Hero/Villain Highschool (Maybe even more Teen Titan Related Highschool?)

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Which type of RP?

  1. Heroes&Villains

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  2. Teen Titan based

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  3. Niether

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  5. Both A&B

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  1. [​IMG]

    So here is the idea it's a school. Not your normal school bu a school of future heroes or even future villains.

    I original thought of the idea through all the different highschool RPs. But Then I thought about how Teen Titan comics only mention the heroes going to normal highschool and thought a learning to be a hero kind of school would be cool.

    I'm one wondering if Teen Titans would be good or if any Hero/Villain highschool would be better.

    Then of course there would be classes but I was thinking a mix of your usually ones like Math, English, Science but also those meant more for a hero or villain which is where some things like PE and History can easily be changed to fit.

    Then there is the question is group or jump in better?

    Should the Teens go on missions or jobs from time to time?

    Let me know your thoughts for the RP and maybe if I have enough interest one will appear shortly afterwards.

    Any questions like my ideas on classes please just ask. I got some ready so ask me here I don't mind.​

    I see tons of views after posting but only one Vote so IDK what that means...

    I added more choices to try and help too.
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  3. Is this a sanboxverse where your characters can be ridiculous like in comics?
  4. Well um... Some of the more recent heroes I'm aware of have more weaknesses... But sort of yes. But um all the Titans I know have a weakness and there not are ridicules as Superman.
  5. I was thinking of a hero that comes from an equivalent of Gorilla City but with dinosaurs, and while everyone in the city wants dominance over the planet, this hero just wants to learn about the outside world.
  6. Being the school would probable naturally have to be large something like that should fit just fine. Just to learn may be in some cases outside the rooms. An example would be like English or Math class.
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  7. Alright being I have a bit more votes than one.

    Here's some class ideas I had for the RP. And yes there will be time for a bigger plot than just school.

    Here was the basic class ideas for either:
    History of Heroes and Villains
    How to blend in a a citizen
    Costume desgin
    Power/Ability Traning

    More may come or change depending on the pick that wins. And when I will add the link for sign ups here.
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  8. Posting Intrest. I love this Idea
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  9. Thanks. Came with it when bored and after doing homework of all things XD
  10. (Placing interest here)
  11. Alright I'll make sure to let you both know when I know and have sign ups up.

    And if things keep going well like this then that may be sometime tomorrow.
  12. I think missions or jobs from time to time could do justice, and really makes it a little more distinct to other boarding school RPs where you have to be in school grounds for most of the time.

    Plus, maybe assign teams for the semesters. They get the team, they stick with them.
  13. Yeah I was thinking that along with some like mentor Leaders of heroes for some of it then those few teachers who would be ex-villains or so they say.

  14. This does seem like an interesting idea. I have to ask though.. how would the villains play into this? Would the hero(es) students know beforehand which students are currently villains or would this be kept discreet? ​
  15. So if the parent's are villains then the students would know that that student may become like said parent.

    However there are of course the option where a student could be the kid of heroes or be at the school because they were eligible to become a said hero. The teachers would not know what they would chose but hope to teach them good. There will be so called ex-villain teachers which were approved by the principle but what those teachers may teach some students separate. Or in the students free time would be well secretive some may even seem to have moments in class where they say like to live a second in the past. So no it wouldn't really be know till trouble starts just those with villain parents would seem to be more carefully watched.

    Great question though. I had been thinking through that this morning actually.
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  16. Haha, I figured I'd ask just incase. Hm, so the students, villains specifically, could seek out their own ex-villain mentors in that case? It would seem like an interesting idea to have the teachers teaching the students equally until that students path diverged from the intended one. ​
  17. Yep exactly. Which is why I had the idea of ex-villains as teachers.

    Now the only question I haven't planned is if this isn't Teen Titans but simple heroes and villains. What characters to use for these sort of roles... I thought original mostly but also wondered about simple comic villains or even those of Disney or those seen in some movies. I'm leaning to the original characters though honestly being how the idea originally started.

    Edit: And glancing at some pre-made characters I should have plenty of villains to choose from. Heroes hmmm I can find something up my sleeve. Just for when it all is set to start that is.
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  18. Hm.. I think simple comic villains or ones portrayed in movies would work nicely in the roleplay. Haha, having original characters would be better since there's more to work with and bend to someone's liking.​
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  19. @Raven
    I have an idea for a hero character but whats the limits on powers is it like one power that can have multiple functions like beast boy or raven using her magic
    or are they able to step into like superman territory where they just have multiple powers
  20. Um well Raven has multiple power XD

    But the more powers you have I would prefer some limits. Being for example Raven's soul self has a few. When she use it her physical form if not attached is weaker, or when she makes objects animated by it then she can get hurt through that. Teleporting takes a lot of energy from her same on healing etc. Superman well his main is Kryptionine as we all should know. But he has more weaknesses than just that for example his emotion towards Lowis Lane.

    More will be explained on this when I know for sure what type of way I'm going fandom or just original. Which will be listed in the character Sheet and rules on characters if I feel that's needed.
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