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  1. STORY

    In the year 2014, a large meteor hit New York City causing radiation to quickly spread throughout the city. Most of New York was wiped out on February 28, 2014. Scientist cannot explain it. Thousands of New Yorkers died that faithful night. Those that survived were badly wounded and were brought to the hospital for observation.

    After a couple of months, people started waking up. Some remained in a coma but those that didn’t, woke up with a start. They had strange powers that they didn’t quite understand how to use. They went on a killing spree before escaping the hospital. They found an abandoned building that they quickly took over.

    Months later, the other patients started to wake up. They didn’t break out, however. Well, they didn’t break out right away. They let the doctors examine them a little before they got up and left. They also had these super powers and didn’t know how to use them but they didn’t use them to murder. They knew they had a mission. They had to stop these villains from killing more innocent people.

    Soon after they claimed their hideout, a man came to them explaining that those that survived the meteor, had more willpower than those that didn’t. Those that became villains gave into the darkness in everybodies heart but those that didn’t were the heroes that were to save this world from utter destruction.
    This man trained these heroes to fight against the untrained villains who didn’t know quite know how to use their powers yet.

    Will you be able to save this world? Or will you give into the darkness?

    1. Be nice and respective of other members out of character but can be as brutal as you want in character
    2. You have up to five villains and five heroes for a total of ten characters but you cannot do something like all ten heroes or all ten villains
    3. Your characters can have relationships, just anything sexual should be done through conversations and you must be over 18. If one or both are under 18, then you must black out. This isn’t a libertine role play
    4. Heroes and villains can have relations but its rare since their so busy fighting each other
    5. No perfect characters
    6. No God Modding(Taking control of other characters)
    7. Original characters ONLY! I do not want characters from animes, mangas, comic books, tv shows, or any of that
    8. Be creative!

    Character Count. 31

    Akira~Cat like abilities~Hero
    Phantom ~ Psychic abilities ~ Villain
    Chandra ~ Elementalist ~ Villain
    The Prisoner~Chain powers~Hero
    Nadia~Lunar powers~Hero
    Rhiannon~Avian Abilities~Villain
    Angelique~Twilight manip.~Hero
    Exatus~Ice manip.~Hero
    Logan~Heaven and Hell~Hero
    Deo~Smoke manipulation~Hero
    Damien~Vector manip.~Hero
    Eugene~Sound manip.~Hero
    Sofia~Healing (Self&others)~Hero
    Esme~Plant manip.~Villain
    Aya~Force fields~Hero
    Lee~Dragon like abilities~Villain
    Alex~Speed, Strength~Hero
    Claire~Stinger Protrusion~Villain
    Daniel~Electric manip.~Hero

    Character Count. Alignment.

    》Villains: 11
    》Heroes: 19

    Character Count. Individuals.

    RogueRaven12 ♢ 4
    Shadows ♢ 2
    Cubix ♢ 1
    IceQueen ♢ 2[possibly 3]
    Polystical ♢ 4
    EternalMusic ♢ 3
    Cats ♢ 2
    viahra233 ♢ 2
    WanderingSpirit ♢1
    ShiroKiyoshi ♢3
    alexianFireflies ♢ 2
    Bismarck ♢ 1
    Sarahonfire333 ♢2

    @ShiroKiyoshi thank you for this

    ~~~~ IC ~~~~

    It's been a year and three months since the incident and New York has been put into lockdown. The government believes that the mutants are like a disease that they don’t want to spread to the rest of the world. This also protects the world from the animals that have been affected by the radiation. And here Akira stands on the top of a tall building, staring at the ruins of the city below him. One of his cats rubbed itself against his leg and he smiled in response. He didn't get fire manipulation or psychic abilities but he did get the ability of a cat and he even has nine lives making it harder to kill him than the other heroes. He had a mission to take down a villain known as Phantom but he was unsure of his abilities. He probably should have read the file.

    As if on cue, he sensed someone behind him and spun around. He saw this Phantom standing behind him with a snide smirk on his face. The two started fighting, throwing punches and kicks but while Akira was focusing on this Phantom, he didn't see the car coming at him. It threw him off the roof, badly burning him from the explosion.

    Luckily he was able to land on his feet but when he looked back up at the roof, the boy was just standing there with that smirk on his face. The cat boy decided to retreat at this point, running along a fence with perfect balance. With his cat ears and tail out, he was faster, stronger, and more agile. It worked better on all fours but running on two legs worked just as well.

    When Akira walked through the old abandoned hotel the heroes took refuge in, he let out an exhausted sigh. He ignored the nagging of his team and the only thing he said was “Akira tried but Akira wasn’t fast enough.” They soon left him so he could curl up in his bed and fall asleep.
  2. Daybreak. Sara was no stranger to the sight of the sunrise creeping over the bay first thing. If the worst could be said, she had grown bored of it; indifferent at best. For the better part of the past year she had been strung up high on the ropes of responsibility, bull-headedness and her share of Monsters, which had often kept her wired into the later hours of the night. Only through some miracle was she able to continue waking up so easily.

    This morning was little different from the others.

    Again, she had taken refuge for the night in her former roost, the old Orphanage in which she had grown up through the majority of her life. She had settled down in the very room she had stayed in was the very same one she had used when she was in its care. This also happened to be same one she resided in when her aptly-named gang decided to move into its abandoned halls sometime later. It had been hers through everything that had happened since; the past six months, nothing in the room’s desecrated arrangement had changed significantly. As though attached to it by some unrequited affair, she continued to cling to the building and the room as they were, a trend for which she had been somewhat criticized, though she knew it to be a necessity.

    Yet this morning was, at the same time, different from most others…

    Ripping the old, now off-white sheets from her embrace, she came to the conclusion of just how tired she might become if her restlessness persisted. Yet unfatigued and unperturbed (physically) by the increasing lack of sleep, she flung her mass out of bed with trivial labor, the furniture’s framework expressing its disdain with an antiquated groan. Dismissing the obvious need for new bedding, she imposed upon the day with her usual fare of a breakfast scrounged from the leftovers of whatever she had taken from the corner store the night before. It was a quick process to ready herself for another long day; she was low maintenance, which was best considering the post-apocalypse she was, once more, setting off into.

    As per standard, she didn’t delay herself for anything until she arrived in the Orphanage’s foyer. Where there had once been a reception desks brimming with administrative files and financial messes, stood a makeshift bar, several musky bottled liquors masking the backsplashes, which Sara eyed with more than a single thought before turning from. All around the formerly open entrance hall were manners of entertainment both salvaged and stolen; everything quite typical of young adults and teenagers, such as a billiards table and some video game lounges. Of course, since the blast, little of it was actually functional, and simply kept around keep the jest the place had simply been abandoned in its disrepair. Sara remembered that she had asserted that decision on her own power. “If we clean things up, they’ll know that someone is actually coming around,” she quoted herself aloud.

    As if made cold from the lack of motion, Sara shivered from neck to tailbone. This served her well enough as the motivation to get a move on. The “Hang Out” was where she had over half her gang dead without trace of damage nearly three weeks ago. Sometimes, like in that moment, she could almost feel the ghosts of their memories pulling at her, blaming her even. When the feeling erupted out of her control, she sprinted out, slamming the front doors closed behind her and leapt down the ten-steps to the concrete walk below. She continued sprinting, mindful of her surrounding and direction, yet dethatched from her herself. Her sprinting pace increased with a mere thought, turning the world around her a blur to her periphery.

    “Whoa.” Coincidentally, and conveniently in time, she ground to a less-than-comfortable halt just past her destination: a pawn shop, barred off like a prison cell and empty in the early hours, save for the owner, a fierce go-getting crook of a man who woke up even earlier than Sara just to stay ahead of the game. Knowing, by now, that it’d be unlocked, Sara threw upon the door and pushed her way through the mounds of variable merchandise to the man behind the counter.

    “I’m sorry, we’re not open for business. Come back in like two hours,” the man said, not raising his head from the checklists he was mulling over.

    Already inches from the man, Sara took no heed to him. “It’s fine. I’m not here to shop; I’m here to talk.”
    The man behind the counter looked up. “Oh? AH! Hey. Kappy,” he said, attempting to ease his fear with a good laugh.

    “Don’t call me that Cal.” Sara reached over the counter, grabbing Cal by the scruff the neck, only for the shop keep to phase himself out of her grip. “You and your intangibility. You know I have other ways to hurt you. I’m one of the few in this screwed up city that can.”

    “Just tell me what you want.”

    “I want information.”

    “What sort of information?”

    “On the Orphanage murders; I hear tell that you’ve been holding out on me.” Sara raised an open palm to Cal’s face. Visibly, an ethereal emission resonated around the hand.

  3. Name: Ayalee Adamovich (Azure)
    Time of Day: Morning
    Location: Local bank
    Current Activity: Mission; Stop bank robbers
    Interactions: NPCs; Sheriff, officers, criminals,
    Crimson Blade
    Status: Open for interaction

    Hidden behind a barrier of side turned cars crouched two women, creeping to get a better look of the other side. Behind the cars held a group of 10 men, armed and angry as they stood outside the local bank ready to attack anyone who dared try to stop their boss inside from finishing his job. The morning air was cool and slightly humid, and the sun barely peaked from behind the city’s buildings.
    The sheriff crawled over to the ladies then put his back against the car as they did.
    “What’s the status?” He asked, his gun was drawn and pointed at the ground, ready to attack if the moment called for it.

    “From what we know, ten thugs are guarding the front, but only two are guarding their leader inside. Hostages were taken, we figure around 20. Our goal is to remove the threat without any unnecessary casualties.” The woman next to the cerulean haired girl answered. Her voice was strong, stern, and military-like. Her outfit was as dark as her obsidian hair, and her eyes were an emerald green, the only feature that shown due to the grey bandana that covered up to the bridge of her nose. On her hips were a set of duel daggers which she was more than proficient at wielding.
    “Woooow, you’re so stoic CB, you need to loosen up a little.” The girl next to dark woman said cheerfully. She was the exact opposite of her partner, her hair and large eyes was a blindingly bright blue, which balanced her dull pale skin. Her outfit consisted of dark blues and whites, not as bright as she would prefer it, but this she couldn’t change.
    “Shut up, Azure.” The woman snapped.
    “So mean.” The bubbly girl known as Azure pouted.

    “What do you want us to do, Crimson Blade?” The sheriff asked, interrupting the two’s bickering.
    “Absolutely nothing, order your men to stand down.” She commanded.
    “But!” He began to argue, but the Crimson Blade cut him off.
    “You’re advances will only make things worse, let Azure and me handle this.” She said firmly, receiving a nod in response as the sheriff returned to his car and followed his orders.
    “You’re voice always sends shivers down my spine when you get like that, Crim.” Aya said as she turned around to face the turned car and pressed against it.
    “That’s because you know I’ll reinforce it with actions if disobeyed, you learned that the hard way.” Crimson mimicked Azure and moved to the other side of the car. “You ready?”
    “#BornReady” She sung as she jumped over the car to face the thugs with her hands up. All guns pointed towards her but the one currently in charge held his hand up before bullets fill the jovial girl.

    “If you were smart you would turn that pretty little ass around and go home to your mommy.” He said in a gruff voice. Ayalee slightly turned to look at her butt.
    “It isn’t that small, is it? Oh I guess it is, will I ever fully develop?” She sighed and glanced back up at the man.
    “Didn’t you hear me?”
    “Of course I did. I replied didn’t I? Silly.” She said as she walked to the right along the barricade of cars. She heard their guns click which caused her to pause and glance to the side at them.
    “I’m giving you one more chance to leave, which is more than most get, so scram, brat.” Azure gave them a cheeky grin.
    “No~” She said defiantly.
    “You asked for it. Shoot the bitch!”

    A small laugh escaped her lips as they began a storm of gunfire. From the corner of her eye she saw some of the officers starting to reach for their guns but were soon frozen as they saw the bullets hitting what seemed like an invisible wall around the girl. The flurry of bullets stopped and the crooks let out grunts of confusion.
    “My turn… Whoosh!” She said as threw her hands forward forming shimmers of boxes around three of the men’s heads. Behind them all, Crimson Blade silently snuck past and entered a vent on the side of the building.
    “Wonder how long it will take for them to pass out? One time someone lasted 10 whole mi…” Azure flipped to the side when another gun began firing at her, then formed a small box around it.
    “It’s rude to interrupt someone when they’re talking. Bscoshhhh!” Holding only one hand out to keep the boxes around the gasping men’s heads she balled her other fist, crushing the gun leaving only the handle in the thug’s hand.
    “You three are lucky I know how to control this, I used to only be able to crush all my fields at once instead of one at a time.” She giggled as one fell limp, hanging from the field. She released his, letting him fall to the ground.
    “Who’s next? Let’s see, we have one unconscious, two in the process of being unconscious…” Another passed out and was released. “Make that one in the process, and one unarmed. One, two, three, four.” She counted, and then pointed towards the rest. “One, two, three, four, five, six. Hmmm.” The last one finally fell to the ground out cold.

    The sounds of their guns filled the air once more, but yet again the girl was untouched.
    “Fuck! Come on!” The leader yelled in frustration.
    “Well first I guess I should get rid of those pesky guns. Vooom.” She twirled her hand forming fields around their guns like the other thugs, then were crushed leaving only the handles left in their hands
    “That’s better. Do you guys want to give up?”
    “Fuck you!” The leader ran at her with full speed. Ayalee giggled again.
    “Boing!” She said just before he was suddenly tossed back, crashing into another thug. “Makes for a great trampoline, don’t you think?” Before the two could get up she formed a field around them and slowly began shrinking it. Then a large invisible wall slowly began lowering on the remaining four.
    “Teamwork guys, work together before you get crushed!” She called out gleefully as everyone struggled to get loose. Of course, she wouldn’t actually crush them, just slow them down and keep them in place.

    “CB, how’s things on your end?” Azure said as she leaned her head to the side turn on her earpiece.
    “Taken care of. Leading the hostages out in a minute, get the police ready.” Crimson replied after a moment.
    “You got it.” Aya took in a deep breath and strained as she moved the two in the box to the four lifting the wall. Once they were all positioned close enough she released the current fields and form one big box around them all.
    “#Finished” She let out her breath then pointed at a car and strained harder, moving it out of the way with another field. Azure breathed a little harder than usual as she motioned for the police to enter, just in time for Crimson to bring out the captured criminals from inside and free the hostages.

    “Good work, you two.” The sheriff said as he and Crimson approached Azure. In response to the circle of officers pointing guns at her own capture criminals, Aya removed the barrier for them to move in and handcuff them. She wiped off the sweat that formed on her forehead and around her white mask.
    “No problem, Sir. It’s our duty. We must be off now.” Crimson Blade grabbed Azure’s arm and hauled her down the street towards the base. “Are you going to be okay?”
    “Yeah, of course I am, silly. Those men and the car were just extremely heavy.” Azure smiled and after a moment of rest she perked up and joyfully walked down the street with her friend towards the hideout.
  4. Phantom landed in front of the two girls, his eyes glowing as he stared at the two of them. He smirked and said "good, I can defeat even more heroes." He ran at them, cars hovering behind him ready to be thrown at them. "You know that cat boy. He's a good fighter but too bad he wasn't fast enough for me."

    "Hey these two are mine." Another villain dropped down. He was known as The Crimson Explosion and was considered very dangerous. He was an SS criminal and shouldn't even be faced if a whole team wasn't there to outnumber him. The other was Phantom, an A ranked criminal who was also fairly dangerous. It was clear, however, the two didn't get along. Teamwork was not in their training. They were very unlike the heroes.

    Phantom clenched his fist and snarled "I got here first!" The Crimson Explosion laughed in pure amusement as he looked down at Phantom who was only 5'4 while Crimson was 6'3. "It doesn't matter. I've been watching them since the robbery. Hell those were my men that they defeated. I've been observing them, something you know very little of. Their not as weak as that cat boy you threw off the roof."

    "I will not let you steal my kill!"

    Crimson sighed as he grabbed a blade from his boot and before Phantom could stop him, he slit his wrist. He didn't feel the pain. He just splattered the blood at Phantom and he was able to dodge most of it but the droplets of blood that landed on his leg, seemed to freak him out. Crimson snapped his fingers and the blood exploded causing Phantom to scream in agony. He looked at the frightened girls and gave a snide smirk. He wore his mask to hide his appearance and even put his hair up, something he hated doing.

    He stepped forward, ignoring the pained Phantom. He even stepped over him. He continued to walk toward them. His wrist had already healed but there were clear scars on his wrist from before he got his powers.

    He grabbed his blade and put it to his wrist. "Time to die, girlies."
  5. Name: Ayalee Adamovich (Azure)
    Time of Day: Morning
    Location: Heading towards base
    Current Activity: Ambushed
    Interactions: NPCs; Crimson Blade, Phantom, Crimson Explosion (❖RogueRaven12❖ Sorry, can't tag due to the ❖)

    Status: interacting with ❖RogueRaven12, still open to more.

    Azure’s partner had a hard time keeping herself from yawning; she was not a morning person at all. In fact, it was a miracle Ayalee was able to get her up so early, she seemed to be the only one who could do that without receiving a dagger through the chest in return.
    “I hate your rotten guts.” She said to Azure, receiving nothing but a confused look.

    Suddenly a man blocked them from going any further. Shockingly Azure and CB were surprised to see Phantom; they were caught off guard which was a rare occurrence, at least for Crim. As the villain ran towards them Ayalee prepared to counter, but when another man showed up she paused.
    The two girls exchanged wryly looks as the men began to squabbled amongst eachother.
    “Hey Crim, that’s the other Crim.” Azure whispered as the villains continued to argue.
    “Yes, Azure, I know.” Aggression and annoyance filled Crimson Blade’s lowered voice, she did not want to be there at the moment.
    “Soooo.” Ayalee twirled her hand, signaling Crimson to continue speaking. After a drawn out sigh she received an answer.
    “Rank A criminal; Phantom. His masteries lie in the psychic arts, he will be a tough opponent. SS criminal; Crimson Explosion. From what I know his blood explodes; obviously where he got his name, and it seems he heals. It would be best to retreat back to the base for the time being, I don’t think we can take him out, let alone both of them.”
    “Buuuuuut.” Azure tone indicated that she was expecting more. She loved the information Crimson could gather, she made an excellent partner for the oblivious Ayalee, which is why she grabbed the assassin whenever she could. Crimson Blade was a master of stealth, so reconnaissance was a piece of cake, she knew a lot about the villains that lurked around the city.
    “But we can still try.” The two grinned at eachother simultaneously then glanced over at the men in time to see the Crimson Explosion attack Phantom.
    “Maybe they’ll take eachother out for us.” Azure stated optimistically.
    “We can only hope, go with the usual.” Crimson said before Azure stepped forward as the Explosion cut himself.

    “Girlies? I wonder what the opposite of that would be. Boyies? Nope, that doesn’t sound right at all.” She giggled before giving him a mischievous grin. “Well anyway, give it your best shot; we don’t plan to fall today, or any time soon.” A small invisible barrier surrounded the 2 girls, but only they knew about it. Ayalee threw her hand forward causing several little field pillars to shoot out towards the Crimson villain. At the same time CB seemingly disappeared while Azure focused the enemy.
  6. BloodLust simply sat atop the roof of a nearby building, watching with amusement as the two villains bickered over
    something so silly as who got there first and who would kill the heroes. It was clear that she had yet to be noticed,
    but she remained silent even though she was fairly certain that she would be given away sooner or later. It wasn't
    exactly her forte when it came to being quiet for extended periods of time. So, sitting on the roof, she watched with
    joy as the two broke into an argument. She couldn't quite hear what was being said and she didn't care, she just liked
    to watch it from a distance so she wouldn't get hurt if they tried to attack one another. But if worst came to worse she
    might interfere, but she planned not to if she didn't have to. But things happen, and people make mistakes and accidents,
    that which she had little control over. She was unfamiliar with the two heroes, and she was stuck trying to figure out who
    they were. She hadn't seen them around before, nor had she faced them, they were total strangers to her.
    She wished so much that she could hear what they were saying and began to feel certain she would not have to interfere even
    being less dangerous than the two, she still had a persuasiveness that many did not. She didn't much care about the heroes,
    she was more concerned with the villains fighting because it was simply pointless when they could kill them off easier together.
    "Oh, come on this is just ridiculous..."
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  7. Crimson Explosion cut his arm and splattered blood at her but when he saw the blood hit something, he smirked as he snapped his fingers causing the blood to explode. Phantom had sneaked away and was watching from above. There was one missing and he knew the girl was probably going to flank Crim so he kept an eye out for her. "Hey, CE! Be careful to your left and right. The other one is missing and might be trying to flank you," he said through telepathy so the girls didn't hear him.

    CE jumped out of the way of Azure's attack and looked around for the other one. "Do you have her?" He muttered.

    "I will. Just give me a second." He looked around before jumping through the trees and finally landing in front of the other girl who went by Crimson Blood. "You think you are smart?" Trees started to lift off the ground and he started to throw them without even touching them. The weight of the tree could either kill her or severely wound her if it hit her.

    Meanwhile, Crim sliced his arm and splattered more onto the force field. "You know every shield has a weakness." He snapped his fingers causing his blood to explode. He walked toward her with a snide smirk on his face. "And once Phantom handles your little friend, you will be forced to run from us." He laughed. "But I will probably kill you before that happens."

    He then sensed BloodLust nearby and he snickered. She was probably hiding as usual, not wanting to get involved. He rested his attention back onto his opponent, Azure. She was a force to be reckoned with but he knew he could probably destroy her force field before he ran out of blood. Well that's what he hoped. He cut himself again, his blood hitting the invisible shield once again. "I wonder if I have cracked it. I wonder if it will shatter with the next one." He laughed before snapping his fingers for the last time.​
  8. Sara advanced on purposely heavy strides upon the middle of shop floor. She remained in her offensive form of an outstretched arm and open palm, which continued to radiate her energy. Her eyes were now dagger-sharp on the middle-aged clerk, who, in spite of his intangibility, was nonetheless impacted by each release of energy from her hand; energy projection was pretty much the only way to deal with his sort. Only a few short minutes of a work-over and Sara had left him drained and cowering. Knowing that she finally had his resolve whittled to a sliver, she cast her power out, catching him in a domed shield, which she progressively compressed as she edged forward.

    "You don't want to screw with me today Cal," she spat. She halted about five paces from where the clerk was laying. "I've got people whispering that you've got your ear on what happened down the street three weeks ago."

    "I don't know a damn thing!" Cal spat back. "Your intel is wrong; I don't know shit. Why are you even bothering to avenge a bunch of punks?"

    "THOSE PUNKS WERE MY FRIENDS YOU BASTARD!" More energy poured into the shield. As though peeling in layers, an inner concentration collapsed onto the clerk, who shrieked in pain. "I... KNOW... you know... SOMETHING." Sara was ravenous, almost feral-looking. From the flare in her eyes to the untamed force of her steps as her wells of power spilled out revealed a beast-like character.

    Cal, all too accustomed to Sara's propensity for anger, finally caved in to her demand. "Alright," he cried. "Alright, alright, ALRIGHT!" There was a guy in here. Three weeks ago, only like, an hour before you showed up asking questions the first time. He was one of your crew, I think; looked really shook, like he'd just seen a ghost or something."

    Some rage receding, Sara released her shield over Cal. Assured that he'd stay put now that he was talking, she knelt down next to him and pulled his head up by the hair. "Who? What was his name Cal?"

    "I'm not sure. I don't know everyone by name; just who they work for, and whatnot."

    "What did he LOOK LIKE? Did he SAY anything important?"

    "I don't know. I really don't know. Hispanic-looking guy; kinda wiry build; like not your first NFL draft pick kinda physique. Dark hair, shoulder length. Don't think he had any facial hair to speak of every in his life. Mentioned something about what happened, how some scum killed off the rest of your crew without even leaving scars. How he and the survivors ran for their lives. He was took shook up to talk straight. When I finally got him to calm down he he just walked out... Then..."


    "He made some crack about how my powers suited my character. Then he was gone; ran off. Probably to go hide out somewhere until the whole mess became old news. Not sure how he knew what y powers are."

    "Shit." Sara dropped Cal's head, forcefully, to the floor and stood up. "Thanks Cal... next time, don't make it so difficult." Leaving the clerk and the shop an a slight state of shambles, she walked out, still pondering Cal's account. "... Damn it," she muttered, concluding who the Cal's witness must have been. "Now where are you hiding out now?" She set on, further down the road, now following the sounds of explosions in the distance, hoping they would lead him to the man she was now looking for.
  9. Silvestro "Rant"

    Silvestro buttoned himself up for work. He grabbed the bolt heads he used for his buttons and pushed them through the seam holes of his shirt. He grabbed his pants and slid them on. Silvestro then reached for his belt, but didn't feel it on his bed. He walked across the room to find it on his office desk chair. He was puzzled as to how it ended up there, but just continued his normal routine. It was morning of course so he had a little time before he had to be in the ring. After he slipped on his belt he walked over to a drawer pulling his socks out. He plumped onto the bed and pulled the socks on and then picked up his shoes that lay thrown across the floor pulling them on. He had already gone through his hygiene and brushed his hair so he pulled on his vest and gloves. Silvestro took a moment to look in the mirror.

    Silvestro thought about the information he had gained the previous night. His boss's name; Lee. He couldn't beat anything else out of the men, but this Lee guy wasn't being anymore active than usual. The only thing that worried Silvestro was now "Rant" had to check every crate that came onto the docs during the night. If he came across something suspicious he was to give it to someone who would deliver it along a long line of trusted men. Silvestro had ideas as to what it was, but nothing to confirm them. He stepped away from the mirror and popped his collar.

    Silvestro made his way out to his car and pulled out of the driveway heading to the ring. There were only preliminary matches scheduled for the day so it wouldn't be as packed as other days, but he could already see the overly-enthusiastic people waiting in their cars for the matches to start. Silvestro parked his car and stepped out walking to the building. His boxing days were over, but some still recognized his presence. He walked into the main building heading up to the conference room. When he arrived at the conference room he waved to a co-worker and gave a non-verbal hello to the events planner who was speaking.

    Mo "Immortal"
    Mo ran across buildings with his weapons at the ready. He had been assigned an early morning task by the Syndicate and was absolutely hating it. He had died a total of three times and thought that the ones he was chasing didn't even have the item anymore. It happened on a whim as well, he was dressed for work at the Cafe when they called him and said that they had been shot up. Mo sighed and awaited the call from the Syndicate. It didn't take long and he was informed on the robbery of something from a crate that was marked suspicious.

    Mo thought about the questions he could ask when he caught up. "Maybe someone actually knows who this boss guy is and what he's after..."

    He jumped over to another building again and watched as the guy dropped down and ran through the busy New York streets. Mo dropped his hands by his side panting he didn't really care for justice or anything. He was a rather stoic person and things like this made him feel for once. He reached for one of his blades and chucked it forward he then scaled the wall down and ran with the blade. It landed in the man's shoulder and he jabbed him with his metal fist taking what looked like a stone artifact. It was in some weird hieroglyphic type language. "Immortal" exited the scene quickly and delivered the piece to a "Train Man" (the name given to those who deliver items to Lee) and received his pay. Mo then went about his day which would consist of walking around after he went home and got undressed and dressed again.
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  10. Nadia sometimes wondered if all of her students were stupid. Seriously. How many times did she have to explain French verbs before they got it through their thick skulls! It wasn't that hard, just study!

    "Oo-kay, Nadia. You need to chill." She muttered to herself, pushing away from the computer and padding down the hall to the kitchen. She wasn't always this crabby, but lately...Well lately she had been feeling trapped. Irritated. Restless. And it was all his fault. That man who had approached her and offered to train her to fight crime. That man who had said that she would be able to make a difference! That man who had so far only given her stupid assignments like surveilling a park for a mythical serial mugger. She said mythical because she had literally never seen the so called criminal before. She assumed that her boss was just giving her busy work because of her 'unique' power source. Who cares if she could only use her powers at night? That was when most criminals started to well--be criminal! "Ahh!" Nadia let out an irritated yell and tossed the contents of her mug into the sink. She wanted to punch somebody, but there was no one to punch. Nothing to do, no one to save--Just then the phone rang and Nadia practically threw herself towards it.

    "Hello!" She yelled and the man on the other end paused before clearing his throat and speaking. "Yes, Ms. Khatib?"

    "Yup. That's me. Khatib, the Big K. I mean, Nadia Khatib." Nadia spluttered and she could have sworn she heard someone snicker.

    "You have an assignment."

    "For realsies?" She shrieked.

    "...Yes. There's a suspicious character lurking around a daycare. Check it out." And with that her boss hung up. Nadia stuck out her lip, frowning a bit. The least he could have said was bye instead of just hanging up like that, rude much? Anyway who cares! She had an assignment and that was all that mattered!

    * * * * * *
    Being a teenage villain was the worst. She had to attend school to keep appearances up, but she needed to be out there, training and locating her targets! Not being lectured on freaking mitosis!

    Rhiannon resisted the urge to bang her head against her desk as she waited for class to end, so she could finally be free. She had three more classes but she would just tell her dads that she was feeling sick, so she wouldn't get in trouble for skipping. Her dads wouldn't be home, so she would be able to hone her skills more without risk of exposure.
  11. Name: Ayalee Adamovich (Azure)
    Time of Day: Morning
    Location: (Was) Heading towards base
    Current Activity: Ambushed
    Interactions: NPCs; Crimson Blade, Phantom, Crimson Explosion (❖RogueRaven12❖ Sorry, can't tag due to the ❖)

    Status: interacting with ❖RogueRaven12, still open to more.
    Note: Not of these attacks are auto hits, they can still dodge.

    "You think you are smart?" Crimson Blade smirked in response to the Phantoms statement.
    “Much smarter than you.” She called as she dodged the trees that were thrown. Crimson knew Azure would be the better opponent against Crimson Explosion, she had a way to protect herself against physical attacks, but with Phantom that was an entirely different story. The one she wanted to lure out was the Phantom, and she was prepared. She had 3 traps laid around the area in strategic places, she only had enough time for 3 sadly, just another minute and she could have laid out more, but the important spots were covered at least. Crim hurled a throwing knife towards an untouched tree and suddenly 5 daggers shot out of the branches in the direction of her opponent’s location. She swiftly positioned herself behind the storm of daggers and stuck towards her enemy just after the trap.

    Ayalee waited, letting her shield take the damage for her. She listened silently as he spoke, for once she was patient, and she needed to be against her much stronger opponent. She could feel her shield’s condition, and when the blood hit the wall that last time Aya watched him closely until he was just about to snap his fingers. In that moment she threw the field forward towards him and weakened it greatly just in time for it to explode in his location and shatter the force field causing it to shoot shards of the broken wall all around. She was able to put another field in front of her before the shards got her.
    “Everyone and everything has a weakness, but what makes a hero powerful is turning that weakness into a strength. Crimson Blades words.” She quoted with a grin on her face. Sweat dripped off of her chin but her breathing remained normal for the moment, she was still somewhat recovering from her last battle, but she still had enough fuel to last a while.

    Azure stayed at a distance, for the time being she didn’t want to increase his accuracy by getting too close. She tried to think how to beat him, at the rate she was going this was not the best way to win; she wouldn’t be able to hold out that long. Though he had healing abilities he was using his own blood, was it fast enough to replenish his blood at the rate he was releasing it?
    “Hmm…” She rushed forward then threw her hands out causing the field in front of her to spike out towards him. What if she released more of his blood, would the amount of blood lost at the moment weaken him? At least for a short time? She didn’t really have many options so it was either try the theory or surrender and die. She preferred the former.
  12. Claire Wilson Claire woke up around 3 PM and took a shower. She checked her messages and saw that she had a voicemail from her agent, Cade. Apparently, she was requested for another big hit. Some leader of a major financial corporation or something. Claire never paid attention to the details of the victims, as long as she had their name and face, she killed them. It wasn't just about the money for her, though she was now very wealthy. It was more the sense of empowerment and the thrill that kept her in the business.

    In her normal, pre-meteor life, Claire was all together unremarkable. Sure, she was attractive, and intelligent, but she was antisocial and shy. She would let people push her around and walk all over her, while holding her head down. It was probably because of her abusive parents and the various foster homes she was placed in after their deaths. She worked retail and hated her job, her coworkers and her sexually harassing boss. The only person she didn't hate was her best friend, Daniel. He never treated her like she was nothing and he was the only one she could relax with.

    He had been in a coma for the first six months after the meteor attack and when he woke up, he was different. He supposedly joined some new police taskforce that pursued all of the new villains in town. Claire was worried about this because she had somehow landed herself on the S-class villain list. Luckily, they only knew her as Nightshade, which was the poison found in all of her victims. She was very careful with her identity and she lived the same as she did before the attack to keep a low profile. Still, she herself had changed after the attack.

    Now, she had heightened vision and physical flexibility. In addition, her body had the new ability to shoot poisonous stingers in varying sizes into her victims. Generally, she used the smallest stingers possible on her hits. They were no larger than a bee's stinger, and it made the killings more discrete. Her body wasn't the only thing to change. She found a new sense of confidence with her abilities. Claire was always secretly flirty, witty, and strong willed, but now she could show it to the world. It was like she was a whole new woman.

    Tonight's target was going to be attending some charity benefit in the park tonight. Perfect, Claire thought. She picked up her phone and called Daniel. "Hey, wanna catch a movie tonight?"

    Daniel Westhouse Claire's call came just as Daniel was walking out of a conference room at headquarters. He was still new to this whole 'hero's department', but he had shown great promise with his ability of electric manipulation. His power had helped catch a few villains already and he was moving up the ranks. The meeting he just walked out of was a briefing on an S-rank Villain known as Nightshade. This assassin was making waves in the underground with their skills in quick, concise killing. It didn't seem to matter to them who they killed or why, as long as they got paid. Still, not much was known about them and the channels to even get a hold of them were confusing.

    Being pulled into this case meant that Daniel would be increasing his workload, but it also meant that he had more of an opportunity to help people. That is something he always tried to do whether it was through his ability, or his family's wealth. "Actually, I have to attend this benefit thing in the park tonight. You wanna tag along?"

    "I'd love to," Claire said, smiling. Daniel always attended every benefit he could, so she figured he would be going to tonight's. She felt bad using Daniel like this, but she would never let him know. "Pick me up at 8."

    Daniel showed up on time, wearing a suit jacket and a tie. Claire walked down wearing a pale pink dress that hit her knees. It contrasted nicely with her red hair, and Daniel blushed a little at the sight of his friend. "You look great, let's go," he said, offering her his arm.

    The park was crowded with people everywhere and Claire wondered if how many of these big shots she would be hired to kill in the future. Looking up, Claire saw her target moving down the sidewalk, in their direction, trying to get through the crowd. "So tell me about your new assignment at work. You said it was kind of dangerous, what did you mean?" It would take a minute and a half for the target to reach Claire, so she had time to talk to Daniel about all of this. She really did worry for his safety. It was one of the few things she was still afraid of with her new abilities.

    "Well, they brought me up to the S-Rank division and I'm starting on a new case," Daniel said. "You know, I'm not supposed to say too much about it, but there really isn't that much information on this new villain. They're keeping their tracks hidden pretty well."

    "What's their name?" she asked. If she knew who he was facing, maybe she could help him out behind the scenes. Villains killed each other all the time. It wouldn't be strange if this one was killed too.

    "Nightshade," Dan said, looking over the crowd. It was good that his attention wasn't on Claire because she paled considerably.

    "I- I see. Well, stay safe," Claire was so distracted that she nearly missed the target walking by them. Luckily, she was able to send a stinger from her wrist, and hit him in the back of the neck. The man reached up to the back of his neck and rubbed the spot where the stinger hit him. He continued walking for another ten feet before falling down, causing the crowd to panic.

    Daniel left Claire's side and rushed to the man who had fallen nearby, rolling him over and checking for a pulse while telling bystanders to call an ambulance. "Dammit," he said, when he saw the man was dead. Claire put on a frightened expression and walked over towards Daniel. "What happened?" she asked.

    "Looks like a heart attack," Daniel said. "We won't know until we examine the body." He took out his badge and yelled out, "Everyone should calm down. If you have information, stick around. If not, clear out and give us some space." As the crowd started thinning out, someone said that they saw him rubbing his neck like he had been bit by an insect. Claire shot that person a glare, but then turned her attention back to Daniel who had flipped the body over. "Claire," he said seriously. "I want you to go home. This wasn't an accident. This was Nightshade," Daniel was examining the small stinger now. "I need you to go somewhere safe and away from here. We don't know if the killer is still in the area."

    "Are you sure I shouldn't stay?" Claire said, trying to sound concerned. "The police may want to question me as a witness," she pointed out.

    "No. You were with me, and if you didn't see anything, there's no point."

    "Alright. I'll go. Stay safe, Daniel," she said, making her way out of the crowd. Daniel pulled out his phone and called the department to get help securing the crime scene. Daniel already knew the killer would be long gone. There was way too much traffic in this area to even begin narrowing people down. "Dammit," he said again.

    The crime scene took the rest of the night to clear and Daniel was no closer to finding out Nightshade's identity than he was before. Claire, on the other hand, left and called her agent. "It's finished. Put the money in the Cayman's and let me know what else you get." She went home and trained for a while. Very few hits were as easy as this one had been.

    The next day, Daniel watched the news report about the ongoing hostage situation. He watched as two female heroes wrapped up the situation and freed the innocent people inside. They were pretty good operatives and he was familiar with them, but he had never actually met them, despite working in the same building. He would be in this building for the rest of the day, and longer if he didn't finish this paperwork for last night's case.
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  13. Phantom jumped back, only getting hit by two of the five daggers. He easily ripped them out though. It didn't seem to bother him. He smelled blood, however and he jumped onto a tree, looking from above. He noticed Crimson Explosion was on the ground covered in blood. He had been wounded from his own attack. "You bitch!" He screamed as his eyes glowed in fury. Trees and cars and benches and anything else he could find came flying at Azure. He even threw innocent civilians.

    Crim had been badly wounded from the attack but wasn't dead. He just wasn't moving. He laid on the ground staring at the sky as he tried to gather himself. He knew of Phantom's anger and wouldn't intervene unless Phantom's life was in danger. They might fight on a daily basis but the two looked out for each other. The heroes call them inhumane for choosing darkness rather than light but in this world, darkness is the only thing they can grasp. They were all family to each other and yes they don't work together and yes they hate when other villains come on their turf but for the most part, they were all they had. Hell, most of their families are dead anyways from the radioactivity.

    Phantom snarled and when he saw the shield breaking, he jumped down and rammed his hand through the shield. He grabbed her by the throat. "You underestimate us villains. You think you are above us because were drowned in darkness... I'll tell you something, we care little for you morsels. We actually take pride in killing you." He went to rip out her heart but suddenly stopped.

    "That's enough!!!" Yelled Crimson. "She's had enough.... were retreating." He slowly got up and kind of dusted himself off.

    Phantom spun around to look at Crimson before throwing Azure to the ground. "Are you telling me were going against our orders?"

    "That's exactly what I'm telling you because right now I'm not in the mood to fight anymore. I hurt all over." He was shaking off his legs. "We can just tell them that the girls escaped. Their not our problem anymore. Plus... I ran out of blood." He showed his cut up wrist that weren't healing anymore. Phantom frowned and quickly hurried over to him. Crimson hopped weakly onto his back.

    "We will be back..."

    And just like that they were gone.​
  14. [​IMG]{Silvestro "Rant"}
    Silvestro yawned as he sat in the meeting. He only thought about half of what the conference was about (and only payed attention to that much). The woman went on to explain the emergency plan for the matches and where Silvestro was to be stationed in such a scenario. After the incident the whole arena had been outfitted to withstand Silvestro's strength and with the power of one of those artifacts coming in on one of Lee's shipments handling a bunch of idiots would be no problem, so he thought. His first day he came in contact with an S class criminal who could shoot blasts out of his hands similar to his artifact except for the fact that theirs didn't need to charge after every hit. Silvestro finally beat the guy when he jumped directly under him and hit him in the groin to fast for the villain to dodge. They popped like balloons. That really killed his confidence in these artifacts his boss was collecting.

    "Silver! Look!" a woman had grabbed Silvestro's face and slammed it against the glass to look at the fight going on.

    Silvestro couldn't really see anything as it appeared to be on the next street. The only thing visible to him was the smoke and dust flying everywhere. He pushed his head against the woman's force and removed her arm staring at her.

    "Two things. One; Someone's got it handled already if it's a fight. And Two; was that necessary? But, if it's bothering you I'll check it out..." Silvestro fixed his collar and looked back up. "On the ten o' clock news tonight. Continue."

    Mary was the name of the woman speaking she was a friend of Silver's and his ex. Aside from personal relationships she is also his boss and the one holding the conference.

    "The meeting has concluded. The prelims will be held tonight at nine. Make sure you're on time Silver." Mary said with a tone of annoyance in her voice.

    Silver gave a lazy salute and walked out. "See you at ten."

    "Just be here if shit happens Silver!" Mary shouted out the doorway in a huff.

    Silver turned around walking backwards. "Aye, sir!"

    Silver turned back around and walked out to his car. He unlocked the BMW and hopped in. Silver started the engine and thought about that fight down the street. "We should have an arena for freaks of nature like us." Silver pulled his rear view mirror down and took out a pair of shades. He pulled them on and placed the mirror back. He then pulled out of the lot and down toward the action only to be redirected by officers down the next set of streets around it. "Damn, I wanted to see."

    [​IMG]{Mo "Immortal"}
    Mo just continued walking. He did not have much to do, with the Syndicate making such a showy excuse for him to cut work. Mo started to wonder about these fragments of the meteor, the "artifacts" as that silver-haired-loud-mouth called them. Mo then stopped when he came across an intersection that was left barren. This was more towards the end where reconstruction had yet to happen and he heard a scream from a nearby pawn shop. Mo already equipped from his errand run went into hiding quick, scaling a wall watching as a woman appeared from the shop. He sat there using his training to kill his breath and keep his movements silent.

    [​IMG]{Lee "Dragoon"}
    Lee woke up quite late in his Japan seaside home. His silk pajamas had ripped yet again due to the giant piece of metal on his left side. Lee layed in his bed for a moment before sitting up and bringing his claw to his head. He thought about the orphanage and how the nuns refused to give up the worship center for his purposes.

    "Why do nuns even work at those facilities? Don't they belong in churches?"

    Lee's thoughts were interrupted by a phone call. Lee lowered his hand and stared at the glowing call button on a desk far beyond its time. He got up and walked over tapping on the answer button, a screen lowered and a private call symbol flashed with the name "PRIVATE CALLER" above it.

    "Who is it? Don't let this be a joke call, I'll kill you."

    The member of the Syndicate TrainMan group on the other end almost dropped his cell when he heard the threat. He tried to laugh it off with a joke. "You still get calls like that boss?"

    "Yes, someone has probably come across a dead man's phone again. I've already sent men to handle it. Now what is it you need, I just woke up!"

    "Yes sir... Aherm. We've received the first artifact and the thief. We are still digging in the center for the other."

    "How hard is it to dig up a rock! Give the workers some incentive, take funds from the Syndicate wallet if you need it. I need that rock before someone else gets to it!" Lee slammed his unarmed hand down on the desk. He hung up the phone and got ready for his flight back over to Russia to settle some disputes with the Russian Mafia.
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  15. Name: Ayalee Adamovich (Azure)
    Time of Day: Morning
    Location: Heading towards base > in base
    Current Activity: Ambushed
    Interactions: NPCs; Crimson Blade, Crimson Explosion. Characters; Phantom (❖RogueRaven12❖)

    Status: Open for interactions

    "Azure!" Crimson's whisper was full of worry as her opponent threw everything in sight. She ran towards her friends direction, knowing her shield wouldn't hold against so many heavy things, but was slowed down because of the obstacles; she couldn't fly, she had to climb and jump over buildings and trees to get back to her friend But when she finally reached she saw the Phantom holding her partner up by the throat, just about to kill her.

    Azure hung in the air, grasping his hands that wrapped around her neck. She made little gasps for air but strangely fear didn't show on her face. No, all she did was grin from ear to ear as she listened to his words. She used all of her strength to lift her weight enough to get out a few words between little breaths.
    "You... don't know me... at all. I don't underestimate... anyone... We're all the same... but you guys... attacked first." An invisible field formed beside her, ready to shoot through her attacker, but at the sound of the wounded villain's voice stopped her, and the enraged Crim who was about to strike from the shadows.

    Crimson Explosion's words shocked Azure, never has she been spared by any of the highly ranked villains before, then again she had never been able to do this much damage to an S ranked criminal either. Today was just bursting with surprises. And what did the Phantom mean by 'going against our orders'? Was someone targeting her specifically? When she was released she took a moment to catch her breath then gave them both a warm smile with an odd seriousness in her eyes.
    "I certainly hope so." She quietly replied as they vanished. "So Crim, that was weird, wasn't it?" her usual bubbly self reappeared as she cheerfully turned on her heels to face Crimson Blade, who came out from beside a building.
    "Very. Come on, let's go home. I'm tired of walking." She groaned as the two continued on towards the hotel. Before they entered they were sure to separate and enter the building through secret ways to make sure they weren't giving the base's location away.

    "We're hooooooooome!!!" Azure called as the two met up once again inside and strolled into the lobby.
  16. Sofie ran out of the elevator and smiled happily. She wasn't quite a child but she wasn't an adult either. She was very kind toward everyone and she was a fantastic and powerful support despite her petite figure. She might be shy but she wouldn't let anyone harm her friends or family. "Welcome home, Crimson and Azure!"

    She didn't have a nickname or title, if you will. She didn't go out on the battlefield that much either and when she did, she stayed in the shadows as she healed her teammates. She was only called upon when fighting B or higher villains. "Let me heal your wounds," she offered.

    "That won't be necessary, Sofie." Akira soon followed Sofie out of the elevator, staring darkly at the two heroes. He was covered in cuts and bruises from his fight with Phantom earlier that day but he didn't seem severely wounded. "I hear you fought against Phantom and the other Crimson... you realize Phantom is my target, right?" He narrowed his eyes at the girls.

    He then gave them a sly grin. "Well now that you're here, you can help me with my chores master keeps making me do every day." He wrapped his arms around the two girls. "The old man keeps telling me I need to work on my teamwork so what better way than to let you two pretty things help me scrub the bath house."

    Sofie looked at them, worriedly. "Master said for you to clean the bath house alone as punishment for letting Phantom go." She frowned. "He could have killed the girls."

    "You are no fun, Sofie." Akira pouted, upset that Sofie was lecturing him. He walked sat on the couch, crossing his arms and legs before sticking his tongue out at Sofie. He was acting like a child now. He really didn't want to clean the bath house since it was so big.

    The lobby of the hotel or whatever this building used to be had been turned into kind of a hang out area for the heroes. It had couches, tvs, computers, foosball, pool tables... it was your average rec room that you would see in a movie. This building must have been some kind of five star hotel. There was an elevator that they used to get to their rooms. There was a pool on the roof and a bath house on the sixth floor. They even did all their planning in the war room in the secret basement floor that the villains cannot get to. If they broke into their base, the war room becomes their safe room and they are to protect as many people as they can. They did a good job of rebuilding this hotel and making it their home. Without it, they were nothing as heroes.


    Adrian/Crimson Explosion walked into the school late as usual. He usually hated coming to school late because the teacher pestered him about coming in on time but he had some business to deal with. Juggling with all of his jobs and school was hard but he managed, somehow.

    He walked into a classroom and sat next to a familiar villain. He wasn't really close to any villains but he was able to work with them if he had to. They didn't really like working with each other if they didn't have to. After all, the more villains working on a job the less individual money they all got. Adrian let out a heavy sigh. He needed a cigarette stat. He let out an exhausted yawn.

    He had used up all of his powers in the fight and he was covered in bandages from his wounds from the battle. He managed to hide all of the major wounds but he had a bandaid on his cheek that he was unable to hide. He would have had a blood transfusion as usual but they thought him going to school was more important.

    Adrian opened up his notebook and started to take notes. He winced in pain. The slightest movement was stricken with a sharp pain through his body. He was fatigued, running on fumes. He was surprised he wasn't dead.

    It was then he rested his head in his hands as he tried to gather his thoughts. He had to focus on school but it was near impossible.

    For once in his life, Adrian was terrified.​
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  17. She hadn't moved from her position on the rooftop, but she had continued to watch the battle. It had an interesting end, but it confused her
    just as much as it interested her. She didn't know that Crimson Explosion could run out of blood which would prevent him from healing himself
    and this discovery brought unexpected thoughts and questions to her mind. She now had the idea that maybe they weren't as tough as they
    seemed. She gave a final look to the place where the battle had taken place before vaulting across the gap between her rooftop and the next.
    Landing with a thud on the next rooftop, she began a sprint and she continued to leap from roof to roof with relative ease until she reached an
    alleyway with a banner that hung above a door at the very end. The banner glowed with bright neon colors and it read very clearly, Jackie's Night-Club
    and Bar. She slid down a drain pipe that was connected to the side of a building and landed firmly on the ground. Changing into a ripped black T-shirt
    and a skirt that stopped just a few inches down her thighs. Comfortable in what she was wearing, she entered the building and the room was filled
    with dancing people and drunk ones as well. Multi-colored strobe lights shone throughout the room while some music from Avenged Sevenfold
    blared through the room. She was home for now, of course it wouldn't be home much longer before she had to move on.
    Diane strolled through the large library that she spent most of her time in. She was a graduate student at Hartsworth, but she still came and spent
    hours on end inside of there massive library. She was walking through the fantasy section, her brother Logan following behind her with his arms folded
    across his chest.
    " Diane hurry up, it shouldn't take you this long to find a few dumb books..."
    " I'm sorry what was that Logan? Dumb books? Dumb books! Books are not dumb Logan! Books are full of adventure and miracles. And maybe if you
    would read a bit more and stop spending so much time on the internet you would know better. Good Grief sometimes I don't know what to do with you..."

    Logan continued to sulk along while Diane searched copiously for her books. Once she had maybe five or six of them and she was content with her selections,
    she turned on her heel and start to make her way to the front desk so she could check them out. She had gotten some very large books, each one with a good
    thousand or so pages to read, filled with enchanting stories of nights and dragons and mystical creatures. She had been so amazed with fantasy ever since
    she was young, and even today she had collectible porcelain figurines of all of the nights and dragons and unicorns and such she had ever read about in her life.
    She had dressers and shelves topped with glass figures and paintings covered the walls of her room. You couldn't step inside of her room without seeing something
    that resembles a mythical or mystical creature from a fantasy story. It was absurd how much she was obsessed with that sort of thing. But Logan didn't bother her too
    much about it, he let her sister have her fun but when things got serious or out of hand he spoke up until she gave in and lay off for a while. They had been in the
    library for some time, and Logan was becoming impatient.
  18. Daniel Daniel walked down the hallway after getting the paperwork done. "Hey Sparky!" someone said walking by him. "I heard they brought you up to the Nightshade case. Pretty boring isn't it?" he said as they continued walking away from each other.

    "Not too bad. Take it easy," he called out, offering a wave before turning the corner. For some reason, people referred to him as Sparky. It didn't bother him. After all, his power was electric manipulation, so it fit well. He was still lost on the Nightshade case, though. There were no clues left at the crime scene and Daniel couldn't help but feel like he was overlooking something.

    As he rounded the corner, he saw a group standing by the elevators. He noticed the two girls from the hostage situation and two others, Akira and Sofie. "Hey, nice job on that hostage situation," he said to them. "I'm Daniel Westhouse. We've not had the pleasure of meeting, but I was impressed by how well you ladies did today." He turned to Sofie and Akira and offered a smile. Sofie was the girl that would be healing him on his S-Class missions if he ever needed her. She seemed sweet. Akira wasn't as sweet, and Daniel found himself referring to him mentally as a feral cat.

    Of course, Daniel figured he had a reason to be testy. A lot of people lost their families in the incident, just like Daniel had. He didn't let himself turn bitter over his parent's deaths, but he didn't have time to grieve either. They left him with millions of dollars and several companies that needed to be controlled. Daniel never wanted to take over the businesses, so he sold them off to the other investors. Now, he had way more money than he knew what to do with. That's why he was always giving it away to charities or needy people.

    Claire/Nightshade In the last two weeks, Claire, or Nightshade, had worked eight assassinations. Most of them were already researched for her, but a couple took her own observations. With her total number of killed being almost one hundred, she called Cade. "I think we should slow down some. I'm already on the S-Rank. I don't want to be any higher. It makes things difficult if they start pursuing me too much." She may have said this, but what she was really worried about was getting Daniel involved in her life of crime.

    "I was thinking the same thing," Cade said, surprisingly. "In fact, I was thinking you should go and meet some of the other villains out there. You never know when you might need some back up."

    "Well, I appreciate your input, but you're my agent, not my life coach," she snapped back. Claire hated meeting other people. She didn't trust anyone and she didn't like the idea of getting to know people who specialized in lying and deceit. "Besides, it's not like we villains have some super secret meeting place."

    "I am your agent. That's why I want to make sure you don't get killed. If you're gone, I lose a lot of money. So trust me when I say it wouldn't hurt to have a few more people on your side," Cade cared about Claire, but he was always more concerned about himself. At least he was honest about it. "I have clients other than you, and some of them are pretty powerful. A few of them hang out in this club on the East side. Why don't you go and interact a little?"

    "That doesn't sound like a set up or anything," Claire rolled her eyes. "And it's not like I can bust in there and announce to being Nightshade. I'd like to keep my identity to myself for now, thanks."

    "Well then wear a mask. This is a costume club, so you won't be found out. And the cops leave that place alone. Either out of fear, or because they figure any attacks will be villain on villain. You'll be fine. Just try it and I won't bug you about it again."

    "Whatever. I'll go tonight and check it out. I don't have plans anyways," Claire figured it would be easy to get him off her back this way. She dug in her closet and picked out a black, plastic mini dress and some heels. Then she found her old Mardi Gras mask that was also black, but with a thin gold trim. She figured she wouldn't be too noticeable wearing this. She waited until it got dark and then hailed a taxi to take her to the east side.

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  19. The daycare that she had been sent to scope out was a quaint little place. The type of daycare with bad drawings of cartoon characters on the side and massive Plexiglas windows at the front, so people could ogle at the children inside. Nadia thought that was a hazard in itself, because obviously parents didn't leave their kids there so other people could stare at them like they were animals in a pet shop. But Nadia could see why there would have been a suspicious person lurking about, because that was how kidnappings were planned. Creepy people get to see some kid everyday, take a liking to them and start stalking them.

    Nadia thought that after she caught her perp, she should give the daycare owners a stern talking to and persuade them to not use plexiglas ever again.

    ...Well, if she ever caught the perp. She'd already been there for twenty minutes and she hadn't seen anything. And she had circled the damn playground twice and was now standing across the street, partly hidden behind a tree so she could keep an eye on the building. She thought the whole thing would be a bust, until she saw a shadow slinking behind the daycare. Kicking into gear, Nadia dashed across the street and tailed the shadowy figure. They came to a door at the back of the building and the figure turned the knob, but found it locked, so he/she pulled something out of their pocket and stuck it into the door's lock. Nadia took that as her cue to put a halt to any further actions.

    "Hey!" She yelled, and the figure whirled around and Nadia nearly screamed because her perp was the stuff of nightmares. It was like he came straight out of a horror story or from under the bed of a small child. He wasn't just a shadowy figure, he was a shadow. Just a shadow! Nothing else! "Uh..." Was all Nadia could muster, the figure held up it's hands in a 'I mean no harm' gesture, but Nadia didn't put her guard down. She did however, stop staring at them like they were a creepy shadow monster.

    "Please let me explain! I know this looks bad...but..." The shadow whispered, and Nadia detected a hint of girlishness in their voice.

    "But?" Nadia prompted.

    "I-I...My son's in there! I just wanted to see him, but it's just that-Ah, let me start over. I was a victim of the meteor."

    Clearly. Nadia thought but just nodded and smiled encouragingly.

    "When I woke up in the hospital, I was scared and before I could think straight I ran out and headed home. It wasn't until I got to my front doorstep that I realized that I felt lighter and that no one had really noticed me, on my way there. Because you'd think someone would notice a woman in a hospital gown right?" The shadow woman laughed sarcastically and then sighed. "I went into my house, --using the spare key mind you, I didn't pick the lock--and I saw my little boy playing with his blocks and I went to hug him, but when he saw me he screamed--and I mean who wouldn't? I'm a giant shadow monster!" The woman wailed and Nadia suddenly felt bad for seeing her in the same light as her son. "M-My husband ran into the room and he started throwing things at me, he grabbed Peter--my son, and ran out of the house screaming. A-and, I just, I just wanted to come here and talk to Peter and explain to him that I'm not a monster, I'm just his mom..." The woman trailed off and sat down on the pavement, little drops of shadow fell from her face and it took Nadia a moment to realize they were tears.

    Nadia sat down next to the woman, and braved a pat on the back. Thankfully her hand landed on the woman's back and didn't pass through her. That would have been awkward.

    "Listen, um,"

    "Fiona. Fiona Nathan."

    "Listen, Mrs. Nathan, I understand that you want to see your son and make things right, but breaking and entering is not the way to go! Come with me, and I will take you to somebody who can help you learn to control your powers and maybe even get your original form back! And if not that, then he can definitely help you reconnect with your family."



    After letting Mrs. Nathan cry with joy for a few more minutes, Nadia called her boss and gave him a heads up before taking the woman to headquarters. As she was leaving Nadia allowed herself a little self high five and a mini clap session, because she was such an awesome person.
  20. Name: Ayalee Adamovich (Azure)
    Time of Day: Morning
    Location: In base
    Current Activity: Chatting
    Interactions: NPCs; Crimson Blade, Sofie. Characters; Akira (❖RogueRaven12❖)

    Status: Open for interactions

    Crimson Blade let out a low agitated growl and maneuvered out of the cat's grasp. Before Sofie could lecture him, she scoffed.
    "Go clean it yourself. I'm going to get more sleep. Good night Azure." She muttered, about to enter the elevator to go to her room, but was stopped by a male voice. She glanced at the boy and waved him off as she stepped through the elevator's open doors.
    "I was just doing my job, and I know who you are. Later." She yawned as the doors shut to take her to her room floor.

    "Erm, good night Crim... Maybe it was a bad idea to wake her up so early." Azure replied before turning towards the three other heroes. It was no surprise to Azure that Crimson knew the unknown hero, Crimson specialized in getting information, and she made it a point to know about the people she works with.
    "Thanks for the complement Daniel, its a pleasure to meet you too. Don't mind Crim, she's not a morning person at all... Then again she's no different in the afternoon either... She's difficult." Ayalee laughed before she gave the stranger a hug. "My name is Ayalee Adamovich, but you may call me Azure, Aya, or Ada." She released him from her grasp and removed the uncomfortable mask from her face, placing it in one of her pockets before turning towards Midnight.

    "We didn't intend on fighting your target, he and Crimson Explosion kind of forced us into it." She said with a cheerful smile. "And Sofie I would love for you to heal my wounds. I may have overexerted myself blocking a few cars and trees. I really need to work on that." She let out an embarrassed laugh as she sat down on the floor where she was standing.

    "You know, maybe the first step in improving your teamwork is not manipulating your teammates into taking your punishments. Luckily Sofie was here to warn us or else I would have fallen for it." She giggled, tilting her head to the side at Midnight. "So Akira, how did the little Phantom slip through your claws? It seems CB did more damage to him than you." She grinned at him tauntingly.
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