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  1. Hello, this is Manic Aalis.

    This is here becaus the silly message at the top of my screen told me to. I try to mind so.... here it is. I like modern and fantasy role plays and may be persuaded to delve into others. I prefer one on one or as few people as possible, it keeps confusion down and makes things run smoother for the rp. Imo at least. If anyone would like to suggest such a rp then be my guest!

    About me: Well, I have alot of quirks. Mind just went blank.... So I don't know.

    Undramatic conclusion. Ew.
  2. *Dramaticly pops out doors*
    *looks at my papper*
    YOUR NEW!!
    Wellcome to iwaku new comer! :D
  3. Thank you kindly for your exuberant welcome. *punts out of thread* Next?
  4. Hahahaha. Poor Ed was just kicked out. Hello~ I'm Chrona. Welcome to Iwaku. Don't bother kicking me out...I'll just leave by myself *doesn't like psychical contact with other people*

    Dun dun DUN!

    ..Wait, I guess the music made it dramatic. >>;

    Welcome to the site anyway! :D

    HELLO!!! :D
    This is my dramatic entrance! :D Not really an exit, but it still counts. *Does a little jig, then jumps around the room, tags everyone else, screams, "you're it!" and then dashes back in front of you*

    Anyway, welcome. :D I'm Jester.

    *Backflips out of room* TOODLES!
  7. *Blink* Amusing bunch....
  8. Hi, I'm Terra. Welcome to Iwaku! :D We are an amusing bunch for the most part, but we're friendly and you'll get used to our quirks. I hope you enjoy it here. :) Don't worry about kicking me out, I can show myself out. Like Chrona, I'm not big physical contact. At least with people I don't know very well yet
  9. Welcome to the forum!
  10. I am he who I am.

    Ignore me and evrything I do in the Cbox. That is all.
  11. Hello and welcome to Iwaku!
    It's good to meet you, Manic. I'm Kitti. :3
    We have lots of different roleplays and lots of different players so you'll hopefully find something to your liking.
    If you need any help, please feel free to ask!
  12. -insert overly excited welcome here-
    I'm Sarah, feel free to talk to me without fear of losing any limbs. :D
  13. *writes math equation*

    welcome+to+iwaku= :D