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    • Hello! Are you a certified hero? If not, would you like to be? Well, if so, then Heroes Live is right for you! Heroes Live is a brand new game show dedicated to creating a team of trained heroes! We only accept certified heroes as it is illegal to use your powers without being certified, though if you aren’t we offer a CERTIFICATION system that much works faster than the DOH. If you would like to JOIN, just send a letter with some basic information to this address: 9074 Down REKD Ave, or you may submit your application at the site that has been listed below. You can find the full form here:WWW.HeroesLive.com.

      WWW.HeroesLive.com (open)
      Date: 5/13/2099

      Welcome to HeroesLive.com! I’m so glad you have decided to try out for the show; below you will find some basic information about the show, along with the required form.

      CONTESTANT form


      Age: Must be 18+, 15+ with parents’ permission, and various legal forms including: Temporary custody, a full liability waiver, and a few others.


      CERTIFICATION: Are you certified? And if so what grade?

      Powers: If you don’t have any, you may leave this space blank.






      Preferred housing: For the duration of Heroes Live you will be living in a small mansion. There will be two sides of the house, on the left side there will be the girls, and on the right side will be the boys. Everyone will have their there will be two to a room, these rooms will be equipped with CAMERAS, though you may request a room without one, if you decide to do this please list the reason.

      Tell us about yourself: Just list the basic information; as we will be touching up on this on the first day of the show.
      Meet Your Host (open)
      Name: Mark Julian

      Age: 34

      Gender: Male

      CERTIFICATION: Yes, in fact I used to be an A list hero, until retiring because of family issues.

      Powers: Terrakinesis, I am able to control the earth.

      Skills: I am an experienced television host, After I RETIRED at the age of thirty I became a host. I was the host of ‘Survivor’ For two years, after that I was a judge on ‘American Idol’ I then hosted ‘The price is right’ And that brings me here. I am an experienced fighter, I hold a black belt in Judo. I am the holder of a red sash in kickboxing along with a silver mask in Kendo.

      Equipment: Just my charm and good looks.

      Suit: Well, A suit and tie of course.


      Codename: Just call me Julian.

      Tell us about yourself: Well my name is Mark, but you may call me Julian. I grew up in a bad neighborhood, always being bullied; as a result I began taking Judo, becoming a kind of law-bringer. My mother took care of me as my father was killed in a car accident before I was born. She tried her best to raise me, which she did a very good job in, though she had extensive health problems, making work hard. So I got a job on my 12th birthday, behind my mom’s back of course, she would always find more money than she usually had at the end of the month, she never suspected a thing. I began selling crack in an alley, I was able to take down a common junkie if they decided they wanted more but they couldn’t pay for it. I was employed by a man by the name of Vick, he looked after me most of the time, if the police ever came around he always paid ‘em off, even if he had to take out money from his own pocket. Eventually I started dealing with bigger and bigger deals, now 16 years of age I ran a fifth of all of Vicks’ operations. This was when I started dealing with shipments to the cartel, it was also when I got my first piece, it was small, but shot a high caliber bullet, it was easy to hide but always scared off anyone who was unfortunate enough to see me draw it. I remember one day, I sent out a huge shipment, the biggest one I had ever done. This got enough money for my mom and I to move out of the slums, it also provided me with enough money to get a car. Three years later I arrived at home to screaming, I followed a trail of blood to my mom’s room, she was tied up, crying and screaming, surrounded by three men with guns and knives. I pulled out my gun and fired, killing one of the men, the other two men rushed me, shoving me to the ground, one picked me up and wrestled the gun out of my hand, while the other walked back to my mom, pointing his gun to her head. “No! No!” I screamed over and over all the while being held in a bear hug by the much larger man. The one by my mom began to unbuckle his belt, my eyes widened to the size of GOLF BALLS and the rage inside of me grew, and grew, and grew before the man fell to the floor, dead. He had been impaled, by a small knife like rock. The second man followed suit, he fell to the ground as well, I ran to my mom, quickly untying her and calling the police. I was arrested and held in a special jail for powered individuals until one day, I was approached by the warden, he asked me if I wanted a fresh start, of course I said yes. He asked me if I would be willing to participate in a new rehabilitation program. Fast forward ten years, now 29 and an A list hero. It was then when my mom passed away, on my thirtieth birthday in fact. I then retired, falling into a deep depression for months, before finally starting to host.

      Rules (open)
      No destruction of property.
      No fighting, small scuffles are to be expected, though we don’t need any hospital visits.
      No use of alcohol or drugs, Tabacco is allowed.
      (No godmodding)
      (Listen to GM A.K.A Host)

      Hero Ranks (open)
      A List: The best of the best, the most well-known heroes. These heroes surpass even the most famous of celebrities these heroes are a household name and are known by anybody and everybody around the world.

      B List: B List heroes are well known in their country, they are the third best of all of the heroes. Usually national celebrities. These heroes are usually responsible for whole REGIONS.

      C List: These heroes often make the news. They PROTECT small cities most of the time and are usually of decent power.

      D List: D List heroes are not very well known. They are usually the local heroes, only PROTECTING ONE or two towns at a time.

      E: E list heroes are the bottom of the bottom, not being known by anyone, these heroes are often just part time heroes or were just certified.

      X List: X List heroes surpass even the best of the best, though there are only three X list heroes, they are known and feared by even the most powerful of the villains, and are worshiped by even the A list heroes. X List heroes are known to travel the world taking down the baddest of the bad. And have recently begun exploring the furthest corners of space.

      Villains (open)
      This is the CS form that you will need to use if you would like to play as a villain.




      Type: (See below)

      Threat LEVEL: (See below)

      Powers: If you don’t have any, you may leave this space blank.






      Villain Types (open)

      Affably Evil: Villains who are genuinely nice and polite, sometimes even friendly, towards people, as long as they don't stand in their way. They generally bear little ill will to their enemies and respect them.

      Amoral: A villain that does not abide by the rules of "good" or "evil". A "neutral" villain.

      Anarchist: A villain who seeks to destroy order and INSTALL chaos.

      Big Bad: The most powerful and important villain of all in the story, for whom most or all of the other antagonists work. (This is reserved for Veloci, nobody else may use this)

      Bounty Hunter: A villain that captures/kills certain people to make a living. Bounty hunters are often hired by other villains.

      BUSINESS Villain: A villain who uses immoral or criminal methods to further their own BUSINESS. These can also be villains who own a business or are business moguls.

      Corrupt Official: Villains that are evil teachers, politicians, professors, or business men or in another position of authority.

      Enigmatic Villains: Enigmatic Villains are characters surrounded in mystery. They often appear out of nowhere or very suddenly. Their name, their true nature, or even their motives are unknown.

      Envious Villains: Villains who are driven or consumed with Envy.

      Evil Genius: Archetype of the highly intelligent villain who can concoct elaborate plans, and is often seen inventing many devices, but tend to be fairly sociopathic.

      Magnificent Bastard: A villain with strong charisma, who is brilliant, determined and often charming, and tends to gain respect from those around him.

      Megalomaniacs: Villains who are obsessed with power and are similiar to Dark Lords and Evil Rulers in that they seek to dominate everything, but are more concerned with power than actual conquest.

      Nihilist: A villain who believes that life has no purpose and no meaning, including their own.

      Omnicidal Maniac: A villain who is usually insane and who wishes to wipe out all life, be it on one world or an entire multiverse.

      Power Hungry: Villains whose main goal is getting obtaining power, whether it be by manipulation or sheer force.

      Social Darwinists: Villains who believe in "survival of the fittest" and often seek to create a society or world in which only the most ruthless of individuals would EXIST to father the next generation.

      Sociopaths: Villains who suffer from clinical sociopathy: they lack a moral sense of right or wrong, are unable to sympathize and feel no guilt over their actions.

      Thrill-Seekers: Villains who are addicted to danger or fast-paced action, often to the detriment of others; they may view danger as an addiction or simply are just criminally insane with no regard for personal safety (or those of others).

      Warmongers: Villains who cause wars out of belief or out of profit, as opposed to warlords who simply seek to invade some land.

      Threat Levels (open)
      Threat LEVEL
      A: Otherwise known as non-threats, all civilians are in this class, along with common thugs and drug dealers.

      Threat level B: These are minor threats, robbers, attempted murderers, ETC ETC.

      Threat level C : These are the worst of the worst, for the police at least, heroes tend to take these and the previously mentioned solo, with ease. These are considered flies for most powered heroes, though they are high levels threats for the police. These include serial killers, rapists, cannibals, so on and so forth.

      Threat level 1: These are the minor villains, often considered as annoyances more than anything. These include druglords, mob bosses, ganglords, and weak powered villains.

      Threat level 2: These are intermediate threats, these are usually powered villains and BUSINESS men turned criminals, though the most common are people in political power turned evil.

      Threat level 3: Level three threats are considered super-villains, level three threats are considered city threats, meaning they are capable of completely leveling a city, If they aren’t stopped.

      Threat level 4: Level four threats include powerful powered or unpowered villains, warlords, and the others similar. These villains can wreak enough damage to destroy or otherwise defeat a large group of cities.

      Threat level 5: These villains can destroy a country or take it over and turn it into a Crapsack World. The path to Diabolical Mastermind tends to end here, but not always. These super-villains are considered extremely dangerous and should be captured on sight, though if he or she is threating a hero they are permited to kill them.

      Threat level Apocalypse: Villain poses significant threat to the world at large, up to and including World Domination and/or Earth-Shattering Kaboom. In worst case scenario, is an Homicidal Maniac. Usually via large army, colossal superpowers, or a Doomsday Device. Evil Overlord tends to describe them. An Ultimate Evil or a fictional Emperor is likely to be portrayed as a villain of at least this threat level. At this point, you should start CHECKING out Apocalypse How.

      Threat level Solar Lords: These forces able to credibly threaten more than one planet or SOLAR SYSTEM, but probably not able to dominate a galaxy. Galactic Conqueror starts here. These villains, along with any others that are a higher threat than them, should be killed on sight.

      Threat level Galactic Conqueror: These villains have the capability to destroy or control the best part of the galaxy. Galactic Conquerors are this threat level.

      Threat level Destroyer: These villains can conquer the UNIVERSE, or even cause The End of the World as We Know It - all of creation blinked out or ground beneath an iron boot. Dimension Lords are this threat level.

      Threat level Annihilation: Just to one up those small-timers above, these guys won't stop at a SINGLE universe; they'll cross time and space to either take control or just smash all of reality to pieces. See Multiversal Conqueror.

    • Out of character rules :)

      1.No using OOC information in game, meaning if someone were to say where their character was in a OOC post, your character wouldn't magically know where they were in game.
      2.No excessive swearing. I expect some, but keep it limited.
      3.No godmodding or powerposting.
      4.Yes, romance is allowed.
      5.Don't be afraid to ask questions!
      6.Make sure you have good grammar. I don't mind the occasional typo, but if your writing is so bad that nobody can read it... Let's just say I'm not going to give you a warning.
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  1. Chance (open)

    Name: Chance Khallies

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Certification: Yes, I am an A list hero.

    Powers (open)
    Power consumption: I am able to consume people’s powers, literally, as if it were a life-force. I’m able to take other peoples powers, though I do have the ability to control how much I take, for example I could take just enough of someone’s power to give myself the base ability at a very weak level, leaving the person to regain said power in seconds, minutes, or even hours, depending on how much I take. Or I could take the power as a whole, giving myself the ability at whatever power level the victim was at, though they would lose their power, completely, forever. The ability is obviously stronger if I take more, and the more I take the longer it would take for the individual to regain the power, meaning if I were to take enough of the ability to be able to fight with it decently, it would take them hours, possibly days to regain the ability fully.

    Power Evolution: I am also able to evolve all of my powers, immensely. Through hard work and patience I am able to make my powers much, much stronger than they originally were. This allows me to take just enough of someone’s power to give myself the base ability, and train it, making it more and more powerful. The exact extent of this power is unknown.

    Multi-Weapon Arm: This is the last ability that I currently possess, what this allows me to do is morph my right hand, or entire arm into a weapon, though I am only able to turn it into three things, a concentrated energy cannon, a high powered air cylinder that essentially creates a shield capable of repelling small arm bullets, knives, and swords, though it has quite a lot of trouble with axes, hammers, guns that fire high caliber rounds, and other things that create lots of kinetic energy. I am also able to turn it into a sickle-like weapon, surprisingly very good for opening locked things.

    Skills (open)

    I have also been doing martial arts for a large part of my life, I currently hold a fourth degree black belt in American Freestyle, in this time I have mastered the bo, and prefer to fight with it whenever I can. I am also proficient with Kama's and nun-chucks.
    I am also an experienced tricker, and have incorporated this into my fighting style, often blending acrobatic twists, strange kicks, and the likes into my battles.

    Suit (open)

    Casual mode:

    Version A.
    Combat mode:

    Stealth mode:

    Appearence (open)

    Preferred Housing: I'm fine with anything really, Just give me a nice sized bed and a fridge!.

    Codename: Odin

    Tell us about yourself (open)

    Rubs my neck awkwardly* “D-do I have to?” *Lets out a long sigh, looking at the sky for a moment* “Fine, if I must. I was born to into a well-off family, we weren't rich but we certainly didn't have money problems, my life was quite uneventful until a few days after my eleventh birthday, this was when I first discovered I had powers.”
    *Chuckles lightly as my face slowly morphs from a smile to a slight frown* “My mother and I were at the market, shopping for groceries. We had been there for nearly two hours when a man burst in yelling the oh’ so obvious “This is a robbery”, He was toting around a small pistol as he walked over to a cash register and shot the first clerk dead, he then got onto the loud speaker and demanded that everyone came to the front of the store or else he would start shootin’ more people.” *Raises my coffee to my lips, taking a long drink* “I never did understand that, how could you kill someone just to make a quick buck?” *Clicks my tongue and shakes my head slowly*
    “Anyways, back to the story. Everyone complied, walking to the front and then proceeded to group into a single corner, at the man’s request. As the robber raided the cash registers a middle aged man made a mad dash for the door, and a few other people began to follow, unlucky for them, the thug heard, quickly dispatching the lead runner, pointing at the next and threating to do the same to her, once he did so the four remaining would be run-aways returned to the group.

    When the police inevitably arrived, charging into the building, he began firing at them, though he only succeeded in grazing a few sides, he was slowly making his way to the group, once he was close enough he quickly grabbed me, as I was the closest person to him, he then proceeded to fire his last round, and in doing so, killed an officer.” *Closes my eyes tightly, clearing my throat before I take another long drink of my now cold coffee* “After he realized he was out of ammo, he threw his gun onto the floor and morphed his arm into the concentrated energy cannon that I now use so often, he held it to my head and dragged me to his car, demanding the cops back away, and of course, they did just that, once we were both in the car he drove off, a helicopter following us overhead. He kept the cannon trained on my head the whole drive though he seemed to be paying a bit too much attention to me as he eventually ran into a street light.
    Once he regrouped he threw me out of the car and again took aim as cops surrounded us. He fired, and as he did I rolled out of the way. Before he even fired he looked back up at the cops, assuming I was dead he began firing at the cops, this caused them to scatter as if they were hit they would immediately as the cannon can be potentially lethal to powered individuals. I realized that I had just dodged an energy cannon shot, I was at a loss for words, I had no idea what to think but I did know that I had to do something or else more people would die.

    I did the only thing I could think of, I grabbed a nearby rock and slammed it into his knee, making him fall backwards and hit his head on the car, I then rushed forward and slammed my fist into his jaw, upon I felt this very warm, fuzzy feeling, and then a suction like feeling. This went on for what felt like eternity but was probably only a few seconds, afterwards I opened my eyes, not even noticing I had closed them in the first place and his arm had returned back to normal, looking down at my own I saw that it had been replaced by the cannon that made up his arm only seconds ago, I wanted to scream but before I did I felt new knowledge flowing into my mind, I was learning how to control this ability. Soon, the cops regrouped and arrested him, I was taken back to my mother and we went home, the next day we received a call from the chief of police, I was receiving a reward for heroism! At the ceremonies I got an extra surprise, I was becoming a certified hero at barely eleven years old! I currently hold the record for youngest ever certified hero, and hope to keep that title for the rest, or at least most of my life. I started out as a c list hero and worked my way up to where I am now, I’m quite happy of what I've accomplished and one day hope to become an X-list hero.

  2. Name: Alex Infuego

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    CERTIFICATION: Yes. D list.

    Powers: Heat projection. It's alot like pyrokinesis but I can't control fire. I can heat my body, or parts of my body, up to the point where I can melt steel. Typically, It gives off a blue glow when in use.

    Skills: I cook like an angel, I'm excellent at fixing mechanical things, and if the power goes out I can be a walking candle.

    Equipment: My clothes are coated in a special substance that keeps them from burning up. I brew it myself. The recipe is classified.

    Suit: No suit. I like to keep things casual.

    Appearance: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/1b/b4/63/1bb463a16ce07577147f4055c1961221.jpg

    Codename: Blue Inferno

    Preferred housing: I'm good with whatever but alot of wood is definitely not a good idea.

    Tell us about yourself: I'm a D-list hero from Arizona. I'm one of several heroes that protects Phoenix. Not many people know about me but I'm ready to take a step up. My biggest and most recent catch was probably the Del Toro crime boss. That one got me on national news.
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  3. Just a note, no A rank heroes allowed. Exception of mine, because.... Purposes.... You will see later m80s.
  4. Xytheus, you are accepted. However, I would be grateful if you put a bit more detail into your character. Not required. Just sayin
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  5. Will do. I see where I can improve, in hindsight.
  6. Name: Tosen Armando


    Gender: Male

    Type: Bounty Hunter

    Threat Level: Level 3 (Could reach 5 but prefers to not use that much power)

    Shadow walk: Tosen can travel between any shadows that he can see.
    Shadow chains: Tosen can send bladed chains from shadows at his opponents to pin and trap them.
    Shadow darts: Tosen can fire up to ten Shadow darts at a time that upon impact will inject shadows into the persons body which acts as a poison to slow people down.
    Shadow Acid darts:Tosen can fire up to ten Shadow acid darts at a time that upon impact will inject acid
    Shadow blast: Tosen can shot a very strong blast at his opponents causing Blunt, slashing, and piercing damage.(The shadows combine together and make bunch attacks the shadows either act like multiple staffs for blunt damage spike tips for piercing and blades for slashing they do this all at once)
    Unsealed Sword: Tosen gets a burst of speed allowing him to make three strikes in one breath.
    Skills: Excellent Sword fighter with his Washing poll katana.
    Extremely resistant.
    Extremely fast.
    Shows no mercy.
    Can stop his pulse to appear dead.
    Decent marksman.

    Equipment: Light armor under his cloths.
    Washing poll katana (Long katana)
    Dual 45 pistols.

    His cloths over the armor


    Code Name: Kill Stroke

    Bio: Tosen is bounty hunter he will fight for whoever pays him the most money, because of this he knows how to play a hero and a villain, but he prefers to be hired for a job and gets it done, he's killed multiple hero's as well as villains and doesn't care what the job is he will do it. He's trained for years to use signature weapon his Washing poll katana he's also trained to use guns and prefers light weight pistols he also learned to control his shadow power and added that to his arsenal or weapons.
  7. Accepted, I suppose. This RP obviously isn't going anywhere so I don't really know xD
  8. Well that's too bad.
  9. Do you think it could still pick up? This is my first RP on this site and I'm not sure how long these things usually take here.
  10. It could how long ago was this made?
  11. 5 days ago.
  12. It still has time id say go to the forums and look at the people who want group invites and give them links to this RP.
  13. Okay, thanks.
  14. Your welcome.
  15. So, based on the setting, my hero cannot be... let's say... a cat, right?
  16. Villain App

    "Hmph... (Humanity doesn't deserve the world)"


    Physically 15, true age Unknown



    Threat LEVEL:
    High 3(The Birdkeeper)
    Mid 4(Dinosaur Kaiser)

    Dinosaur Kaiser's main ability is to transform into numerous possible dinosaurs. However, she cannot transform into ancient creatures that are mistaken for dinosaurs, such as Dimetrodon or Pterosaurs. 'Dinosaur' is a broad term, so as an extension of this ability, she can transform into modern day dinosaurs - AKA birds. The only mythological bird is said arsenal is a Phoenix, so she uses the inert capabilities to revive herself after she dies. This is why she looks so young. She can also use these abilities to a smaller extent.
    For each of her forms, DNA traces appear different.
    In addition to this, she can also control dinosaurs. This includes modern-day dinosaurs and by extension, mythological birds.
    She can also talk to dinosaurs, and by extension, modern-day di- OK you get it. Birds and dinosaurs, birds and dinosaurs.
    She is highly above peak human extents in her default human form.
    She cannot speak human. As such, someone who possesses abilities such as 'animal tongue' might understand her words.

    She can survive in the wild rather well, so an urban jungle isno issue.
    She is skilled in hand to hand combat, as well as the fighting styles of the forms she assumes.


    N/A. She dislikes clothes and uses transformations as disguises.

    The Birdkeeper
    Dinosaur Kaiser

    Other Information:
    No one has actually seen her, and her codenames have only been theorised from her abilities - phenomenom where birds attack in a coordinated manner, or when dinosaurs attack. This is why people and heroes believe that The Birdkeeper and Dinosaur Kaiser are seperate entities - no one has actually seen her.
    It is implied that she was raised by dinosaurs herself. And yes, she does have her own dinosaur troopers. Expect Stegosaurus Paladins and Velociraptor Frontliners.​
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  17. Did you just take your character from another RP? xD

    And, no, I'm sorry to disappoint but your hero cannot be a cat. Buuuuuttt....... Feline Physiology

    And your character from another RP is accepted XP
  18. I was planning to do that with my Hero Jumpcat. But not being an actual cats takes the main gimmick out of Jumpcat so I guess he can rest.

    I have villain(more neutral actually) characters very, very similiar to Dinosaur Kaiser. So similiar, you just replace 'dinosaur' with another being. I'm thinking of including them but that'd be too many army-commanding characters.
  19. Hmm... have you tried putting this on 'Seeking Group Invites'?