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  1. "Eridani. A world where the estimated landmass sits somewhere between 20-25% on its best day. Where roughly a quarter of the population of the world are pirates or otherwise engaged in some aspect of piracy. And Tiro'oga, one of the sleaziest, most crime ridden, ugly, dirty, fun fish head piles that ever was shat out by the Captain himself...", Girom emphasized the name by pushing his cigarette into the ashtray roughly, his face a sour scowl as he let the smoke push out of his lungs as naturally as a breath. "...So, of all the places that a genuine golden egg of Ca'a-Deri is found, you're saying some stump finned mouth breather's got it in his root cellar?!". Girom threw his drink down his throat and set the glass down heavily to emphasis his disbelief.

    "Have your fun, boys, but count me out! The Girom, the Heavy Handed knows when he's being taken for a run.", Girom waved his hand as he left the men. He felt their long stares on his back but paid them no mind. This wasn't the sort of place one started shooting, unless you had enough guns and bullets to take everyone else out as well. Planning a crime though? That was fine. In fact, it was one of his favorite places to lie low or just relax while hammering out your latest heist or smuggling route.

    Girom pushed open the metal door as it protested in a high whine. He caught the door lip and swung it closed, slamming the door a little more than he intended. Maybe that made him seem less interested or irate... Good, either way. He paused just long enough to light another cigarette and pull a long slow drag from it. Savoring the harsh, yet smooth flavor as it floated past his lips and nostrils like some ancient dragon. Flicking his cigarette he headed west toward the docks. He wasn't ending up there, but nearby enough. He was to meet someone there. Several someones to be precise, but this particular one was going to do a job with him. This job required the best and that meant him, of course. But after that there wasn't much room for "good" mercenaries. Maybe only a handful he could think of beyond himself and a lot of them were dead now. Oh, and Kearan Viel'Tha. Sexy. Deadly. And fiery. Just the way he liked them.

    As he passed a stall selling smoked fish on a stick, he helped himself to a pair of them when the vendor wasn't looking. It was only two, hardly a crime at all. He heard the man yelling, but it didn't seem like it was at him, so he continued on, eating casually as he made his way toward a more out of the way street. His destination was a low, nondescript building with grease darkened windows and walls that were more soot than brick and mortar. With a quick glance around he nudged the door open, this one surprisingly quiet and free swinging, and stepped through quickly.

    He found himself standing next to two very large individuals, both heavily armored and with obvious enhancements. His shoulders bowed with their heavy hands placed upon them, stopping him short of going any further. "Hey, fellas. You remember me, don'tcha? The guy your boss wanted? For the job?", he gave them a wry smile and held his hands up as if in surrender, though in reality he was readying himself in case he had to kill them. After a long minute they did let him pass and they were free to live another day.

    Before him were two men and Kearan, they sitting in two old wooden chairs, and her leaning against the table that was before them. She looked impatient, probably with him, but a good mercenary has others wait on him, not the other way around. As he approached them he gave Kearan his winningest smile, "How's it going, firecracker?". He knew he wasn't familiar enough with her to use that kind of name with her, which is exactly why he did it. With his arms akimbo he gave a quick glance to the others and returned his eyes back to Kearan, "And what say you, soon to be money givers?".
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  2. Feet hit the dock heavily as Kearan leaped from her most recently borrowed schooner. Thick rope in her hands, she tied it to the port and turned on her heel without a single glance back. She had no use for it now. As she adjusted the strap of the satchel that lay diagonally across her chest, she walked with a confidence that was palpable - the only thing in her mind being the end of a successful bounty.

    North of the docks, she found herself in a little village, the name of which was lost to her out of apathy. As she walked, heads turned to watch her move - it could be from her reputation or the fact that her tight leather clothing was stained with blood, but it made no matter. Without allowing her time to be wasted, she set her sights on a single hut surrounded by others just like it. It was easily missed if someone wasn't mindful of what they were looking for. Her chin held high, Kearan approached the simple wooden door and knocked once before entering.

    Questioning eyes met her face as she shut the door behind her, her pace not faltering in the slightest. It wasn't often that this particular man had visitors unannounced, but she never bothered with it. She had known The Hunter for long enough to know he would prefer her work over her manners. Without a word, she approached the large man and swung the flap of her satchel open, slamming her cargo onto the table in front of him. "The right hand of a murderer for a hefty price if you told true, Hunter." Her voice was dripping with warning. The man simply nodded and tossed a sack of gold at her, a smirk spreading across his face as she caught it. With a cordial bow, Kearan voiced her departure, "Pleasure doing business with you as always."

    The sun greeted her face as she walked back toward the docks, finding the ocean water to be helpful for removing blood from her skin and clothes. She had a meeting and had to look presentable, after all.

    Kearan rarely accepted anonymous invitations, but something about this one caught her attention. She was called to complete a task with another - a man she had met only once before. The idea of having to collaborate wasn't one she was keen on, but she couldn't turn down the price.

    She arrived to a run-down warehouse guarded from the inside. The men looked her up and down before she shot them a look that could kill. They knew better than to question her. Stepping aside, the men let her pass over the threshold and she was faced with an empty room, save for a desk with two men sitting at it. Agents by the looks of them. She looked around for her supposed partner and wasn't surprised to see he was no where to be found. Of course he's not here yet. Leaning against the table, she crossed her arms against her chest and stared at the door, waiting.

    Before too much longer, the door opened and none other than Girom the Heavy Handed walked inside, spouting something self-righteous to the guards as she had expected. Her eyes rolled and she shook her head slightly, waiting for him to approach her. "How's it going, firecracker?" The name made her blood boil, but she chose to remain poised. "You sure know how to keep a girl waiting, Casanova." She hadn't bothered keeping the disdain from her voice.

    With that, she sat in one of the empty chairs and looked to the agents before them. "So, what is this ultra-confidential job that I've heard nearly nothing about?" She pushed a strand of hair out of her face as she waited for the stoic men to respond.

    Without so much as a cleared throat, the man on the right rolled out a piece of parchment and began to read: "Girom the Heavy Handed, The Rogue Warrior Kearan Viel'tha - you are invited to embark on the journey of a lifetime. In light of recent events, a map has surfaced." Without breaking stride, the silent agent handed Kearan a weathered, delicate, and yellowed roll, tied with a simple leather string. "The map is a small piece of a puzzle to locate the missing pieces of The Captain. Should you accept, you will have more gold and ships than you could ever dream of. Your mission is simple: Find The Captain or die trying. You have been warned."

    Kearan raised an eyebrow and glanced at Girom, unsure if what she heard was registering correctly. "The Captain? You've got to be joking. His missing parts are but a legend, after all... aren't they?" She scoffed in disbelief, but her intrigue was only fed. Untying the leather, she unraveled the map and placed it on the table. After studying it for a brief moment, her mind was made up. "I accept."

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