Her Whisper is That of Lucifer

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  1. Ivory stood in front of the large gold coated gate. Beyond it, the clouds swirled almost at a rapid pace. This was the portal from heaven to earth, not a place that many angels got to see. Ivory was one of the select few angels to be given the opportunity to watch over a special human being. She had no idea what this human looked like, nor did she know their name. she was only told that she would ‘know’ when she found them. She had never been given a task as important as this one, the human in question was in danger. She was told that likely a demon would be sent to harm this person to stop them from rising to their true greatness. Again, Ivory didn’t know what that humans destiny was. Really she wondered if the angels thought it was amusing to send her into something without giving her really a lick of information. Either way, she had a job to do so what good was it to stand around thinking about what she didn’t know. The gate keeper pushed open the gates, allowing her to pass. Her coppery twin tails fluttered in the new burst of wind. He deep chocolate eyes locked on the swirl of clouds in front of her. She wore a simple green dress with white accents, something that looked quite normal to the humans idea of fashion.

    “You might want to hurry” Ivory heard a voice from behind her say. Looking back over her shoulder, her pale skin seemed to almost match the white clouds. Silently, she nodded and turned her attention back in front of her. Muttering quietly words of encouragement to herself, she hopped though the portal. The best way to describe the feeling of porting was sickening. In an instant the young girl stood in an alley way of a large city. A hand clamped to her stomach as it growled, twisted and turned threatening to make her vomit. Breathing rather heavily Ivory took a moment to lean her back up against the wall of the brick building to gather herself. Although her stomach settled rather quickly, she nearly winced at the sharp sounds of the city. Heaven was in no way this loud, but she was going to have to get used to it and fast.

  2. Humans have it so easy.” Vee said shaking her head in disapproval while a young girl laying in a bathtub besides her, pressed a sharp razor to her pale and tender wrists. “They give you a book that tells you what to do to not suffer and you just, go around and do this.” She motioned to the poor girl who had already swiped the blades over tender her wrists and was now waiting for death to take her away from this cruel, cruel world. The girl’s face turned paler in a matter of minutes and her lips started to dry out even though she was sitting in a warm bubble bath to you know, soothe the pain. Suddenly the mortal’s agonizing black eyes squinted and her head turned to see the woman that she could not see before. This was a sign that her body was slowly collapsing while the water around her turned shades of darker red; most human eyes could not see what was going on in the spiritual realm. “Wh—wh—who a-are yo-ou?” She barely whispered while Haven stood up and offered the dying female a bright red smile “I’m the one who made you do this. See you soon in hell, Amanda Raye Thompson. Ready?! OKAY!!” Haven poked the girl’s forehead and just like that, the girl’s heart stopped beating. Shaking her head again Vee turned around and exited the small apartment. As she walked down the hall her steps became visible, her bright red stilettos first, then her long svelte legs and so on until her five foot and nine inches were materialized into her human body.


    Being a demon was not as complicated as people thought. You just had to make sure that every sin was reachable to humans. The TV always on kissing scenes for the sex addicts, drunken friends always offering you a drink, vulnerable young women deciding to jog around at night for the killers and the smell of freshly baked pie seducing the gluttons. The purpose of demons was not to destroy, the purpose of them was to make humans destruct themselves. Every sin had its consequences; every desire had its downfall. So Vee simply walked around the earth for the past ten years helping humans either be better and fulfill their purpose in life, or simply die and leave the world exposed for better upcoming humans. The worst part of the job was after you were done with someone though, you needed to look around for the other human that had been assigned for you because you had NO IDEA who it would be, yes they sent you little clues but that alone could take YEARS. Most of the times you had to travel to another country, travel to another state and all while you did that you had to live your life as a human and be as normal as possible so when you heard that ‘Amanda R. Thompson. Yes! I used to be the head cheerleader while we were in high school? Listen I was calling to see if you had a job av---‘you knew that was your new human. So now was the time to chill, relax and just enjoys the pleasures that humans indulged in.

    Va-cations!” Haven exclaimed while stepping out into the darkening city. “What to do, what to do… Ouh! I know!” her favorite thing to do… EAT! So she headed to her favorite deli just a few blocks away.
  3. When Ivory managed to get a good hold on herself and her sickness, she walked out of the alley way chocolate eyes taking in the view of well, everything the city had to offer. It was obviously Ivory’s first time on earth though she was trying her best not to look like a lost child. A small purse hung from her left arm as she made her way down various streets. Her first task was to find a place to stay, though after what felt like hours of walking, and in heels none the less she had become tired. Oh how she missed home where she could fly and walk bare foot on fluffy floor all day long. Finally, she stopped in front of a small deli. Peeking though one of the small windows a hand idly rubbed at her growling tummy. “ok.. Just a quick stop” she muttered to herself before slipping inside. The smell of food hit her, and rather hard. Taking in a deep breath she practically imagined eating the food right then. In that moment she realized just how hungry al that walking had made her.


    (closest i could find to what ivory looks like but her dress is far more simple than that haha XD it is more of a sun dress or something of that sort. )
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    The place was wonderful and since she didn’t actually gain any weight, she could eat, eat, eat, eat, EAT! Until she was too full or couldn’t take another spoonful of the delicious potato salad that was signature of this place. Vee couldn’t reproduce either and was basically frozen in that hollow body that did function like a human, looked like a human but had its restrictions. Only way to have all the commodities of a human life was to simply resign. The only condition was that not a single person could know about her past or what she used to do. No one should know anything about how the underworld worked and specifically of the deal between God and Satan.

    Vee pushed open the door and stood in the doorway for a second, inhaling the fresh aroma of recently baked bread. Her mouth salivating at the thought of the spicy bun, stuffed with thin slices of shaved roast beef that laid in a bed of vinegary coleslaw. If heaven had roast beef sandwiches she would resign and become a human any day of the week! She finally walked in and headed right for the ordering station when all of the sudden the hairs of her right arm rose like if a breeze of cool air had been let in, but, there was no one behind her and the air conditioner had not made any sounds of changing temperatures… weird. Vee’s honey colored eyes scanned the place while her brows ruffled. Nothing out of the ordinary. ‘It’s nothing, probably the temperature change of the body. It was very hot and sticky out there…Chill bitch and get yourself a Sammy.’ She calmed herself with that and went to stand in line, behind a girl that obviously wasn’t gonna move in a while. “Oh brother… This is gonna take foreva’...” She complained out loud rolling her eyes and crossing her arms impatiently.
  5. Caught up in her food fantasy, Ivory had hardly noticed the other woman enter the deli behind her, that is until she spoke. Ivory looked over her shoulder, rather innocently at the woman. Her first reaction was to apologize for taking too long, however when her chocolate eyes met her deep honey colored ones she seemed to freeze. A sudden chill ran down her spine and every fiber in her body told her to be on guard. This didn’t stop her from being almost mesmerized by this girls beauty though, she was absolutely stunning. The way her dark hair framed her face, her tall slender legs and flawless skin. This dark haired beauty was easily five to six inches taller than Ivory. After a moment, Ivory realized that she was blatantly staring at the woman. Her cheeks flashed with a rose pink at her sudden embarrassment yet she smiled “s-sorry. You can go first if you already know what it is you want. I.. really don’t know what I’m doing” she admitted and stepped to the side. Leaving room to allow the beauty to go first Ivory tapped the toe of her shoe against the ground, somewhat of a distraction to take her own eyes off the girl. What the hell was she thinking? Acting this shy wasn’t really like Ivory at all. Yet here she was, acting like a little school girl who just saw an attractive man.
  6. And then those chocolaty brown eyes, slapped her across the face as hard a frozen wet fish would. Vee’s lazy and annoyed gaze lowered to look at the chick that was taking too damn long and looked lost as fuck, but to her surprise the stranger’s brown eyes had…something in them that she just couldn’t stop looking for. Vee’s face went from serious to surprised, to confused and back to serious, this time making her furrow her brows and take a step forwards so that she didn’t need to look at her any longer. Everything she caught of the girl in just a few seconds seemed to be burnt in her memory because her brain replayed the stranger’s features like a scratched old disk. Over and over again.

    There was something about the few seconds that their eyes met that was foreign. She couldn’t tell what it was but something inside of herself…melted? Broke? Sparked? No. No. it was probably her body getting tired, the devil knew she abused it too much. Yeah, that was it. It was hunger mixed with exhaustion, mixed with temperature changes. It wasn’t that the thought of the slow ass girl being the most beautiful creature that she’d ever seen, or that the way her soft melodic voice apologized made Vee feel like a total douche bag. Much less that she cared about the cute blush that formed on the girl’s cheeks. It was just her human body and its changes. “Look. You seem to be new ‘rond here so lemme lend you a hand. The roast beef sandwich is good, the coleslaw is good and the potato salad is outstanding. The pies are to die for. Uhmmm everything is pretty much delicious here, except for the pancakes because they are too thin for my liking. If you want good pancakes go two blocks to the right into Mamma’s Breakfast. They’ll treat ya good.” Haven said casually but avoided at all cost, for no apparent reason, to look at the angelical and peaceful face of the girl. She just stepped forwards and offering the cashier a wide and cheeky smile, ordered her favorites. After she did so, she grabbed her large Dr. Pepper and headed to an empty table since they brought the food to the table; of course she took a chair where her back was to the door. Away from the girl’s chocolate glare.
  7. “Oh, well if everything is that amazing I might have a harder time choosing than I thought” Ivory smiled at the woman before watching her retreat to a table. Slowly but surly, Ivory turned her attention back to where she had originally intended. Pondering for a few moments she finally decided on a cherry pie. Her soft wet tongue slid across her lips as the plate with the pie slice was handed to her. Happily she paid and grabbed the fork that was laying next to the slice. Innocently, she began eating it as she walked over to where the dark haired woman sat. “do you mind if I sit here? I wanted to thank you for helping me out, by suggesting food that is” Ivory said as she simply took a seat “my name is Ivory, Ivy for short or rather it’s just a nickname” she shrugged but offered a sweet smile. In most cases, Ivory wouldn’t have furthered bothering the person. However this was her first time to earth, she had no friends and this woman was interesting to say the least. Ivory was thankful by this point that the blush from earlier had died down a bit, though she didn’t think it would completely go away until this woman left her sight at least.
  8. Vee didn't even hear what the girl said before she left. She was so caught up on just ignoring everything that she was feeling, that she missed what the stranger said. Out of simple etiquette she would had replied with a small pun or some crap, but all of this was so weird and foreign that she tried not to think of it much. So, she sat and looked out the window to wait and see who got shit on by the pigeons. It was something that entertained her as much as watching a movie for some reason. "It's gonna get you, don't walk through the-- don! HAH!" Vee said to a lady that was walking across the street and got aced in the head by a bird, she didn't even realize it and just kept walking. Vee laughed and enjoyed that simple second of dismay before the girl interrupted her again of course.

    Haven's face went serious once more and she said nothing, but didn't stop her from sitting either. She leaned back on her chair and crossed her legs one over the other, pressed her palms to her knees and waited for the gorgeous brown eyed stranger to sit. Okay, she admitted that, the girl was gorgeous... " You didn't need to do that, really. Ivory? Ivory..." She thought of it and the girl's creamy white skin... how it was so even and seemed to almost glow... "Yeah it suits you.. Mhm.." She did however, look to the girl's plump lips, or her cheek, or her nose or her forehead, wherever their eyes had a lower chance to meet ant it seemed like if she were looking directly at her eyes. "I'm Haven but everyone calls me Vee. Nice to meet you Ivy. You're definitely not from here, where ya' from?"
  9. “I’m from a small town quite a ways from here. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it but it’s called GreenWood? Anyway it’s nothing like this city… so it doesn’t surprise me that you can tell I look like I’m out of my element” she said, a sweet smile on her face “but its nice to meet you, Vee.” she added on that last while she took another round as taking in the female’s stunning features. If Ivory didn’t know any better she would think Vee was an angel herself. The chances of running into an angel she didn’t know however were slim to none, so she simply didn’t see it as a possibility. Her eyes only parted from the woman for a moment to gaze at the pie on her plate. Using the fork she cut off another bite. Scooping it up on the silverware she brought the red gooey treat to her lips. “Do you happen to know of any good hotels around here? I came here to try to get into the modeling business but I still have to find myself an apartment of some kind. I know, leave my parents without having a solid place to go. Smart huh?” she poked a little fun at herself with a quiet laugh. With that said, she pulled the food off the fork with her teeth to finally chew and swallow it.
  10. Haven took her time to carefully listen to the girl, intrigued and marbleized by the simple and natural self of Ivory. She had never heard anyone with that particular tone of voice… she had never seen someone that looked so… pure or who’s eyes seemed to burn into whatever she was looking at. Vee was seriously intrigued and interested by this girl and it seemed like a big deal because, it was a big deal! Haven NEVER got interested in anyone as in to get to know them… humans were just jobs. The human experiences, now that was interesting to her; till this stranger came along of course.

    Vee nodded or smirked as the girl spoke, shrugged or did minor ‘ehs’ to make sure Ivory knew that she was paying attention. Her brows ruffled in disagreement at the mention of the world ‘model’ even she knew that the fashion industry was no place for a sweet hometown girl. They were real bad people out there who fed from the innocence of this girls, Vee knew about this, she’d help a few of them. “Why would you do that? Why would you want to be used like that? Have you no common sense or self respect?” Haven didn’t raise her tone or anything. In fact she didn’t even know that her words could affect the girl, she just spoke what was on her head. “Seriously, after you finish your pie go back home. This is no place for you. In fact, I’ll pay for your plane, bus, whatever else ticket. Just go back home and go to those schools you hu--- you… have… in your, home town. Just, stay away from the fashion or business world. They will eat you alive. You wouldn’t last two seconds in there.

    Haven wasn’t even that hungry anymore but that didn’t stop her from eating. Hell naw! Food tasted good! So she grabbed her fork and dug into the creamy and luscious potato salad, driving the flavor mobile into her mouth where it carefully disintegrated in her mouth without the need of chewing. Something at the back of her cheeks sort of twinkled and she knew she was having one of those ‘foodgasms’ they talked about in the food network. “GOD this is good!” She yelled out quite loudly and dropped her fists on to the table. “You should definitely taste this.” The black haired girl offered Ivory, tilting the white foam container towards her.
  11. Ivory seemed stunned at Vee’s words. No self respect or common sense? Those were harsh words even if Haven hadn’t meant them to be. As she continued to listen to the woman her hand that held the fork so enthusiastically mere moments ago slowly lowered to the table in front of her. Sure, Ivory hadn’t really come to this city to be a model but even so she had chose that as her story because she found it interesting. The idea of being dolled up and having your face all over the media interested her, though it was mainly the clothes that she found interesting. She truly loved all kinds of clothing the humans wore. Their designs varied so much more than the angels, in colors mainly. Back home all their clothes seemed to be white with some kind of gold, rather boring compared to the humans tastes.

    Before Vee could even finish telling her to go back home, Ivory found herself shaking her head. Her innocent eyes adopting a serious look. “no no no, I can’t go back. I’ve come this far and I’m not going to just give up because I was told I wouldn’t make it. I may be shorter than the typical model by a long shot, and I’ll admit im a bit innocent when it comes to certain things… but please don’t tell me I lack common sense or self respect. I think rather highly of myself and I am a confident girl. I can handle myself and I am determined to try my best at anything I decide I want to do” her true confidence came out in the way she spoke. Her posture has straightened and chin held high, but of course that sweet face remained. Her large eyes batted innocently as she smiled. She didn’t hesitate to finish the last of her pie though when she was offered a taste of Vee’s food.

    “oh? Thank you!” her smile only widened at the nice gesture. “one moment, i'll go get a new fork. I’m sure you wouldn’t want my dirtied fork digging into your food” she said in a polite tone of voice. Placing her plate and fork off to the side so she could go retrieve a clean fork.
  12. While the girl spoke Vee listened. Like ACTUALLY, listened and analyzed her tones and the words Ivory chose to express herself. The black haired woman was looking down at her salad and food so she pretty much imagined the expressions the other woman would or could be using. She didn’t expect her to be or sound upset though, and she really didn’t think her bad choice of words had affected Ivy until she grabbed her thick roast beef Sammy and lifted it to her mouth. Of course she had to lift her face to look at the gorgeous, big eyed beauty in front of her and she saw how her cheery expression seemed to had fallen a bit. Immediately Vee’s careless expression changed and she felt… bad for what she said. Okay that kind of pissed her off a little. Why would SHE feel bad when she was telling this girl the truth?! Why did she had to use fancy words and pillow the words to Ivory, didn’t she want to be in the fashion industry? Well worse critiques she would receive from people who knew shit about nothing.

    Haven set her sandwich back on to the plate while Ivy turned to look for another fork -which she didn’t have to do since Vee gave no crap about her using a dirty fork,-and rested her elbows harshly on the table. The fingers of her right hand intertwining the fingers of her left hand and created a stand for her chin to rest. “Look, Ivy.” The sarcasm at the mentioning of the girl’s tone was evident. “You even care about getting a little pie on someone else’s salad. Which I offer and didn’t ask you to change the fork or wuhtev’s . You are a person who cares, you’re short and fat. Well you’re not fat… but to them you will be. You need to be a matchstick that sniffs crack and sleeps your way into it. You wanna turn into that? I think not. You might think you can make it, change the world and be different but you are wrong. Shit’s bad and it’s gonna get worse. Says so in the bible.” Vee spoke of the word of God with respect and with conviction; after all, she worked for him also.

    Every time Ivory’s big eyes closed and opened in that cute and almost pixy like way, Vee just had to look down at her plate or somewhere else to keep herself from staring. Ivory was so beautiful and for a second she just caught the girl’s eyes as if wanting to melt her own honey colored eyes with Ivory’s. Haven looked at her in silence and without her approval a red blush puddle on both of her pale cheeks. Vee also straightened up and went back to her sandwich that didn’t look as appetizing now for some reason. Guess the right thing would be apologizing. God dammit she hated that! “..Sorry. ifiupsetyou” she chewed out not really carrying if Ivory would or would not understand it, she wasn’t gonna repeat it again.
  13. Ivory had only risen from her seat a few inches when Vee continued to speak. Her brown eyes shifted to look at her once more while she listened. “well it’s the polite thing to do, but I suppose if you really don’t mind then fine” Ivory said in a light hearted tone. She allowed her butt to plop back into its seat before her delicate hand retrieved her fork once more. “ah see but that is where you are wrong, Veevee” the new nickname was thrown in with an obvious sweetness to it, no sarcastic tone at all. Gently digging her fork into the offered food finally, she kept her eyes on the woman beside her. “all my life I haven’t been tempted to do such things. But maybe you are right, maybe I will fail. But I’m still going to try my best. What kind of a person am I if I cant even try? Failure is the best way to learn after all, right?” with that said, Ivory slipped the new food into her mouth with an exaggerated gesture that resembled that of a playful child. Swirling the food around in her mouth to get the full effect of its perfect flavor, Ivory found herself sighing in delight. Her eyes fluttering shut until she swallowed the food. “you’re right, this is so good…” her voice was gave away how dazed she was just by the pure taste alone.

    Her taste buds seemed to linger on their delightful bliss as long as they possibly could. It was only when she became to come down from her moment of high she shook her head, a delayed answer to that quick apology Vee had made. “no, not at all. Really don’t worry about it” she offered the girl another one of her sugar sweet smiles. “but, now that you know so much about me.. What about you? Tell me more about Veevee. You don’t mind me calling you that by the way do you?” Ivory had moved an elbow onto the table as well only to rest her chin upon the palm of her hand. Her long fingers curling ever so slightly to cup her own cheek. Anyone who saw the girls could tell that Ivory was highly interested in Vee. The way she sat, the way she directed all of her attention to the dark haired woman next to her was a dead give away. Ivory’s eyes moved from Vee’s, to the red blush that tinted her cheeks. This girl who seems to have an attitude of her own was showing a sweet side it seemed, and that only made Ivory all the more interested.
  14. Okay, Haven had to admit that before Ivory sat down she took a second to look at Ivory’s ass. Yup, yes she did. She took a second to let her eyes explore the short woman’s intricate body and with lust shining in her eyes observed how the impact made the girl’s breasts bounce a little. As perverted as it might sound Ivory was eye candy and Vee wouldn’t had stopped herself from admiring the girl’s perfect little figure even if she were a diabetic. Wait, what? VeeVee… Who the hell did that?! Put a nickname on someone the first day they met? Who knew if they see each other again anyways… VeeVee… it sounded good, so annoyingly good. She had never had a nickname before, well she had Vee but no one had ever actually called her anything else… No one had ever used that tone that Haven had no name for. She couldn’t name it or decipher it but she liked it, allot. It made her feel weird and silly at the same time… VeeVee… who did that?!

    The angelical creature had no idea how her words made Haven feel. She felt different and warm inside and she was more than interested in knowing more about Ivy’s hopes and dreams and maybe, maybe she could even help out? The decisive way of defending herself and the confidence that Ivory portrayed was deliciously appealing. Especially when not even Haven’s harsh and possibly truthful words could make Ivory change opinions. She was going to do this and was probably going to be successful in it. That scared Vee… What if that success and determination turned her into the cheerleader girl that had ended her life just a few minutes ago? How about the other few cases where Haven had contributed to the destruction of beautiful and innocent girls just like Ivory… the world needed people that made others feel special, the world needed Ivory.

    Rolling her eyes out of not only frustration but trying to hide the fact that she was getting convinced by the girl, Haven decided to drop the subject and just conclude it with this “ yeah, and sometimes failure kills ya’.” Using Ivy’s reaction like a carpool, she lifted her hands excitedly and offered Ivy an excited red smile “I know right?! I thought I was the only one who’s mouth orgasm with potato salad. I mean c’mon, potato salad is as common as a gay parade in San Francisco.” In-between giggles Vee lowered her hands and uncrossed her legs, pressing her heels on to the floor and shimmying in her seat to fix her proper posture. Watching Ivory’s reactions was like giving a baby a lemon wedge and waiting for it to make faces, so she pushed the plate containing her sandwich, a big pickle and a little green salad for garnish towards her.” Try this too!

    VeeVee shrugged and rested her hands on the table loosely “Don’t mind it at all. Almost as cute as you… I have nothing interesting to say, I live in a house and I work. In, a, place. And I like orgasmic potato salad. And I like to watch movies and eat in the movies.” What else could she say? ‘I’m a demon. Mhm. I know right? But don’t worry! I don’t kill people, I just torment them until they decide to kill themselves or go another direction!’
  15. Ivory giggled with delight and nodded enthusiastically “It’s defiantly the best I’ve ever had that’s for sure!” she exclaimed. Eyes widening when more food was offered to her. Ivory wasn’t usually one for eating a lot but even she had to admit it was tempting to stuff her face until she couldn’t eat anymore. Not to mention, Ivory wasn’t sure if she would refuse anything Vee offered her. “Don’t mind if I do!” The angels voice had clearly risen in pitch, she felt like the classic idea of a kid in a candy shop. Swiftly the tested out each of the foods Vee was offering and gave them all the same treatment as before. Swirling the food in her mouth, studying each sensation she got from its unique flavor until she finally had to swallow it. “I thought my pie was good but this is even better!” She was so delighted by the food she didn’t realize how loud she was being until one of the customers turned to shush her. Instantly her cheeks flushed red as she san in her seat, quietly buttering an apology to the older man.

    It was then that she looked at Vee to continue their conversation. The smile returned to her face once more, the blush n her pale cheeks becoming more obvious at the mention of her being cute. Leaning forward in her seat once more she rested her elbows back onto the table. “I don’t think I’m that cute, and if I am id much rather be more in the range of beautiful like you are” the comment was innocent as could be, or was it? Even Ivory couldn’t decipher if it was more flirtatious or just a sweet compliment between two girls. “but really, im sure you have something interesting to say? Maybe you have a boyfriend you would like to talk about, or a crush perhaps? I’ve always liked cute love stories like that” as she spoke, her feet dangled millimeters off the ground, just enough to idly swing her legs back and forth. As Ivory waited for Vees response, she couldn’t keep her mind from thinking Vee for sure had to be seeing a guy. She was stunning, who could deny a woman such as her? Especially a man. Ivory knew how perverse humans could be so seeing someone like Vee, Ivory could only assume that she had been through her fair share of failed relationships. Part of Ivory may have envied that a little, though she never really sat down to think of it. She had never been in a relationship at all. There were some angels, male angels, that she was rather close to. Maybe even flirtatious with one in particular, though it had yet to blossom into any kind of real romance.
  16. It was so innocent they way they interacted. Haven giggled with delight at Ivory’s expressions and her adorable reactions and even though Vee checked her out a little bit too much, she wouldn’t actually ‘try’ anything. Haven laughed even when the old man turned to shush her, so hard that the same man turned to look at the table again, but this time complained in Italian, grabbed his newspaper and coffee and headed out. No one else seemed to mind their tone, plus she also noticed notice that the cashier and the other two workers were looking at them and mumbling things to one another in between giggles. When Vee looked at them they sort of looked back and then moved along to pretend they were cleaning or something, since no one else was coming to order. “Looks like I’m not your only admirer in this place.” She said casually not realized that they were actually looking at their cute interaction. “Wait, not that I admire you or anything. You’re just, you know... nice—so I’m glad you like that food uhrm, they are allot of good hotels here but also expensive ones. If you don’t think its fresh or weird of me asking, you can come stay with me. My house has four rooms and I rarely hang out in it.” She shrugged with a thick red blush over her cheeks for having said too much, as always.

    Haven crossed her right leg over her left leg and pressed her hands to her thighs, gently sliding them up and down the smooth and soft surface for no particular reason of all, probably to use it as an excuse to look down and not at the brown eyed beauty. Why did she keep making her blush like that?!“Nope.” No relationships at all. Vee couldn’t afford getting too close to anyone and especially not romantically, plus she never actually liked someone enough. It didn’t seem as interesting as it was played in movies, people got killed, suffered, cried, loved so much it was painful, it sucked. “Men are assholes, women are bitches, Dogs are too hairy, Cats scratch. So I haven’t had a relationship with none of the above. Iunno, work requires me to move quite a bit and I’ll never know when it is.” Vee’s fingers went from massaging to drumming the way down to her knees and back up again. She nudged towards Ivy and lifted her face to look at her this time, curious to see what she would say. “How ‘bout you? Had boyfriends back at home?
  17. Innocent giggles quieted down when Vee began to almost ramble. Ivory didn’t say anything until the woman finished speaking, she only smiled sweetly as usual. That is, until she finished with her offer. Four rooms? That had to be a fairly large home, and no doubt Ivory thought it sounded much nicer than a hotel room. “really? Are you sure? I wouldn’t want to intrude or anything. But if you’re serious about the offer ill be sure to pay you for my stay. I’m a clean person and ill gladly do housework too.” she said with a fair amount of assurance. Her gaze traveled from Vee to the clerks, and then finally back to Vee while she spoke. She wasn’t used to drawing so much attention so she had to admit, it made her a little embarrassed.

    “wait, are you seriously telling me you haven’t been with anyone before? Ever?” Ivory’s eyes went wide with shock once more. Her attention fully back on Haven with this bit of new information. “ I thought someone like you would know all about the adventures of romance first hand. I mean.. you’re so pretty and...stuff” Ivory’s voice trailed off when she felt a burning sensation return to her cheeks. She suddenly felt a bit shy though she wasn’t fully sure what caused it. Was it the subject of dating or was it the way she had just let her eyes take a lingering glance at Vee’s chest. She hadn’t really meant to, or so she thought. Forcing herself out of her awkward silence she shrugged, eyes trailing to the table as the ran her pointer finger in circles on its hard surface. “there was one boy back at home I think I liked but.. I’m not too sure. We were more like close friends and I think he likes another girl” her tone of voice wasn’t as chipper as it was moments ago, though it certainly wasn’t a depressing tone either. The best way to describe the way she spoke was with a simple phrase, ‘oh well’. Ivory and the boy never had much of a chance to take things in the direction she had thought she wanted to take it due to her having to descend to earth. Either way, she figured it was done and over with even if they were beginning to share something special. Ivory had no idea how long she would have to stay on earth, it could be a day or years.
  18. Right after the girl agreed to her proposal, Vee hurried to answer her before she could continue into the intriguing but highly embarrassing subject. It was odd that she could explicitly talk about sex and lustful things of that sorts, but when it came to the L word, she was as closed as a nut in its shell. “No need, the house is pretty messed up. I only use it to sleep and when I want to watch some TV once in a while. Its not a big fancy thing like you see in TV, but you know, it’s a roof over your head and a heater for the winter time. Use that money to fix your room and stuff, I don’t pay anything anyways.” It was just the house of one of her assigned humans; she liked the house for some reason and decided to take it. He was a lone momma’s boy who abused children and ended up being shot by the father of one of them... Vee lifted a hand and threw it over the back of her chair; leaning back calmly as she listened to the girl’s surprise, why was it so surprising to her?

    It seemed like the blushing was something that would never stop while the conversation continued. Though Vee confused the girl’s surprise with a little bit of sneer. She narrowed her eyes a little and waited for Ivory to finish talking so she could spew out a little sarcastic comment, but then it seemed to be that the girl liked someone. For some reason Haven’s cold little heart sank a little and suddenly she felt stupid. Of course someone like her would be interested in someone else. Of course… So Heaven just reached in to grab her enlarged drink and take a sip from it while she attentively listened to the slight disappointment in her companion’s tone. After Ivy was done speaking she put down her drink and punched her chest lightly as if to take out the air bubbles that had built up. It sure as heck worked because she shamelessly burped. “Excuse me for that. Anyways.” She leaned back to her leaned back position. “Nope. Never had anynone. Pah, me being beautiful. That was funny. Anyways, what happened with that guy? You seemed to had liked him allot or something” Vee didn’t see at all the interest from the girl. Why would she? Ivy was way of the league that she didn’t even have.
  19. Ivory scrunched up her small nose, making an ‘ew’ face when she burped, yet she giggled right after making the face. She failed to notice how Vee seemed the slightest disappointed by what information she had spewed about the boy back home. So when Vee continued to question, Ivory continued to answer. “He was one of my close friends. We never kissed or anything like that so I suppose it’s not that big of a deal. No feelings were really hurt.” she explained, her fingernail lightly scraping at the tabletop. “but.. What do you say we get out of here? We have spent quite a while here already and I don’t want to plug up this table and keep other customers from being able to sit.” with that said, Ivory stood up from her seat, a little bounce in her motion as well as a smile. “you can show me that house of yours, and maybe hang out and watch a movie or two? If that’s something you’re interesting in doing that is?” she questioned sweetly. Looking down at the woman she offered out both of her hands to help her stand up. She knew Haven didn’t need the help but it was another one of her polite gestures. Or perhaps just a reason to touch the woman’s hands.

    Yeah, that sounded nice. Getting settled into a home that she wouldn’t have to pay for, and with a new friend no doubt. Just the idea of being able to spend time with Vee made Ivory happy. They didn’t know each other all that much, yet she already felt like they were best friends, or damn well close to it. It was all she could do to keep herself from wanting to plan out fun things they could do together. Especially since she had already suggested a movie date for the two of them.
    Just then, another customer had walked in and a fresh breeze of air came rushing in. the gust of air made Ivory’s copper hair dance and flutter around her head and shoulders. Her cute green and white dress caught the breeze as well and fluttered slowly, making quiet flapping sounds as the fabric rustled against its self.
  20. The adorable scrunch of Ivory’s little button nose made Vee want to lean in and just kiss it, even though she did feel kind of embarrassed for burping like a pig... Which NEVER happened. VeeVee rapidly lifted and lowered her face in a exaggerate nod and a smile returned to her face once Ivory explained herself a little better. Good, no feelings involved! That meant she wasn’t hurt plus she wasn’t in love with someo--- But wait… why did she even care?! Gahh! Even after the almost irritable annoyance of caring too much for a stranger, Haven was in a pretty good mood and extended her long and bony hands, grabbed on to Ivory’s little tender palms and slid her fingers in between the spaces of Ivory’s. “That most definitely sounds like a pl—“ Vee cheerfully commenced but didn’t finish because as soon as the wind hit Ivory’s body the air around Haven was cut off and she couldn’t breathe, much less speak.

    Their hands were tightly clapped together and Haven was about to pull herself up with the aid of Ivory’s little soft arms but she just stayed put and stared. Time seemed to had collaborated with the air and stopped just in time to allow Haven to enjoy the view. Ivory’s brownish-redish hair framed her face so beautifully that if she didn’t seem to like the girl so much, she’d be jealous of it. Her dress like a free bird fluttered and ruffled with her instead of away from her because even the wind pushed things towards Ivy instead of away, who would want to get away from her anyways? Haven could almost see the wind hugging and caressing Ivory’s perfect complexion, she could almost hear it whispering to their ears how beautiful Ivory was. “You’re so beautiful….” Haven whispered without really thinking of what she was saying; her senses overwhelmed by this collection of new feelings and desires that had clashed together in a matter of hours. What was this? What was all of this?

    A few seconds after staring at Ivy without anything intelligent to say, Haven pulled herself up and made SURE she kept some distance between them both. Wanting to ignore the previous words she told the woman even if they were more than truthful. “So uhm, we need to take the subway. Unless you have a car.” And hurried outside, leaving the girl behind so she could gather her breath and cuss herself out mentally ‘You’re such a fucking idiot! This is a baaaahhhd idea, a baaaahhhd one!’