Heroes Of An Endless Horizon

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  1. Hello friends!

    I'd like to start a 1x1 fantasy game based roleplay. I play manly male characters but since i will likely make many, many characters i will play both genders. Romance is possible but not too likely. I myself am male so my partner would have to be female. I try to always write semi-mara to a paragraph but a few lines is okay as long as it is something i can work with. I try to respond as quickly as possible and will always tell you when i have to leave. If you prefer another site/program to roleplay i will gladly switch.

    Now for the roleplay setting. The roleplay will be inside a game, VR if you will. Its inspired by Log horizon and SAO but diffrent in certain aspects. First of all it is a massive expansive world and it adapts to the players. more layers means more mobs and a higher dificulty. it is aimed at co-op playing and guilds. Furthermore there is no such thing as specific classes. all skills will have to be self-taught or done by other players. levelling works a bit strange too. fighting raises the characters level but not directly. gaining a level in a certain skill like "Swords" or "Magic - Dark" will raise the level, but also skills like "Mining" or "Leatherworking" will do it. That way we wont see level 1 players with the best craftable gear there is. Starting equipment is a choice you make but thats the only class-like choice you will make.

    The goal of the game is unclear since it has a boss, though every time the in-game community kills it the the game server shut down and reloads though now the world is even larger and the amount of bosses has doubled. The amount of bosses now is 4, of which one has been killed so far. These changed unlock more loot and highten the level cap.

    Options are:
    Short sword and buckler

    Staff, basic energy spel and dagger

    Dual daggers

    2H- sword.

    New gear is aquired by crafting it, finding it or buying it from NPC's (will be controlled by me or you) or trading.

    If you have more questions about the setting just ask.

    Now for the sign up:

    - Your Characters name

    - Gender/appearance

    - Starting gear

    - A short character description including personality.

    - Own average post length.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.