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  1. What do you do when you really can't get along with the GM of an RP you really enjoy?
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  2. Here's your obligatory reply of: Just fucking leave it.

    If the roleplay is going fine and any disagreements aren't based on the roleplay then maybe grin and bear it. Or just back off of any OOC chatter that's causing the issue. Otherwise if it's bothering you that much it's not like you can't just leave and ignore the thread.
  3. Take efforts to at least remain neutral with the DM, and/or don't let personal grudges (from either side) taint the RP.

    If you find you can't do that though, or the DM is being bias and cruel towards you for personal reasons?
    Back out respectfully, that saves a lot of stress and conflict for both sides and the other players involved.
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  4. Take over the RP and do it better.
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  5. The other players would have my head if I tried that :V.
  6. Then don't join roleplays with people who can't be intimidated. That's a recipe for disaster.
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  7. All you need is the right banner, motto and reinforcements. :3

    In all seriousness though, unless if the DM is such an asshole that no one is happy with them?
    Taking over the RP is the worst thing you could do.
  8. The DM is by no means an asshole. She's actually quite nice. Unfortunately, our personalities clash very badly and there's just no meshing them, which is the source of my question.
  9. In which case it's like I said above.
    Make a mutual effort to remain neutral and/or keep it out of the RP.

    Otherwise, bow out respectfully.
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  10. ^this
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  11. What do I do in that situation? I either suck it up and deal with it like a mature person, or I drop that shit like a bag of rocks. If the GM is enough of an annoyance that it impedes my ability to enjoy the roleplay then there's no point in me being there so I'll leave. If they don't reach that point then I can tolerate them so I'll stay. Simple.

    Doing things like remaining neutral and avoiding non-essential interactions with the person can help to maximize chances of remaining in the tolerable zone. Venting to some trusted party who has nothing to do with the RP can also help by avoiding a slow build up of negativity.
  12. This, but only if the RP is worth it in the first place.
  13. It's funny cos you're not really joking.
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    Even if the roleplay is freaking awesome, those bad feelings eventually will taint your experience and make things a huge pain in the ass. EVEN if you're being mature about things and everyone is behaving. Little aggressions and problems always have a way of slipping out, even if it's just you ranting to a coplayer. And I can tell you, you coplayers and friends don't wanna listen to you complaining about it, especially if they don't have any problems with the GM or roleplay. (I have been in SO MANY of these situations and it's really frustrating. ;_;)

    And even if you never complain or show any aggression yourself, you're still just torturing yourself slowly. D: That is how people turn in to bitter psychos. Never force yourself to interact with someone you dun like.
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  15. you bite them!! bite em hard!
  16. That's a hostile takeover and I approve such tactics or acts of sabotage alas that may not be tolerated here in Iwaku.

    If the GM is being a douchenozzle or if the game is just going from awesome to suck then you have no choice but to leave the RP for something better.
  17. I think you forgot your Strikethrough.
  18. My what?
  19. This.
  20. I'm pretty sure I did not forget that. Was there a point?
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