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  1. It's the morning after the most epic party of the year, and strange things are starting to happen.
    No one really remembers last night, but the kids of Newbury High School are starting to notice that something's not right.
    They're developing super-powers.
    But with super heroes come super villains...
    Suddenly, what used to be a regular high school has transformed into the basis of a battle between good versus evil.
    What happened to them? Nobody knows, but it's clear that things at Newbury will never be the same.
    (takes place in Britain so the drinking age is 18)
    Jenna had the WORST hangover of her life. Her head pounded and when she ran to throw up the entire room started to spin. Why do I have to go to school!

    After showering and shoving the breakfast her mom had made for her down her dogs throat, she was out and driving down the road. As she arrived at school Jenna noticed how many other people looked like they had gotten hit by a bus. She checked her reflection in her rearview mirror, smiled and then slipped out of the car. Nancy Black bounced over to her side as soon as she begun to walk over to the stairs.

    "Hey Jenna!" Jenna winces at her high screeching voice and glares.

    "Just because you weren't at the party, doesn't mean you can scream at me!" She snaps, walking away from the shocked girl only to scream as the bell rang. It felt like thousands of girls fangirling over One Direction were doing their duty right by her ears. Suddenly the bell stopped and she blinked finding herself on the ground in a fetal position. Everybody in the halls was crowded around her.

    "What are you looking at!?" Jenna raged, standing and escaping into her first period class. Then her face hit the floor.


    Today was going to be a long day.
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  2. Joseph doesn't get many hangovers in his life, but today was an exception. As Joseph was squandering in pity in the back of the classroom, some girl face-planted as she was coming into the classroom. I guess she was at the the same party as me, Joseph wondered.

    "Hey girl, on the floor, id clear up before the teacher gets here." Joseph slurred aloud.
  3. As Avery sat in class waiting for it to start he tried his best to ignore the pain that seemed to be coursing through his veins. The party last night was off the hook, but the hangover he woke up to was deadly. He had gotten two chicks to sleep with him last night. He always had a talent with pulling girls, because of his smooth ways, and looks. Not to mention he could sing flawlessly. He was the pianist and lead singer in his band, Leep-Yeer. He loved his life as a rock star. Endless money, endless parties, endless girls. School seemed to be the only thing holding him back.

    "Hey Avery," he heard about five girls yell as the walked into class. He recognized the two from last night and he winked at them with a smirk.

    "Hey girls," Avery responded.

    His smirk turned into a frown, he felt like his muscle structure seemed to be growing, his clothes started to feel extra tight on him. Avery's attention was stolen by Jenna, the one girl that he would actually want to settle down with one day. The one he actually cared about. The one he wanted not just for sex, but for everything else love had to offer. Jenna was the only girl who has ever rejected Avery...multiple times...He wasn't used to that, but she seemed to be the kind of girl that wouldn't take bullshit. Avery stared at her as she walked in. "H-hey J-Jenna," he murmured nervously, hoping she heard, but at the same time hoping she didn't. Avery ignored the fact that she face planted, because he saw her at the party the night before. He felt probably the exact same way she did...except for the coursing pain he felt everywhere.
  4. Jenna sneered up at the boy. Then stood, looking for the quiet voice that had just spoken.

    "Hi Avery." She sighs and reaches for her books, scooping them up then sitting beside Avery. She winces as the pain from the impact of the cold lab floor hit her. "Ugh! First a hangover and now this too!?"

    She glances at her lab partner, who was staring at her as usual.

    Avery, the classical player. He was as bad as every guy in those cheesy movies. You know? The one who's determined to get with every popular girl in the school? Yeah, that was him. Jenna was pretty positive that she us the only girl left on the cheer squad that hasn't slept with him. And never would. She knew that he'd just end up hurting her somehow, using his admittedly good looks and musical talent to woo her. Long enough to screw her at least. Then he'd drop her like a broken toy.

    Jenna shook her head and looked away.
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  5. Christy grew up with parents that were alcoholic's, whose parents were also alcoholic's, so she pretty much inherited their 'heavy drinker' gene. So at the party last night she bet to her guy friend's that she could out drink them without getting sick, which she would regretted in the morning.

    Christy wasn't usually late for class considering she's an ace student that excels in most subjects in school but today was different. Her head was pounding and she felt a bit nauseous from the previous night. Chris ignored the hangover as she quickly walked through the nearly empty hallways to class hoping that the teacher was late also. As she stumbled into class, she let out a little sigh of relief knowing that she beat the teacher here then walked to her usual set in the front of the class. At her seat she held her head and covered her eyes from the light that seemed painful. "I knew i would win the bet last night" She said to herself with a smile on her face.

    Chris always tries to be the best student she can be, even though she used to be a delinquent. She doesn't want to live the way her parents live now, for her it's sad to see the way they live so she's trying to build a bright future for herself.
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  6. The pain Avery felt started to numb down due to Jenna being rather close to him today...then again she's forced to. Avery was her lab partner. This was the only class they ever talked in, but of course he wanted to talk to her more, but every time he tried he either got shrugged off by her, or he just lost confidence. Avery took a deep breath and tried to regain his senses. Once he did the pain came back and it struck him harder than it did earlier. Within seconds his undershirt began to rip. His muscles were getting bigger by the hour. After he heard the first rip through on his jacket quickly before his shirt ripped off completely. Avery bit his lip trying not to yell out in pain. He then heard his heart beat loud and clear, and he started shaking. Bloody hell!? he thought to himself. Avery hopped out of his seat abruptly and rushed out of the classroom. He rushed to the bathroom, his heart beat getting louder and louder. As soon as he made it to the bathroom he fell to his knees, sweat ran down his body. He never felt this much pain before, and he felt like he was going to pass out from it, but he had to stay awake and make it back to class. Avery struggled, but got up and he through water in his face, he coughed a few times, then the pain numbed down again.

    Avery walked back into class casually, like nothing happened in the last ten minutes, and he sat back down next to Jenna. He swallowed and sat back in his chair and stared at the ceiling. Stealing a few glances of Jenna, waiting for class to start.
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  7. Jenna was spacing off as usual in class. The teacher running on and on about controlled variables in the lab we'd been doing in class. Her staring at the stars was suddenly ruined by a loud Rripp sound.

    Being a girl, she automatically checked her clothes for any damage. After not seeing anything she wasn't supposed to, Jenna sighed. Then Avery jumped up and ran out of the lab. The class was quiet and everyone looked towards the sound. The teacher coughs and tries to gather everones attention back to the lesson.
    Jenna mulled over why he'd done that. It could have been a joke to get more attention...her head rose as Avery entered the room again ten minutes later, not meeting any of the curious stares and plopping down next to her.

    Jenna tried to settle her curiousity to know why he'd left, but in the end it won and she found herself passing him a note.

    "Are you alright?"
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  8. Avery brought his head back down to face their desk where he now saw a note...from Jenna? He was surprised to see that she wrote "Are you alright?" Aver smiled a little, for her concern brightened up his mood. He turned the note over to the back side of the paper and wrote "I'm not sure...but I'm definitely feeling better now that you're technically talking to me :)." He put a small smiley face in the corner of the note and passed it back over to Jenna, trying his best not to exchange eye contact, because doing so would allow his confidence to flow away once more.
  9. Joseph was half awake half sleeping when he heard a loud commotion in the front of the class. " What the hell is going on??" muttered to himself.

    With a grunt, Joseph lifted his numb body to look at the front of the class where the teacher was blabbing about variables.

    Joseph was a smart kind but lacked the motivation to work hard in class. He usually partied on his free time and if not laying in his bed thinking about partying. He was a party monkey.

    Joseph tapped his lab partner Christy and asked "what the hell is going on up there?"
  10. Jenna flipped the note and schrunched up her nose. She rolled her eyes at his last part. Typical Avery. She ripped ut up and wrote another note.

    "Well what happened? Plus I do NOT ignore you!"
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  11. Avery looked at this note and flipped it over once more to write "Well like...I guess my muscles are getting bigger...that's why you heard the rip, but when I say they're getting bigger, I mean bigger by the minute. They're growing and it's causing so much pain...I'm not sure what it is, but it's weird...I could hear my heartbeat and whatever....it's hard to explain..." he passed the note back over to Jenna.
  12. Jenna took a second to read the note, then re-read it. Yep. Definitely insane. She looked at him out of the corner of her eyes and wrote down something. Then passed it to him and brushed her hair from her eyes.
    "You do realize how completely insane you sound right?"
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  13. Chris looked at Joseph "So your awake, I was thinking that I would probably have to do this assignment by myself." She said to him jokingly.

    She then turned her head looking out the window getting her thoughts together. "I think maybe Avery's just trying to get Jenna's attention....again. They do seem to be passing eachother notes. Then again there seems to be something strange about Avery, I don't know maybe it's just me. I'm not entirely sure what's going on, the idea's are endless." She said to Joesph quietly, but loud enough for him to hear.

    Chris glanced back at him "Now then, can you please pay attention to what the teacher is saying"
  14. "yeah yeah yeah, i start payin attention." Joseph said.

    " so, who much did you drink last night? you dont look hung over at all." Joseph asks with a frown.

    Joseph then took out his notepad and started jotting down notes.
  15. "Ha, I'm not really sure. I do remember that I bet some of my friends that I could out drink them, which I know they'll regret because I'm going to make them do something really embarrassing. I know it was a lot though because I never felt this bad the next day. I guess I'm just trying to ignore the pain in my head." She relpied.

    Chris then started wondering what embarrassing thing she should make her friends do for losing the bet. "Do you have an idea what I should make them do for losing the bet?" She asked Joseph.
  16. with a chucle, Joseph said "make them go streaking on a highway"

    "that should make them not bet against you in a drinking game for awhile" Joseph said with a laugh
  17. Avery sighed. He wrote under his note. "I know I do...but come on think about it.... a lot of things have been weird since last night's party... you can't deny that" he passed the note back to her once more. He was surprised that the teacher hadn't noticed them yet.
  18. Christy couldn't help but laugh out loud at his suggestion and the thought of it made her laugh more. When she realized how loud she was, she quickly covered her mouth with her hands, then looked at the teacher who was already staring at her. "I'm sorry for being loud. I'll be quiet now" She said to the teacher with a smile still on her face.

    She looked back at Joseph "That sounds like a good idea, I think thats what i'll make them do" saying quietly while giggling lightly.
  19. Lucy and Clara, the two rich girls, walk in barley hungover from the party. "We're sorry for being late." Clara States as they sit down at their seats. They aren't hard to tell apart. Lucy is the more into the Gothic look, while Clara is more into bright colors.
  20. She thinks about what he'd written. Had things been weird since the party…? Now that she was thinking about it…yeah, they had. Like how this morning, the sound of the bell for first period had nearly killed her. That wasn't just because of her hangover. What had happened at that party? "Do you think we were drugged?!" She shoves the note to him and bounces in her seat anxious for an answer.