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  1. Imagine this - you are the protagonist of your own anime, be it Mahou Shoujo, Mecha, Supernatural or whatnot.

    You attend school with other people with similiar cases - they too, are protagonists, heroes of their own stories.

    Outside of the literal pages and episodes of their life, the very threads of fate intertwine as a perculiar lass introduces them to her new club - the Hero Club, a volunteer club that does... volunteer work.

    How will it go?


    A hero isn't without foes, and the Hero Club isn't without a counterpart. The foes and rivals of our Protagonists have found themselves in the Occult Club, after finding a mysterious odd lass who intrigues them being the sole member of the club. What do they intend to do?


    The setting is Hanazawa Co-ed School, a school for boys and girls. It is a school for both middle schoolers and high schoolers.

    Age range for characters: 12 for pre-birthday first year middle schooler and 18 for post-birthday high schooler.
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  2. This sounds interesting.... Ima have to watch it's popularity...
  3. This sounds hilarious. Disrupt character balance with ALL of the protags. Could be great I think.
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  4. The most interesting thing would be everyone complaining about the crap they have to put up with in their respective series. So hopefully there'd be some of that.
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  5. Okay. This is way to intriguing to not try. Count me in.
  6. ...actually, obvious question. Would these protagonists and antagonists be from actual series, or would we be inventing them more or less wholesale?
  7. No, they will not be from actual series.
    We can choose to make parodies of characters, or make something original based on a genre.

    I prefer something original.
  8. hmmmm......., interesting.
  9. Awesome. Was hoping it'd be original. I like the idea of creating something of a series summary to go with a character for a "crossover" thing that's...not exactly that. it's something I've seen once before and it was really neat, then.
  10. hmm sounds interesting, were you planing on moderating everyones power level?
  11. Oh... I've got a good power level moderator alright...

    ... but really, please refrain from nuking anything. If you have broken stuff, list them as last resort abilities.
  12. So dear crow, do you have another thread on it's way, or a cs to fill out?
  13. I haven't made the CS template yet, but I will.
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  14. Excited noises
  15. I'm running other RPs so unless one of them dies suddenly or progresses into an in-story week I will not set the IC for this RP.
  16. hmm this is . . . .disappointing. Though I understand why, msg me if this starts up.
  17. I think we'd need an OOC first. But, no rush on things.
  18. I have this hunch that one of my RPs are dying, so I think I'll see to the OoC eventually.
  19. In pertinence to parodies of Anime Characters, how exactly would that work? Could you possibly give a short example?
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