Heroes of Chance

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  1. [BCOLOR=transparent]A six AM morning’s sun cast its light over the city of Siegelburg. The thick morning fog lingers heavily in the air. A handfull of people are already out and about on their way to work or school, and most others are preparing to do the same.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]A small group of men and women sit in a high-rise apartment looking over the city. “Has everything been set in place?” The first man asks.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Yes. Of course. They all should begin to realize what new capabilities we have bestowed upon them.” Answered a second man.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Excellent. Let’s hope this goes quickly. The longer this takes the harder it’ll be to get them all together.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Your characters will begin in their homes, waking up in their beds. For some odd reason they cannot clearly remember the events of the previous night.[/BCOLOR]
  2. The small apartment located in the downtown area smelled faintly of cigarette smoke drifting up from the apartment below. It was a...modest, little abode to put nicely. All her parents were willing to pay for, in any case. It was a small, two room apartment that was surprisingly more clean than someone would expect of the person living in it. It had a small bathroom/shower and a living area/kitchen. A fridge, Kitchen, stove, and a few counters and other things. The living area had a TV, couch, a coffee table, and a few other necessities. It wasn't a really spectacular place by any means. But to a certain girl who was currently snoring with drool hanging out of her mouth, it was home sweet home.

    "Uuuuugh..." Ashlyn groaned, cracking open an eye as she glared at the wall across the room. Without thinking, one of her hands fumbled with something on the carpeted floor. After a few brief seconds, her fingers finally found what they were looking for. With a press of a button, music began to play out of the headphones wrapped around her neck. A few seconds later, she sat up on the couch with a yawn and a stretch. "Man it is too early for me to be up..." She muttered, picking up her Ipod. "That was some party last night." She said, standing up, unable to recall the events of last night. Well, she assumed she was at a party. She couldn't quite remember, but that just usually meant she had a lot of fun. At least she didn't wake up with a stolen diamond bracelet on her this time.

    On second thought, that might have been better. She could have used the cash. Ah well.

    "Well, if I'm up, might as well go have a little fun." She thought, standing up and heading into the shower. "And...actually put some clothes on..." Aside from her underwear, she finally realized she was wearing almost nothing at all. That really must have been a fun party. Chuckling to herself, she tossed the rest of her clothes off and hit the shower, ready for another day of complete mischief.


    Skateboard under her feet and as clean as she was gonna get, she set off down the streets of Siegelburg, purple headphones over her ears still blasting music and drowning out the rest of the world. Some might call it dangerous, but she didn't care. She was dressed in her usual faded jeans and t-shirt. Her current destination? The skate park for a little warm up before getting up to anything really fun. Of course, on the crowded streets of the city, skating wasn't something a lot of people appreciated on the side walks.

    "Out of the way loser!" She shouted, barely avoiding slamming into a well-dressed business man. The panicked look on the man was priceless, causing her to chuckle happily the man stumbled in his attempt to avoid getting hit. While she did like pulling stunts like this, she wasn't in the mood for getting a broken bone this early in the morning.

    Taking a turn, she headed into an alley, taking a short cut off the main streets and sidewalks.
  3. "Rise and shine!" A shrill voice blared into Shiloh's ears as if someone was sitting two inches away from her and had a bullhorn in their hands. And knowing Shiloh's family, someone probably did.

    "Ugh..."Shiloh muttered and rolled onto her side, pulling her quilt with her as she went. She would have wrapped herself into a full burrito if not for the vicious tug that unwrapped her completely and flung her onto the floor. She landed with a 'whomp' and a sharp cry of pain. "What the f--"She stopped herself right then because she had yet to see the face of her attacker, and if it was her mother she knew that if she cussed at her, the woman who slap her into high heaven. Or hell. Whichever one she thought was suitable.

    "Yo' girl it's your managin' day! Why you sleepin' for so long?" Okay, so not her mother. Only Shiloh's older cousin, Maybe, cut the endings from her words like that, so she was fair game.

    Scrambling to her feet and snatching a pillow from her bed, Shiloh launched the fluffy object at her cousin's prettily braided head. Unfortunately the little shit dodged and ran out of the room before she could get another shot. "Get ready!" Her cousin called over her shoulder, and Shiloh begrudgingly did just that.

    When she was fully dressed and had all of her work necessities in her bag, Shiloh quickly came downstairs being sure to avoid the kitchen as she didn't want to face the sea of disappointed faces, courtesy of her aunts and mother. She could just imagine them now. Even though it was literally her first time sleeping in late ever, her aunts would 'tsk tsk'ing and pursing their lips, while her mother gazed at her blankly from the stove where she was most likely stirring some 'whatever kinda' meat stew.

    Bursting out the door, Shiloh nearly tripped over her sister's toddler triplets, Lia, Mia and Kia who were playing chicken on the porch steps. "Guys, no playing where you can get stomped on! Come on, you know better!" Shiloh scolded, herding them to a safer area before jumping onto her motorcycle and speeding away.

    When she arrived at Lavish Massage and Acupuncture, her family team of the day were gathered around the front desk, being lazy as all get out just because, she, the manager of the day wasn't around.

    "Okay, I'm here get back to work!" Shiloh snapped, causing her cousins and two youngest sisters to jump in surprise. Some of them like, Nicki and Aisha were respectful enough to scurry away like scolded children, but others like Dinah and Autumn, just smirked and sauntered away. Shiloh just glared at them, she would deal with them later for now she had to catch up.

    "What do I got today?" She asked her younger sister, Sophia who was the front desk receptionist for the day.

    "Two full package specials. Ooh! It's a couple thing too! And you have a neck Acupuncture at 4. The client is super old too like majorly ancient--

    Shiloh gave her sister a stern look and the girl flushed in embarrassment. "Sorry. Anyway, what happened to you last night? Where'd you go after Angelina's party?"

    "I--"Shiloh stopped and pressed a knuckle to her temple. Where did she go? She couldn't remember! She remembered arriving at Angelina's party, giving her a hug and congratulations for the promotion, and then afterwards she'd...She'd what?

    "Um...I don't remember?" She stated dumbly and Sophia narrowed her eyes and then her face split into a wide grin.

    "Ohh, of course not." She exclaimed, wiggling her eyebrows and making a few lewd gestures. Shiloh reddened, "No-That's not! I didn't mean that! Why are you so nasty?! I honestly can't remember--Ugh! I have things to do!" She snapped, and stomped away to her office to bury herself in paperwork and try to remember what the hell happened last night.
  4. What exactly woke the boy up was beyond him. It could have been the screech coming from the living room, or the obnoxious sound of the TV blaring in one of the rooms on the second floor, or even the practically impossibly aimed ray of sunshine that wound up right on his face. Carter let out a groan, throwing the cover over him and closing his eyes as tightly as they could go. Nooo, I don't want to get up. His thought drifted in and out, and he felt himself cringe as he heard the pounding of footsteps down the hall. "Caaarterrrr," The sound of his younger sister's voice floating around the house. The boy closed his eyes even tighter, if that was possible, dreading the moment the young girl burst into the room.

    Ellie slammed into the door with what Carter assumed was all of the girl's might. The door, giving little resistance, opened quickly, flinging itself into a wall and undoubtedly making the hole there even bigger than it already was. In his annoyed and tired state, Carter remembered that he probably needed to ask his mother for a doorstop for the umpteenth time. "Carter!" The shrill voice forced it's way into his ears, making him flinch. "Mom says it's time for breakfast! Get up!" Ellie ran forward, grabbing on to his cover and shaking the boy beneath it. "Lets go! We're having toast and eggs and sausage and-"

    "Okay! Okay I hear you!" Carter shouted. He threw the cover off of himself, narrowing his eyes at his sister, who just gave a laugh and a shout of victory before running out of the room, screaming to their mother about how wonderful of a job she had done. Carter flung his legs over the side of the bed, sitting up as slowly as possible. He tried to recall if he had dreamed at all, something he'd do regularly every morning. Nothing, however, came to mind as he pondered. Carter rubbed the side of his head, a slight stabbing at his temple. His tiredness was evident, black circles made their way around the underside of his eyes, those of which Carter was having an impossibly hard time keeping open. Really, it didn't even feel like he'd slept in his opinion. Had he stayed up late playing games last night? Carter gave a sigh as he realized he couldn't even remember that. Another call from the living room, this time from his mother, and Carter dropped the subject. He reached over to the night stand by his bed, grabbing his glasses and sliding them on, poking his eye no less than twice in an attempt to get them on.

    He ate breakfast in a bitter and confused silence, mumbling if he was questioned, and ignoring the spiting jabs from his sisters. He was sure they meant well. Maybe. But at the moment, Carter was just a smidgen too lost on how he felt like he had missed a day that he really wasn't in the mood for chatter. After he ate, he told his mother he would be back in a few hours, grabbing his cellphone and his jacket before leaving the house, giving a plain goodbye to his family before setting off down the street, truly unsure as to where he was even going.
  5. Jason Yeager awoke half an hour earlier than his alarm as he always had. He sat up and slowly blinked. He didn't remember the night before which angered him to no end. Not that he cared for the lost time, but that he missed a very important business video conference. 'How inconvenient.' He thought to himself an rose from his bed. He excited his room and walked down the hallway to his bathroom. He took his time showering, brushing his teeth, shaving (How he despised facial hair) and combing his hair in a comb over type fashion. His black hair glistened from the water being in his hair, his sky blue eyes as cloudless as the day.After he was done, he then returned to his room and dressing his toned form in a white dress shirt, black dress pants, black dress socks, black dress shoes, and a black overcoat. He then walked over to a desk and picked up a chain necklace with a wolves head as the centerpiece, the wolf had a crescent moon it's forehead. He sighed sadly looking at the jewelry before picking it up and placing it around his neck. On the way out of his room he picked up his can with the head of a dragon as the hilt.

    Jason made his way down the stair of his home and looked backward at the empty home. Two stair cases both leading to the second floor, a glass chandelier dangling between the stairs, a old wooden style flooring. The house had twenty rooms for people to sleep in, five bathrooms, a dinning room, a library, two living rooms, a huge kitchen, and indoor pool and hot tub. There was so much room, but Jason himself was the only being living inside the house, the butler, gardener, and maid all lived in their own houses on the estate. Jason preferred it that way.

    Jason walked down from the front door to where his chauffeur was waiting for him. Jason nodded to him as his got into his black camaro and shut the door. Jason's chauffeur was named Henry, he had worked for the family for years and was there when Jason and his younger sister were born. He continued to work for Jason after the incident. Tho after that Jason wasn't the same, but Henry kept all this to himself. It wasn't his place to bring up the past. They arrived and Jason's Law firm. Jason was the owner of the largest Law firm in the country. He built it from nothing into the biggest building in the city.

    Jason heading into his workplace, walking passed all of his employees without speaking a word. Until of course Micheal started walking towards him. "Where the hell were you Jason? It was complete and total hell trying to pitch to Ruushian Arekusandaa, head of Toshiro Bank, the biggest bank in the world to invest with us when our head lawyer doesn't show up when he's supposed to!" Micheal yelled at his boos. Jason continued walked until he reached his office. He stopped when he turned the handle. "You closed the deal did you not?" Jason asked looking back at Micheal. "Well ya, but that's not th..." Micheal stopped talking as soon as Jason turned and looked at him. "Then I see no reason to fire you for you lack of respect for your superior in front of the others. Micheal, if this happens again I will fire you without hesitation. Am I understood?" Jason asked looking at Micheal. "Ye..yes Jason." Micheal breathed out. "Mr. Yeager." Jason stated. "Wha..what?" Micheal questioned confused. "You work for me, and you will reefer to me as Mr. Yeager." Jason stated waiting for Micheal to correct himself. "Yes, Mr. Yeager." Micheal stated grinding his teeth together. Jason Then nodded to him, opened the door to his office and closed it behind him.

    (The necklace):

    (The cane):

    (The car):
  6. A groan could be heard from under a mountainous blanket as an alarm clock went off on the nightstand beside the bed that contained a sleepy teenager wrapped up in a rather cozy blanket. Ever so lazily, Randy rolled over and reached for his phone to turn the blasted wake up alarm off. With the phone still in his hand, the young male glared at the clock in it in case a miracle happened and merely glaring at the time would make it turn backwards an hour or so. No such luck. With an annoyed huff, Randy dropped the phone back on the nightstand and rolled onto his back. Why was he so darn tired that particular morning? It wasn't like he had stayed up later than usually.

    Oh, wait. He couldn't even remember going to bed the previous night.

    The realization was enough to properly wake the teenager up and he sat up in his bed with a rather unsettling feeling starting to make itself known in his guts. What the hell exactly had happened the previous night? The lack of a hangover pretty much proved he hadn't drank himself into oblivion for some unknown reason, thank god. People in movies tend to get amnesia, or whatever it as supposed to be called in his situation, when they hit their heads on something. Perhaps he had done something stupid and his mother had decided to smash his head on a wall or something, seemed like a plausible event to him. Wait, nope, probably wasn't that either since he couldn't find bumps or sore spots from his head. Besides, if that happened, shouldn't he at least have a headache or something? So he had no reason to fear mommy dearest was still pissed at him for something he had done yesterday. Awesome.

    However, he still had no clue as to why he couldn't recall how or when he dragged himself to bed last night but just sitting in bed and thinking too hard about it wasn't really helping. Perhaps he'd eventually remember if he didn't try so hard to remember. That sounded like a decent enough plan to Randy and he pushed himself to his feet. He'd better get some clothes on and some breakfast down his throat sooner rather than later if he didn't want to be late for school. He had no doubts any of his teachers wouldn't grab the opportunity to lower his grades since he wasn't exactly anyone's favorite student.

    The young male made quick work of shedding his pajamas before pulling a pair of boxers, black jeans and a navy blue shirt on for the upcoming day. Randy was about to step outside his room when he stopped mid-step. He was forgetting something. Spinning around on his heel, he scratched his head absentmindedly while letting his eyes roam around his room. As if that would provide him the answer. Though, apparently, it did. Socks were the answer.

    Now with socks on as well, Randy padded out of his room and down the hall before slipping into the bathroom. After promptly taking care of his business, he spent slightly too much time combing his black almost shoulder length hair back and coating it with hair gel to keep it slicked back no matter what he might face during the upcoming day. With his hair glistering under the artificial light, Randy started making his way back to his room to get his backpack when he noticed it was rather quiet in the house. After a quick check, it was quite apparent his parents had already left for work earlier, which wasn't very unusual. however, it was bit strange he hadn't woken up when they had left. His parents weren't exactly the stealthy and quiet kind.

    "The heck's wrong with this morning?" Randy frowned as he grabbed his backpack from his room and an apple from the kitchen before stuffing his feet into a pair of combat boots and throwing his trusty leather jacket over his lean form. He double-checked he had locked the door after stepping out of the house and started making his way towards the bus stop not too far down the street with his backpack slung over one shoulder. The whole damn morning felt weird and it was pissing him off. He still couldn't remember what he had done the previous night even though he hadn't thought about it since he got up, which wasn't really that long ago but who cares anyway. Well, at least he remembered doing his homework.
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