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Hi, Yo and hello.

Who I am? Not-so typical student of university in Poland. What the hell is Poland you ask? Well... it's that small country in middle of Europe, which is recently known from Witcher game series, alcohol and kielbasa(kind of sausage).

For what I am looking for? that's the trick question, as I have number of goals to achieve. First one - to improve my English by doing something fun as RP'ing. Second one is to discover my writing passion once more. Last one is to finally open myself for new connections, as shyness was always my problem.

For who I am looking for? For someone who can stand my poor writing skills. I don't have problems with long messages, as I am used to write around 4 thousands marks per message... sometimes even more. My problem is with shaping my thought in form of the words, as English is not my first language. I tend to write strangely tangled sentences - and I am willing to change it... but I need help. Your help.
I am looking for someone, who can help me in improving my skills - and correct my faults almost like teacher. I understand that people don't have time and energy to help with such things - but at least I tried.
What I can give back for that help? My loyalty, passion and willingness to cooperate with your RP ideas.

Of course I have something to offer right now. Not much... but something, that will help us start with. They're more like blurred ideas, based on known by me fandoms - but together we can create a sharp vision of our RP.
Why fandoms you ask? Well... lately, I have pretty big problems with coming up with something that's not based on my favourite characters.


Known Fandoms (with potential pairings)
I am fine with people who doesn't know any of these fandoms/pairings. I care more about characters (appearance and such) than mentioned fandoms. If you don't fear challenges - try to play one of characters from list below, I'll provide every needed information about them.
- Bishamonten x Yato... or Yato x OC - although first option seem to be more... interesting.

Persona 3 (game)
- Minato Arisato x Kirijou Mitsuru
- Minato Ariasto x Yukari Takeba
- Junpei Iori x Chidori Yoshino
Persona 4 (game/anime)
- Yu Narukami x Kujikawa Rise.
- Yu Narukami x Naoto Shirogane (Yes, that's a girl. High potential with detective-type story)
- Yu Narukami x Marie
- Tohru Adachi x Yukiko
Bakemonogatari/Monogatari series
- Kiss-Shot Acerola Orion Heart-Under-Blade x Araragi Koyomi. (My OTP)
- Black Hanekawa x Araragi Koyomi.

- Kirisaki Chitoge/OC x Ichijou Raku

Highschool DxD
- Almost unlimited potential. OC x OC, Certain character with OC or Issei Hyoudou x anime character.

Rosario + Vampire
- OC x Akashiya Moka(outer)/ Kurumu Kurono. Rather light material for some smut RP, of course can be complicated.

Psycho Pass.
- Kougami Shinya/OC x OC/Tsunemori Akane.

Shinmai Maou No Testament
- Basara/OC x Naruse Mio/OC. Another light and easy material.

- Catherine x Vincent(Smut in purest form, can be changed a bit)

SnK/Attack on Titan
- Annie Leonhardt x Armin Arlert

Matsumoto Rangiku/Orihime Inoue x OC

Final Fantasy
Lightning Farron x Noctis

Tower of God
Jyu Viole Grace x Yeon/Androssi Zahard/Hwaryun/Ha Yuri Zahard

Girls of the Wild's
Yae Gu Song/OC x In Gyi Yoon/Choi Dal Dal/Lee Na

Every pairing that was mentioned can be played without whole anime/game setting. Just ask me about more information.

Don't hesitate to ask me about different pairing and tittles. Maybe I just forget about something here.
PM me If you're interested. :>

I am searching for people all the time, so consider it as one of "endless" LFP
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Patchnote 1.1
- Pairings from Rosario + Vampire, Psycho Pass, Shinmai maou no testament and Fallout added.
- Additional informations added
I'd' love to rp with you, but I dont really do fandoms on here.
Patchnote v1.2
- Additional changes. Important things are now highlighted with orange colour - characters that I am willing to play are blue.
- Additional fandom pairings from Catherine and SnK.
- Deleted Fallout setting - it just need some rework.
- Added non fandom pairings. Still, it require further improvements.
Patchnote v1.3
- Persona 3 with 2 additional pairings added.
( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) Patchnote v.1.3.1
- Added Junpei x Chidori pairing.
- Several changes in colouring.
I have an idea already, if you'd like to hear I can PM you?
Master x servant? :)
Loner and social girl. PM me
Patchnote v1.4
- Minor Bleach pairing added.
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Patchnote 1.4.1
- Major changes in pairings policy. For more info - look at orange information above fandom pairings list.
- Pairing "Lightning Farron x Noctis" added.
Patchnote 1.5
- Removed "non-fandom pairing" category due to fact that it didn't worked as intended. It will be back soon, after some serious rework (new ideas). ETA unknown.
- Pairings from "Girls of the Wild's" and "Tower of God" added.
I'll do Kougami Shinya x Oc with you and more xD
Still looking.
I see I'm not the only one from Poland here :P.

Hej :).
Hello! I'm willing to do Persona if you'd like either as Rise or Naoto(i hate when peele think she's a boy. Either that or Catherine or Rosario+Vampire
Still looking.
If you want to work on something original, I'd love to.

If not I can give Attack On Titan a try, I have only watched the anime, so I don't know where the story stands in the manga. I'm working on it lol.
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