Herds of The North

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  1. This is a Role-play for those who have a love for horses and are non-aggressive Role-players.
    You may have up to 3 characters and there will be absolutely no people.
    We a re a free and wild herd of horses that live on their own terms without the
    fear of humans intruding upon them. There are a total of One Stallion, two colts, a foal,
    and six mares. Run Free, Run Wild, Chase The Stars.



    Rank: ( newborn, bachelor, standard mare, lead mare, lead stallion)

    My CS:

    Name: Onyx ( Yes I know it sounds like a boy's name but it was a fitting title for her and she wears it proudly)
    Rank: Lead Mare
    black horses 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_61.jpg 6189990-8630-l.jpg
  2. Name: Midnight

    Rank: Foal

    images (2).jpg download.jpg
    images (1).jpg download (1).jpg
  3. Accepted. I am assuming your foal is the daughter of lead mare am I correct?
  4. Yeeess....
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