Here's My Survey, so RP Maybe?

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    What do you prefer to be called?

    Please, call me Luv, or any variant thereof. "HEY YOU!" works too.

    Boy, girl, or a mystery?

    Totally female. Apparently it's not hard to tell. But I do prefer being seen as just a person.

    How old are you?

    Seventeen? Yeah, don't get dangerous. I eat creeps for breakfast.

    Are you new to the site but not to roleplaying?

    Yup. I've been roleplaying since 2009. Mainly on and Tumblr, so this is a bit of a change for me.

    Do you like group Roleplays or just a single partner?

    I like both equally! Big and ambitious plots are a bonus, though.

    Do you like running through grassy meadows or sitting under the cherry blossoms?

    Yes, but it must be room temperature outside, otherwise I'll hide in my room and you'll see nary an eyelash.

    SING IT OUT LOUD! What song is tormenting your mind?

    Time's End by Theophany. His remix of the Majora's Mask soundtrack is chilling.
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku!
  3. Hey welcome to the site.*gives thumbs up*Names Ichigo and it's a pleasure to meet you.
  4. Thank you all; it's very nice to meet you!
  5. Hey new person......I am new here to so you aren't alone.
  6. Hiiii Luvisia! Welcome to the site!
  7. New people unite. *fistbumps*

    Thank you both! I'm glad to be here~
  8. Be wary of weird warp portals at your stay here.
  9. Welcome to the forum.
  10. Welcome to the Madness xD

    Enjoy your ride please ..~ rawwrr!
  11. Weird warp portals? I think I may have just seen one, oops.

    And thank you! c:
  12. I see what you did there with the title... hehe...I like this one. :3
  13. Somebody got the joke. Bless your heart you admirable person.

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