Here comes a crappy introduction from an insecure dragon {>.=.<}

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  1. Howdy everyone, Azoli here and as you can probably guess I'm new. I just joined literally the day I'm writing this and I don't know much about this place but I hope to meet and get to know all you fine people whenever I can. I look forward to the role playing too of course but I always find things to be better and easier if you know your partner well.

    Now that that's out of the way, let's move on. I typically don't do all smut rps unless I'm really in the mood for it and I don't appreciate people trying to force me into those kinds of things. I have had bad experiences in the past with this kind of thing. I need enough plot or story, whatever you want to call it, to keep me interested, otherwise I get bored and my posts get shitty. I don't like doing things if I don't have the motivation to put my all into it.

    As far as rps go I am willing to do almost anything at least once and if I don't like it I will tell you. Most kinks are accepted. That's all for now.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku!
  3. Thank you!
  4. Hi, Azoli! -offers a fist bump to the fellow Rinmaru fan- Welcome to Iwaku!

    One thing I can assure you: if anyone tries to pressure you into smut, you can report them, and our security team will take care of it.

    Also, kudos for being the type of person to tell a partner if you lose interest. <3 That's awesome, to me.
  5. Well good evening to you, Azoli. I'd say more, but really I'm not exactly into this "communication" thing everyone I know seems to do so well and so frequently, so I truthfully don't know much more to say. I'm new here as well, so I can't really do much to welcome you or anything, but I do hope you enjoy your time on here. I'm also glad to see that you are one more likely to tell someone if you are losing interest in an RP or if there is something about it you don't enjoy rather than just abandoning the entire conversation without another word. I can also respect your opinion on the whole 'smut' thing. I personally don't enjoy it much at all, nor do I wish to view any stories or other people's public rps containing such things, as I too have had... undesirable experiences with a particular partner in the past. Anyways, enough of my pointless babbling, welcome to Iwaku and I hope you enjoy your stay, friend.
  6. Welcome! No need to be insecure, just be yourself and it'll all be good.
  7. Thank you all very much. I've had many experiences on different sites with people just abandoning a convo so I don't do it. The only reason I wouldn't reply is that I forgot to hit send and don't realize until I check like three days later....
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  8. I've done that. I usually message my partner an apology and get on with a post. =)
  9. Yeah, me too. You seem very nice.
  10. Ah, yes, I have been there before. However when I realize my mistake I instantly start spamming the friend of mine with apologetic posts cause I get scared and anxiety n' shit go off the charts. And most of them... well, they'd be like my current profile picture. But ayy, I've been trying to get better about stuff like that.
  11. Yes, I understand that feeling completely. As a sufferer of anxiety also I know how it feels all too well. I hope it gets better for you though.
  12. You as well. <3 It's nice to meet you!
  13. I'm working on it, yes. With the way things have been going as of late, it's pretty damn hard, but I'll survive. I somehow always do. I'm gonna have to leave in somewhere between 20-25 mins. rather abruptly, as that is the time I will be picked up and taken back home at long last, where there is no internet unfortunately. 'Tis a great shame indeed. But hey, it was nice talking to a new person. I don't know how long I'll be gone. Might be a couple of weeks at the least. But when I do come back I hope to be able to continue to attempt growing out of my shell and communicating more. Hell, maybe I can speak to you again provided I'm feeling courageous. It was nice talking to you, Azoli, and I suppose I will see you around. Bub bye!
  14. The pleasure is mine *Dramatically kisses hand*

    I look forward to us talking again, whether it be to roleplay or just have a nice discussion. It was very nice meeting you.
  15. -resists the urge to "uguu" like a dork, and instead blushes daintily- Such a gentle soul.
  16. *Smiles before standing up and somehow tripping over my feet like an idiot.* .... Well, that was almost suave af
  17. It was a good effort. -offers a hand up-
  18. Thanks *Takes hand and gets up* Anyways, now that I'm done embarrassing myself, would you like to be my first rp partner on here? I mean technically you kinda are already but we can ignore that.
  19. Greetings! I am also new to this site and also a novice roleplayer! I've only ever roleplayed with a good friend and never with strangers, so I'm stepping out of my comfort zone (makes me more anxious than anything).
    Anyhow, welcome and, if you're interested in the guild, the character creation guild is a fun place to be so far.
  20. Certainly, though right now I don't have my RP search thread updated. Would you like to PM me? We can talk things over there. =)
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