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  1. In the middle of a dense forest just on the outskirts of a well-populated town, the students of Northend High School were celebrating another successful school year with an annual bonfire. Several cars were parked around the forested area, creating a large, circular party zone around the fire. Many of the students were dancing to the beat of EDM music blaring from the car stereos while others sat on various old furniture and lawn chairs scattered around. There was even a large, plastic table standing next to the open bed of a pickup truck that held all the beverages and snacks. Yes, it was a festive night that all the students had looked forward to for weeks. Almost everyone was there, from jocks to nerds to emo kids who were usually too "cool" for these types of parties. And of course, the president of next year's graduating class was also there, policing her classmates in everything they do. ​

    "Who the hell brought the beer?!" Alice Beckett screeched as she angrily threw another empty beer can into the plastic garbage bag she held in her other hand. As much as she wanted to enjoy the celebration like everybody else, she had to ensure that there was no evidence of any illegal substances left in the campgrounds. This party almost didn't happen thanks to some stupid prank the senior class had played and it took everything in the brunette's power to convince the principal that this event should still happen. She was able to get it running again but with some conditions; the party couldn't be held on school grounds or at a student's home, no alcohol or drugs were allowed, and everybody had to be home before curfew. Alice wasn't sure she could get everyone back home before 1:00 am but she was going to make sure she didn't break the first two rules. She definitely got a venue and everyone seemed to like it but some dumbass had to bring alcohol even though she clearly stated in the e-vite that they shouldn't.

    "I am going to kick whoever brought this stupid liquor." Alice grumbled under her breath as she continued to pick up all the damning garbage in the area.
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  2. Clara Reynolds hated parties. She'd rather be home, studying or reading. As the bass thumped, so did her heart, but it was slowly beating faster, falling out of time with the beat. The lack of rhythm with her heart was irritating, but she'd deal with it later. For now, she had to try to find a quiet spot, somewhere where she could try to think about her next classes in advance. She tried to remember why she even came in the first place, as someone shoved her to get closer to the center of the party. Her parents, that's right. They wanted her to interact with the other kids, to add to her repertoire being a social butterfly.

    All the noise made thinking impossible, but a screech cut through the pulsing music that Clara recognized as the class president's. Whatever was going on over there, Clara wanted to be as far away from it as possible. As she moved farther away, a boy from her class ran by and pressed a can into her hands before disappearing into the thick of the party. A quick inspection revealed that, yes, it was a can of beer. It had probably been what the president was screaming about. Clara debated whether or not to drink the beer, but ultimately placed it where she had been standing and moved away from it. She was underage and she'd get into trouble with the law if she drank.

    The last thing she wanted tonight was trouble.
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  3. "Jesus fuck, were we busy today." Sig said to her friend, while dodging a boy running around with beer cans. Lucy was currently getting them drinks while simultaneously trying to greet everyone who passed her. She grabbed some of the questionable trash can punch for her and Sig, winking at a football player who smirked back at her before turning to Sig.

    "Well, it's not like you HAVE to stay at work the whole time. Your dad probably wouldn't have a problem with you taking some time for yourself once in awhile." Lucy grabbed her hand and led Sig through the crowd, before finding a large tree with a couch under it and plopping them both down on it. They both took a sip of their drinks, grimaced and drank some more. "Besides, you're acting like you've never had a busy day at the shop before." Lucy took another sip of her drink scanning the crowd, finding someone to ogle every now and then as the music pulsed around them.

    Sig looked at Lucy, smirking and said, "Oooh, are you looking for Daniel?" Lucy blushed, face lit up even more by the bonfire, and sputtered, "Wha-, no! Don't change the subject, what's wrong?" She cockily raised an eyebrow and fired back, "I wasn't changing the subject, I was making an observation. My problem today was just trying to sort out all my responsibilities, okay? Lief started training today. Besides, you were totally looking for him, just like he's probably looking for you. It's disgusting watching you two pussyfoot around each other. Just go ask him out."

    Lucy made a face, then smooshed her face into Sig's neck. "But what if he doesn't like me," she mumbled, then turned pink and snuggled into her best friend's neck some more. Sig giggled, ran her fingers through her hair, then yanked Gunner up by it, making her yelp and calling some attention to them. "One, he's not going to say no. Two, if he's a dick about it, he's got me to deal with afterwards. Now come on, let's go dance."

    Sig got up, hauled Lucy up by the shoulders, and pushed her towards the dance floor.
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  4. A shrill screech that could only belong to Alice Beckett cut through the din of EDM music and increasingly drunken conversation, "Who the hell brought the beer?!"

    Mwahahaha it was meeee, Germain thought to himself as he slinked through the crowd with a devilish grin, pressing cans and bottles into random people's hands. He slid up to the press of football players gathered around the trash can punch and tapped his musclebound cousin Walter on the shoulder. Walter turned with a smile and gave Germain a mocking bow, as was their custom. Germain mirrored his cousin's pompous greeting, tacking on a ridiculously flowery arm movement.

    "Why good evening good cousin Walter," said Germain in the haughtiest tone he could muster.
    "And a very good evening to you, dear cousin," replied Walter in his deep voice and terrible cockney accent.
    "I see you and your compatriots have mustered up some of your signature rubbish bin punch."
    "Oh yes you are quite right my good sir, I do believe it to be our best batch yet."
    "That may be so, but as in all things, there's always room for improvement."

    Germain produced a bottle of vodka from his backpack and handed it to his cousin. Walter accepted it with a grin and an exploding fist bump before immediately emptying the bottle into the punch. Germain slipped away back into the crowd as a tall blonde boy approached the trash can. Germain did feel slightly guilty about raiding his parent's alcohol cellar, but they were away on another performance tour of France, and their stash was so massive they wouldn't notice a little missing stock. Plus, the party was markedly improving with the booze flowing and people loosening up. Germain distributed the last of his pilfered goods, before heading towards the dance circle, already moving and grooving to the beat.
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  5. Crys stood by, behind Alice, and watched as she picked up a can, screeching. He recognized the voice and face of their president when he saw it... He was a strict proponent and adherent of the school student council's rules, despite not being a member himself. He had never really spoken with Alice, but, he was sure word had gotten around before of his acts at school. She spoke of there being alcohol at the party despite the strict ruling of there being no drugs at this party. Yet people had brought alcohol here? That was a recipe for disaster. He walked past Alice quickly, and turned to her. "I'm Crys, and I'm going to help you out. Get cans out of people's hands... I'll find the perpetrator, and clean up. You aren't going to take the fall for this. Oh... if a fight breaks out, call the cops.", he said flatly, and disappeared into the crowd.

    More than likely, he'd end up in a fight soon. He walked by, slapping cans and bottles out of people's hands, much to their surprise/annoyance, disappearing before words could be exchanged. Soon enough, he saw someone passing the cans into the hands of people nearby. If he wasn't the culprit, he definitely would know who was. He was an accomplice at any rate. Crys pulled out his phone, and began to record him, as evidence. Luckily, he had an application that copied all the data to his laptop, just in case... He knew how easy it was to destroy a simple phone. As he did so, Crys proceeded to make his work useless as he followed him, and finally saw him stop and hand vodka to the players, who mixed it with the punch. His chances of getting beaten shitless just increased tenfold.

    Crys wouldn't stop with justice at any rate. He plaid off ruining the punch by tripping over the foot of one of the party members nearby, effectively falling on it, and spilling the contents of the whole thing all over the ground. This was met with angry remarks as expected, but he coolly explained his way out of the situation, and said his apologies before ghosting out into the crowd again. He knew his target, and walked around the dancing party-goers, finding the guy in a clearing of them. He was in Cry's same class, and, he knew his personality. The boy was polite as could be, nearly kissing up to anything he knew would get him in trouble. When away, his true side showed. He had had many a class, and run in with him. Germain was probably familiar with him. He didn't seem to be paying any attention to anyone at the moment, just dancing.

    Crys approached, tapping his shoulder for his attention, and once he had gotten it, looked down at him, not unlike one does when they see road kill on the side of the road. He cleaned up the look, and returned to a flat, serious one, keeping his hand on the boy's shoulder in case he ran. "Germain Lafayette. You've been caught distributing alcohol to minors. If you admit your guilt and help clean up the party, there won't be any trouble.", he stated calmly. "I won't even inform the authorities of your crime.", he felt that he was being a bit lenient here. "If you decide to try to run, or cause more trouble, I'm not going to let you off so lightly. I have evidence of your crime, and I'm going to be hard-pressed not to use it."
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  6. Alice didn't know someone was actually paying attention to her strife and looked way way up to see an incredibly tall, black-haired teen staring down at her with deep blue eyes. She immediately recognized him as the juvenile delinquent Crys Sylph, having glimpsed at his records when she was making her Students to Watch list. Also, it was really hard to not notice a giant swirling mass of anger and emo-ness storming down the halls on a daily basis (because honestly, what parent intentionally spells 'Chris' like 'Crys'? It looks like it should be pronounced 'cries'). However, she was still delighted to have someone on her side, no matter who they were, and just nodded at his instructions. "Right, thanks!" She exclaimed before rushing through the crowd like a woman on a mission. The brunette spotted a couple of students standing around, each one of them holding a can of beer in their hand and began to head straight for them when some sudden movement out of the corner of her eye stopped Alice short. She glanced into the dark woods and saw what she thought was a figure standing in the distance. Alice rubbed her eyes before looking again but saw that the figure was gone. Huh...

    Alice concluded that all she saw was just a figment of her imagination and the uproarious laughter coming from that same group reminded her of what she had been originally doing. She hoped no one was getting drunk already and rushed back into the depths of the party, not noticing black, smokey tendrils weaving through the forest ground just outside the reach of the bonfire's light.
  7. Clara, on the outskirts of the party, felt that something was off. She felt watched, even outside of the rest of the teens who had been partying. She saw Alice look into the woods, only to continue on her way. Whether Clara liked it or not, she was here to have fun, and she was gonna at least talk to the class president. Besides, if there really was someone out there, she wanted to be near the person with the most authority right away. So she gathered up her courage and charged back into the party. She trailed behind Alice, trying to find a good opportunity to talk to her.

    After a few seconds of not finding a good way to say anything, Clara just went with her gut. "Hello, Class President Alice." needless to say, Clara's gut was not fine tuned and was often wrong, but she hoped that she could just wing it if that introduction fell through. "So... do you need help trying to keep beer cans out of the hands of minors?" Clara mentally facepalmed at her formality. This was a party but she was acting like she was talking to the queen, not a classmate.
  8. As Sig and Lucy moved to the beat, people had approached both of them to dance. Sig immediately turned them down, while Lucy moved flirtatiously, then grabbed Sig and danced away. As they moved to a new location, Sig noticed that Crys Sylph was stalking around the party, slapping the drinks out of people's hands. Glad that she and Lucy had already finished their drinks, she turned to her.

    "That Crys Sylph guy is stomping around the party and messing with people who have drinks. We shouldn't get any more, I don't want to go home smelling like booze." Lucy leaned in closer to hear what Sig was saying, making a confused face. "Um, okay, but who's Crys Sylph?" she asked, then spun them around to dodge someone moving through the crowd. "He's that really tall, skinny, angry guy at school who wears a lot of black."

    "Ohhhhh, yeah, I know who you're talking about." Lucy perked up as she saw something. "Oooh, there's little miss class president. She looks angry." Lucy laughed, then smirked when Sig's eyes widened, and she spun around and hid behind her friend. "Oh my god, she's so cute. She's even cuter now that she's angry," Sig said as she peered over Lucy's shoulder, watching as the new class president went around picking up trash and asking people to stop drinking. Lucy, still smirking, began to make fun of her. "You know, no one would ever suspect that cool, calculated Sig would ever go crazy about small, cute things." She kept laughing, even while she punched Lucy in the arm, then grabbed her hand and moved them to the edge of the party.

    "Shut up. It's not my fault. Besides she's fucking adorable, even you can see that." Lucy nodded while still chuckling, thinking about how funny it would be if more people knew about her friend's weakness for cute things."It's too bad Gunner was too sick to come this party, then he could fun of you, too."

    Sig stuck her tongue out in response, before her stomach rumbled, "Man, I'm super hungry after all that dancing. Let's go find something to eat." Sig started to move towards where she had seen some food earlier, hoping it was still there. As her and Lucy moved through the party, something moved quickly on her right. Sig looked into the forest and saw something dark slither out of sight. She narrowed her eyes, looking deeper into the trees. She saw nothing.

    Lucy pulled on her hand, snapping her out of her long stare. "Hey, come on, they might still have some food left." They both headed towards the snack table.
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  9. Germain enters the dance area to the sound of some pleasantly groovy electro music blasting from an over-sized boom-box. I don't know what this is, but I like it! He spots some of his b-boy friends nearby and bounce-slide-steps his way over to them.

    "Yo wiggles! Who is this?!" Germain shouts over the blaring music.
    Wiggles pauses his popping and locking for a moment and turns to Germain "Yo what up G?! Good to see you bro! It's called 'Disco Shit' off of Cherub's new album!" It's fresh right?!"
    "Sho ya right!"
    "Uh, nothing! Let's dance!!"

    Wiggles resumes his wiggles, and Germain does his best to mirror him, but liquid dancing is not his specialty. He feelsa tap on his shoulder and turns to see a remarkably tall and uncomfortably thin boy with a very angry look on his face. The boy was saying something but it was drowned out by the music.

    "What?!" Germain didn't know what he was saying, but he didn't like the way he was grabbing his shoulder or the aggression in his eyes. Sensing a conflict, Germain quickly eyes him up and down. The boy was very, very tall, but he was so thin the frame of his skeleton could be seen through his clothes. Germain was no fighter, but years of breakdancing had given him enough strength to take this guy if he needed to. However, it was quickly becoming apparent that wouldn't be necessary, as two angry football players and an even angrier Walter came up behind the boy, all of them drenched in red liquid. Germain swats the boy's hand away as the athletes yank him backwards and drag him away by the arms and collar. Oh crap, there goes Walters temper again. I better stop him before he does something stupid.... Again. Germain quickly approaches his cousin before they drag the boy back into the crowd.

    "Who the FUCK do you think you are asshole!?" Walter bellows "making that much punch cost us time and money, we used real fruit and everything! You think you can just throw yourself onto it and walk away?! You gotta pay for that!"
    One of the other players chimes in "Yeah! plus he ruined our lettermans, this stuff stains like crazy!"
    "Yeah that too!" adds Walter through clenched teeth "One way or another you're gonna pay for this!"

    Germain puts a hand on his cousins shoulder with a disarming smile, "Walter, take a breath dude. Be chill, yeah? Whatever happened isn't worth getting in trouble again. You don't want to risk losing your scholarship to Penn State do you? Just take what he owes you and let it go."

    The rage in his cousin's face softens slighty. Walter grumbles as he yanks the boys wallet from his back pocket. He takes a fistfull of cash before pressing the wallet into the boy's hands. Walter looks down at the small amount of cash with a grimace then back up at his friends, "dunk him in whatever's left of the punch, see how he likes it." Walter watches his friends drag the boy back into the crowd before stomping off in the other direction. Germain quickly follows after his cousin, just to be sure he doesn't do something dumb while he's still pissed off.

    "Hey Walt, I've got a question for you," Germain says with an easy smile.
    "What?" the athlete angrily snapped, flipping through the measly sum of cash.
    "Why is Peter Pan always flying?"
    A raised eyebrow expresses his cousins confusion,"What? What does that have to do with anything?"
    "Just, answer the question dude"
    "Sigh...I don't know G, why is Peter Pan always flying?"
    With a sniker and a goofy grin Germain replies "because he NEVER LANDS"
    Hahaha, oh man. That was terribad. This has gotta be a new low for you G," finished with his count, Walter stuffs the cash into his pocket with a sour look, "This money isn't gonna be enough to replace our lettermans."
    "It's all good man, I'll spot you the rest when I get my allowance next week."
    "You don't need to do that, me and the guys can pay for the rest."
    "With what money? Y'all barely make enough for gas and phone bills. Just let me help you out, yeah? We're family, I love you man."
    Feigning revulsion, Walter cringes away, "Gross dude. You love me? What a fucking weirdo."
    "Yeah fuck you too Walt, let's go see if there's any food left."

    The duo turns towards the general direction of the food table, but a sudden commotion near the edge of the party gives them pause. They hear shouting, which piques their curiosity and draws them closer.

    "What the fuck man?! What the hell did you do to my tuck?!?!"

    Coming into sight of the cars ringing the party, Germain and Walter see two boys arguing next to a beat up Chevy Silverado while another sits in the driver's seat trying to start it. The trucks lights flicker and spark as the ignition struggles and sputters. The engine roars to life before immediately seizing again. Something pops inside the engine cavity as it gutters to a stop and steam hisses from the hood.

    Walter perks up and nudges Germain while pointing to the space between the truck and the Civic to its left, "G, you see that?" Germain squints and stares into the darkness. He can barely make out what looks like a thick black fog rolling out from under the truck. What the hell is that? The thick, dark fog swirls down, across the ground, and up into the underside of the Civic. The car's stereo dies and the lights flicker and spark before popping in a spray of glass. Once again the almost imperceptible fog rolls out into the darkness and under the next car over.

    "You saw that right G?"
    "The creepy fog from hell? Yeah I saw it."
    "What do you think it is?"
    "Don't know, don't care. This is some horror movie shit right here Walt."
    "Don't be stupid, there's gotta be a reasonable explanation for this."
    "Either way, we should leave before something happens to your car. Let's go."
    "You don't wanna find out what it is?"
    "Do I look like Scooby Doo to you? All I wanna do right now is G, T, F, O. Maybe get some tacos on the way back."
    "Dude, did you actually just spell out G, T, F, O? Really G? Really?"
    "Yes I did, now which way to your car?"
    "Other side of the party, follow me" Walter says as the pair press back into the crowd, "......Dork."
    "Eat a dick Walt."
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  10. Somehow, Germain hadn't heard him clearly over the music. His patience ticked down, and instead of actually confronting him, he got grabbed by football players... It was probably comedic for such a tall person to get dragged away by two stocky people. He decided he'd worry about it later, and hand over the evidence if someone investigated, instead of bargaining with him. He managed to irritate them more by giving them his best smug look as he walked along with them. It was more like two football players holding onto a guy and walking with him than any actual dragging, and his complete lack of fear ruined the effect of the 'punishment'. Furthermore, the punch was all gone. The best they could do was throw him on the wet spot on the ground that it had soaked into. So he walked along, but as they reached the spot, the players backed up, letting go. Crys hadn't seen the smoke in the woods. "What's wrong, lost your nerves?", he chuckled, and slapped at his jacket sleeves, patting out the folds they had made, and acting if they had gotten it dirty. His comment wasn't met with any answer, as they looked past him into the woods. It was some sort of smoke.

    Cars were... destroyed as the smoke rolled over them. Smoke rolled out of the hoods, and he heard glass pop, and the lights die. He could only imagine what had happened to the people caught up in it. What the hell was it, and where was it from? Something like that couldn't be natural. He turned to the players as the black gas creeped in. "We should keep away from it...", he walked away from it and past them. "Don't try to run to your cars... let's see if there's another way out. Alert the partygoers if you can... We can't let that gas reach them.", he gave them a firm look. All the anger ans smugness had drained, and he was now addressing things cool headedly, and very seriously. "We'll settle things between us if we escape.", he separated from the other witnesses, and began to try to convince people to get out of here in a direction that wasn't smoking.
  11. Keith enters the party exceptionally late due to not having a car and being dropped off by his mother, As he walks towards the ring of cars and tomfoolery. The only audible thing heard over the music was one loud angry scream he recognized as the girl people had selected as class president. He didn't understand why his mother forced him to come to this thing, he could study better for his exam's at home anyway, plus this was so far from his comfort zone it was near sickening, but thankfully the school books he had brought in his backpack could help take his mind off of things.

    The collar on the royal blue shirt his mother had bought him for the end of school itched against his neck, the woman seemed intent there was always a reason to celebrate things with gifts and clothes. His black messenger bag at his side and favorite pair of jean's fit perfectly unless you looked at the good 5 inches of ankle showing above his black Newbalances. Keith walked through the people frolicking and humping around him, towards his destination; Somewhere with enough light to read by, and as few people as he could get, while still being able to tell if anything interesting happens.

    As he traversed the sea of hormone fueled prancing and swaying, a handsome delinquent moves his mouth like he expected Keith to know that it meant; and threw a can at him, barely catching the thing before it struck him in the face, he looked around to see where the boy went to return the beer and inform him that Keith is 15 and much too young for any alcohol. After all It hampers brain growth until the age of 25. After a quick look around the picture of smiles, skin, and shifting clothing; Keith Catches eyes with a girl and underhanded tosses the beer at her, hitting her in the shin.

    For a while Keith sat near the food and drinks table, catching enough light off of the cars and rave lights to read by, he sat undisturbed for a while until some of the other Mathletes recognized him while getting Soda's and tried to pry him from his comfort. Not wishing to show everyone his lack of dancing ability, Keith denied the Trio of older nerds, and kept his nose down; only looking up to watch the football players fool around a couple times, and pretending he did not see.

    After a long section of time he looked up from the book to see people leaving the party do to something they keep referring to as "Black Fog", "why do people still in school do so many drugs?" he thought to himself.
    "great what do I do now" he thinks as well, "if everyone is leaving I guess I should find some place to go study more."
    With a lack of conviction to do anything in the setting he was in, Keith sat for a while and did nothing more than continue to read his studies.
    After much time, and repeated accounts of this "fog" he sets out to go find out more about this "Black fog" everyone seems to be so set on.

    After placing his books and papers back into his bag and a quick attack on the food table, Keith and his plate of hand sandwiches, which were somehow still there; conveniently hidden under a rather large red bowel, left his comfort and safety, to go purge himself of the curiosity that had been nagging him.

    Keith walks past many people he's seen in the hallways many times, however he doesn't really pay them much mind, to look around at the car lights which seem to be sputtering out and dieing. There is a commotion loud enough to be heard over the obnoxious music which has been blaring since he arrived, and people seem to be hurriedly walking away from the failing cars.

    Keith approaches the Black fog and the commotion that came with it, when he see's the black fog he covers his nose and mouth with his shirt and pushes past people to get a closer look.
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  12. Alice was glaring at a group of teens walking away from her, having finished another reprimand regarding their questionable moral choices when another new voice interrupted her. Alice looked up to see a dark-haired girl she had a harder time recognizing. Finally, a name popped in her head; Clara Reynolds. Yeah, she had been in her physics class last semester. If she remembered correctly, the taller girl had done really well, despite it being one of the hardest classes in the school. It took Alice all she had just to maintain a B. Shuddering at the memories of all night cram sessions, Alice returned her attention to Clara. She was surprisingly polite and spoke clearly and concisely, just how Alice liked it. The long-haired girl gave a smile at another offer to help her reign in their more rowdier classmates.

    "Thanks, I'd really appr-" Alice was cut off by several loud shouts behind her and she quickly spun around to see the cause of the commotion. She could see several different cars give out and die but the gathering crowd made it difficult to see what the cause was. The dying sounds of the EDM music allowed Alice to catch a few panicked mutterings as she made her way through the crowd, hearing the same thing as she got closer to the cars. Something about a "black fog". By the time Alice made it to the front of the crowd, the music had completely disappeared as the last car sputtered and died right before her eyes. However, this time she could see what everyone had been talking about. Eerie, black smoke floated out of the cracks of the dark blue Jeep and mixed in with other tendrils of smoke drifting out of the other cars. However, instead of floating up into oblivion, the smoke began to drift just along the edges of the designated 'party area'. It started off slow that Alice wasn't so sure what to make of the movement, but she quickly noticed that as it gained more speed, more smoke was being added with each rotation. Before she or any of her classmates knew it, the smoke began to rise at knee-level and soon, chest-level. Some people screamed when the notion of being trapped inside a smokey tornado finally registered in their heads but no one dared to take a step forward into the abysmal fog.

    Once the smoke around them towered over even the tallest of people's heads, several tendrils drifted from the bottom of the newly formed wall and towards the students. Several people yelped and screeched, dodging the snake-like smoke as it flew past their feet and to the bonfire. Upon almost reaching the wooded base of the bonfire, the smoke suddenly shot upwards, landing in the area just above the flames before swirling around again in two different spots. Alice and the rest of her classmates watched in terrified awe as the two swirling masses of smoke shaped themselves into what looked like... legs. Then a torso, arms, and finally a head. Just as the head was being shaped, the legs had begun to darken and solidify into a pair of black armored boots. The rest of the figure's body solidified in the same pattern; the golden plated torso revealing that the stranger was a woman with arms covered in dark chain mail. However, when her head was finally given some mass, Alice's eyes widened in horror when she saw nothing but a hood, the area where her face was supposed to be was simply covered in black smoke. When the strange woman's transformation seemed to be complete, Alice was completely taken aback when the black smoke surrounding the woman was blown away by the sudden appearance of black, foreboding feathered wings on her back. keeping the woman afloat just above the bonfire.

    Silence filled the air as the teens looked upon the figure, each one experiencing a medley of emotions different from the person next to them. But there was one emotion each person standing on the forested floor felt as they gazed up on the dark, armored angel; fear. Alice swallowed back that bitter feeling and took a step forward to the bonfire, ready to express her confusion and concerns in a clear, calm voice. But before she could utter a single word, the woman held up one armored hand. It was hard to tell since it blended so well with the rest of her armor, but Alice could make out what looked like a smooth, black orb about the size of a baseball. Inside the orb were quick, swirling masses of gold and white. It was rather pretty in Alice's eyes and seemed to be glowing with an unearthly light as the gold and white masses inside it continued to move faster. And faster. And faster until Alice heard the sound of glass breaking.

    White light erupted from the orb and it engufled the wooded area in milliseconds, instantly blinding Alice's eyes. She tried to close them but almost all her senses were completely consumed. Sight, sound, taste, and smell did not exist in the light, only warmth.


    Alice was surprised to find herself being surrounded by a soft, pleasant feeling on all sides, especially when she thought about where this 'attack' came from. Happiness swelled up in her chest and she gave a sigh of relief, only to be shoved back into reality when the light disappeared a second later, leaving her in pain, withdrawal, confusing and nothingness.
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  13. Walter gently maneuvered people out of his path as he pressed through the crowd. Germain followed in his wake, noting the steadily decreasing levels of light and music. Germain rose up on his toes and tried to peer over the crowd. He looked to his left. One by one, lights at the fringes of the crowd were flickering and going out. To the right, it was the same. Many of the party goers were still drinking, laughing and dancing, but some of the celebratory spirit was fading, turning to anxious looks and nervous whispers.

    "Walter, it's going around both sides now."
    Walter looked out over the heads of his fellow students and frowned, "I see it, alright let's hurry"

    Gentle shoves became firm presses as Walter sped his pace to a brisk walk, cutting through the crowd like a wedge. Walter's big suburban was in sight. He pulled out his key and triggered the remote start. The beast of a truck roared to life, it's powerful lights cut through the night like a lighthouse, promising sanctuary. Germain and his cousin finally broke free of the crowd, but to their dismay, the dense, smokey mist swept past as they approached. The fog was knee-high now, and plainly visible. It flowed by, choking the engine to a sputtering stop and killing the lights. The fog rolled on, swallowing what few lights remained at the edge of the party, until the mass of teenagers were enveloped by a ring of dark smoke, with only the flickering bonfire and the full moon for light.

    And then the smoke began to rise.

    The cousins turned to each other with anxious looks.
    "G, We gotta find another way"
    "Agreed." Germain and Walter turned and pressed back into the crowd, moving towards what little light remained. All the partying had stopped, carefree smiles had turned to clenched jaws and eyes full of fear. A boy yelped and jumped as if he had stepped on glass. Germain looked down and saw tendrils of black smoke snaking along the ground towards the bonfire. Not that way. Germain stopped his cousin by the elbow and looked for another way out. The ring of smoke had risen up like a great dark wave about to crash down on them. A panicked yell snapped Germain's focus back to the flickering light. The black fog was swirling up into a single point above the bonfire. The smoke condensed into a winged woman, her figure silhoutetted against the the light of the fire. She held up an object that Germain couldn't clearly make out. It began to glow from within with a growing golden light. Germain couldn't look away, It's so beautiful.

    Someone screamed and slammed into Germain, knocking him from his trance and onto his hands and knees. Walter bent and grabbed Germain as if to drag him to his feet.

    "Let's take our chances with the fog, we gotta go right now!"

    And then all color left Germain's world, a piercing brightness turned all he saw to light and shadow and silence. His clothes fell away like dust. The light washed over him and through him, filling him with a warmth that felt like home. This is amazing, it's like a dream. Germain smiled and turned to his cousin. His joy fled as quickly as it came, replaced by a knot of fear and panic.

    Walter was burning.

    Walter's clothes tore away in flaming rags. His skin and hair turned to dust. He raised a hand to shield his face from the light, but his fingers crumbled to ash and smoke. Walter screamed in soundless agony as the rest of his arm followed. Germain tried to reach out to him, to call to him, to do something, I have to save him. But Germain's hand went through his cousin as if he were made of salt, and when he opened his mouth he found he had no voice. Pain crushed his lungs, he was suffocating. He tried to breath deep but found no relief. There's no air. The light rose to a blinding intensity then ceased suddenly. Germain was deafened and knocked prone by a surge and snap of air. He laid on the ground gasping and choking on dust as his sight and hearing slowly returned.

    As his vision returned, Germain rolled to his back a found there was no light but that of the moon. He was lying naked in a crater of ash and swirling smoke, and he was alone save a few other naked figures scattered throughout the pit. Them and the woman walking towards him.


    She stood clad in black and gold armor, with ebony feathered wings stretching from her back and a sword hanging on her hip. Her mailed hood veiled her face in a darkness that light could not pierce, and her presence swirled with a wispy, acrid aura of smoke.

    "What happened, where is everyone?" Germain rasped as he pushed himself to his knees.
    The woman's reply emanated from the darkness within her hood, "The light of the source has chosen....those deemed unworthy have returned to the dust" her voice was deep and airy, like and ominous storm-wind. Germain's head was spinning, he was so confused, none of this made any sense.
    "I don't understand, where's Walter. Where is my cousin?" The woman cocked her head to the side in a curious manner. She picked up her foot and kicked ash into Germain's face.
    "There he is." She said as she loomed over him.
    The ash stung Germain's eyes and tears ran down his cheeks. "Why would you do this? HOW did you do this? Who are yo-" the woman slammed an armored boot into Germain's ribs and he crumpled in pain. He looked up at her as she drew the sword from her side. It was black as sin, with veins of golden luminescence.
    "You try my patience, boy. I am your adversary, and that is all that matters."

    Germain's eyes widened as The Adversary raised her sword. Instinct took over, his veins rushed with adrenaline. He rolled to the side as the blade came down, slicing through the ground like potter's clay. Germain scrambled up and out of the crater, kicking up ash as he streaked naked through the trees. Thiscan'tberealthiscan'tberealthiscan'tbereal. He heard the beat of wings behind him and plunged into thicker foliage, ignoring cuts and scrapes as he sprinted under the forest canopy. The sounds of wings faded and Germain ducked and hid behind a tree, listening for his purser. His breath caught in his lungs at the sound of a snapping twig and the clink of metal. His blood was pumping, his head was pounding, he was floating, fear was choking him like a noose and holy shit he was floating. What the hell?!? Germain grabbed onto a tree branch as he somehow floated into the canopy. He listened, not moving, not breathing, to the sound of armored footsteps circling his hiding spot. The footsteps receded, and were quickly followed by the beat of wings moving away, back towards the crater.

    Germain breathed a sigh of relief, and almost fell out of the tree as his weight returned to him all at once. He gingerly descended to the forest floor, wincing as his naked body scraped against the tree bark. Bleeding, naked, shell-shocked, and covered in ash, he stumbled off in a direction he thought would take him home. This can't be real, this can't be happening, it's gotta be some kinda crazy nightmare or hallucination. I just need to make it back home, and when I wake up, Walter will be alive, and everything will be back to normal. This is impossible.

    This can't be real.
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  14. Alice wasn't mad at Clara for being too polite and formal. The other girl actually smiled at her, a sincere smile! Clara smiled and relaxed a little at this minor victory for her. Maybe it was all just a prank by the older students? But, as the last car and panic started. No one was laughing and there were certainly no machines around making the smoke. What was it? Clara tried to keep close to the fire, hoping that it might keep the smoke away making it circle around away from her. It stopped farther away and started to rise, trapping them all within. Clara moved up close to the smoke, trying to see if she could somehow disperse it. Black tendrils shot around her feet and Clara followed the trail up to see a body forming in the smoke.

    The woman had no face. She had smoke pouring out of her hood. Clara could feel the fear rising up in her throat, turning it sore and closing up. All of her intelligence, her smarts, and she had nothing for this situation. She was going to die here with her classmates. All she wanted was to go home and avoid the party. She should have avoided it. The wings materialized and Clara felt tears form on her face, the fear becoming apparent and she didn't care who saw her cry. They were going to all die anyway.

    Clara was right as she saw the woman's hand raise up, holding some kind of black orb with little colored masses inside. Clara watched it, hoping, praying, that it was good and that they were all going to make it out alive and have a good, long, laugh about how scared they were. Clara even admitted it was beautiful, and almost hypnotic in it's own way. Then with the sound of glass breaking, everything was gone, swept away like sand in an hourglass. Clara couldn't feel anything except... warmth? The warmth turned to burning and lack of air.

    So this is what it's like to die. Well, at least I can go now instead of wrestling with whatever remains from that bomb. Clara thought as she relaxed into it, trying to ignore the pain and suffocation. Then it was gone, as suddenly as it had come. Clara could feel soft dirt beneath her and smell the burnt remains of the party. She opened her eyes slowly, trying not to move in case the explosion had hurt her back, her legs, or if the woman was still around. It would be best to pretend to be dead in this instance. Even if she was naked and laying face down in dirt, dignity was below keeping her life in the grand scale of importance.

    She listened to Germain and a woman speak from behind her and just out of sight, probably the bomber from the sounds of it. Clara quietly tried not to think about how she was laying in the remains of her classmates and friends, maybe even poor Alice, whom Clara was just starting to get along with. When it sounded like the two had left, Clara sat up very slowly. The hellish angel was gone, and there were a few survivors, but Clara didn't care about them. She cared if the woman would be back, and if she was then what? For now, it'd be best to resume her 'dead' act in the ash of her classmates. God if you're listening, this is the stupidest punchline to this joke of an evening I've ever heard. Please, don't let any of this be real.
  15. Keith examined the black smoke as it moved from car to car, his breath hot and rapid on his chest inside his shirt. It did not move with any sort of logic he had seen in similar looking gas'. It kept low to the ground meaning it was dense, but it seemed to rise and fall of its own volition; as if alive or controlled in some manner. As Keith followed the edge of the smoke examining it's every movement his attention was drawn up from it to watch a Mountain of a car roar to life; The huge Chromed out Black Chevy suburban with its extra LED lights on the Grille Guard nearly blinding Keith. He then watched in awe as the smoke Hurried???? to reach the car. As the smoke entered the vehicle from under the two front tires he heard the monster Vortec 4800 V8 engine sputter and die, it then spilled out from every crack of the hood, the windshield spiderwebbing wherever it made contact, and the paint peeling as if aged by 4 centuries. As Keith first saw up close the destruction of a car he decided he didn't really care about examining it much more, but he needed a sample. Pulling the Mason jar he kept his pencils and pen's in from his backpack and dropping all of them on the ground to empty the container.

    When Keith looked up from his task he realized that the smoke was 10 feet tall and curving inward as if to make a sphere with a perfect edge, "What IS this stuff??? How is this happening?? I need to research this." he thought to himself while sticking the jar out to the smoke. As he stuck the glass to the smoke it popped in his hand like a balloon, as he did so the smoke seemed to grab at the contact that was made with it, trying to grab at his hand. As Keith was yelping and backpedaling from the smokes reaction he slammed into someone.

    Keith looked for an exit from the smoke, as he was running about the crowd, only to quickly realize that the smoke had in fact made a perfect dome over everyone; there was no exit. "Now is the time to freak out" Keith's brain told him. Gasps and cries came from the dimming bonfire, catching his attention, he looked to see a human form floating over the fire, steadily sprouting wings from it's back. As he looked longer his mind made out more details black and gold armor, a broadsword at her? side, wings on her back, and something small in her hand "it is most definitely a woman with a butt like that" his mind chimed in. Keith squinted over the sea of hair, fear, and shocked faces to look closer at the flowing moving orb in the woman's hand.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Suddenly all of Keith's senses were bombarded with pain, only to have it taken away and replaced with comfort, a nice warm 24 degree's Celsius, and a cool breeze over his exposed cheeks, and then once again PAIN.

    When Keith opened his eyes to gaze at the world, he saw a naked black man running into the forest with the winged lady quickly on his tail. Once another breeze whirled around his butt, Keith realized he was naked, he then realized he was laying in ash at the center of a bomb crater; and lastly he noticed the other naked people laying about.

    Still in shock at what all had happened only 4 things went through Keith's mind,
    "Holy shit those girls are all naked."
    "Where is everyone else?"
    "What the hell happened?"
    "I need to find clothes before someone see's me naked."
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  16. Crys began to try to get others out of the area, but, it was no use. All around the bonfire, smoke rose, and nearby, something formed... golden armor? Wings? He didn't know exactly what to call it. An angel? He didn't believe in such things, and yet it had appeared before them... he wondered why it came to them, specifically... or what it even was. Was it a danger to the people here? He felt something foreboding in his gut... it couldn't be good. Before he could generate his next thought, there was a white flash. Death? He felt Something good and warm pass through him, and then the darkness returned. He had been knocked back into one of the trucks (or what was left of one), and his body was racked with pain. What had once been warmth was nothing but a mind numbing pain. He looked down at himself to see himself bare... no clothes... He got up with some difficulty, and staggered forward in a shell-shocked state. As he looked around, there was nothing but ash, and naked forms. It was so confusing, and he felt consumed by pain... there was one area that was numb... his back? He felt it, and touched something. Metal? He felt it. It seemed like a shard from the hood of that truck. He felt around more, and noted glass embedded in his back.

    He instinctively pulled out the metal from his back, yelling in pain as it finally separated itself from him. His hands shook, clenched into fists, and he felt the bones in his hand roll about. His arm shook more, and he felt his skin cracking, but in the cracks formed more skin, and his hand became less recognizable. It elongated out painfully, and he saw jagged bones in the vague shape of fingers. What the hell was happening? He looked at his other arm. Luckily, it hadn't seemed to do anything that he could recognize in the haze of his current mind. There were people about. He had to help them. He forgot about the arm, and walked over to a small group of people. The president was among them. Little did he know that, as he was, he was hardly recognizable. He didn't think much of how short they looked. He usually stood over others in his class. His body was now a monstrous disaster. His heart had expanded out over his ribs, and, it was exposed, beating disgustingly on his chest. Where there wasn't as much muscle before, he had gained it, and his crotch had turned into just a smooth area of skin. There were other cracked areas of skin slowly forming back, revealing muscle and bone underneath. He didn't realize it, but he was hardly human. Even his face wasn't recognizable.

    "Are you okay?", he said. He finally realized it. His voice. His vocal cords had grown with him unevenly, and lost their ability for him to speak normally to anyone. What came out instead was a garbled growl. He put his hand to his throat, and felt an exposed artery. He traced it down, and felt his heart. The organ continued beating as if it was completely natural to be there. It had adapted thicker tissue, and molded with his skin somewhat to resist the elements. He was horrified at what he saw. He screamed, and backed up. This couldn't be real. What had that thing done to him? He was a monster! His eyes watered, and he stepped back from them, finally hearing the loud thumps from his steps. The looks on their faces... He turned, and ran into the woods.
  17. Darkness.

    Sig was surrounded by darkness. No, that isn't right, my eyes are closed. She took a moment before opening her eyes to try and remember what had happened. Before her and Lucy had gotten to the snack table, she had noticed someone's car having trouble and gone over to help. She remembered Lucy groaning in exasperation and saying something about being a workaholic, while Sig took off her jacket before asking them to pop the trunk open. She had just gotten her hands inside before there was white flash, jolting her into the car and catching her hand on the battery.

    The spark from the battery shocked her back, giving Sig only enough time to think about what an idiot she was, before a warm feeling passed over her and she fell to ground, surrounded by black mist. She had vague flashes of something else. Lucy disintegrating in front of me? No, that was just a dream. Sig felt a cool breeze all over her body. Her eyes shot open.

    Why the FUCK am I naked?!

    As Sig became more aware of her surroundings, trying to stay as calm as possible, she noticed a foreboding voice speaking near her. She slowly turned her head to where it was coming from and stopped breathing. A woman with no face and huge black wings was talking to the kid who had run past her earlier that night. Only, he was naked too, and he looked scared shitless. That looks about right, what the fuck happened to everyone? The woman raised her sword, and the kid booked it out of the clearing. The woman began flying after him. Sig began to get up, uncaring about her nudity, to run after him.

    Only the next thing she knew, she was across the clearing.

    "What the fuck?" Sig looked down at herself. She didn't look any different; she didn't feel any different. Obviously that thing did something to me. As she started to inspect herself again, she heard a groan. She looked and saw other people littered around the clearing, all in the same situation she had been before she had gotten up. Okay, we're all naked, in a clearing, with a giant crater in the middle and ash all around us. Sig tried to think of anything she could to try and even start to explain what had happened. Is it aliens? She looked around trying to see if she recognized any of the people, wondering in the back of her mind where everyone else was. She saw a girl sitting up, and then recognized little Alice back across the clearing. Sig started skimming the ground next to her to see if there was anything they could use to cover themselves up.

    Man, and that jacket I borrowed from Lucy was really nice, too. She's gonna be so mad. Sig stopped in her tracks. Wait, where's Lucy? Sig looked frantically around before remembering what she desperately hoped was actually a dream. No. It had to be a dream. Sig sank to the ground onto her knees, clutching the ground, swallowing hard. This can't be happening. She looked down at her hands as she grasped handfuls and handfuls of black ash. This isn't happening. Sig looked around, taking in the piles and piles of ash surrounding them in the clearing. Tears began to silently fall down her face, as she began to realized what had happened to all the people at the party. All those people...


    Sig whipped her head around, where before there had been a skinny, dark-haired person, there now stood something incredibly disfigured, and it was heading towards the others. She started towards them, only to find that she was already there. Oh my god, it happened again. Before Sig could think about it anymore, the creature made another noise. She looked up, looking at it, and finding it vaguely familiar. She narrowed her eyes at it, tilting her head, trying to see, but it was already running away. She turned back to the rest of them.

    "What the fuck is going on?"
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  18. Clara, when nothing happened for a few seconds, risked looking up and around again. That was when she saw... Crys? growl something at the group, see his hideous disfigurement, and run into the woods. Clara, nervous about being unarmed, wished that she had a knife on her at the party. Although that might be ash on the ground too. She felt something in the palm of her hand, it was a small dagger that had apparently been buried in the ash as well. She held it tight, like it was the only real thing left here. After a few breaths, she stood again, armed with her tiny knife to brave the outskirts of the party to find maybe a shirt or jacket. The cars... were gone. There was a few parts scattered farther into the darkness, but there wasn't any likely clothes to be found there.What she wouldn't give for a shirt at this moment.

    Before she could try to see if the beer can she'd left in the woods was still there, someone zoomed past her, literally so fast that she couldn't figure out who it was. There was a lot of cussing and shouting from close to her. "Well," Clara laughed, "I don't think anyone knows except that Hell Angel. We need to leave the woods quickly. I think I heard that dancing kid who was giving out beer earlier talking to the Hell Angel. We need to leave this clearing before she shows up and kills us too. Just... keep calm okay? I don't know what's going on, but at least I'm... armed with something I guess."

    How was she so calm? She'd literally just laid in the ash of her classmates, several of whom she'd known some time. Yet... she felt nothing when she laid in the ash and dirt. She didn't even feel sad. She mostly just felt kind of angry at the weird woman who had blown everything up. Maybe it was because Clara had no friends. She knew people and people knew her, but she was always too busy with class to make any. She'd probably have to change that after tonight.

    She sighed, "it's such a shame. All right, let's check for any others then go. We don't need to add to the already high death tally of tonight from carelessness. Come on."
  19. The first thing Alice felt as she drifted back into consciousness was a terrible, pounding headache. As more of her senses came flooding back in, Alice realized she was laying face first on the ground, the soft dirt cold against her bare stomach.



    Alice's eyes flied open and she pushed herself up to her knees, immediately regretting that decision when her head started to spin due to the sudden movement. She shook that short term vertigo after a few moments and looked down on her naked form. She first questioned what on earth happened, but noticing the football field-sized crater she was standing in. Alice's eyes widened when she remembered what had just occurred moments ago and frantically searched the field. Where did everyone go? She could see a handful of people in the area and thankfully no trace of that winged-woman anywhere. Across the crater, she could a large, disfigured silhouette running into the trees. Also in the distance were two female forms Alice couldn't make out. She squinted her eyes try and get a better look but a rustling behind her grabbed her attention. The short girl spun around only to see a hand suddenly grab her throat and lift her off the ground. Alice gasped, immediately regretting the action when she felt more air escape her body, but she couldn't think straight in her panic. The winged-woman was back and she was gripping tighter and tighter around her neck. If she wasn't freaking out at that moment as she looked into the dark abyss of the woman's hood, she would have noticed that she wasn't feeling any pain. No, Alice had more important things to worry about. Like how the Adversary was beating her wings and sending the two of them straight into the night sky.

    Alice was now holding on for dear life as the Adversary flew higher and higher. After far too long in Alice's opinion, the Adversary finally finished her ascent, giving the brunette a chance to look around. They were at least 10 stories above the now small-looking crater, all the people Alice had seen just tiny ants in her eyes. She didn't realize she had a fear of heights until now, but then again she didn't have a fear of winged woman in armor with powers over supernatural smoke until now. Alice glanced back at the said enemy briefly but soon broke 'eye' contact, not because she was afraid but because the woman suddenly let go of Alice's neck, sending her plummeting back down to Earth.

    It took the short teen a good number of seconds to realize she was falling but the wind rushing all around her was an incredibly good indication of her impending doom. When it finally registered in her brain that she was going to die, she belted out a terrified scream as she flailed in the air. All her wild movements did was turn her around in the air, giving her the perfect view of the incoming ground. Several thoughts rushed through her head but the more she tried to grab just one thought, the closer the ground was and the more it seemed stupid to even try and think. So Alice simply put her arms over her head and braced for impact.

    She hit the ground seconds later with a loud crash, kicking up the dust and ash of her dead classmates and forming a small crater in the large crater. Alice head was spinning again and she was hyperventilating now, not from pain. No, she was freaking out because she didn't feel any pain. She pulled herself out from the dirt, raising one shaky hand to check for any injuries. There were none. What the hell...?

    The familiar sound of wings flapping brought Alice back to reality as she looked up to see the Adversary rushing for her again. Alice scrambled to her feet and climbed out of the small crater, sprinting out of the area the moment her foot reached steady ground. As Alice made her way into the forest, she saw from the corner of her eye a tall, lanky guy. His name escaped her at the moment since she was too busy saving herself (she knew it started with a 'K' though) but she did find it in her heart to yell out a warning.

  20. After thinking to himself for a moment Keith tried to take roster of things that were real.

    I'm naked.
    She's naked.
    I just survived some kind of explosion along with 1~4~ 6 other people.
    The one who set everything off can not only fly but has some sort of power over smoke, and can probably set off another explosion.

    He watches as one of the people stand up, start morphing into a huge grotesque monster, yell something and then run off into the woods. "she is also naked" his mind informs him as he watches one of the women stand up and teleport away; witnessing these two events made Keith's mind race with possible logic's and reasoning's for what exactly the fuck is going on.

    There is still some weird shit going on here, I need to leave, the parking lot mom dropped you off in is over your left shoulder.
    "well at least I know that still works" he thought to himself, Sitting up with one hand to more-so hide that his 15 year old body did not care what was going on around him; propping himself up on his right arm.

    As he was about to stand himself up, a ear piercing screech of blood curdling fear rang out above him bringing him out of his own head to once again pay attention to the world. He looked up only to see the Winged lady flying downward after a naked form which was rushing to the ground in free-fall; and unbeknownst to him he started holding his breath in freight and flurry.

    "I NEED TO LEAVE NOW!" He thought to himself as three things happened simultaneously:
    Out of the corner of his eye he noticed that the ground underneath him turned into a bright red color.
    The naked Brunette hit the ground hard enough to send dirt flying up into the air, making him lose sight of the Specter of Death. "Her and those boob's are dead." his young mind chimed in, still thinking in an unhelpful manner.
    Lastly there was a sudden immense pain in his crotch, "OH GOD NO WHAT IS HAPPENING" he thought as he looked down, seeing the huge pool of flat red color underneath his naked form, and a forest green baseball weighted, sized, and shaped object was in his left hand.

    "RRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He hears from out of his vision, and as he looks up he see's whom he finally identifies as the class president, still naked, and out of the dust in the air comes the Archangel from hell wielding the dark Excalibur over her head, and all Keith could think to do was throw the only object he had at her wings to try and knock her out of the air.

    He misses horribly, the ball sailing clean over her head in a monstrous arc, and as she swoops down on him promising only death the ground falls out from under him and gravity is reversed. This sudden fall caused him to take in a rush of air as he lands on his neck and shoulders. Scrambling to get to his feet he looks around to get his bearings, and run's as hard as he can towards the parking lot that his mother dropped him off at, at least from there he can get to somewhere he knows; the only thing going through his mind being,"WHATTHEFUCKOHMYGODWHATTHEHELLHOLYSHITRUNORDIE!".