Here have a whole mass of stupid questions.

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  1. I've noticed some people have been able to embed pictures in posts and I want to know how to do that. Whenever I try to add a picture, it comes out very small, much smaller than the original. Can someone tell me how to do that? Or give me a link that explains how to do that? There's all these buttons up there that do things and I don't really understand what they do or how to use them. :/

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    maybe someone can answer this question for me too. How come whenever I've been posting a blog lately it double posts that blog? The last two I've written it does that.
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    also I apparently accidentally rate threads and I don't even know how I've gone and done that. I got all excited about one of mine I was like oh my gosh someone rated my thread five stars and then I saw it was me who rated it and I was like when did I do that because I'm pretty sure I didn't. And I don't even know what I did.

    ugh. don't judge my technological ineptness please...
  4. What is the difference between a user note and a blog?

    Let's just make this thread the "answer all of Melia's questions thread"

    assuming someone comes along to answer them.
  5. I don't have an answer for everything else, but this one is easy, user note is a note the administration has on your account. If you click on my profile you'll see I have one user note, it says "Imported user" this is because I was on Iwaku before the current board/server and the Admins imported my account. It's not used very often.
  6. Ohh okay. How come I have the option to write a user note for myself? or for someone else? I haven't tried though, maybe I can't actually do that. But it looks like I can.
  7. I'm not really familiar with Iwaku's built-in image uploader because I rarely use it; I personally use Photobucket. It has an in-built image editor, and all you need to do is use [ img ] [ /img ] tags to embed the pictures into your posts.

    So yeah, I'd personally recommend giving that a go, see if it solves your issues.
  8. Thanks!
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    No problem. Moving on to some of your other questions...

    This sounds like it could be a bug; I'd recommend submitting it to the Bug Report thread so our techie folks can have a look.
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    Thanks. I have done this.
  11. I think I've figured out how I've been rating random threads. It happens whenever I use my phone to come on here. Though I have no idea what it is I'm hitting or doing to cause me to rate threads, but there it is. I mean, I guess that's fine Ive been rating random threads with 5 stars, but it does tend to make me look a bit narcissistic because it's the threads I go on the most that end up getting the ratings, and those are the ones I'm rping on. Just trying to maintain my semblance of a social status. Ha.
  12. From what I know, accidentally rating things sounds kind of difficult. The option to rate is at the top of the thread and requires selecting a rating and clicking "Vote now", which pops up a notification saying that your vote has been added.... o__.
  13. I'm managing to do it from my phone though. And I can't even figure out how to rate things from my phone... I don't even know. But it's happening.