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Heroes and Villains

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kitti, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]
    Which comic book hero or villain would you be and [/size][size=+2]TELL US WHY!
  2. Heroine - 80'sStarfire ... NOT the one from today's comics. |:


    The hair. And her build is closest to being actually a strong female build, not something that is too busty, or too impossible to achieve in reality. <3 :D And she has hips. And it all makes me feel happy and normal and strong like her.<3
    Oh. And then if you mix her with Starfire's personality from the Teen Titans cartoon show, well, that's just me.<3

    Villainess - Black Cat


    Uhm. I dunno. I always loved her since I played the Spider-Man game for the Nintendo64. And then reading comics had me loving her more..<3
    She's just so shifty and sly and awesome! >:D You never know when she'll just appear and it will either turn out nice for Spidey, or terrible and he gets his butt whooped.
    ^^~ she's a cool cat.

  3. I think as far as heros go I'd have to say Fairchild from Gen13. Nerd girl endowed with super powers FTW.

    Villians, 60s Catwoman. Bother Eartha Kitt & Julie Newmar were awesome in their role. Sexy, clever and all around awesome for such a cheesy show.
  4. Hero i guess i would say...screw it i want to be a villain XD

    poison ivy because thats my nickname because i have a greenroom and i love plants

    and harley quinn because who doesnt want to love the joker and also get to play with the batman XD
  5. Hero: Mother effing Kitty! :D SHADOWCAT!


    Villainess: ....duh?

  6. Deadpool.

    Fuck reasoning.

    Just cause.
  7. Hero: I would have to go with Spider-man. I mean I can relate really well with a nerd that was bullied but yet still can get some pretty attractive women.
    (I hated Deadpool from X-Men Origins)

    Villain: Atrocious of the Red Lantern Corps, I have a lot of rage that I have held in and at points escape from me when it gets real bad.
  8. Hero-Rocket raccoon
    Thats why

    villian-im not sure -_-
  9. Hero- Storm from X-Men, just cause she can control weather :3

    Villain- Harley Quinn. Not really a super-villain, but... She gets to hang out with Joker >:D He may treat her badly, but he's awesome!
  10. Hero: Spider-Man.

    For all his awesome powers and his GREAT sense of humor.


    Villain: Venom.

    Symbiotes are AWESOME. THE END.

  11. Fixed. ^^;;;
  12. Oh wow lol i said that wrong XD ty for the fix
  13. Superman does not equal Spider-Man.

    -bops self on head.-
  14. Hero? Batman. He's my <3 forever.

    Villain? Mystic is who I'm leaning towards...at the moment.
  15. Hero: Cyclops

    Villain: Daken

  16. Hero:
    Superman Prime
    Because screw limits. ​
  17. For hero... Valkyrie:


    For villain... Duh:



    Or Loki, since my boyfriend says I'm a Frost Giant. lol
  18. Raven. Because, I mean, c'mon... RAVEN.
  19. Villain: Darth Vader. Because I find your lack of faith disturbing.
    Hero: Batman. Because its a running gag.
    Anti-Hero: Kiritsugu Emiya. Because he's 80% badass, 20% awesome, and he makes the panties fall down.