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  1. Plot:
    It is the 22nd century in the U.S., specifically Colorado. In the state lies The Powered Capital of the world, or at least the free Powered one( Those in more dictatorial country not so much.), New Dawn City. The place was originally just an upstart town to mine a new energy source, Ultranite which is a mostly stable yet highly powerful and clean substance to use as a power source, but with said substance coming to light and with tech pretty much going singularity or mere inches from doing so created a perfect storm. With tech boosting the brain power by quite a high percentage the brain and the radiant energy from Ultranite causing mutations created mutations. specifically powers. At first people were understandably fearful of them. Most take sanctuary in this town that soon grows into a city. Then the president gets a pro-powered agenda that got through congress. One of the first to take advantage is Genesis, the first official hero, managed to get through all hoops set by the Powered Resources Regulation Agency (PRRA) which is the side of the government that handles everything regarding powers. This all started in the late 21st century. Fast forward a little bit. Now it's mid 22nd century. Heroing has come to be the road to star-dom. Of course that comes with a cost. A very good chunk are glory hogs. There are still plenty of good ones still around though. However it is just a symptom of a bigger issue: Corruption long thought expunged thanks to the rise of heroes is seeping it's way back in. One of the big incidents showing was a streak of Hero brutality cases, some accidental some intentional. A brutal zero-tolerance judge, Justin Conviton, was suspicously involved in all their cases which where mid to high profile. With all this going on it's proveing to be a fertile ground for villainy. So the Question is: Will you be a Hero or Villain? Save the world? Or Condemn it?

    Important Notes, Organizations, and Characters:
    NDPD: New Dawn Police Department. The cops while not much help with powered crimes in progress they are still top notch investigators and with non-powereds commiting crimes they are still good at busting them down. They do have a Power SWAT team that deal with powereds, but they are more to stall until heroes arrive.

    PRRA: The agency in charge of dealing with powereds. from registering heroes, running the protection program for Hero's families under serious threat, to occasionally stepping up to directly getting involved with their own agents who , thanks to the money from the fed, are able to actually handle powered threats should they be called in to deal with it. most of the time though they act more as an admin then soliders so to speak.

    The Dawn Guard:The premiere super group of Dawn city, and the nation. Also the oldest, started by
    Genesis. Still very well respected and do their job though something seems off with Protector, their leader.

    Human Advocates: While on the outside they reasonable, don't be fooled. They are THE hate group against powers. Currently pretty weak they are on the rise with the leadership Riley Bachman and new Hero spokesman, Crusader, a hero who gets his abilities from his highly advanced Personachip and clad in the group's white and black.

    Protector:Clad in white and gold the guy is leader The Dawn Guard. while he has been acting strange at times he still holds up as a role model for many. His power is to create armor either around himseldf or another that both protects and gives a boost to fighting abilities.

    Genesis:The guy who started it all. Originally known as Zachariah Weaver he was a street punk who went literally zero to hero. He was at first a back-alley fighter and thief who after gaining his powers and losing his only family, his little sister, He became the first powered vigilante that didn't get killed or caught. With some pressure from him as his rep grew he successfully got the govt. to institute many of the laws regarding powereds on the books, so he knew most of their workings. And used it to help those he saw some hope for. However the early rise of glory hogs, as he calls them, with the change out of the Dawn Guard roster where he left, Defeating his archnemsis Omega, his family starting to go glory hog(though it took a while)and a general loss of purpose caused him to grow disenchanted from the hero world and disappear entirely. And no one has had his power of the origin point, the first and most powerful power where he could create,copy,and give powers as he pleased,since. He wore a mix of tights and power armor with a white color scheme with a green G in the middle plus blue tinted visor. Curiously an old man while beared bears an uncanny resemblance to an old man version plus his knowledge of early times for Heroes is far more than your average scholar. And has been known to do some training for heroes from the outer edges though He is pretty hermit like though, so who knows for certain.

    Justin Conviton: The judge who played a big part in the culling. He is a cold,cruel, handsome politician.And he has aims for the white house to push his pro-power control(read:anti-powered) agenda through.

    Hero Brutality: Legal code for Hero killing Villain in a fight. Often it is accidental or in self defense are often met with X amount of hours in community service and a fine. However in the culling all got sent to the Big Lockdown, Max security Prison, in a rash of those cases.
    Personachip: Think your Iphone, PC and most other devices all in an implanted chip in your head with an Augmented reality affect. add in an AI that helps manage your stuff with a customizable personality and you have this thing.

    "Magic"-whether it actually exists is unknown but some have powers eerily similar to it though. It is a subject of debate and study. However it is agreed that it always comes with a cause.

    Ultranite- A somewhat recent discovery this stuff pretty clean and plentiful. Radiant energy from this mineral it helped spark powers.

    Power Levels: There are 5 levels. Origin-Rare, but extraordinarily powerful. Have access to most powerful and primordial forces around. Infini- Still majorly strong though slightly more common. have access to still strong forces but not at creation level. Alpha- Pretty strong and fairly common. can do a lot but not as powerful as the other two. Beta- about the minimal power level recommended for heroing. fairly common and okay strength Cappa- recommended to have tech used with if heroing at all. Weak and pretty common.

    Herologists: The docs for heroes and occasional psychologists. They handle medical stuff for heroes, especially those that have physiology beyond what normal docs can handle or that their powers are pretty hazardous.

    Splicer groups: Think mob entirely made out of powereds. Often called splicer _________. reason they are called Splicer is most spliced powers into their genes rather than coming into them naturally.​
    Downtown: The Heart of the city, This place is where all the tech, cultural and financial meet. Rather nice and modern buildings all around. Lots of Hero Groups make their Headquaters here.

    The burbs: Pretty much your normal suburbs here.

    The Industrial district: While many things have progressed in the century some things stay the same. One of those things is that Industrial is run down, poluting (though not as much), and crime ridden. The place is a favorite of villains for hideouts thanks to the access of manufacturing areas, abandoned buildings and proximity to the utility plants should they decide to try and do something with them.

    Skylofts: Think the burbs, but for heroes. obviously it is a gated community (villains going for the hero's place anyone?) with a great deal of security and privacy protection for those with Secret IDs. Also has homes that are designed to be able to let even those with the most nasty passive powers be able to relax without worrying about causeing damage. (not counting guests of course.)

    The edge: The ghetto of New Dawn City. They have the rundown, broken up neighborhood. Has all the issues a normal ghetto does plus it is all powered up. Including of course gangs, and drugs that either enhance or cause very unstable powers that require regular use. plus a lot of Splicer groups are based out of here.

    Name:(Real and code)
    Occupation:(day job or hero/villain full time?)
    Alignment:(Hero or villain?)
    Affiliation:(Solo, An Agent, or a New Dawn Team member)
    Class:(Origin, infini, Alpha, Bepta and Cappa)
    Powers:(what they can do and it's limits)
    Appearance:(In costume and civilian. can be pic/anime or descrip.)
    Pysche report:(personality)
    Origin:(How you ended up where they are)
    1.Standard Iwaku rules.
    2.Standard RP stuff.
    3.Feel free to add into the plot or history of the world, just let me know so i can incorpirate it.
    4.Origin and infini are limitd to 5 per alignment and per class.
    5. Have Fun!​
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  2. Name:Morgan "Riley" Devion code-named Shade
    Occupation:Currently VR Game tester. Hoping to go full time Heroics
    Affiliation:Solo due to being a newbie, Hopes to get into The Dawn Guard though
    Class:Infini though unknown to her currently not knowing about it and therefore is technically an alpha class
    Powers:Projection and manipulation of dark energy with a purple aura to it. Also flight. Deeper digging reveals ability to manipulate at the molecular level and some grav control. however advance use is tiring and requires concentration. plus doesn't inherently protect from bullets.
    Appearance: She has a tomboyish and geeky with a mix of punk on her. Pale skin with messy black hair and spikey collar. Often wears either dark punkish outfits or normal tees and hoodies. With some dark make-up. In costume it is an all black cloak and a form fitting armored tights with a gothic theme. Mask is handled by shadows of the large hood and some fabric attached to said hood.
    Pysche report:Despite her appearance she isn't that much of a downer. She is a dreamer of wanting to be a hero. Plus she is Idealistic about being a Hero and a strong moral compass. however she still has much to learn and can have a vengeful streak if someone wronged her or more importantly her family. Also is pretty mature and grown up, with
    Origin: Morgan grew up in a pretty well off hero family. They had a bit of a darker theme, Her mom the Banshee who could unleash supersonic screams and as The Phantom with ability to use sound to boost his physical abilities. so they match in abilities and in high school hooked up. And a while after had Morgan. For a while Morgan was pretty happy and just waiting to get her own powers to start up. Then her parents fell victim to the culling. It happened on her 13th birthday, Her parents recently took out a real nasty assassin's ring and was (reluctantly) doing a press conference on the birthday, when near the end one of the ones that slipped out named Armory tried to take the whole room. Her Mom unleashed a scream with dad absorbing some of the sound to tackle him. however something went wrong and they ended up killing him by blowing out his heart. They got sentenced (by Judge Convinton no less) to the Big Lockdown with no visitation rights to top off the no sending stuff out policy. She got inducted with her grandma into the Powered Family protection program to keep the rogues gallery from going after the family. Now to add to the wanting to live up to her parents, She wishes to redeem her family name. But while she passed all the tests she still has the bill to pay-up. For now she works as minimal wage beta tester for VR Games. One that was forced to grow up faster than anyone should.
  3. Name: Ian Imitatio code-named Imitation

    Age: 46

    Gender: Male

    Orientation: Straight

    Occupation: EX-Comedian/Full time super villain

    Alignment: Villain

    Affiliation: Solo

    Class: Alpha

    Powers: Power absorption and shape shifting when coming into contact with someone although it only lasts for 1 hour but the time reset every time a new power is absorbed and also every time a power is absorbed Ian's body gets weaker and must recharge.

    Imitation (open)

    Pysche report: He is a very comedic and intelligent guy that likes to cause trouble. He is usually very calm and comedic but if you call him useless or not funny he will flip out and try to destroy you at all costs.

    Origin: Not much is known about his origin except that he was one of the best comedians to ever exist. But as soon as people started learning he had powers people started shunning him and some even attacked him (Human advocates). He tried to be a hero but some called his power useless so he became a villain and even some of them call his power useless. So now he lives alone in the industrial district in his hideout causing trouble to entertain himself.
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  4. probably Alpha. Also he stays in that costume all day long? since i don't see a civ outfit.
  5. Ya he stays in his costume since he doesn't really have anything else to do besides cause trouble.
  6. noted. accepted then, so now we wait.
  7. Name: Warren Langille aka Glass Image
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Pansexul
    Occupation: Part time worker to a shop that sells antiques, but is also an agent for the PRRA
    Alignment: Hero
    Affiliation: Agent
    Class: Cappa
    Warren was born having powers that related to glass. Or more specifically, the mirror. A mostly defensive power, he uses this to avoid many fatal moves, which covers both melee and ranged powers. If hit with melee, his entire body would shatter into many pieces before moving away from the threat and reforming somewhere safe. If he was hit with a ranged attack, he can reflect it back. But he has to be aware in both situations for it to work, and he must be strong enough to take the pressure of the beam to reflect it back completely. Using it as a last resort kinda thing, he can travel through different mirrors. This makes him extremely vulnerable, because he takes the same damage done to said mirror; so if it shatters, he'll break several bones or worse depending on the state of the mirror. He keeps a small mirror in his wallet anyways.
    Pysche report:
    Unbelievably picky to the way he does things, Warren feels absolutely miserable if it doesn't turn out right, wether it's something as simple as cooking or something as silly as organizing dead bugs based by color. This quirk is often showed through a lot of the things he does, one instance being battle. If he knows he's got the upper hand, his perfectionist side will often surface. An example would be his little quest of either finishing the opponent with a headshot or if he misses, shooting the enemy at least four more times so the exact shots taken was five times. He'll try to ignore this internal game of his if it's serious, but it doesn't usually stop him.

    He views the world in a rational sense, this sometimes hinders his coworkers if they're face with a stronger villain because he'll usually give up halfway if it seems useless. Let's just say it's a double edged sword, it can go either way. His rationality can save the lives of his allies, but it also means there's a possibility that he retreats too early. Though he also uses it in everyday situations as well, much to the annoyance of his very few friends. Warren likes to play around with different sorts of puzzles, including the jigsaw. He does this to calm himself and to look away from the supernatural problems, even if it's for a short time.

    Like it was mentioned before, he only has a few friends, and even fewer actually know something about his private life. Warren knows very well that he's introverted, and will gladly tell anyone this fact before he actually befriends them. He'd rather spend the day taking a midnight stroll by himself then to go party with his more extroverted friends. Though if the person's quiet, he'll accept the company happily. Another exception would be animals, he's not sure why, but he loves their warm or cold pressence.

    Warren is most definitely not a morning person, and is especially cranky if someone wakes him. Even if he's had enough sleep, he loathes anyone who dares throw him out of his beloved bed. The only way he'd tolerate waking up is if he wakes up on his own and complete his streches. If not, prepare for a foul mouthed guy cursing everytime said person wanted a reply out of him. Another way to soothe said crankiness would be to give him large amounts of caffeine. But then again, he'll forgive you for anything just as long as you give him coffee
    Warren came from an average family and had a pretty ordinary childhood. Along with going to an ordinary boring school. Or so he says. He keeps quiet about his private life, and only let's out to those he deems trustworthy. But to summarize anyways, he took the job of an agent to feel some self worth. I will edit this once things start getting serious.
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  8. yes they have costumes, think high-tech military stuff. also seems i should clarify on powers. Cappa are extremely minor powers in combat situations or ability to do serious damage. Cappa can barely do anything on powers alone while Origin can wreak total havoc. but the class runs on raw power. a Cappa class power if used wisely can do major damage and an Origin can totally fail in a fight.
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  10. now accepted.
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