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  1. I think that sounded pretentious enough.... Alright, here is the premise: If you so choose, you will create a character. I will then, from a pool of various super powers, randomly assign a power to each player. Your character will be learning about this ability from the beginning of the RP onward. They will not have any experience with said power. Characters may die, and you do not have to ask the player of said character to kill them, you do though have to ask me. Now, in order for this to work, your character should not be a maniac driven to murder everything they see. I will not allow such a character. There must be proper motivation to kill a PC and I must agree. Of course this means that you should feel free to create a new character if yours dies.

    As far as the setting is concerned, you will be limited to a large Chicago-sized city. It will be much like many American cities, with a few exceptions. Like most American cities, there is a democratically elected Governor and Sheriff. There is also the same sort of organized crime. Mostly street gangs. Feel free to do with them as you please as I am leaving any gangs to be developed up to those interested in such a thing. There is an active, yet very busy police force. Response time to calls is often around 20 minutes or more. Now, unlike American cities, firearms are mostly illegal. Handguns are limited to police only, and are only acquired illegally. Semi-auto and fully auto rifles are similar, only even illegally they are almost impossible to find. Bolt action rifles are legal with licencing. Now, as the police realize that people still need to protect themselves, non-lethal weapons such as various batons, stun guns, pepper sprays, and the like are perfectly legal and easily found on the market.

    The story will be semi-guided with a goal given at the beginning and some guidance, but players will be allowed to go where ever they want within the city. This is because I feel that a semi-open world is nice instead of a constantly straightforward, hand-holding experience.

    Now, that is pretty much that. If you have interest just let me know here.
  2. Okay, this sounds very interesting. I'll join! My post rate will be around three times a week. If I'm enthralled and can find the time, daily. ;)
  3. Sounds like fun.
  4. Already thinking of an awesome character. She's gonna rock the city. ;) Can't wait to explore it.
  5. Count me interested!
  6. Alright. So I think we have enough interest that after my Christmas celebrations I will get an OOC up and you can all make your characters.
  7. Alright. SO I have begun work on the OOC. It should be up tomorrow. THank you all being patient and waiting. I get very busy during the holidays.

    Now something that you may want to do is start to give ideas for powers we can put in the pool for random assignment. I have several, but am happy to take any suggestions. Just post your ideas here.
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