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  1. The Markatta Hero School, a prestigious school for those who have the potential to save hundreds of people. This school has teachers who are heroes from across time and space, even the Headmistress is a hero. This was the first day of a new school year, the summer sun shone over the empty platform and chairs for first time students. It was still fairly early and the first years wouldn't be there for a few hours.

    Luna slept in her dorm room, not really being a morning or daytime person quite yet. She'd spent the summer wandering during the cool nights and avoiding the hot days. Hopefully Hal-Zern or Sir Thomas would wake her up. She had mentioned to several of the teachers, those she considered her closest friends, and the heads of the houses that she'd need someone to get her up.

    The curtains were blocking out the sun as she slept in her fairly large bed. She was sprawled across it with the blankets thrown all over. She was a heavy sleeper, and had been a little under the weather. She snored lightly as she lay there in the morning.

    The other teachers were hurrying about and helping the returning students settle in. Many were quite excited to see the students back though others were just as annoyed about coming back as any other student. The entire campus was busy and humming with energy, students reuniting after a long summer at home. Some students had stayed over the summer, as had a few teachers, and they were seeing their friends and comrades after so long as well.
  2. Crystal landed on the platform, the first among the new students to arrive. She had incorporated her own ride, so she could be early. She looked around herself, her emerald green eyes fueled with excitement.

    She began to walk, absorbing the scenes around her and implanting them into her photographic memory. She was special in the case that no matter what she seen she could remember. This made her something of a brainiac, and easy to teach... as long as there were photos or written things. She couldn't remember sounds quite so much.
  3. With a gentle gust of wind, the doors to Luna's door swung open, and Hal-Zern floated in, his skeletal feet a foot off the floor. Just as she had said, and just as he had expected, she was sleeping in on this important day.

    He made his way to the foot of her bed, and coughed slightly. When there was no reaction, he sighed slightly, and decided he needed to take some more drastic measures. Of course, from how long he'd known her, that wasn't exactly a big surprise for him. So, with a wave of his hand, the curtains flew open, and with a rather loud, if hollow voice, he announced "Headmistress! Your presences is required, as the new students will be arriving in but a few hours!"

    He folded his arms, and chuckled slightly. "You weren't hoping for a softer awakening when asking me, did you?"


    Sir Thomas walked among the returning students, greeting, shaking hands, and laughing to all the familiar faces and students. So many friends, so many eager learners! And soon, there would even be new students! So much potential, so many to teach to fight! Oh, this year was going to become a good one! He could feel it in his bones!
  4. "Naaaaaaahhhhhhhhggggggg" Luna groaned as she pulled a blanket over her head. "Whhhyyyyyyyyyyy?" She sighed and sat up, looking at him. "Do I have to?" She whined as she looked at him, "I know I know it's stupid to ask..."

    Slowly she got out of bed and looked at him, "You are one scary nightmare to look at first thing in the morning." She couldn't help but laugh a bit as she shoved him out of her room. It didn't take her long to change into her 'official' dress. She wore her uniform on days like today. she came out with a comb and looked at Hal-Zern. "So Hal, what do you think the new kids have heard about me? Nothing? That I'm a crazy cat lady? I still have those cat ears!"

    She always liked to try and do something different each year. She loved to entertain people and found it fun to mess with new students, then when they saw her around she'd be herself and normal. She stretched as she stood there, having forgotten to put on her shoes.
  5. Crystal squinted through the crowd of returning students, almost feeling a bit lost.
    "Maybe coming a few hours early wasn't such a good idea... I probably should've taken time to eat breakfast too..." She looked down, rubbing her tummy. She carried her suitcase in her other hand, her staff taped to it with duck tape. Yep, she was soooo prepared. She combed her hair with her free hand, removing it from her tummy. It seemed no matter what she did to it it was always messy.
  6. "A scary nightmare you've seen for the last couple of centuries. You'd think you were used to it by now." He chuckled, as he was shoved out of the room. "As for the new students? Depends on the world, I assume. After all, the different worlds have different traditions. Some revers legends like you almost like a god. Others have forgotten all about you. Then, there are others still, thinking of you as nothing more than the slightly odd principal of this academy. It's like asking me who the first new student is. It's impossible to tell." He chuckled, as he hovered towards the door.

    "Now, can I trust that you won't go back to bed? Or am I free to start heading towards the grounds, to get ready for the new students?"
  7. Luna laughed at him. "You should know the answer to that. I guess I can go nap under a tree...or maybe in one..." she looked thoughtful for a moment before laughing again. "Nah I'll be fine. I think I'll just stick to the script." She walked past him, refusing to acknowledge that she wasn't wearing shoes. She stretched as she got outside. The fresh daytime air was a decent change of pace from the cool nighttime. She yawned a bit and headed off to be sure the seats and stage were all set for the new students.
  8. Students were finally starting to arrive, the preparations finally done. Luna stood behind the podium waiting for the fresh young faces eager to learn. The heads of the houses sitting behind her. She watched as new students sat down uneasy as they had to leave their things behind. Other teachers were taking care of the new students' things, taking them to their assigned dorms. She looked around at all the young faces, appearing to be a student herself. She smiled to herself wondering if any of them actually knew she was in charge. As far as it appeared she was only a student doing some introductions. As the students settled themselves she leaned on the podium, still without shoes.

    "Good afternoon new students of the Markatta Hero School! I'm sure some of you are still tired, having to leave your homes in the middle of the night. Traveling through space does that for you! I'll bet you're all wondering, who's this student up here? I thought the headmistress is supposed to be here. Who IS the head of this school? Well you know what they say about books and their covers. I am your headmistress, Luna Valentine. In case you haven't noticed by my uniform I am a teacher in House Andraste, the house of warriors. Behind me are my closest friends and the heads of each house,"
    she said in a grand voice,
    "I built this school myself....well with some help... anyways I built the school to give people like all of you a chance to show that you can make a difference! Even the smallest act can trigger a huge change! You might even recognize some of your teachers. Please refrain from tackling them with hugs or challenging them to duels. They don't like that. And trust me, you're all new. You challenge them, you WILL get your butt handed to you.

    This school isn't about being the strongest or the best, because physical strength and mental fortitude will only get you so far. You'll graduate when the five of us think you're ready, there's more to this than passing classes and beating the snot out of bad guys. But if we tell you too much you'll graduate too quickly! Remember, you aren't paying to go to school here. We're providing everything you need. If you go out into town you'll have to pay for things yourself. maybe you can even earn a bit of coin by helping out! So, as the Headmistress, a teacher, and even a fellow student, I'd like to welcome you to the family! If you need anything, let us know. Sure the school is big but I try to make time for everyone. It's important to me that you feel comfortable here and feel safe. If you feel like there's an issue with a teacher or your classes, talk to me. Talk to another teacher, it'll get to me. We do our best to make sure you guys are in the classes that help YOU get stronger and be the best You that you can be!

    I'd like to take this time to remind you that house descriptions are in your new student folders which you'll get later. You'll find the name of the head of the house and more detailed information than what I'm going over here. As you know, House Andraste is the house of warriors run by Sir Thomas, House Robin is the house of Rangers unfortunately the head couldn't make it today he's a bit busy at home, Merlin is the house of wizards which is headed by Hal-Zern he looks scarier than he is, and Titania is the house of healers apparently our lovely head is busy organizing lunch. You already know what house you're going to be in, so don't forget that you need to get your uniform. They aren't worn all the time but they're used for special events such as tournaments and sporting events. Think of it like a team jersey!"

    She was starting to run out of steam at this point but knew she had a little more to push on.

    "Now you guys, there will be a big lunch in an hour! I hope you guys are all gonna be there! You may or may not see me there, if I'm not there I'm sorry...Things get really busy at the beginning of the year. I hope you guys make this year a good one!"

    She gave a soft sigh as she stepped back. With this the students were dismissed to go and find their rooms. She was already exhausted and she still had to round up the new teachers.
  9. Crystal clapped after the speech. She had somehow managed to find her way to where the assembly would be held, without getting even more lost than she already was. Hopefully the teachers didn't mind a few tardies at the beginning of the year, especially with new students. She hadn't minded leaving her things behind, but she had her staff in hand. Who knew what kind of twisted, stuck up hero would want to do something to it, but she was wary of that much at least. Hopefully she could make it through the year without being picked on... too much.


    Primlin looked ahead, her slitted amber eyes gleaming in the faint amount of light that shone in the area. She had gotten here same as every other new student, or at least the ones she had came with. A bus. An interdimentional bus. It was incredible. However, due to her lack of manners, and fairly irritated demeanor, many of the students had given her plenty of space. Not to mention she looked like something that came out of hell. Pretty specific, actually.
    She was here for one reason, and one reason only... To hone her skills. She wanted to cleanse every demon from every world, hers more so than others. Of course, in order to do that she needed to try new things. It had taken her a minute to decide which class she would be in, seeing as she could control shadows, but dictated shadows wasn't an element, so much as it was an ability of hers. Besides, she never used it much anyways. She heard one solitary clapper, that started up the whole thing, but she didn't move. Who on earth could be so idiotic, so freaking optimistic, to do that? All the principal was doing was her duty, it's not like she really cared about the problems of each and every one of them. She sneered a little, adjusting her collar to better hide the lower half of her face. This was going to be a long year...
  10. Luna noticed only one of them clapping and she stepped back up to the podium. "You! The one clapping! I like you!" She grinned, "At least ONE of you are polite!" She called them all out on their manners, glad to see some new blood and at least one excited student. Every year she said a new speech and every year she meant every single word.
  11. Crystal beamed, her face bright with a smile. She was liking this place, she was liking it a lot. Coming a few hours early had also let her get accustomed to her surroundings, so she was glad she was here. Glad she had come early. She was just glad in general.


    Primlin rolled her eyes, crossing her arms. Trust a principle to point at new people. She was almost hoping she wouldn't be pointed at, but heck with it. Not like she could be hated any more than she already was.
  12. "Well done on the speech this year." Hal-Zern said, as Luna returned from the podium for the second time. "I almost couldn't have said it better myself. Almost." He chuckled, as he patted her shoulder. "So, off to lunch, then... How are we doing it this year again? Introductory classes? Or time for the students to find their rooms and such?" He asked, as he hovered along beside her.
  13. Luna looked at him and scrunched her face. "Time for them to find their rooms. Introductory classes can wait a day, I don't think it'll break their hearts any," she laughed as she walked, "I don't know if I'll even have time for lunch. Remember I have to get the new teachers in line. So much to do..." she sighed, "Always so much to do. I almost wish we went all year round and just brought in a few dozen at a time rather than fifty to a hundred. Ah well. I guess this is as small as we can keep it eh? Hal.....do you think I'm not impressive enough? I mean....I usually get a pretty warm reception....maybe I should start wearing more grown up clothes...." she frowned.
  14. The students hurried off to their room assignments. They were all chatting amongst themselves. The older students were all hanging out with their friends and teams. A few teams were gathering and talking. The entire campus seemed alive though a strange group came through the gates, all of them with various swords and a serious look to them. They were looking for a very particular teacher....the headmistress in fact. The older students all started to whisper about them. They had been taught by the headmistress...the only ones to pass her class. It was a pretty big deal to pass her class as she only accepted maybe three or four students and they rarely ever got though. It wasn't that she was tough....it was the class itself. She didn't pass them if they didn't get it they could always try again.
  15. Crystal looked at them with interest, picking up on the whispers pretty quickly. Was it that hard to pass her class? She wondered why briefly, before smiling and giving them a small wave. She then turned and began to try and regain her bearings, their arrival had left her a little confused once more. She was bound to get this place memorized though, especially if she would be here all year!


    Primlin sighed a little from the shadows, watching the older students converse. When they began to whisper about a particular group of people that had arrived, she turned to face them. Swords, just like her. She instinctively reached down to grasp the handle of hers, but let go immediately. It probably wasn't wise to look to eager to fight, even if she actually wasn't. It was more of a protective thing, always suspicious of others, never trusting anybody.
  16. Vylen watched the students, both new and returning, chat among themselves. As a returning student he was already recalling events from last year. Replaying duels he had both won and lost. In his head going over every detail that could be improved and where his fighting style could be more efficient. Observing every little detail of the students he had the most trouble dueling last year. He noticed a newcomer and instantly could tell from his stance that his left hand was dominant. From this observation his mind instantly devised ten different scenarios in which to incapacitate or kill him without expending very much energy at all. He noticed one particularly cheerful newcomer and noticed it was the only student to clap for the head mistresses speech. He had a hard time analyzing her for some odd reason. He tried for several minutes but found that his efforts to get any readings off of her were futile. He finally decided not to worry about it and moved on, analyzing the many other potential threats.
  17. One of the girls in the group saw Luna but noticed she seemed preoccupied. The group decided to split up and simply explore the school, each of them with at least one beautiful sword of their own. The other students didn't seem so intimidated now that they clearly weren't looking for a fight with the students. Things calmed down and other students wandered about. One of Vylen's classmates walked over to him. He was fairly tall with black hair and hazel eyes. Giving his classmate a brief smile he stretched.
    "Vylen, been all summer. So, taking any interesting classes?" Ryan asked, "I've got basic shield techniques with Link on tuesdays. I was thinking of taking Headmistress Valentine's class, you interested? She said she'd only teach it if at least two students were interested."
  18. "Well... Your reputation makes you out to be a a great hero of the older times, who started her own school to teach other heroes. And, well... You don't quite look the part, I suppose." Hal said, attempting, and failing, to tell her what he felt was the truth. "I mean, I could wear nothing, or just a simple pair of robes. Yet instead, I wear this elaborate, old thing, as well as this fancy crown, and I still carry my staff with me. More or less just to make sure the students don't mistake me for just one of my servants. And of course, so they feel that I look like an actual lich of great power."
  19. "So....I should be wearing armor? I mean people assume I'm a knight of some sort....and what I wore back then doesn't exactly look heroic". She frowned, "I guess...." she sighed, "I guess I could get Sir Thomas to help me find some proper armor...." Luna seemed a bit more depressed than normal. She looked at Hal and gave a soft but fake smile. "I gotta go round up the new teachers. I might see you at lunch." She headed off with a melancholic air. She'd been like this since about the middle of the prior school year and a lot of students who talked to her noticed. She seemed....tired? No it was more than that but she never talked about her problems.

    Soon, she managed to gather up all the new teachers. They were having their meeting in the teacher dorms of Andraste. She put on a big fake smile and started her normal speech to them. She made sure they understood the rules, No killing students, try not to maim them, listen to your students, the grades are not to be handed out based on strength alone, grades focus on mastery, and to simply enjoy their work. She promised she would be there should they need some help and that if they weren't feeling well there were plenty of teachers, one of which could certainly help out.
  20. Mononoke

    Mononoke was scared she hated crowed places but her mother wanted her to move to this school because of Mononoko's crafting skills and also she wants her to make friends. now she sat down in the hallway scared out of her mind she knew that she never should have left her home. she wants to go home really badly. "mom" she said softly before crying softly to herself.

    Dreamer was walking to her old friends and smiled as they talked and went to see where there room is this year. she was nervousness as well. she could't wait. she also hoped this year will start with a bang and end with on as well. that's when she saw some students she heard of that passed the headmasters classes. it shocked her that they where here. she hoped nothing was

    (sorry they are bad i don't know what to write ^^')
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