Heroes of Albion


Queen of Albion

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It has been three years since the Hero of Brightwall, now the Hero Queen, and her friends defeated the Crawler. In the time since, Albion has entered a time of prosperity and wealth.
Albionites now look to their past to regain lost land and lore. Rumors abound on the recent Crown-funded excursions into Wraithmarsh and other dark corners of the countryside. Monsters said to be extinct, crazed cultists worshiping ancient gods, and vicious criminals prowl about, preying on intrepid explorers and adventurers and fighting amongst themselves. It is up to the good citizens of Albion and the New Heroes Guild to keep order, but they may be fighting a losing battle...

Choose your side, choose your fate, become a Hero.
  • Loyal, active memberbase and admin online daily!
  • Many, MANY canon characters to try out for!
  • Intermediate to advanced skill-level!
  • Flexible line-count!
  • Explore familiar locations from Bowerstone to Brightwood, and new frontiers like the vast, mysterious Woodlands, the exotic Patrie, and the long forgotten Darkwood!
  • Create good Heroes, evil Heroes, nobles, criminals, savvy merchants, and more. Your imagination is the only limit!
  • Friendly atmosphere with devoted staff!
  • Help Albion evolve into the New Age- More will come as the site develops further. Get involved!

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