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  1. You're sitting at a park bench after having a terrible day, all the sudden I jump over the bench and stand in front of you in a long trench coat and jeans "Sorry to ruin your moment darling but we have to leave" look at my watch "right now or we're going to be late"
  2. Gabi stares at the trench coat-clad stranger, befuddled by the whole situation, asking, "Wait, what? Why?"
    All she was doing was eating her feelings having lunch by herself.
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  3. James walked into the park to look for his sister. She called saying that she had a rough day and wanted to talk about it. Normally james wasn't one to talk about emotional stuff, but he figured it was important since she called. When he approached the bench where they agreed to meet James noticed someone standing over his sister. He became concerned and quickened his pace towards the bench. As he got closer he called out to his sister. "Hey, is everything alright?"
  4. Gabi looked up at the familiar voice, seeing her brother James running over to her. "Ah, yes, I'm fine. Just confused. you know this person?" Gabi pointed to the man above her, as if he wasn't listening into their conversation. Today was supposed to be a normal day in the park, yet this stranger above her was acting strangely. Gabi hoped that her brother knew him, they could all laugh it off, and be on their way.
  5. James looked at the person standing next to him. The face was unfamiliar to him. "No. Do you need help with anything?" James asked the stranger. He tried to be nice, but he was really nervous. James was often very protective of his sister. The fact that some stranger in a trench coat just starting talking to her was very unsettling. He placed on Gabi's shoulder as if it would somehow protect her from whatever this person wanted. "If you don't need anything I suppose my sister and I will be going." James tugged on Gabi's shoulder slightly urging her to walk away from this unfamiliar face.
  6. Gabi looked up at her brother as he applied a little pressure on her shoulder. His eyes alone told her to leave with him. Nodding, Gabi obliged, getting up from her seat on the bench, lunch in hand. For some odd reason, she hesitated. The stranger said something about having to leave. Leave to where? Gabi shrugged her curiosities off, following after her brother.

    She looked over her shoulder at the stranger once more.