Heroes is back! Anyone interested in a superpowered canon rp with OC's?

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  1. I know I can't be the only one who missed Heroes and wished that they would have a new direction for the series after that rather saddening series finale. That show was a favorite among masses of people, me included.

    And then they showed the series revamped in a Super Bowl commercial! ^_^

    This is an interest check for anyone who would be interested in rping a Heroes saga that would start immediately after the series finale of the first show, that could potentially crossover with the new series that will release this year, Heroes: Reborn (yay).

    For those who don't(didn't) follow Heroes, then this rp is simply a Mod-Fan at heart with people containing superpowered abilities of all sorts, I even have a unique way of randomly assigning superpowers to people that would be interested (That way there will be no OP characters and we will have a more fair and grounded universe) that could be heroes, villains, and everything in between. The premise would be to flesh and develop your characters while also developing your abilities and figuring them out. I really hope this gets hits. If anyone is interested respond here!

    I had to do this:
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  2. Amg i was flailing when i heard heroes was coming back. count me interested
  3. Okee doke! :D
  4. http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Superpower_Wiki

    This is a decent way to assign random powers by simply hitting the "random page" button, though you'll obviously have to ignore when you get op powers like omnipotence, reality warping, etc. Or assign them however you were originally planning, though I hope it isn't the boring super strength and throwing fireballs around. With that said, I'm interested whenever this is ready.
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  5. I know lol that's my method. I'm the one that suggested the site to several people on here ;) I've been using that site for years. It's epic.
  6. Good. Be sure to give me some godlike powers.
  7. Lol I may let the rper chose their powers I haven't decided yet
  8. can i vote and say i'm kinda interested in being assigned a power by the GM? I just thought it would be a fun challenge creating a new character with whatever power you assign. if you decide not thats fine I have a plethora of super powered OCs at my disposal :)
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  9. I agree. It would be an interesting challenge.
  10. Well random allotment it is! :)
  11. I'm down to join this.
  12. Just saying I call Flawless Coordination
  13. Glad you're intrigued!! The abilities will be randomly assigned though. More fun that way :)
  14. Ah I see, well do try and not land me something that will make me want to kill my character haha.
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  15. So it seems like my original superpower universe rp is taking off way faster, and of course you guys are more than welcome to hop on board with that instead!
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  16. Go ahead and link it bud.
  17. Would that mean this one is no longer a go?
  18. if it isn't, then i am dissapointed lol Just say heroes in the title clicked right away. I love heroes and was happy to see the two previews live.
  19. May I jump on either one?
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