme. They weren't much of a presence in this area, but they were supposedly well connected in city hall. Not like any of the Dons, but connected still. The crime families were a higher priority, even if The Supreme were fairly brutal, they were at least rather confined to a specific area, instead of terrorizing the entire city.

    After talking with the man, William went back upstairs, locked the door between the shop and his flat, and climbed into bed. As he fell asleep, his power went to work. It was like a tiny star was exploding within his head as his mind boomed with new information, as secrets king hidden revealed themselves to him...Hearts pumping, neurons firing, stomachs digesting...Biology revealed to William all but its deepest secrets. Most interestingly, he knew a way to enhance and/or grant powers, albeit he lacked the tools, manpower, facilities, and funding to do so.
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  11. Fred had found multiple stories of David, each story had described him as a good man, caring and loyal to the friends he made. One story stood out from the rest though as apparently he had formed a close friendship with another young man. He wasn't from the shelter, nor was he homeless. Apparently he had heard David's story and taken pity on him, inviting him to stay at his apartment and even to help him get back on his feet. David refused but he continued to press on. David was on his way to meet him the last time his friends saw him.

    Could it be possible that this "good Samaritan" as he had been described the killer Fred was looking for? Fred though. He could have invited David back to his apartment and killed him on the way, leaving his body in an alley. Fred needed to find out where this good Samaritan lived. None of the homeless people at the shelter seemed to know, but maybe the girl did.

    Emma's smile faded when Fred approached her, she told herself that Fred would assume that this was due to the nature of David's murder.

    "Did you find what you were looking for?" Emma asked
    "I found something." Fred replied "There was a guy, he wasn't homeless but he was friends with David. Would you know anything about that?"
    "You don't think that..."
    "No." Fred lied "I just want to ask him a few questions. You understand that I need to pursue every possible lead." He reassured her, getting a nod in response from Emma
    "His name is Darren. Not sure on the surname. I don't have an address, but he left a phone number. I hope this helps."
    "It's a great help." Fred smiled as Emma handed him a sticky note "Thank you..." He paused
    "Emma." She smiled "My name is Emma."
    "Fred." He replied before leaving the shelter and walking back to his car

    He looked at the phone number. If Darren was the killer, he was smart. One call from a detective and the trail would go cold. Fred got into his car and drove back to the police station. He'd run the number through the computers and see if he could get a location first. One phone call was too risky.
  12. [Name] Nikolai Luzchezke
    [Location] NYC Bound Plane
    [Mood] Drunk

    Nikolai was sitting on the plane, drinking some complimentary scotch. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses that were too dark for anyone to see into, on his head was a Yankees cap pulled down to hide his face. He was wearing a faded black hoodie and a pair of blue jeans. He was trying to look inconspicuous, his stature was the only think that made him stick out.

    The plane shook and he tensed and grabbed the arm rests next to him, neither seat was occupied as the original owners of these tickets were no longer. The plane rocking every now and then gave him the shakes, he hated flying. Too much stress about being stuck in a flying metal tube that could be taken down so easily. He looked as one of the stewardesses walked down the aisle, she was pretty. Long blonde hair, slim figure, bit too much makeup but still rather beautiful. He blinked and when he looked again his wife stood there, the same smile on her face. He was taken aback by the face, he shook his head and looked at the seat in front of him. He undid the lock on the tray table and put his elbows on it, he took off the hat and the glasses and tossed them on the small slab that passed for a table.

    "Fuck," He said under his breath, he ran his hands shakily through his hair. He unbuckled his seat belt and tried to stand, he felt heat in his head. Like a sudden wave of warmth, and not the good kind. He moved the tray table up slightly and steadied himself using the seats, and got into the aisle. He stumbled and walked to the restroom, as he neared it the plane shook again. He felt his breakfast jump into his mouth and he closed his mouth. He picked up speed and made it to the bathroom, he grabbed at the handle to find it was locked. He grimaced and slammed on the door, the man inside opened it. Nikolai grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him out and into the aisle. He then proceeded to fall into it and close the door behind him. Nikolai fell with his hands on the sides of the toilet and vomited again, this time into the toilet. After he finished, he fumbled with the lock for a moment or two before managing to seal the doors.

    He reached for the sink and hooked his hand over its lip using it to pull himself up. He took a few deep breaths as he heard a solid ringing going on. He didnt know what is was but the sharp whine made him nervous, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a plastic baggie. He shook it and let the pills weight unfold the bag, he reached inside and pinched a few with his fingers. He threw them into his mouth and swallowed. He felt the ringing subside, he put his hands in the sink and pressed the button to turn it on. He cupped some water in his hand and splashed it on his face. He looked in the mirror and made himself go metal and felt the plane tilt a bit, the captain made some comment about unexpected turbulence and Nikolai shifted back. He shook his head and flushed the toilet, he walked out into the aisle and patted the guy he'd thrown out on the shoulder.

    "Sorry," Nikolai said with a kind smile, "Got airsick."

    He resumed his seat and put his glasses and hat back on. He leaned back in the seat and took a few deep breaths. He calmed down and closed his eyes, he didnt look at anyone for the rest of the flight. He just sat and let his body relax. He fell asleep for the remainder of the flight.
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  13. Zachary Doe


    Location: Old Mrs. King's ("grandma's") House

    Mood: Bored

    "So, you heard what's happened in the shelter?" Zachary nodded and shrugged his shoulders. "Aye, I did. And?" The girl smirked lightly. "I don't know. Was just wondering. Those people have it tough as it is and now such horrible thing happens." Zachary wasn't as sure where she was going with it, so he simply smirked back. "True. I do hope they find whoever did that horrible thing soon so they don't live in fear anymore." The girl cleared her throat and spoke up again. "You know...I am glad you didn't end up like that." And what would she know about that? He knew she was another rich kid with a good childhood and a good background. His arm tightened around his backpack. She wouldn't dare feeling sorry for him, would she? Friends would never do that. He was aware that nobody in the school loved him too much. It was a public school, but a school of high standards and expensive requests. There was no question a great deal of students and their parents were indeed somewhat jealous of his fortune to ran onto no one less than Victoria King. When he was asked, he was never able to answer why the hell would she choose him among so many kids in need of a foster or an adoption. He felt nothing special about himself. Well...nothing he...normally would. But him being unique in another, different way was something he didn't discuss even with the old lady. There was no way she would know that. "Yes well, I am hardly the luckiest kid alive." Girl seemed shocked. "How can you say that? Now you have everything." She just wouldn't stop being as shallow as everyone else he had met so far. He had no goddamn family and she was all about the things he could do with old lady's money. He couldn't help but hating her at that point. "Yeah. Everything."

    He hurried a bit forward and the girl hurried up her pace. "Wait up!" She just didn't get the message now, did she? "One more question. Promise." He didn't reply directly, but she somehow took it as approval. "It is somewhat silly but...eh... My mother asked how is mister King really like?" She chuckled and Zachary winced lightly. Now he was endlessly annoyed. "I think she kinda has a silly crush on him you know..." Who didn't? Didn't mean he was the perfect catch. Zach found him highly repulsive and somewhat creepy, regardless that he was seemingly perfect. "I see." He really couldn't give less damn, but telling he what she wanted to hear wouldn't hurt anyone. Him the least. Caine never gave a single damn for him being around. "Well...he is... a special cookie." The girl seemed to be quite confused so he chuckled. "I meant to say that he is much different than on TV and where he is at anyway." He couldn't tell a lie. Caine didn't openly hate him or made his life miserable, but he wasn't happy to have him around either. Even so, he tolerated the boy because his old mother seemed to need him around. "He is quite closed up and mysterious. I guess it is what attracts your mom." It was quite a blunt statement, but he didn't care. The girl nodded and smirked sheepishly, dropping the subject. "Well, we're here." He said briefly when they arrived to the girl's house. She smirked and leaned to kiss his cheek. "Thank you, Zach." He sustained from moving away, though he blushed heavily. He didn't appreciate it a single bit. "Uh...you are welcome." She waved to him from the porch. "See you tomorrow." Then she disappeared into the house. "Yeah...tomorrow." Zach repeated and resumed his walk.

    He had stopped suddenly when he arrived and walked through the long path, surrounded by a well maintained huge yard that lead to the King's mansion. He was both freaked out and intrigued. He stood not so far away from a tiny female figure. The girl had a long brownish hair, dark eyes and pale skin. He had no idea how she ended up there. It was still daylight so he comically thought that it was quite early for ghosts plus she didn't really looked like one. She was quite alive. But then again, he was positive that nobody entered before him, and if she was a hobo staying in their yard, gardeners would have fond her long time ago. Her clothes didn't seemed like those of homeless person. Zachary hesitated before he spoke. "Um...hello?" He jerked and stepped back when the girl turned to him violently and glared, more scared than he was. "C-Can I help you?" She seemed to be thinking deeply, before she shook her head lightly. "No..." She answered briefly and insecurely. She seemed tired and exhausted. "What are you doing here? You are not supposed to be here and I do not know how you got in but..." Girl interrupted him. "Show me." Zachary was stunned by her request. "S-show you...what?" Girl sighed. "Show me what you can do." Before he even managed to process the request, the girl growled and charged at him. Panicking, his body stiffened and...disappeared. More precisely, he became invisible to the human eye. The girl ran passed him and stopped. She looked around. "Huh?" He stood silent as the girl approached. Her face staying calm. She seemed to be satisfied. "You can show yourself now." She could only hear kid's heavy breathing. "I am serious. I just wanted to see what you can do." Zach chuckled. "Well then you are lucky that can't do much more than this." The girl responded with a smile when he reappeared, still confused. But how did she know? He frowned. "Your turn." He dared her. She smirked. "Wish I could, little man. It is a bit harder than that." Before Zachary managed to ask for an explanation, the girl hissed lightly and grabbed her head. She seemed to be in a pain. "Hey, take it easy..." He reached for her but grabbed the air. The girl simply vanished and she was nowhere to be seen. Standing there for some time shocked, he finally mumbled to himself. "Shit. That was awesome." He jerked when one of the gardeners called over to him, wondering if all is fine. Luckily, he was oblivious about what just happened. "Hey mister Brown. Nice day, huh?"


    "It took you a while, boy." Victoria smiled as soon as she saw Zach walking into the room. "I...I escorted my friend home." The old lady grinned. He could tell she was quite of a beauty back when she was young, though she was quite classy and cared for even at her age of 63. "That is so nice of you." Victoria King was tall and graceful lady, with cool blue eyes and sand blonde hair with a bit of gray in it, arranged nicely into a tidy bun, most of the time. Now, instead of bun, there was a long braid, falling over her right shoulder. "How was school?" She always asked a lot, interested in how he was doing and feeling, unlike others and it was one of the things he loved about that old lady. "It was pretty good. I had fun. Though other kids can be quite boring." Victoria laughed sincerely and tapped his head lightly. "Oh I bet. When I was your age, I was quite a loner myself. I can relate to that." She smiled though he noticed she was more silent. Among other things, he was convinced that Mrs. King just needed a grandson she so desperately wanted. He knew what happened to her grandchildren. She had shared a lot of secrets with him, though he was determined to keep them as if he never heard. He wished he had courage to tell her his big secret. Well, maybe someday, when he is more mature and he understands it better himself. If it doesn't disappear by then, that is. It was hard for him to find a name for his condition even. Mr. King never mentioned his family and when his mother would, he would get aggravated quite fast and all would end there, with an argument that Zach dearly hated. He smiled and simply replied. "Would you like some tea, grandma?" Victoria's face lightened and she pulled him into the hug. "I would love to, deary."
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  14. Rhys "Robin" Smithe
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    Rhys had just arrived to his class when he got the call.

    Of course, since he had already made noise upon entering and now the thing was going off and drawing the lecture hall's attention back to him, again, there was little else he could do but to ignore it. He didn't miss the number though. His sister's school. What could've possibly happened in a few bare minutes?

    Absolutely anything, that's what.

    It didn't take long before his guilt got to him and he moved to leave his seat for the hallway. When he was awkwardly positioned somewhere between standing and still sitting, his pocket buzzed again and he struggled to get it from his pocket. Once he had, though, his shoulders sagged with relief. It was Viktor.

    I've got her. Continue your studies.

    Oh, thank the ceiling gods again. Rhys rolled his head back to face the front of the class, the professor glaring over his round glasses at him - though it didn't seem to bother his recited, robotic speech - and he gave an apologetic smile with a shrug. What could you do? It didn't make him feel any better that he'd been that close to abandoning his sister, but she just got into so much trouble, and that's what the school officials were for afterall, right?

    Right, he told himself, they're there to deal with dogboy's sisters and hypersonic waves generally incapable the human body all due to some mutated gene, government experiment gone wrong, or whatever the case may be. Yeah, that's right. Totally forgot they learned that in college. Now get back to yours; Viktor's got it.

    Easier said than done. Especially when there was another student in the corner who kept grabbing his attention. Was it on purpose? No, it couldn't be... but just in case, maybe he would ask after class?


    Jaden "Jazz" Smithe
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    NYC - High School IEP Classroom


    Great. The mighty Viktor. Come to rescue the day from the strange child, the awkward orphan, the phantom menace once more. The only man capable of redirecting their lives and diverting the attentions of authority figures so that their strange abilities would continue to go unnoticed, as was clearly best. His theories were of a welcome interest, but his opinions were less than to the young girl.

    Jaden considered shaking her head as she sat, waiting for the hero in his shining, luxury brand armor to arrive. It had been used when he purchased it, but it was all about appearances, wasn't it? Which was why she decided against the fruitless action - no one was watching, and if they were she wasn't really interested in displaying some show of feigned guilt or shame or whatever. There was nothing to do but to wait. In fact, she wasn't sure why they had pulled her from class to sit against the office wall rather than let her continue her studies with the other strange and awkward menaces of social standard kept locked away like contamination to be quarantined and cleaned-up from the inside of a hazmat suit.

    "Jasmine. Your father is here."

    He's not my father... she grumbled in wordless response to Mr. Bruce. He didn't react to her cynicism, but she stood as was expected and came to his side without looking up, body tense to get the silent message across that it was simply out of formality and not any sort of behavioral acquiescence.

    The sound of a clearing throat, however, made her shoulders rigid with a different emotion. Goosebumps broke out across her skin. Refusing to look up and risk the shattering of her now-fragile front, Jaden stretched her fingers, taping them out to an unheard rhythm, then clamped them shut into a fist and kept her ground. The guttural speaker shifted his polished loafers toward her and she found herself looking away from them, barely stopping herself from making the motion pull her head along with it in the mental backdraft; this was never so hard as it was when he was around, and she still couldn't name a reason why. Yet, as those shoes continued to point at her with only the background noises of an office to accompany them, she knew that it wouldn't be so easy to deter this particular moment and eventually turned to look out the doorway. A boy in a plaid shirt walked by, not taking any notice to her - why would he? She didn't say anything. She never did.

    "I said I think it would be best if you headed home, Jasmine."

    "Mhm," he said. "I agree."

    His shoes came to her periphery again, facing the same way she did - to the exit. "We'll spend the day together and make sure everything is all right, sound reasonable Jasmine?"

    He always worded it that way with her. "Reasonable". She could never tell if it was because he thought her incapable, or because he thought her incapable of anything else. Either way. She didn't like it.

    Nodding and passing through the door after the boy had long stopped filling it's space, Jaden made for the way out of the building. His long legs outpaced he with ease and she was tempted to run out of spite, but she knew he would not take that favorably, and she already had to spend the remaining hours of the day with him, and all for what? Trying to do her hair or whatever? It's not like she had been the one to set off that stupid alarm... but maybe next time she would be. In the meantime, he got both doors wooden and steel for her.


    She sighed.

    The woman ran from the building after them. Jaden continued to buckle herself, planting her feet firmly next to each other on the rubber mats of the car.

    "Viktor," the woman called again, whipping a blonde ponytail around the passenger window so both parties inside could see her. "Viktor, you must sign her out. Here's the form."

    He slid down her window and reached for the clipboard holding the appropriate forms. Looking it over thoroughly, he eventually answered, "Strange. I could have sworn this was on the counter you've pointed out to me so many times and I had signed it. No matter. I will be sure to pay more attention in the future, Ms. Swanson. Thank you very kindly for your assistance, as per usual." He smirked.

    Ugh, he actually smirked. Even the young girl could tell what was going on and it made her glad she was going home - she must be sick as nauseous as she suddenly felt.

    The woman stayed to tell him it was "no big deal" and that she would "gladly help as often as was necessary" and some other promises that could've been misconstrued to an older, less mature mind. In Jaden's case, she missed most of the hyperbole, but he intent was more or less lost on her. Flirtation wasn't yet a concept she had developed, despite the heavy examples she had before her as the woman finally stood straight again, making her curves seem not-quite-as-exaggerated or his smile had a not-quite-as-many teeth. They just talked about nothing for so loooong. How did people do that? A orphan girl that couldn't talk at all, but she wondered why would anyone waste their breath on conversation that served no purpose except to delay conversation that would? It's end was imminent, but slow-gathering all the same. When it did, Jaden nodded her head once in simultaneous "goodbye" and "no big deal" to the woman's apologies for keeping them - see? Even gestures could cover more words than this woman's vocabulary! - returning her chin to its position just an inch away from her neck, covering her face with her hair.

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  15. Zachary Doe & Caine King

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    Location: Old Mrs. King's ("grandma's") House, New York
    Mood(s): Zachary - Slightly Upset; Caine - Indiferent

    The tea felt really good for him. Zachary always seemed to be enjoying those short relaxing moments spent with the old woman. Even if they had nothing to talk about, the atmosphere itself, calm and soothing, made up for the lack of conversation. However, he couldn't forget about what he had seen while he was entering the yard. She wasn't a ghost. She couldn't possibly be, could she? Wouldn't she be more...transparent? Hostile? Less talkative? Yes, yes she would. "Isn't that right, dear?" Zachary jerked and looked at Victoria, puzzled. He had no guts to confirm when he had no idea what the hell she was talking about. He wasn't listening at all. "I am sorry?" He had no choice but admitting he has no idea. Victoria glared at him for a moment, before she put her tea cup on the table. There it was. A deep conversation they would always have when she would notice something was wrong and boy did she noticed it easily. Zachary was both annoyed and thankful for it. "Will you tell me what is wrong, or shall I make an intervention?" Victoria looked at him and frowned lightly. "You look...lost. Ever since you came home from school." His brain was processing and thinking at the speed of light. "Um...really?" She nodded. "Are you feeling well, Zach?" She asked worryingly and he nodded quickly. "Of course! You don't need to worry about that. I am healthy as I can be." He smiled sheepishly. "Well then?" Zachary sighed. There way no darn way he could get out of it. Then again, 'Funny thing! The girl appeared out of nowhere on our driveway and demanded me to show her what I can do. Oh! By the way! I can turn invisible and all other kinds of shit...' wasn't exactly the perfect conversation starter with already worried Mrs. King. But he had to say something. Then it occurred to him. Thank goodness for his lame friends. "Ahm well...it is quite funny and not a big deal really..." Victoria's face expression turned into a light smirk. "You fell in love, boy?" Her question shocked Zachary even though he quickly realized she was just joking. He replied sarcastically. For his age, it was something he was rather good at. No wonder when you keep seeing Caine King and his fans all day every day. "Well, I believe she is in love with your money, but I am not even close to being in love." Victoria laughed with shot lasting but sincere laughter. She was aware how people could be willing to abuse a boy for their own benefits.

    "Dear Zach. People will always be like that around you. I am sorry, but I have to tell you that because it is the only truth." He nodded lightly and frowned. Sometimes he wished he was adopted in a 'normal' family, with only a sufficient funds. To be average. Being adopted in a King family made him anything but invisible. See, that...ability of his, might just come handy from time to time. Sometimes he indeed just wanted to be invisible. "I know. I am just not used to all the attention." Victoria sighed and ruffled his hair. "And you will never get used to it. You will only have to watch for those that seek to use you and your good will." He smiled warmly. "Ah, I make sure I do not talk about money and all the related stuff and I am not wearing anything too expensive, just as you told me not t..."


    Zachary jerked as Victoria raised her voice noticeably and grabbed his upper arm tightly. "I mean it." Her voice had a worrying note in it, as she glared him in the eyes with her cold, piercing glare. She looked scared. So scared. "I know it sounds harsh but I need you to stay away from anyone that asks you many things about our family and anyone that would like to meet us better." He frowned slightly. What was she implying in the first place. It somewhat scared him, but he fought not to show it. He briefly thought about what the girl from his class said. Her mother would like to know Mr. King better. But maybe it was just a silly crush? Maybe it was nothing serious or threatening. Maybe the old lady was just overly paranoid. Maybe. Just maybe. But was he really ready to risk it? He squirmed out of old lady's grasp and nodded calmly. "I promise I will do anything I can to prevent anything bad from happening, grandma." Victoria's old face brightened up and she smiled lightly, pulling away. "That is my boy." Her calm, soothing voice was back. Before he could reply, the front door opened, and the butler greeted the person. That voice could not be mistaken. Zachary could feel hairs on the back of his neck raising slightly as Caine walked into the lounge room. He knew Caine never quite liked him. But that was OK. The feeling was mutual. Zachary stood up respectfully, as Victoria hurried to greet her son with a decently firm motherly hug. Zach frowned lightly as Caine sighed, slightly annoyed. "Mother. Please." Respecting the space he requested, Victoria kissed his cheek and moved away. "Welcome home." She said in glee, even though Caine wasn't living there ever since he was 20 years old. She was always so glad to see him around.

    Caine smiled coldly at his old mother and fixed his suit. Zachary thought how he can't get any more disgusting than that. He wondered why would he visit then at all? When it was such a bother. Maybe he wasn't that bad after all? Maybe. Just maybe. Sadly, it seemed that nothing could go unnoticed for Caine. Zachary gulped lightly when he noticed Caine's cold glare and a calm smirk. He saw him frowning and he could have sworn he could pierce right through his skull, into his brain and see his hateful thoughts as well. "Good evening, Little Bastard. Long time no see." Zachary felt like choking the guy. Among everything, he hated being called that way. It was the ugliest and most humiliating nickname anyone could give to him. It was no surprise that Caine thought of it first. Thinking about how much of an asshole he can be and how he can't believe a woman like Victoria could give a birth to something so ugly deep down, Zachary replied calmly but daringly. "My name is Zachary." It obviously amused Caine, because he laughed and nodded. "We really suck with jokes on our own expense, don't we?" Zachary looked him straight in the eyes and smiled, challenging. "Yes. Yes WE do." Caine simply smiled as Victoria burst out laughing. It was refreshing to see someone standing up against Caine the way Zachary did. Not even the older people would dare as much as that boy would. Caine was her son, but she couldn't deny he was a full-time bully, and bullies deserved to be taught a lesson from time to time. Caine sighed and scratched the back of his neck. "Interesting... I suppose." He moved towards the staircase. "Let me know when the dinner is ready. I will be in my old room." Zachary wondered what the hell was he doing in his old room all the time, but he never managed to see or hear anything. Caine always seemed to keep those doors closed.

    While being bothered with the curiosity, he excused himself and headed upstairs, saying he would leave his things and rest a bit before the dinner. Victoria nodded as he was moving from the sight. Once he was upstairs, he sneaked towards the 'oh so secret' room of Mr. King. He was slightly surprised to find the doors to it opened for the very first time in forever. Either Mr. King thought the kid got the message and wouldn't try anymore, or he was too bothered or tired to think about it. One way or another, it turned quite of a benefit for the boy. Approaching the doors, he took a deep breath and focused. He always wanted to be invisible. As he stood on the entrance, a whole new world seemed to be opening in front of him. The room was quite big, with an expensive and well preserved bed that was no longer in use, wide windows, closets, working table, showcases with many medals and diplomas and a huge piano in the middle of the room. Zachary widened his eyes in surprise. All that time, he would think, Caine was a fan of classical music that he was playing on his radio. He had no idea it was Caine himself that played the piano. Just like he did now. Calm and soothing sounds. Perfectly played. And the strangest thing...he seemed to enjoy it a great deal. It started off slowly and carefully. He picked tones and composed his own song. At that point, he realized how little he knew about the man. He jerked lightly as the sounds turned more vigorous, passionate and fast. Caine's eyes were hardly on the keyboard anymore. He was staring over the piano and into the photo that hung on the wall and Zachary paid closer attention to it. It was something that seemed like a family portrait. Older man, one that was probably Caine's father stood on the left, hugging a somewhat younger Caine on his right. In front of them, sat a familiar figure of Victoria King and on a chair in front of Caine, sat a beautiful young woman with bright gentle face, pale skin and naturally golden hair. She was holding two babies and she was smiling. They were all smiling. One big happy family. Maybe that was his wife? Maybe. Just maybe.

    The sound of piano now turned louder than ever as it chanted a passionate but scary melody. He stepped back lightly when he noticed Caine's body tightening up and sweating as his fingers hit the keys faster and faster. He was mad. Zachary could somehow tell, Caine was mad beyond repair. The boy barely sustained from shouting out and running away, as a loud sound of breaking glass filled the room and Caine stopped playing. Out of nowhere, the glass that protected the family portrait burst in the top left corner, over old man's face as the lines spread over Caine's smiled face and between the two ladies. How? Why? Zachary was still oblivious about what he had just witnessed as his brain hurried to process and understand the situation. Maybe his breathing got louder because Caine looked straight at him, making his heart skip a beat. He got up and headed towards the doors and the boy was very much right when he was thinking he would be as good as dead if Caine figured him out. Luckily for him, the phone rang and Caine turned around. Hesitating for the moment, he picked it up and answered. "Yes?" Frowned face. "What are you talking about?" Frown stood stubbornly on Caine's face as he scratched his beard. "Is that so?" Then a smirk. "No. That is just fine, dear. Tell him I will be meeting him as soon as he lands." Then a smile. The one they said was a lady-killer. Zachary honestly saw nothing special in it. "Have a nice evening." Caine finished his conversation, but by that time, Zachary was already in his room, visible to the world again, questioning his own sanity. The dinner. Oh joy, won't it be so much fun?
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