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  1. Hey guys so...

    New Search Thread!
    :donut: Looking for someone 18+ (Cuz Libertine)
    :donut: I write at most 3 paragraphs (especially with the intro)
    :donut:I do prefer to play female characters and only in rare cases will I play a male character
    :donut:I prefer doing RPs through PMs or over skype or kik
    :donut:Third person only
    :donut:I do reply more than 3 times a day
    PAIRINGS (Bold is the character I would like to be)
    Mother/Father x Daughter
    Brother x Sister
    Teacher x Teacher
    Teacher x Student
    Best Friend x Best Friend
    Vampire x Human
    Warewolf x Human
    Demon x Demon/Half-Demon/Human
    Master x Pet
    Prince/Princess x Princess

    These are not the only pairings I will do.
    I will plot with you or already have an idea that, if you don't like, we can change it around.

    Please send me a PM instead of posting here if you would like to plot out some stuff.
  2. Interested in PrincessXPrincess
  3. Still searching

    Update: for M x F pairings, I would prefer not to play a dominant character (I will only be F in a M x F pairing unless otherwise stated)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.