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    Table of Contents
    I. Introcution
    II. About Me
    III. General Requirements
    IV. Fandoms
    V. Plot Key
    VI. Plots
    VII. Active 1x1s


    I. Introduction

    Greetings one and all to one of the most deluxe partner searches you will ever find! This plot listing will remain forever updated, so even if I posted this monthes ago, it still applies to today, my friends. Whether you're scouring the forums for 1x1 partners, just plain bored, or I directed you to this thread personally, I'm sure you'll find something suitable to your palette! c;

    This thread will host all my open and existing 1x1 plots, complete with a list of 1x1s that are in progress right now (that's mostly just for my convienience, though) at the bottom. I will be bumping this thread whenever more plots or fandoms are added in or when another 1x1 is started up. All plots you will find here are either solely of my own creation, or adapted from an old partner's ideas (with their permission, of course). I'm eager to do them all, so go ahead and pick one!


    Thank you, and have a nice day! c;


    II. About Me

    I am a fourteen year old girl who goes by the alias of "Hermione" while online. I WILL NOT SHARE MY REAL NAME WITH YOU, SO DO NOT BADGER ME, UNDERSTAND? *straightens tie* Ahem. Pardon my outburst, Lovies. I'm an American teen who follows the EST time zone, but will roleplay with literally anyone from anywhere or any time zone. I tend to be online throughout the day around four to five days a week, so when it comes to activity, I'm your gal. c;

    Being the huge nerd that I am, I will occasionally spout quotes from various books (both my own and those of published authors) and am quite entertained by making vague, pretty much unnoticeable references to other 1x1s that I have and my novels in IC. That being said, I have already composed novels centered around many of these plots. Please do not feel betrayed or used by this. I will never, EVER use your work as my own and ask that you respect this promise by doing the same. Copyright is a game for fools who cannot think for themselves. I have already suffered from people stealing my compositions on other sites, and I will show you no mercy.

    With that out of the way, note that I also RP on a number of other sites. If I'm showed online on here, know that such doeasn't mean that I'm actually viewing this site at the time. For all you know, I'm viewing one of my other accounts on another tab, so do not think that I am ignoring you, please. Likewise, I have a rather unorthodox sense of humor (see "Introduction"), but it is rare for me to actually dislike anyone at all. If I hurt your feelings, please just tell me, okay? It's easiest to reach me via PM in these circumstances.

    Why am I including all this? Well, I like to feel a connection to my partners, so please include information about yourself, as well. I enjoy chatting OOC, and might I say, emoticons are a great way to make a person feel less awkward in casual chats. cx I can't wait to meet you! ^^

    III. General Requirements

    Do not bail on me. || Please, please, please see this through! You joined, so stay loyal to the commitment you made!!!

    Post at least once or twice a week. || Goodness, is that too much to ask?

    I can play either gender effectively. || While in select roleplays I have a gender preference to play, I generally can play either gender without issue.

    We're using a simple CS. || I don't want to learn everything about your character from CS. I want to be blessed with the journey of learning throughout the roleplay. You'll only need name, age, gender, and pic or description, plus any roleplay specific information.

    Anime or realistic pictures are fine. || I tend to vary depending on the individual plot and setting, so I really don't care.

    Romance is a supplement. || I refuse to use romance as the full genre, as I can't stay focused on a romance-centered plot. I need another driving element besides romance.

    I can double. || What more is there to say on the matter? I actually quite enjoy adding new faces to the RP.

    Post decent posts. || I can post two to about six paragraphs at least, depending on the scene. I'm sorry if my posts are slightly shorter than your own on occaision; I sometimes have to log off in a jiffy. HOWEVER I will tolerate RP partners with posts of lesser length assuming that your one-liners are not just senseless fluff and it moves the story forward.

    Double check your posts. || Mistakes are allowed, but please put effort forth to make your post appear professional. The sad thing is, I shouldn't even have to establish this. But I had a roleplay partner before who wrote like a five-year-old. If you post like that, I will ditch you without notice. You have been warned.

    You can claim more than one plot. || Only two plots per person at this time though, okay?

    I wanna be your friend. ;3 || Let's talk a little using brackets in our IC thread, m'kay? I don't bite unless provoked. Or if you're a huge slice of bacon. If that's the case, I make no promises. c;



    IV. Fandoms

    • Harry Potter

    • Maximum Ride

    • Divergent

    • Legend (Marie Lu)

    • Witch & Wizard

    • The Chronicles of Narnia

    • Dragons in Our Midst / Oracles of Fire / Children of the Bard

    • Dragons of Starlight

    • Mortal Instruments / Infernal Devices

    • Maze Runner

    • Soul Guardians

    • The Giver

    • City of Ember

    • Fablehaven

    • The Sisters Grimm

    • The Prophecy of thr Sisters

    • Hunt for the Seventh

    • Ravenhearst (video game)

    • Puppet Show (video game)

    • Professor Layton


    V. Plot Key

    * ::: Charrie I Want to Play
    ☐ ::: Plot Still Open
    ☒ ::: Pending Partner Confirmation (Plot Closed for Now)
    ☑ ::: Plot Up & Running (Plot Closed)
    ♂ ::: Male Charrie
    ♀ ::: Female Charrie
    ⋆ ::: Gender Up for Debate


    VI. Plots

    Sci-Fi || Aliens || Post-Apocalyptic || *⋆CaptivexAlien⋆

    After the apocalypse, only a few humans live on in a small place they call Safehouse. But the dwellers of the planet Mochaii have overpopulated their planet and want Earth as their own. But they didn't think people lived there. And now, they take one captive in awe, surprised to have found an intelligent being. They treat their captive as a criminal, but the one leading the colonization's daughter stumbles across the study room on the ship. The two talk and form a bond, planning ofr alien-human companionship. But is it possible for the two species to live side by side?

    ☑ City of Hopelessness
    Sci-Fi || Monsters || Experiments || ♂MonsterxSubject♀*

    There is a place were terror lives. There is a place where death is certain. There is a place where your pain is everlasting. There is a place where you are the prey of all your worst nightmares. And that place is the City of Hopelessness.
    The City itself is normal and harmless enough. Just an old fashioned City with dirt roads and no animals. Who cares? But the City is so much more. It's an experiment whose purpose is unclear. All that's known is that everyday in the City, a monster is released, at least one each time. And these monsters are intelligent, and they speak their own tongue. Outside of the City, they live in the laboratory the scientists conducting the experiment stay in, with
    honors. To be honest, the monsters are given much respect from the humans.

    Faith Carter has lived in the City for as long as she can remember. And that's not saying much, considering her first memory was attained on her thirteenth birthday, and she's only sixteen. Faith is, in fact, the only citizen in the City. She doesn't know this is an experiment, all she knows is terror. For each day, the monsters released kill her, only to have her painfully regenerate overnight. Such it has been for three long years.

    One young monster is released, and, having been taught that the City is full of people, he is confused to find it seemingly deserted. This particular monster is a Morpher. That means he has a human form, one that he's usually in. He scopes out the town in this form, and when he meets Faith, he's stunned. He knows he's supposed to kill her, but he's not sure he should. He talks to her as a human, gets to know what she's been through.
    Eventually, Faith comes to find who he really is, and he becomes an outlaw for not killing her. They begin to learn what has become of the outside world, and why Faith is there.

    The Greatest Assassain
    Sci-Fi || Superpowers || Experiments || Assassain & Aula♀*
    Aula Charanai Bellant has grown up in a government facility where she has been experimented on to know end. She has unbelievable powers, all the superpowers you can imagine plus some. She is the only superhero in the world, and best part is, she doesn't need a secret identity, because no one knows her. They see her, but they don't know her.

    It's been five years since Aula escaped from the facility. And the government is frantically trying to silence her, though no one knows it. They want her either back in the facility, or dead, because they fear she's going to take over the country and kill them off. So they send out the best assassian there is.

    This assassain has gadgets beyond belief, which brings him/her just as much power as Aula's. Soon the two are in a game of cat and mouse, neither one having an advantage. They are, after all, evenly matched. How will this thrilling hunt end?

    ☐ The Snowy Owl
    Futuristic || Fantasy || Slavery || ♂HumanxSnowyOwl♀*
    A ways into the future, the Animals we humans have so stupidly abused have taken over. Humans are now the prisoners of Animals, who have come in touch with their souls over the years, now having a human form. And if that's not enough, the Unicorn who rules over the land has cast a spell over it so that the world is trapped in the latest Ice Age. Humans cannot survive without the help of Animals, so many are willing to be the slaves of Animals.

    But he has lived on his own in this icy world for as long as he can remember. His parents were captured by the Animals when he was seven, so he's on his own for eternity. Then he meets her. She seems just your typical girl, beatiful, sweet, and spunky. But she's not your typical girl, despite what she shows.

    She is, in fact, the Snowy Owl, the best and youngest of the Human catchers in Queen Una's court. And she is luring him in for the catch, though he doesn't expect it. In fact, he sorta loves her. And the thing is, she's falling for him, too, though she fights it.
    Perhaps they can find a way to get along.

    The Way of a Warrior
    Futuristic || Post-Apocalyptic || Adventure || ♂MasterxApprentice♀*
    A mother's arms, enough to be wrapped in. A father's hand, never to feel. A brother she had, but he had gone off long ago, dragged away by one of the Akuma, surely taken to their dark realm - the realm Akum - to be tortured, killed, and consumed. But she cannot allow herself to think about that. Not now, not ever.

    Anzen has always been a dangerous nation to live in, especially since the Akuma opened the portals between Anzen and Akum. They have infiltrated the world, intelligent beasts who feed off of pain and despair. They take captives to work as slaves and to, in the long run, consume. There's hardly a family that doesn't know the pain of loosing a loved one to these monsters.

    There is, however, a light in the darkness. And this light is the Mamoru, warriors specially trained to fight the Akuma. It is there job to slay these beasts and do all that they can to seal off the portals once and for all.

    When she is sent away to be trained by the youngest Mamoru general in Anzen, she knows what she desires - honor and release of her brother. He is a wise young man, but she rarely heeds him, earning herself the brutal punishments of a Mamoru trainee.

    As she finally opens up her ears, she learns about herself and her master...
    And if she keeps on fighting, she might learn about her true heritage...

    ☐ To Kill a Demon
    Fantasy || Afterlife || Redemption || *♂DemonxTeen♀
    [Human Girl] is tragically killed before her time. Everyone back on Earth comforts each other, saying that they know she has gone to a better place. But has she really? She did many things in life without the knowledge of her parents... Many things that got her a one-way ticket to Hell. However, Lord Elohim decides to give her a second chance to earn entrance to Heaven. If she kills the [Fallen Angel], a paticularly distructive and murderous demon, she can come to the Holy City. They even give her temporal angel powers in order to get it down. Simple, right? Well, she thinks so, too. But then, she falls for the charming creature... And he falls for her.

    ☑ See You Again
    Fantasy || Supernatural || Friendship || *Diana & Best Friend
    Shuasten, Georgia, otherwise known as Smalltown, USA, is a place unknown and unacknowledged by the rest of the world. A town made up of your typical middle class Americans (except they were, perhaps, kinder and more true to their town), where you could leave your car doors unlocked wherever you went. Kindness was high, crime rates low, deaths practically non-existant. So you can see why the loss of Diana Lynch, your typical all American girl, caused such an uproar, was such a devastation. They said at the time that they'd never recover, but they let go, as happens in all deaths.

    They say letting go is the best thing you can do; for the deceased and yourself. It's the most healthy thing to do, and you can let their memory live on in peace. But it's not as easy as one might think, especially if you're close to the deceased. That's why Diana's best friend, a usually lively and energetic girl, didn't do so.

    It wasn't that she didn't try; She tried more than anyone else did. But she couldn't let go. She denied counseling, falling into a well-disguised depression within a week of Diana's death. No one suspected. To the outside world, it seemed she was getting along fine, having let go. But she never did let go, which everyone failed to see.

    Everyone, that is, except Diana herself, watching from a place betweeen Heaven and Hell, waiting for her funeral in order to move on, as does everyone after death. But her funeral, which commences a week after her death, leaves her uncomfortable, concerned about her friend, who she could see wasn't handling it well, which went unnoticed to everyone else attending the service.

    Diana couldn't bring herself to leave for Heaven when she knew her friend was suffering so. It pained her even to consider it. As though reading her thoughts, which certainly described the situation accurately, an angel appeared to her, granting her a phantom body in which only her best friend (unless she chose otherwise) could see her. She was solid, just unharmable.

    Meanwhile, her friend is visiting her grave continuously, only leaving to sleep and eat. It's a particularly stormy night, just a day after the Saturday funeral, when Diana reappears by her grave in the mortal world. Her best friend catches a glimpse of her, but believes she is only hallucinating, and drives home through the storm. but Diana is waiting for her when she gets home.

    Diana's goal is to put her friend to peace, get her to let go, for their own good. But her best friend refuses to do so, and Diana's presence only makes it worse, even though, at first, she still believes it's all a hallucination.

    This is the story of two best friends, preparing to part for a lifetime, yet not truely wishing to do so.

    I, Spy
    Sci-Fi || Futuristic || Tyranncy || ♂AgentxWinnie♀*
    The year is 3036, and the world is different. The United States no longer exists, replaced by a country and tyrancy that calls itself the Industrial Nation, ruled by a man who calls himself President Metallum. The Indstrial Officers patrol the streets day and night, making sure people don't get in trouble. But the citizens, whose lives aren't really all that bad -- in fact, they live in the way we do now -- don't see the evil behind their beloved President.

    All they do know is that the government is capturing the inexplicable superhumans that have been cropping up all over the place. They have been taght to fear these beings with all their hearts, and indeed do.

    Winnie Thorton has lived her life in general peace and serenity, under the roof of her grandmother, her parents having died in a car accident when she was young. She hangs out with her friends, gets in fights, dates jst like any other typical girl. But something's not right. Lately she's been undergoing some... changes that don't seem natural. Afraid of what will happen to her if the government finds out, she runs away in the night.

    She doesn't get too far before she is apprehended by a young man not much older than herself. He tells her that she needs to come with him. Frightened, Winnie flees, but he manages to get the better of her and take her into his custody. Little does she know, her captor is [Male], an agent of the Concordia Party, a group of rebels plotting to overthrow President Metallum and his Officers.

    [Male] takes Winnie back to the underground base in what used to be the New York City subway system, where the leader informs Winnie that her parents had been part of the Concordia Party themselves. He assigns [Male] to help Winnie harness and control her powers, as well as to teach her to use weaponry, telling him that she is the Missing Link, the legendary being who can end Metallum's reign for good.

    In a wave of jealousy, [Male] begins to train Winnie.
    The last thing he expected was to fall head over heels for the girl who is prophesized to die...

    ☐ Catastrophe
    Sci-Fi || Post-Apocalyptic || Survival || Doubling!
    The world has fallen apart. The apocalypse has come and gone, its natural disasters leaving mankind extinguished and plants and animals mutated. But as was prophesied by one of the world's most respected and acknowledged psychics of the time, four part-humans lived on, each of another ongoing and species as well. They have powers unknown to mankind. Well, most of mankind, anyway.

    For decades, the United States government had been rounding up humans that somehow had access to excessive powers for investigational and scientific purposes, unknown to the rest of the country. Other countries had been doing the same, and the scientists would often collaborate with one another concerning their gifted subjects, who were often harmed and mistreated, considered animals, a true catastrophe.

    One of their subjects, a son of a fallen angel knew of the prophecy, and somehow he knew he'd be one of the survivors. He taunted the scientists about this for the days leading up to the apocalypse, which they disregarded as resistance, punishing him most painfully for it. But when he survived, he set out to find the other three survivors, all of different species, all of different ways of existence and being.

    The other three had mixed reactions to his claim that they were to be the ones to create and rule the new world, as were their reactions to the way he acted superior to them all. But with every group, you’ll have your strained relationships. But it would work out in the end.... Or so they’re hoping.

    Of course, their mission is complicated by the fact that with the apocalypse, animals and plants everywhere mutated into murderous creatures that want humans dead. But there is one place in the prophecy that is safe from all those things, with real animals as well. So the first step if for the team to find this place safely.

    Hope on the Rocks
    Fantasy || Romance || Magic || ♂WarlockxWidow♀*
    Ever since her husband was killed overseas a few months back, [Widow] has been struggling with depression. She has run away from home and isolated herself from anyone who might remind her of her dead husband, including her entire family. All she wants is to start a new life, but she doesn't know how. After resettling in a small town across the country from her old home, [Widow]'s depression grows worse. She begins cutting and goes to the local bar every night to drown her sorrows in alcohol and to vent her sorrows on the bartender.

    The bartender, actually a disguised [Warlock], grows sorry for [Widow], and extremely concerned for her health. He begins to secretly spike her drinks with a potion that lifts spirits. While the potion does its jobs, [Warlock] is soon consumed with guilt for treating her without her consent. He stops spiking the drinks one night before inviting her over to his home, where he explains what he is and what he had done to her. He then asks for permission to continue treating her. She refuses, but he insists upon helping.

    [Warlock] begins to look after [Widow] and to help her through the pain she's been through, sometimes with magic (though he rarely tells her when he uses it) and sometimes without it. Their friendship soon grows into something more....

    By the Light of the Moon
    Fantasy || Kidnapping || Revenge || ♂WerewolfxCaptive♀*
    [Werewolf] had once been part of a large pack of his kind. He loved his pack like family, and as an orphan, he grew thankful for the Alpha's guidance and the Beta's nurturing nature. But a year ago, it was all torn away from him by another pack. A pack that has been rumored to have been killing humans and werewolves alike.

    In his year on the run, [Werewolf] devises a plan to defeat the rogue pack. But the thing is, he'll need a pack of his own. A pack with werewolves that listen to him. A pack where he is the Alpha. All he needs is a mate, a Beta, before he begins recruiting pack members. And he has a certain someone in mind...

    [Captive] is a normal teenage girl. A human girl. A human girl who just so happens to have caught the eye of [Werewolf]. He wants her for the Beta of his new pack. He wants her to love him. He wants her to let him Change her. One day, he captures her and places her in a secluded cabin where he hopes to make her love him. He is her only interaction, the one who brings her food and watches over her at night. He hopes that in time she will grow to love him for this, even though he had taken her away from a life she loved.

    Music to My Ears
    Fantasy || Kidnapping || Slavery || *♂CaptivexFaeriePrincess♀
    [Captive] is an orphan boy with a love for music. He loves nothing more than to take his guitar into the woods, to play and sing, to escape from the difficulties of the life he leads. Little does he know, in the woods behind his newest foster home, there is a portal that leads to the Faerie Kingdom.

    [FaeriePrincess] hears him playing in the woods one day and falls in love with the music he plays. She kidnaps him and takes him back to the underground Faerie Kingdom, where she enlists him to be her servant, informing him that once a human enters the Kingdom of the Fey, they cannot ever leave. But all he wants to do it just that : leave.

    Somethin' Bad
    Realistic || FxF || Crime || *♀RunawayBridexOutlaw♀
    For years she had claimed to love him, and indeed, she believed it had been true. [RunawayBride] had been excited for her wedding day. That is, until it came, anyway. Slowly, she began second-guessing her decision to marry him. And on the day of the wedding, she finally chickened out and ran off into the streets.

    [Outlaw] had just been released from jail earlier that day when she saw a woman in a white gown looking for a ride. [Outlaw] pulled over and allowed the hitchhiker in. [RunawayBride], angry, rambled on about how she couldn't marry him, she just couldn't, and [Outlaw] dutifully agreed before pulling up outside of a bar that night. She told [RunawayBride] to stay put before running inside through the back door... To rob the place.

    An impatient [RunawayBride] went inside to look for [Outlaw] only to see her pointing a gun at the cashier. When [Outlaw] saw the hitchhiker enter, she reaimed the gun at [RunawayBride]. In the spur of the moment, [RunawayBride] agreed to help in [Outlaw]'s newest crime spree.

    Merry Go 'Round
    Realistic || Arranged Marraige || Modern || Doubling!
    When [Bride], a daughter of a millionare, was forced to marry [RichMan], she was devastated, having always loved a local man, a [Commoner] in her father's eyes. Still, she meets with her true lover in secret, only her [Sister] knowing this. And honestly! [Sister] never understood [Bride]'s dislike for [RichMan]. What she wouldn't give for a husband with that kind of money!

    It all grows worse when [Bride] becomes pregnant with [RichMan]'s child, tearing her between her lover and her unborn child. Could she even survive such a transition, if it were possible?

    Temporary Home
    Realistic || Foster Care || Rouge || ♂FosterBrotherxRougeOrphan♀*
    [RougeOrphan] has been tossed from foster home to foster home, havng long since lost hope at finding a real family. She feels that there is no hope for her to be loved, and acts on this feeling, acts on hatred. With all the crimes she has commited, hope is fading away.

    That is, until the judge orders her into the Rose Valley Stables foster home, a family composed of a mother, father, son, and an adopted daughter a few years older than [RougeOrphan]. At first, she tries to runaway, but her new [FosterBrother] always feels the need to console her.

    Slowly, [RougeOrphan] regains her ability to love. And there is no one she loves more than her horse and her [FosterBrother]. And she doesn't love [FosterBrother] in a sisterly way, either.

    S.S. Estelle
    Realistic || Historical || Kidnapping || *♂ChildhoodFriendxPirateCaptain♀
    The crew of the S.S.Estelle is one of the most infamouse pirate ships to ever sail the seas. Why? Well, this crew is composed of a band of all-female pirates, a group formed over the course of two decades by [PirateCaptain].

    [PirateCaptain] had once lived in the snug village of Dorson, right next to the family of [ChildhoodFriend]. [PirateCaptain] and [ChildhoodFriend] had a bond that would persist until tragedy struck when [PirateCaptain] was sixteen. Her house burned down, taking both of her parents and her elder brother with it. Heartbroken, she ran away, never to be seen again.

    Never to be seen again, that is, until [PirateCaptain] turned thirty-six and returned to Dorson for her prize... her precious [ChildhoodFriend]. After murdering his wife and seriously injuring one of his three daughters (the other two were not present at the time), [PirateCaptain] took him aboard the S.S. Estelle, abusing him for the fun of it as she tries to force him to love her again.

    The Lake's Reflection
    Realistic || Historical || War || ♂CommanderxNairaIsi♀*
    Naira Isi has safely reached her fifteenth winter, the time in which Caitu women are expected to marry. Her father has delighted in searching for the most well-off man who will have her, whether young or old matters not to he. But she's just not ready, and her father refuses to hear it.

    The townsfolk have always deemed Naira Isi as an odd one, her longing for freedom disgusting and confusing them. But that doesn't stop her from wanting more than the usual Caitu female's life. For why can she not have what the men do? It makes sense to her even if it doesn't make sense to her people.

    Meanwhie, a war is dawning between the Caitu and the Blendik. A young man has grown up in the nomadic families of the Caitu,thos who hunt and gather for the tribe. He has lived his entire life within the Yuic Forest an he knows the way of the warriors. He has been trained by one of the greatest warriors of all time - his uncle, who he grew up with - and is offered a commanding position of which he readily accepts.

    Naira Isi is distraught. Her father has found her an elder man who will graciously take her as a seventh wife. But she doesn't want to marry. She wants to live. In a fit of fury, she sets out to join the warriors for the upcoming war, knowing very well that women are forbidden to fight and that the penalty is death. But she doesn't expect to fall for her youthful commander...

    If I Die Young
    Fantasy || Afterlife || Death || ♂PoorManxAdela♀*
    Adela Springstein was a part of a perfectly normal, middle class Pennsylvania family in the early 1800s. She believed in God, liberty, and most upfront, freedom.

    Ah, freedom. Such a subtle gift that many take for granted, as did Adela until her parents made the announcement when she was sixteen: she was to marry Frederick Shraiger,son of the town's richest man. That in itself wouldn't have fazed young Adela, if it weren't for one thing: she was in love. Her parents never knew, but she had been seeing a young man from the poor side of town in secret for quite some time. She truly loved him, and couldn't see herself with anyone else in the world, even if that ment living in a small shack on the outskirts of town and having no money for extra luxuries. But she regarded becoming united with her own true love as luxury enough.

    Adela told her parents as much, but they insisted she must marry Fredrick whether she liked it or not. They forbade her from seeing the boy again,and enlisted her elder brother Markus to watch her. Her family started treating her as something disgusting, an ultimate disgrace. Adela lived in pain, feeling abandoned by her family and lost in life. The first time her brother turned his back to her, she took a knife to herself, feeling ultimately alone.

    Word reached Frederick's ears and he burned up inside, insukted that his beautiful bride-to-be thought death more appealing than unity with he. As people do in these cases, he looked for a scapegoat. And his wrath fell upon Adela's love. In a storm of rage, he murdered the young man in his sleep. Frederick was later convicted and hanged for murder.

    Our story should end there, but it doesn't. For when the good die young, their souls are sent to the perfect, pure world of Noltia,which was designed to allow those whose lives were cut short to live their dreams. They reawaken there the age thy were when they died, with no memory of their previous life.

    This pure world is watched over by the Lights, the only fully fledged adults in Noltia. It is they who erase the memory of the deceased young ones, in order to keep them happy. Adela is, naturally, sent to this glorious world, only knowledgeable as to her name and age. She proceeds to build herself a new life. She is content.

    She is content, that is, until she meets a dashing young man who she feels as though she should know, and who feels the same sensation. Both she and her old lover begin to recover their memories as they talk. They begin to recall what they once had or rather, didn't have. Their memories slowly return.

    But happiness and joy never last, do they? The Lights find out about the pair regainig their memories, and they go after them. Along the way, the pair unearth secrets concerning the supposed "paradise" that they wish would have remained uncovered...


    Scifi || Futuristic || Powers || *⋆PsychicxWashed⋆
    It's the year 2143, and a race dubbed Psychics have made themselves known to the world unintentionally. The government hunts down these Psychics to brainwash and adapt them into super soldiers to use for their own purposes; mostly hnting down other Psychics. [Charrie One] has been on the run with his/her family for years now, but the Washed (brainwashed Psychics) came in the night, seperating him/her from her family. [Charrie Two] is the Washed who captures [Charrie One], in hopes of bringing the prisoner back to headquarters for a reward.

    Meanwhile Back at Mama’s
    Realistic || Stardom || Small Town || *♂CountryStarxHighschoolSweetheart♀
    He had grown up a dreamer in a small Southern town. His ambitions were as high as could be, and he could hardly wait for his big break. Although, one thing made his wait worth it: [HighschoolSweetheart] , the pretty little thing next door. As long as he had her, he could endure anything, even time’s slow speed.

    When his big break finally came, though, he was forced to let go of his [HighschoolSweetheart] to pursue his dreams, breaking her heart into pieces the way her father was afraid he would. He told her a day wouldn’t pass when he wouldn’t think of her, but alas; such would prove to be a falsehood.

    Fast forward a few years later, [CountryStar] is the most famous in the nation. He’s got money, popularity, his own charity, even. And while most country stars never lose sight of their roots, his slowly slip out of his grasp in the midst of fame and fortune. When his mother dies, though, he is forced to return to the place that shaped him to claim his inheritance and sell the home.

    Still next door is [HighschoolSweetheart], still living with her parents and siblings. Ever since [CountryStar] broke her heart, she hasn’t once given it away to anyone else. He essentially ruined her from loving.

    Naturally, the two butt heads when [CountryStar] returns, but slowly they begin to remember the values they once held true.

    ☐ Mama’s Broken Heart
    Realistic || Insanity || Kidnapping || *♂Ex-BFxEx-GF♀
    He broke her heart when he split up with her, pushing her off the brink of insanity. Sure, he had his reasons – after all, [Ex-GF] had been cheating on him. But in her eyes, it wasn’t real. She was just having fun. Isn’t that what being a teenager is all about?

    Now, she wants revenge. She kidnaps [Ex-BF] and locks him in a secret room in her basement, desperate to make him love her again. And once she succeeds in her task – and she will succeed – she will destroy his heart the way he destroyed her own. Literally.

    Blown Away
    Realistic || Amnesia || Abuse || ♂FriendxGirl ♀*
    [Girl] had never had an easy life. Her father had always been abusive, and when she was twelve, she witnessed him murdering her mother. Her father swore her to secrecy, and out of fear, [Girl] told no one for about a year. But that year came and left, and her father was harming her and her older brother even more. Afraid, she told [Friend], making him swear that he’d only reveal her secret if she was ever found dead.

    A few years later, an awful tornado has blown through her small town, killing her father and brother and leaving her in a coma. When she awakens after a painful two weeks, it is apparent she knows next to nothing about herself or her past.

    Since [Friend] is the one who knows the most about [Girl] and her life, the doctors enlist him to help her regain her memories. [Friend] is faced with a difficult decision: to help [Girl] remember the troublesome life she had or to lie through his teeth and leave her to mourn her family, all while hoping no one reminds her of the truth.

    ☐ All Kinds of Kinds
    Realistic || Slavery || Abuse || ⋆FreakOnexFreakTwo⋆

    They have lived and grown up in the traveling circus, labeled as freaks of nature. The owners of the circus are abusive, and more or less the cause of the premature death of their parents. All while undergoing pain and suffering alongside each other, the two friends gather the courage to stand up for what’s right from each other.

    ☐ The Boy of My Nightmares
    Fantasy || Supernatural || Death || ♂AngelofDeathxHuman♀*
    [Human] is a stereotypical teenage girl; somewhat rebellious and rule-bending yet with a good heart in her name. She lives her life without a care, feeling invincible. But… Her death is impending. The Angel of Death, a bipolar being who works for neither God or Lucifer, has come to fulfill this death, but first… [Human] is neither swayed toward Heaven or Hell, so it’s up to [AngelofDeath] to sway her. But… What if he decides that he doesn’t want her to die. Oh dear. Trouble’s a-brewing.


    VII. Active 1x1s
    City of Hopelessness, in progress via thread with @Space
    Music to My Ears, in progress via PM with @Kibo-Chan
    See You Again, in progress via thread with @RareSecret
    Meanwhile Back at Mama's, in progress via PM with @Azazel
    By the Light of the Moon, in progress via thread with @Rainy Encore
    Somethin' Bad, in progress via thread with @Bitterblue
    Psychotic, in progress via thread with @J_"Kraken"
    I, Spy, in progress via thread with @Aegylic
    The Greatest Assassain, in progress via thread with @VyperKannon
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  2. Somethin' Bad, Merry Go 'Round, Temporary Home, and S.S. Estelle have been editted in.
  3. I'll rp with you if that's ok? C:
  4. The Lake's Reflection and If I Die Young have been editted in.
  5. Psychotic has been editted in, as have the fandoms of Ravenhearst, Puppet Show, and Professor Layton.
  6. Meanwhile Back at Mama's and Mama's Broken Heart have been editted in.

    Alos, if anyone's even played Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (aka Professor Layton and Pandora's Box), I'm really craving an AntonxSophia fanfic. c;
    I'd rather play Anton Herzen, but you can have him if you really want, I suppose.
    I just want to return to their tragedy. </3
    The game doesn't go quite as much into it as I'd like.
  7. Your "Meanwhile Back at Mama's" Plot sounds great! I would love to roleplay that with you :D
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  8. Coolio! cx
    I'll shoot you a PM so we can discuss.
  9. I was interested in the Meanwhile Back At Mama's plot.
    I don't know if you wanted just one person per plot. D;
  10. I'm sorry,but eah, only one person per plot. xc
  11. To Kill a Demon has been reopened as a result of @ChaosCat leaving the website.
    More plots to be added in a while.
  12. Blown Away and All Kinds of Kinds have been editted in.
  13. I can do a Maximum Ride one! I've been dying to do one! :D
  14. OOOOOOOH I also like the Somethin' Bad plotline! :D I would be happy with either of them. :D
  15. -Peeks in, defying gravity as i somewho walk in walking upside down in the sky- Hmm.....don't know which to choose....
  16. I have a lot going right now, so I am unsure if I would be able to manage starting anything new now n the spot but... I have to say that you've got quite a list of ideas there! o.o It's absolutely lovely... and I also wanted to state my interest in Merry Go 'Round. I think it sounds really interesting. ^^
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  17. Thank you! cx
    They've been gathered meticulously over the course of a few years in my brainstorm notebook. xD
  18. The greatest assassin plot sounds interesting
  19. If you're really only fourteen, you are a prodigy!
  20. Thanks. c;
    But sorry if you wanted to do it; someone actually contacted me about it from PM just before you posted here. /).(\
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