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  1. The scene is set up like this; shooters, more or less likely to be surrounding the area. The police cars, set haphazardly around the building, like they were tossed there by a child. The scene of the crime was inside, though, and with the hostages scared out of their wits, and the cops to their wits end, they figured pursuing from the outside was the best way to go.

    There was a number of things wrong with the situation at hand. Maybe it was something with the lighting, or maybe it was something with the air, or maybe it was just the given date or time, but one thing led to another, and something terribly stupid and COMPLETELY avoidable overthrew the 9-person team, and the world as they knew it was going to come crashing down.

    They have their backs on the wall. They had everything to lose, and nothing to show their struggles. Nothing in the world could have warned them of the absolutely idiotic accident that took place. There was absolutely nowhere for them to turn. They're absolutely, positively, hopelessly stuck.

    But luckily for them, their story doesn't start there. And even better, that isn't close to the ending chapter. It all started with a Silver Hand, a villain, and a series of idiotic and completely absurd events.

    There wasn't a rhyme or a reason as to why Calypso decided that running from table to table was a good idea when running from the security, but he decided that he might as well make his appearance known. He liked to go out with a bang, and that sometimes landed him in trouble. Only when he got caught, though.

    Calypso Fay, a simple adult, wasn't as simple as people were lead to believe. Maybe it was the mean glare he sent to... well, everyone. Maybe it was the way he carried himself. Or maybe it was because his hair was too long, and it hung down from a pony-tail, and swayed from time to time.

    He spent his time stealing for game and for fun, but his eyes were on the real prize. He didn't steal for fame or for glory, but for attention. The attention he needed for the future. He needed to be known, and this was how he planned on doing it.

    The man jumped onto a black-jack table, disrupting the game and pissing off the folk, but he didn't mind. Chips where spread all over the floor, and people fell from their stools-- but they seemed like they were about to, anyway. Drunk? High? Who knows. Who cares? All he knew was that he had to get out, and he had to fast.

    Somewhere along the lines when he walked into The Silver Hand, and when he ended up getting chased, he managed to piss off a lot of the right people at the wrong times. Shouting a few profanities, stealing a few bottles of booze along with a couple thousand dollars did just the trick.

    Calypso was currently on one of the higher levels of the casino-- near the penthouse, where they currently had some entertainment preparing for some sort of act. He regarded them mildly, but let his mind wander to the nearest exit. He looked around; bathroom, lounge, more bathrooms, a window... Well, that might just do.

    The villain bit down hard, and braced himself for impact. He ran towards the window, and hit it.


    He didn't anticipate how much it would hurt him, and he didn't plan on any of the glass actually getting stuck inside of his clothing or his hair, but he was free, and he was also free-falling. You see, for anyone else, this would be a problem, but for someone like Calypso, this was his life. In one quick movement-- almost like a flick of his wrist, he was hovering. He was flying.

    Meanwhile, inside The Silver Hand, things were in ruin and chaos and in a total state of disrepair. But we're not at all focused on that right now. As of now, The Silver Hand is just a thing of the past--or, the present. Let's shift over towards the other side of town.

    On the other side of town resides a girl. Not just any girl, but a girl who has a very strange power. She can talk to ghosts, and she currently is, now.

    Shaou Feifeing comes from a short line of mediums and super-naturalists. The line is so short, infact, she starts it, herself. She was always surrounded by ghosts when she was younger, so she simply let them become one with her. Shaou was in a deep train of though, focusing all of her attention on who she was talking to.

    They were telling her of a great event that she would have to partake in. A great series of events that would change the face of humanity as she knew it. It would change herself, too. And Shaou was infact, not ready for those events to come.

    The only few things that the two shared in common was their goals, and that they were about to experience a very, very long day.
  2. Matthias sat stooped over the back of the slots machine. Time was of the essence. Tick. A hand deftly opened the back panel. Tock. Wires were plugged into the control unit. Tick. His off-the-grid laptop was out and ready. Tock. The menu opened; he was in. Lines of code hummed across the screen as the cooling unit began to work on overtime. Already heat was pouring from the device, but Matthias didn't care. Let him sweat, overheat, and repeat. He'd be twenty thousand richer and out of here before they'd catch him.

    Technically this floor of the casino was closed for another five minutes. It was enough time to get in, get out, and get lost in the crowd. The upload bar flashed yellow at seventy four percent and Matthias grinned, flexing his fingers before beginning to type a frenzy of code and counter-code in an attempt to leave his tracks covered. A few more keystrokes and it was done. Already people were beginning to come up the stairs; he was all of two minutes and forty two seconds late. Cursing himself, Matthias shut the back latch and grabbed his winning tickets printed from the slots machine before heading back down into the crowd of newcomers. Only they weren't newcomers. They were security.

    "Shit." Came the one and only response.

    "What? Did you see him?" One of the guards asked, glancing around the room with a hand at his holster. A bead of sweat dripped down the side of his head, his eyes were rapidly moving side to side across the empty casino floor.

    Matthias paused a moment, making a point of having the thought dawn upon him. It was his lucky break. "Yeah, yeah! Upstairs, one floor. Better be quick."

    Before the two could ask awkward follow-up questions like 'Why are you here?' Matthias had shoved his way past and began to run down the stairs, tickets in hand. Better to cash them on floor two. No. Floor three. Less suspicion, less cryptic nature; there were no slots on floor two. A floor map of the entire casino opened on his phone after a few swift taps and slides. The reception desk was near the edge of the stairwell. He'd have to make himself blend in a bit more. He shoved the jacket in his backpack, slid his hair down, and popped his collar. He looked more conspicuous than he believed, but that didn't matter. It made him feel better.

    Grinning, Matthias began to strut to the desk, tickets in hand.

    First touch is mine. He thought, chuckling.
  3. A fairly young and black haired mime was sitting behind curtains back stage on a high chair, legs crossed as she looked up. She was accompanied by another women whom was sitting Infront of her doing her makeup. The finishing touch? Curling her lashes. Once the makeup was finished, giving Marcel a completely new face she grins at Candace and kissed her cheek as a 'thank you' before jumping off the seat.

    Marcel was not in her villain attire. Where she would have a belly striped shirt, red fiery hair that was sweeper to the side, and in leggings. She was in her 'deceiving' attire, or Atleast wore villainy clothing in a different way. In truth she temporarily sprayed her red wig to a black color and had natural strawberry blonde hair under her wig which can barely be visible. She bared a red 'tie' around her neck and had a short black and white frilly skirt that was wrapped around her stomach and secured with black suspenders. Her striped black shirt was her belly shirt in reality, she just covered her belly by some black short leggings under her skirt and wearing the skirt over them to give it the appearance of a full shirt that's tucked in. Lastly she wore thigh high stockings and heels with her infamous gloves that had powers with her and had her beret on as her hair was split in half and over her chest on both sides resting.

    As soon as Marcel appeared for the kids she made a silly appearance with her dog, nothing. He was a small puppy still, a fluffy great Pyrenees yet was very clever, knowing how to steal and distract. Kids laughed happily at the sight of them doing funny actions and acting out ridiculous things. After a while, Marcel went to the other side of the room, looking at parents and acting beside them in silence foolishly. While they were distracted, she pick pocketed and placed their wallet back. At one point she even stole a mans watch -which was still on- through a firm handshake alone. Her hands were quicker than the eyes and after a few hours the girl finished her act and bowed as the crowd clapped. Money was shoved in her skirt and shirt since she had no pockets and surer a few minutes, the mime stayed around squatting herself to be leveled equally at the kids height as she allowed them to pet nothing.

    This was fun. She'll have more pretty looking things and once customers left, the girl lifted up her skirt and began puffing it about as money and cards dropped out. She abruptly started to put them all in a backpack she had and grinned greedily before walking out the backstage. No cops or security yet, but they would come soon and Marcel quickly left the place as nothing ran ahead of her guiding the way out. She felt calm, she felt like she had to steal more and soon the dog had stopped Infront of an empty display case that had a crown.

    She almost forgot! The switcharoo trick her father taught her! The girl smacked her forehead grinning as she looked up at the ceiling and took off her bag, shuffling around for some fake exact replicas of the tiaras and looking around the case to see if there was any alarms. Neither she saw any nor did nothing sense anything suspicious, so with ease Marcel simply lifted the case! tilting it back and snatched the tiara before replacing it with her fake hand made one.

    Long story short, before coming here to perform she came here a few days ago and took a picture of this pretty little thing. To which she then stayed up all night last night hand making an exact looking replica out of fake diamonds and shaped glass and to change. The girl grinned turning around as she looked at the valuable crown with twinkling eyes that glistened but was soon seen frozen Infront of security guards running towards her and stopping Infront of her.

    "Put the crown down and don't move. Drop the bag also."

    A security ordered with guns pointed at her. Marcel blinked pointing at herself then at the crown and grinned before shaking her head. She looked down at nothing, who cocked his head to the side and the mime reached in her shirt, taking out nothing. No object was in her hand, yet her fingers were in a gesture as if she was holding a ball and the girl tossed the 'invisible ball' at the polices before running off. The small ball caused a small yet non threatening explosion and cops simply went flying across the room groaning and standing up only to stumble.

    The female mime then bent down stuffing nothing into her long sleeved and striped shirt with his head sticking out and ran into a crowd for dear life as she heard more securities yelling after her."THE MIME, STOP HER!" She heard and bystanders who were in her way frantically ran out the way, some women yelping for no apparent reason. Heels were easy for Marcel to run in, so she as pretty much a 'professional' at 'heel running' and she grins foolishly, slightly manically at the adrenaline she was feeling.

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  4. Outside The Silver Hand, quite the commotion had already formed. The police had yet to arrive, but when they did, they'd have to deal with quite the crowd of onlookers. A combination of angry guests, hastily ejected for their own safety, and rubberneckers of all sorts had formed by the building's main entrance and continued to grow. Runa would be part of this second group. She was out and about on a little trip to the city, and had wandered over to see what all the commotion was about. She was in her human form, so she wouldn't raise a stir herself; she simply appeared to be a girl in her teens with dark skin and hair in a white sundress. Because that's all she was.

    The sound of some sort of crash far above caused Runa to look up, just in time to notice two unusual things. The first was that glass was falling from the sky. The second was that there was someone just...floating up there, too. The sight confused and amazed her long enough to be a little slow in getting away from the falling glass. Runa screamed in surprise and fell to the ground as the fragments of glass cut into her, although she at least avoids the worst of it. Those nearby in the crowd, naturally panic, some of their number also becoming collateral damage.

    Soon, people had added a few more frantic emergency calls for ambulances, and Runa...had already gotten back up and scampered away in the confusion. She was still bleeding and still had a few bits of glass in her, and would likely be a bit of a gruesome sight.

    "Hey, you shouldn't move," someone shouted at her in concern. "Just stay where you are, an ambulance will be here soon."
    Runa tilted her head in confusion, for a moment, but then began to panic. "Ah! I-I'm fine, really! It doesn't hurt at all." Yeah, they'll buy that. But she couldn't just stick around now, Father told her to avoid things like ambulances and hospitals, and to only let him treat her. She didn't know why, but it must be important if he was so strict about it.

    She looked down to see just how badly she is hurt, and does begin to freak out a bit more at all the blood on her dress. "A-ah...this is new! It's going to be so much trouble to clean!" ...If not for the usual reasons.
  5. Face painting at the The Silver Hand was a pretty nice gig. She was getting tipped by the slutty mothers, and pervy guys who claimed to have spawn, and of course filling up her reservation book with ‘Oh my gosh! You are such a great artist, can you do kids? Will you paint faces at dear Timmy’s birthday party?!’s to which she replied ‘yes’ she would. Of course she would. Getting shown around people’s houses but eager to impress parents who were always trying to one up each other by playing ‘Who can tip higher and make this working class citizen’s day’. Even though it was belittling and just a tad hurtful to the ol’ pride, Candace liked money more and would let the petty soccer moms’ donations roll off her back.

    Although most of her traffic was made up of random sleaze ball guys, hookers and the occasional ‘fun’ old guy, sometimes she got weirdos. Like the girl she just finished painting into a mime. The girl who gave her a kiss instead of money. The girl who though a fucking kiss could make up for fucking moola.

    “Hey you didn't pay bitch!” Candace yelled, but the girl was already gone, and since most of Candace’s finished (and paying) customers were still hanging around, it was hard to spot her. “Shit.” Candace growled, sitting back down and turning to her next customer; A wild board. Or rather a hefty looking woman with a ragged face, and a dumpy looking guy standing next to her and making disgusting kissy faces.

    “What’ll it be?” Candace sighed.

    The wild board, spread her arms wide and said in an unnecessarily loud voice. “Turn me into a cobra! A vicious yet sultry cobra with--


    The wild boars announcement was interrupted by the cry of security guard, and a striped blur dashing across the room.

    Candace leaped to her feet, and took off after the mime, shoving a security guard out of the way as she ran after the mime who owed her eighteen dollars.

    ♠ ♥ ♣ ♦

    He usually wouldn’t be so fixated on something that was considered so trivial. But to him. To him, this held the highest importance.

    The Silver Hand, a casino as well as a hotel. A hotel that was home of the triple layer chocolate chip cookie, with a scoop of french vanilla ice cream sitting on top, and covered with thick white chocolate sauce and chocolate shavings.

    They had just created a week ago, and he finally had the chance and free time to take the bus all the way to the Silver Hand, and get it. He had been looking forward to this moment for days. This had been the thing that kept him going after his mother had forced him to watch his impish little sisters for two weekends while she went on various blind dates with scumbags.

    He’d been waiting for this day. And nothing was going to ruin it. Nothing--

    “Young man you can’t go in there, the Silver Hand is on lock down, no one goes in.”

    “What.” Surprisingly, Kang-Dae was able to spit that word out, not as a question but as a statement.

    The police officer who had delivered the bad news, crossed his arms and widened his stance. “Look son, the Silver Hand has been hit by a series of-of,” The officer seemed to search for an appropriate word, “terrorist attacks all within the time span of two hours. It’s dangerous in there--

    “I don’t care.” the teenager deadpanned, taking a step forward.

    “Step back son, or I will have to restrain you.”

    Coming back to his senses, Kang-Dae stepped back, shot the officer a dirty look and walked off towards the crowd of people outside of the hotel/casino. He spotted a bleeding girl with shards of glass on her clothes, as well as blood on her dress. The boy looked up at the broken window, then back at the girl covered in broken glass. He scowled and stalked towards her, jabbing a finger in her direction.

    “You did this.”
  6. Runa gave Kang-Dae a confused look and pointed to herself. "Me? Did what?" She really had no clue who he was or why he'd suddenly accuse her of anything. "Oh! Wait, no, this wasn't my fault! I'm just an innocent victim here, someone just dropped a bunch of glass on me." She explained herself truthfully, although her flustered nature probably wouldn't be very convincing. "There's no way I'd just jump out of a window that high to get away! It'd really hurt to make a landing like that." She does look like she's in awfully good condition, all things considered.

    Local public opinion easily swayed against her, however. "She's involved in all this?" "Somebody stop her!" "Take her in for questioning!" Voices within the crowd began to shout and speak up.

    "I...uh...really think I should be going now..." She looked ready to bolt at any moment.
  7. "Hey Neon." It was British, sending an IM via their secure network that hooked between his HTC and her computer.
    "No time. Later." The typing response was near automatic. His average words per minute beat most of the pros in the world.

    Before she could see the 'Neon_Razor is typing a response,' Matthias continued to the counter, ticket in hand. The receptionist gave him a raised eyebrow, to which he made a point of waving the ticket around the desk with an air of overconfidence. She took it curtly, tossing her blonde hair aside in a dismissive way. Matthias flinched and took a step back as she began to type in the code and location of the slot machine.....


    "Sir. This section wasn't upon when you received this." She said coldly.

    "Oh. I, uh-" He was cut off.

    "I'm willing to let it slide without asking questions- What is that?" Her head turned to the windows outside. Lights of police sirens were flashing on the ground below.

    Before the receptionist could turn back from the scene, Matthias had taken the ticket and made his escape into the crowd. Two floors to the bottom. Staircase on the other side of the room. Guards randomly roaming the floor for whoever they were searching for and him. He ran a hand through his hair, grabbed a pair of glasses from his backpack - cheap plastic frames that he didn't need - and tossed his vest back on inside-out. It would have to do.

    He cleared the second floor with no difficulty. He'd expected that; it was the first floor with the police that would cause the most issues. He turned and glanced at the fire escape with "ALARM WILL SOUND" printed in large letters. Would he take the risk? It seemed appealing. It would work. Would work. Work...

    "'Eh, what the hell?" He muttered, changing direction to the door.

    He briefly tapped into the electronics system to make the alarm a delayed response. With any luck, he would be well out of the area by the time they discovered that the door had been opened. The door opened with a click. No alarm. That was a good sign. Matthias slid out the door and went down the fire escape, heading to the front doors. He would try to pretend ignorance to avoid further detection. Sure enough, they were there, all lined outside the front door.


    He glanced around for this mime and grinned. He was clear.

    "What was that, British?" He typed, until he saw the mime finally and shut off the HTC once more.
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  8. Azelia was inside dressed up to appear she wasn't her age. It wasn't hard with a single mother trying to find love again and complete access to her closet. With a short black dress that was mid thigh, a pair of red red stilettos and her mothers licence getting into that casino was simple. The Silver Hand Casino and Hotel was perfect place to loot some new jewels. Sure she could have gotten money but jewelry was always better, especially rubies.

    Before heading towards the casino she went ahead and gathered her main prize. These glamorous women who believe their the owner of the world doesn't just bring a few rings on a trip. They bring a case of their best to show off to the world that they wealthy. While walking down the hall she found a young maid ready to clean a room, every maid had full access to rooms with a specific key. Sadly these door make time stamps when the room was opened, especially if a maid lost a key.

    Walking towards the women she pretended to be confused as if she was lost. "Excuse me madam by any chance do you know where room 315 is?" She asked and soon started to bit her lower lip gently. The women smiled and showed her the way. Azelia waited until they were in a hallway without a camera watching them and made her move. She swiftly placed her hand over the women's mouth and plugged her nose except used her left hand to do the job. Her right arms went ahead and started crushing the maids wind pipe to help put her to sleep. Once the thrashing and biting had ceased Azelia released her and didn't bother checking for a pulse.

    Swiping the master key card she stuffed her body into a room nearby. At this time of night most people were at the casino while others did certain activities in bed. Azelia went down the hall entering into every room that didn't have a 'Do Not Disturb' plaque on the handle. One room had the jackpot she was looking for. The lady has a large case of jewelry and it made Azelia smile. She was good at telling a fake from the actual stuff when Jewelry was her prize and there wasn't anything fake about it. She took all she could fit into her purse and left. For a moment she thought there wasn't anything good in these rooms but luckily for her it was turning out to be a good easy night.

    She appeared on on of the upper levels of the building, touching up her lipstick she kept the innocent face. Weaving with enough grace to loot a wallet or two even but nothing too interesting. That was until she saw a sleazy man with a ruby studded ring. "Hello precious..." Azelia whispered to herself even though there was an obstacle in her way. Cops and plenty of them. She wanted to stay inconspicuous as much as possible and so forgot about ring.

    Azelia needed a way out, she wasn't expecting so many things to go wrong at once. While everyone was distracted she slipped through and made her way down the stairs. "Excuse me miss, we need you to stay in this room until the situation is clear.... Miss get back in the room." The officer was demanding and she wasn't going to comply. While walking back bumped into him taking his arm and flipping him over on the stair. She took the cops gun and headed up the stairs instead.

    "Catch that girl!" was yelled by the police and a stampede could be heard. Placing on her masquerade mask she continued running looking for any kind of exit.

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  9. Common sense scrambled through his mind as he listened to her alibi and Kang-Dae realized that there was no way that the girl could have jumped out of the window and shut the building down. The glass had been clearly broken from the inside and if the girl had broken it and jumped out, glass would be sticking out of her, she wouldn’t just have cuts. Plus she wouldn’t be up and about, as the bones in her legs would have shattered.

    “Oh.” Was all he said. Then when he saw that other people were turning towards the girl and shooting accusatory looks, he gave her a shrug. “Sorry.”

    He would have walked away then, but somehow his accusation had flowed into the crowd and come back as ‘two man job’ and the people in the crowd were now pointing and advancing towards both of them instead of just the girl.

    “Shit.” He grumbled taking a few hasty steps back and looking around for the nearest bus stop. The stop was across the street, and he would have to run really fast in order to get over there without getting snatched by the crowd.

    He glanced back at the girl then at the stop. Really, her being there would slow down the crowd, but...He did falsely accuse her. Besides there was something a bit off about her. She could be of use to him in the future.

    Giving her his best smile, he held out his hand. “I’m so so sorry for getting you into this! There’s a bus stop over there if you wanna try and make a break for it.”
  10. The mime soon looked over her shoulder seeing a small group besides the cops behind her. Running for what seemed to be forever, for hours when it was only minutes--She found herself slamming through doors and stopping momentarily with wide eyes. She had landed in a large empty ballroom but she ran ahead anyways and cops appeared.

    "Hold it, mime."

    Warned a swat member. The mime spun on her heel grinning with eyebrows raised as she scratched her cheek as if to say,"Whoops. Finally caught!" And she waved at the 'guardians of justice' with her fingers as nothing remained in her shirt. She slowly crept backwards, perhaps jumping out the window would give her a slide? As she crept, the cops and swat said nothing--Their black guns and bullet proof shields held up Infront of her and she turned to take a quick peak down at the window. Shit...... Cop cars, and a group of swats and cops aiming their guns directly behind her. The female mime rolled her eyes--To bad she had no weapons left and she puffed her cheeks.

    Terrible day, how terrible. The redhead crossed her arms tightly holding and hugging onto her pet dog, Nothing, and the first swat approached her, taking a small step forward."Put everything down." He ordered calmly. Marcel blinked cocking her head to the side and pointed at her self innocently as her lips opened slightly making a round circle."Yes, you. Put your hands up too." Ordered the swat member. Marcel grinned amused as she revealed her deepest dimples on her face and she shook her head mischievously.
  11. Runa nods in response to Kang-Dae's words. "Yeah. Let's try to get out of here." She manages to force her way through the intervening crowd and grab his outstretched hand. She doesn't give any warning before she takes off at a fairly brisk pace, forcing her new friend to keep up or be dragged along.

    The crowd wasn't unruly enough to make it difficult to pull away, although with all the police presence, escape much further might end up easier said than done. "So, what's going on anyway? What's even in there that would mean all this trouble?" She sounds confused, as she finally lets go of Kang-Dae's hand and turns to look back toward the casino. "It's just another big building, isn't it? Maybe...it has to do with that guy I saw..." By the end, she's clearly just thinking out loud.
  12. There was no reason why he followed the mime, he knew that. Rather, he told himself that; he didn't know anything other than the feeling of that winning ticket in his pocket, a fruit of his labors. He supposed he couldn't let a fellow troublemaker get caught when he himself got off so easily, but then again, what could he do to a group of armed cops? A security guard was one thing, but police and SWAT teams? That was another entirely. They had guns, knew how to use them; guns shot bullets, bullets meant a dead Matthias.

    Quelling panic, Matthias followed as stealthily as he could behind the officers into the ballroom. Being too set on ordering the mime to do one thing or another, they took no notice. A few had seen him go in, which meant he didn't have much time to pull something fancy or genius. He glanced left then right, looking for something, anything. Control panel, fire alarm, spotlights, anything that could help turn the tide. He saw such a control panel, but, of course, it was on the other end of the room, next to the mime. The mime that was in front of armed men that would like nothing better then to take him in too.

    "Here goes nothing..." He grimaced, taking steps to where he was within sight of the mime.

    Frantically, Matthias began gesturing to the control panel just steps to the left of the mime, making the gesture of yanking wires. It would have to do for now. If she followed, he'd have to make for a way to distract the officers before the room went dark enough to slip out the front door or some side exit and make a run for it.
  13. Upon seeing the male getting slightly closer to her, leaning for something--she quickly and aware looked over his direction frozen up like a child and waited. What could the young man be planning after following her? A clown, moreover a fool.

    Soon he pulled on some wires, a classic trick in her opinion and remained standing--hopping over to him and frantically tapping on him and pointing at the ballroom in between her frantic tappings. Her way of saying,'What now? What now? Where? Where do we go?' And she remained there looking back at the slight darkness and confused cops and few swats.

    Since there were cops outside who focused their eyes on the floor Marcel was in--Marcel only began to pat Matthias frantically and point at the window then tapped him again making a gun gesture. She hoped he got what she was trying to say by doing. Patting frantically meant getting his attention, pointing out the window meant 'outside', and gun gestures was self explanatory. This was a reference to people with guns outside as well, cops in other words and she looked down at Mathias blinking.
  14. Near stammering, Matthias foolishly nodded and produced a worn cloth from his bag. He promptly doused the material with water from a bottle he had in the bag as well. Handing it to the mime, he made a motion of cleaning off the make-up and tossing out the hat. Already Matthias was beginning to fold his own vest inside out - made for this, he had done it twice today already - and ran a hand over his hair, tossing it over to the other side. The last trick was taking the frame of glasses without medical lenses and placing tinted lenses over them. Not perfect, but it would do.

    "We've got about a minute before the lights flick on." Matthias coughed out awkwardly, glancing around the lower floor. "Any ideas on where to go?"

    There were a few doors here and there, but he had not the fondest clue where they went; he wasn't one to go to ballrooms or theatres or whatever the hell this building was. It was beginning to be a easy mark gone bad, but then again, this way he had fair shots at finding another self-proclaimed criminal such as himself. Assuming the mime was being pursued for legitimate crimes, that was...
  15. The girl grabbed the wet cloth looking at Matthias. She blinked and took her hat off, abruptly placing them inside his vest pockets rather than outside. Marcel quickly and roughly rubbed her face, getting rid of the makeup and also placed the trash in his pocket. The key plan? No evidence or clues left behind and standing up, she took off her skirt--Tossing them infront the exit back door before opening the door and throwing the stolen goods there. She walked back to matthias quickly, motioning nothing to play injured -which he successfully did- and looking down at the male she sat next to the male messing up and tangling up her hair -and his even more- before ripping off the sleeves of her shirt and placing them in his pockets.

    She was prepping for a plan. She tossed her heels around before grabbing matthias by his arm and hugged onto him frantically.

    Then, she heard more shouting of cops and thats when she began screaming in fear and yelling so suddeny. No longer mute at all it seemed surprising.. She was playing the damsel in distress with a husband or something who tried protecting her."HELP US! HELP US! LOOK!" She wept in fear, pointing at the puppy then the door."THEY RAN THAT WAY!HER AND THE OTHER MUTT!" As the cops went through the back exit door, to make it seem more realistic the girl grabbed the cops leg."YOU GOTTA DONSOMETHING! SHE TOOK OUR MONEY!--MY MONEY! PLEASE!" Screamed marcel. She particularly didnt add matthias in her conflct and The cop frantically ran through the back door and as marcel watched them all leave,
    The male must have thought she was crazy, however it was wonderful acting and a good plan.

    As soon as the last cop left--the look of crying fear disappeared to a that of a glare instead and she stand up barefoot grabbing the dog then matthias up as she clinged to his arm. The dog resting in her hands. Once they walked out the ballroom, one more cop appeared--yet again, The female played the distressed female, leaning her weight on matthias as if weakened.

    The cop quickly ran towards her, grabbing Marcel gently."You ok miss--You too sir?" He asked. Marcel wrapped her arms around the cop as he lifted her up and moved her aside and she sighed out."Oh--The mime. She almost killed us! She ran that way.." She pointed at the exit door clinging back onto matthias arm. The cop nodded and wrote a note giving it to Marcel.

    "Here's a note, so cops don't mistaken you guys or think you guys seem suspecious. Now run along and just show it to them." He nods. Marcel took the note and walked out, arm around his shoulders as she forced him to wrap a hand around her waist to make it seem like hes helping her. She walked out with matthias triumphantly.
  16. If he had to be honest with himself, Mathias was surprised to say the least at the sudden initiative the mime had shown. The hurt look that had adorned his face was more at the human contact than his attempt to appear downtrodden and in pain. Not to mention, even the mime's weight was enough to set him into a slow, steady pace. When the officer came along to ask the classic 'Are you two alright?' he had to avoid a snide remark or sarcastic comment, instead muttering something along the lines of.

    "Ehm, y-yeah, I-" The mime cut him off and he let out a sigh. He was the one with the plan, not the other way around!

    Lucky for the both of them, the officer seemed more interested in Marcel than Mathias and so they went on without trouble, and with the note. Sighing, Mathias grudgingly admitted to himself that he wouldn't have gotten half as many results as the mime. He would have gotten them as far as the front door or out a window into more cops, not a out-of-jail free card and a smooth getaway. He smirked once the cop was out of line of sight and shook Marcel off.

    "Nicely done." He said. "Assume talking was a one-time only deal?"
  17. Marcel grinned at Matthias comment. She looked up at him--Releasing him and shrugged as they walked out with the crowd. The girl pondered, should she play mute or talk? But then again without the gloves her voice was no longer mute and she walked beside Matthias."I don't know, clarify those words." She responded then looked up at him."Do you mean me talking or us talking altogether?" She asks blinking. Her walking slowed down and she looked up at Matthias still, pausing momentarily."You followed me knowing I was in severe trouble. Why'd you follow?" She asked curiously as she tilted her head blinking her round emerald eyes.

    As he continued to walk ahead of her, she quickly jogged to him to catch up and matched her walking pace with his. This was the first time she has ever talk personally with someone, moreover he knows her true face now and she let out a small sigh. However despite all thats happened earlier, she felt that he was trustworthy in a way and waited for his answer as she walked barefoot with her thigh high stockings on. It made her outfit look weird, so the girl stopped and quickly rolled them down before running back beside Matthias.

    "So, are we friends now?!"

    Gasped the girl grinning.
  18. Mathias' mouth opened and closed several times as she kept asking questions in a row. Then the word came. Friends. That didn't settle right with him for a number of factors. Complying to social convention: they just met all of twenty minutes previously, criminals did not make the best choice in company, and was wanted for said criminal activity. That being processed, his own reasons: female, mime, got caught. Stopping abruptly, he turned to Marcel and shrugged with near nonchalance before beginning rather slowly and with several pauses.

    "I figured, you know, fellow criminal needs some looking out for? Apparently I wasn't the only one going for the casino today. But, if we go back, I do have these." Anything to prolong the 'Are we friends now?!'

    He reached into his bag, handing back the hat, gloves, and other various things that had been hers before she had, uninvited he might add, shoved them in. Again his hand went in, producing the hacked prize receipts that was good for a certain number of chips, and chips meant money. With a nod, he prompted one for her to take. It meant giving up some of the profits, but it took attention away from her question, and that's what mattered. After all, it wasn't his cash to begin with.
  19. With the herd of police following her intently she needed to lose them and fast. Shooting them will only alert the others and the last thing she wanted was a shit load of them. While her mind processed a way out Azelia remembered there were a few floors that was used like a hotel. So why not hide there? When she arrived to the next floor she opened the door and went down the hall. She didn't have anything to block the emergency exit door and her blood was of value. Now wasn't the time to use it. Using the master key she opened one of the rooms to hide in, hoping it would keep the boys off her trail. While being in the room she looked out the window. It faced an alleyway and only had a few guards around. A jump that high up would be ridiculous, but the building next door was tall enough to make it across.

    Azelia found her exit, now just need a few items to make it happen. Looking around the room she tried hard to find something sharp. It could be anything and wasn't on her side. Azelia searched for quite some time before raiding a bag and finding a pair of sharp scissors. It was all she needed to escape but the roof was more than a few flights away.

    Placing her ear against the door she heard the large footsteps of the officers. Holding in her breath she held onto the gun she stole and cracked open the door quietly. The officers were heading a different direction, well towards the only emergency stairs she knew of. Well can't let that stop her. Azelia headed the opposite direction trying to find a different staircase. There was no way in the world this Casino/hotel wasn't going to have multiple emergency escapes. After a bit of searching she found a new one and sighed a breath of relief. Heading towards the roof was her only option and going downstairs would only be suicide. Climbing up a ton of stairs she found her way to the roof. What was suppose to be a quick heist turned int a migraine the size of Russia. Taking the scissors she cut her hand, she needed to use blood to get across and needed it done fast. Azelia had enough blood to make a zip line across to the other building. It had to work or else she'll have an unforgettable drop.

    Without delay Azelia zipped across and made it to the other side, much to her disbelief. With that out of the way she wasn't home free, she still had to get home. Reusing the blood she already spilled she made bridges to hop from roof top to roof top just to get to her side of town. All in all she was glad the night was over for her.
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