Here waiting...Needing a RP

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  1. Okay so I need a interesting RP that can keep me interested. I want something new and interesting, I am very into Fae{fairy}, and vampire{Not the twilight crap or anything like that but something really interesting} If anyone has read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series I would LOVE to do something based on that{>.> Specially with Zsadist} I have plenty of female characters to use so thats not a problem I just need someone to write with. I have just recently gotten back into RP and would love to write again. I love to write and I am very flexible. Please if anyone out there is interested please respond here or message me I am here waiting.
  2. Uhm, I have not read the series you mention and female characters aren't my strongest point (let's just say I look 'the other way') But that is no problem!
    I'd like to play with you if that is not an issue... I like to be leaded in any matter, and um...
    I like the vampire's idea best, I hate twilight crap with all my might (i do) so i guess count me in?
  3. Well how about a vampire who steals away a shifter female and slowley breaks her into becoming his slave? I have a chara I could use for the shifter.
  4. Hmmm... I have issues with themes like that but sounds interesting, still... hmm... I dunno, it just doesn't sound appealing in a way.
    But I really am not helpful at all since I have no ideas at the moment, ack.