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  1. Hi/Holla/Čau/Salut

    My name is (The) Apothecary, but you can call me whatever you wish. The more flattering the better, of course.
    This way, I'd like to greet you all and express my hope to become a part of this wonderful roleplaying family.

    I used to roleplay quite a bit back in my days, but then a few unfortunate things happened and site that used to be my second home turned into... not exactly pleasant (some would say TOXIC) place.
    After plenty of spamming, flaming, arguing and other fun activities, I decided to throw in the towel and stopped roleplaying for some time. Time that hopefully ends now!

    Despite having such a sad and moving backstory, I'm quite a cheerful and humorous (some would say too cheerful and humorous) lady who enjoys ladies, writing, reading, warm temperatures, dogs, dogs, dogs, videogames, terribly burned tea, and everything strange, crazy or ununsual.
    I'm also quite talkative and you'd hardly find a topic I can't talk about, so please, if you are in need of willow, just call me. I'm cheaper than (most of) psychologists.

    In terms of roleplaying, I prefer fantasy, scifi and new weird settings, enjoy romances (and even some smut) and absolutely adore intrigues and mysteries.

    Yours sincere,
    THE Apothecary
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  2. Hi hi apothecary! you seem like such a great personality to have as a member of a RP. I would do some shameless PR move but i feel that its better to get settled and find what you like before being bombarded with RP suggestions. Happy role playing!
  3. Welcome, Apoc! Yes, hopefully your break from RP has come to an end with us. We have a few trolls and arguments, but our trolls are typically well-meaning, and our arguments usually end with mature discussion, that I've seen.

    Goddamnit, another new member who seems really cool and should PM me and chat while I work on my RP search thread. If she's interested, that is.
  4. I am not sure if I deserve such a warm welcome. I know I'm great and all, but there is no need to make me blush.

    I knew this fancy orange font will work, people are so easily manipulated these days. MUHEHE
  5. Out of curiosity, how do you PM people? I have no idea how anything works on this site :p

    Also Apothecary, I don't suppose you craft potions? we'll have to talk later
  6. very top right corner of the website there is a little mail icon next to your username. type in the person you want to PM and your good

  7. I craft wonderful potions that will grant you +6 political awareness, +13 self-confidence and lesser immunity to pain and emotional damage , but they come at price of -20 dexterity, partial memory loss and painfull debuff that can be cured only by chicken soup or another potion. The choice is yours.
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  8. You can click a person's username, and when a small window pops up with their basic profile, there should be a link to "Start a Conversation".
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