Heroes of the Storm!

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  1. Alright! I made a thread like this awhile ago, but the point of this one is to see who is playing it, and if you want to be friends so we can play together!
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  2. steam: GwaziMagnum
  3. Psst, it's a blizzard title.
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  4. ... I knew that.

    I totally knew that.



    I swear.
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  5. Very recently got into this game. I play Li Li like a fuckin' boss. 8|
  6. I messed around with it off and on since pre-beta. I'm not much of a MOBA person (which is another way of saying I have no idea what I'm doing with it quite yet), but I'm always willing to play along and try to learn new things. @Red Velvet will tell you how bad I sucked yesterday evening)

    I play a variety of other Blizzard titles as well, if anyone is ever interested in Diablo 3 or hanging out on WoW. My battletag is dj4aces#1156
  7. I mainly play Arthas and Thrall.
  8. Raynor and Tyrael are the guys I play. :D
  9. I played it once in pre-beta and didn't like it, felt like a casual scrub MOBA and I wasn't feeling it.

    Gave it another chance recently without comparing everything to LoL and, eh, 6/10, not great, not something I'd really play by myself, but fun enough to maybe play with online friends sometimes. The fact that personal power doesn't matter (no individual levels, gold to gain, or items to buy) makes it feel really weird for the genre, but it's fairly amusing nonetheless.
  10. I used to be big into DotA 2 until I kept getting this weird memory leak bug that they refuse to even acknowledge exists. So I've been on the lookout for something that could compare in entertainment for me. I think Heroes of the Storm might be it for me. It's easier than DotA which makes me not a noob from the get go. Always nice for my ego. My favorite right now is Diablo. I've been doing pretty okay with him.

    You can't have my I.D. though. Go to hell. >:C
  11. My mains are:

    Kerrigan - Assassin
    Sylvanas - Specialist
    Tyrande - Support (though I play her like an Assassin)
    Arthas - Warrior

    I play a couple others but those are the ones I play the most.
  12. [​IMG]

    I've been rockin' Nova like a huge jerk as much as I can. Since she's one of the more expensive Heroes I got her first. I want ALL the StarCraft Heroes! Started playing about a week ago.
    I'm always on the lookout for more friends to play with so please feel free to message me for my Username!
  13. I play but my laptop has a lot of problems with it. So I only play against AI, at least until I can figure out what's causing the FPS issue. I play a mean Chen when its not lagging up a storm though. Haha, Storm -shot-
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