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  1. When did you start Role playing?
    Where you young? Do you remember with who? What about?

    I personally can't remember how or why I started.
  2. Well, I first started roleplaying about.. Five years ago, or so. Maybe a little longer than that. Although, I was acting for quite a while before that. o_o

    Anyways.. Aye, I was pretty young. A pal o' mine on dA managed to trip me into joining a Marvel roleplay. The roleplay was.. uhh... Not the best quality, to say the least, and honestly, the other RPrs in it more or less made stuff up as they went without asking if it was okay to do, so no plot really stayed. Yeah, I was pretty young. Haven't stopped since.
  3. Since 2007-2008. Almost ten years.
    I was about.... 8.

    I started on the LEGO Message Boards. My first role play was a LEGO Agents Roleplay, where my character, Balthier Stone, was an elite Genetically altered Supersoldier with Power Armor. It was pretty fun screwing around with other OP characters doing Agents stuff. Then there were some really kickass Mars Mission RPs, then Space Police, and finally Lego Universe's was were I really got into it. I started the LUUN (Lego Universe United Nations) which became a really popular thing. We actually settled some disputes between groups, which was cool, but mostly we just screwed around in other things, and we even had a whole plot line at one point.

    Then I moved on to other forums.
  4. I started RPing 10 years ago. First ever RPs were through They eventually banned me and that encouraged me to move on to actual RP boards such as Iwaku. Been one hell of a ride on the roleplay rollercoaster.
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  5. Maybe Im just getting too old to remember.
    All i know is its coming up to about 14 years.

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  6. Some old RP chatsite called Kugyay, way back in '07. It was a Warrior's roleplay site, but there was a companion site that allowed anything from OCs to Canon-- that's where I spent most of my middle school years. The site is still up last I checked, but it's so different from what I remember and not many people frequent it, and those who do are... eh. But the nostalgia I get from thinking about how it used to be is intense.

    I also did some roleplaying on tumblr for a bit, still kind of do with a very few select groups.

    From time to time, I rp with some old friends from that site via email. Haven't spoken to most of them since last year, though, but oh well. Everybody moves on at some point.

    Then I ended up here, as well as RoleplayGateway. What a journey.
  7. I started roleplaying in Grade 9, which was 7 years ago now.

    It was on a site called Star Wars Combine.
    And just by chance I had recently gone back and downloaded the 1st RP for safe keeping...

    Though Iwaku apparently doesn't accept Open Office. >:c
  8. That's actually a super easy question for me, and thinking about it always makes me laugh a bit.

    I first did real roleplaying going on 10 years ago, in World of Warcraft. I joined an RP server because that's what some friends played on, and one evening when I was running through one of the major cities in the game I saw people in the city chat channel making announcements about the imminent opening of a bar/club of some sort, along with the services offered. One of said services was entertainment in the form of strippers, and young hormonal Jorick was all like "...THIS IS RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS!" and ran off to check it out. It was a roleplay strip club, basically, with female characters setting their characters to dance and slowly removing their clothing as they typed little roleplayed bits describing the actions. It was really silly, but I jumped in and can forever tell people I learned how to roleplay via trial and error in an RP strip club in World of Warcraft. Good times.
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  9. Started when I was 9 in 2009 on YouTube, back when we had that cool channel layout with backgrounds and stuff.

    I started because I was browsing my friend Sienna's channel when I saw a comment in her comment box that was an RP post.
    Immediately thought to myself, "Hey, that girl is acting like she's an animal, that looks so fun!"

    I started out roleplaying as a wolf (not anthro or shapeshifter--an actual wolf), and it was so fun because I found many others who liked it as well.

    Have been roleplaying ever since.
  10. April 2008. 18. Yes, a number of people I'd met on an amateur game creation forum and a others from that same forum. A ruthless training arc to determine if our characters were fit to become hunters of supernatural phenomena plaguing the world.

    The internet doesn't forget.
  11. My ever first roleplay was a chat roleplay on this chat site. I think it was something really dark and adventure based, but it wasn't exactly long-term.
  12. It was the mid/late 90s. =______= In a sailor moon chat room.
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  13. When MSN still had groups.
  14. I began roleplaying in 1997, just before my 17th birthday, at Yahoo Chat. I had done tabletop games like D&D prior, but never ventured into the online world of roleplay until summer vacation that year. I did the chat thing for three years, before leaving it for live-action. I did that amazing and wonderful activity for eight years, only stopping because the group fell apart.

    Good times, man. Good times.
  15. Found a Hellsing site after googling for Hellsing chapters.
  16. I don't remember. Probably started on Neopets with a Warriors RP. Those were the days of not being able to say what you wanted and had limited characters in each post. The torture.
  17. Seven years ago when I was thirteen, or so? I was in my second year of secondary school, that I know. So young I was. //sighs

    The first role play I joined was some academy role play where juniors paired up with seniors to get used to the school. My senpai left me alone back then. ;n; Afterwards I joined more role plays when I had figured out how everything worked.
  18. When I was a kid, I started playing a game with my friend. I was a general leading troops (from Age of Empires 1) and he would pose enemy forces that I would have to defeat. Eventually I led my force through an entire enemy kingdom and defeated their entire army in a series of conflicts. I didn't even know what roleplaying was when we did it. We played other games, like a continuation of that story (into Age of Empires 2), a standard fantasy adventure with my brother (that didn't last too long), and one game using monopoly. We each had a 10 square mile island with a base on it, we claimed properties on the Monopoly board, we made all the pieces run through one full lap and we each got money whenever the pieces landed on our property. We'd then spend that money on WWII era war machines (from various books detailing their stats and prices) and try to defeat an enemy island. We played that game for months, even though we got nowhere (I'd only earn about $5,000 per lap and even in 1940s prices, that's not much).

    Years later, in middle school, I played some game called Thardferr, a text based kingdom building game. The game was garbage (once you built your second castle, your forces were split between the two and someone much stronger would instantly take it with their massively OP army before you had a chance to fill in your defenses), but their forum had a Roleplaying section. It was pretty primitive, but I had a lot of fun on there, even though looking back, I made a lot of OP Dark Elf Mary Sues (don't judge me).

    I eventually took a break, but one boring summer, I wanted desperately to try my hand a RPing again, so I went to the first site that I saw, RolePlayerGuild. I went there on and off, and eventually got involved in a Roleplay that lasted for quite some time. Eventually with fears that the site might crash (among other things) we took the RP here to Iwaku. I had nothing else tying me to RPG, but I have found quite a lot of community here.

    That's my story. Jeez that was long.

    tl;dr Played pretend with childhood friends and stumbled into it on a crappy game forum.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, and I played some DnD in college. Loved it.
  19. If you count not Internet: 8 years old.

    If you count Internet only: 12. First role play I was in was about a zombie apocalypse, was in a small group, including a lady named Black Raven. She and I went off and continued it as a 1x1 later. That was a long time ago, though.
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  20. Then even with it being 14 years ago I think its just my horrid memory.
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