Here is a huge sack of horse shit!

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Isabella Hime

Winter is coming...
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I put in two vacation days just after the 4'th of July. Requested August 25 and 26'th off. Reminded the boss about those days again at the beginning of August and again on the 15'th of August. On this third reminder I made a joke about having 8 out of 10 points for the year left and I could totally miss a day or two and it would not matter any way.

He never said no as he is a douche and only gives half assed answers. I've talked plenty about this vacation and all the co-workers KNEW I had it planned and that I'd be gone those days as the 27 and 28'th due to that being my turn for week end off.

Turns out he decided not to turn those papers in and not bother telling me. While I was gone he decides to use that little joke I said against me and tell all the co-workers I planned to miss those days on purpose and screw them all over. And even worse it turns out he gave my days off to one of his "favorites" at last notice. He stated that I'd be fired if I did not come back on Saturday because it would be 3 days no call no show. (Even though I was not scheduled for work Saturday or Sunday any way!)

Lucky for me I had a good friend drop in and tell me what was plotted against me for no damn reason. So I went up there to confront that asshole. He suddenly had no memory of me ever putting in vacation days in the first place and threw that little joke about my points back in my face. He did go ahead and say it would not count against me after he tried his bullshit on me and I guess realized I was not just gunna give up on that shit!

So I then went to HR and reported that shit.. Told them about all sorts of bullshit they have been pulling. Favoritism and all that shit.

When I went back to work on Monday I found out how bad it was. He turned all the coworkers against me and now I get dirty looks and they keep plotting to get me in trouble now! These mother fuckers all turned on me just like that!

This kinda feel like discrimination. If I was any other race than white right now I'd so be able to fuck their shit up.. If they plot some other bullshit and I get fired this might be war! I really like the idea of fire as a weapon...

Can't believe those bastards tried to get me fired for no damn reason! WTF!

They keep fucking over my good friend too.. Aint that some horse shit!? People in Arkansas are some real evil manipulative drama queen douche fucks! I think it is about time to move again. Maybe Canada...
Man, I feel your pain. There is nothing worse than a bunch of backstabbing Bettys and Gossiping Gabes to ruin your day. The thing to remember is that if they are hating on you, you're doing something right. Perhaps your work-skills make them feel intimidated? Maybe you overall 'swagger' is making them feel inadequate, and so, unable to get back at you in any other way they join sides with 'your boss' (Who sounds like a real jerk-off) and try to come down on you.

Keep your head up, It'saBella! At least you have, from what it sounds like, some good friends at your job.

Hope everything works out for you.
Aww. Poor Isabella. D;
I'm sorry that your boss is a douche!
Is HR going to do anything about it?
That's awful, Isaboo. I'm sorry everyone's turned their backs on you. I hope everything will turn out for the better. :[ Let us know, okay?

And, I'll join you in your war against these people. *readies her Sith lightsaber* At your command.
sounds like they need a good old school aussie tradie beating.

but such is life im afraid. the workplace has and always will be filled with manipulative, two faced motherfuckers.
i often experience this as well, though usually its an outside company rep to whom the guys i workl for are contracted.

i know its a battle, but keep your cool, keep your head down and other than standard work questions ("help me lift this", "can you give me a hand with X" etc.) dont say anything to the motherfuckers, its worked averagely for me so far (i still want to rip their heads off and make codpeices out of them, but i have my job and as yet, no brain splosions.)

also, any way to put your leave paperwork in to a higher authority? your boss seems like a shifty fuckwit.