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  1. My character, Blair Thorne, is an assassin in the kingdom of Corona. I'm a twenty-one year old woman. I use my beautiful appearance to get what I want and use it to fool my targets. My next one is a man named Nils. He was a close companion of the Prince of our kingdom, Sebastian. Sebastian told Nils many secrets about the palace and his plans for the poverty-ridden people of Corona. After Sebastian and Nils's friendship shattered due to a girl, Clara, he left the palace to live a quiet life in the kingdom. Clara is now Sebastian's fiancé.

    I'm prowling through the streets looking for Nils, but when a harsh thunderstorm rolls around, I seek shelter in what I think is an abandoned apartment. Soon, I discover that he is in it as well, and since I don't have a photo of him, I am unaware that Nils is my next hit.


    A knife tucked into my boot, I glance up at the sky as malicious-looking thunderclouds stumble in. The mid-evening sun has been blocked by the thick clouds and the streets darken in one breath. I mutter a curse as the first rain drop falls.

    Really? Sebastian's expecting me to have this target killed in a few days' time or I'll be the one dead. He didn't even give me a picture to go off of- how the hell does he expect me to find this Nils guy?

    Grumbling, I yank my blond hair into a messy bun, brushing my bangs out of my blue eyes. My hair has begun to soak as the downpour intensifies and I scan the abandoned streets. I begun to run, hunting for a building that is without a small source of light. A crack of lightning splits the sky and with a sharp jerk, I yank open the door to the nearest apartment.

    Breathing sharply, I stagger into the dark room, my hip ramming into what feels like a kitchen table. "Goddammit-" I hiss, pain spreadings down my leg. Yanking out of my rain-slicked jacket, I toss it on the silhouette of a chair and sit down. Cold wind curls through the room and I cross my arms over my chest.
  2. I wake up as the jacket lands on me "what the hell?" I sit up rubbing my eyes as I see you silhouetted against the nearby window. I palm my throwing knives that I have hidden in my sleeve and stand up "hello..." I keep my eyes on you not knowing what your intentions are
  3. I jerk backwards, jumping at the voice. "Jesus Christ-" I gasp, my fists clenching as adrenaline pumps through me in one vast wave. I take a couple step backs, not so much out of fear, but really just to put distance between this stranger and myself in case he attacks. "Do you live here?" I question, my voice drenched with suspicion as my eyes flick over him. I silently note that he's muscular and I scan his torso, looking for any sheathed knives. I don't see any.

    The blade inside my boot feels cold against my skin and I suddenly wish that it wasn't so far from my grasp.
  4. I chuckle "no I am just taking shelter from this damn storm..what about you?" I relax my posture a bit but I still have my throwing knives at the ready. Lightning flashes and I get a look at your features. "she is good looking at least.." I think to myself
  5. I shrug, nodding along with him. "Yeah I just wanted to find someplace dry," I reply, walking over to the window (it's really just a hole in the wall) and peering out of it. The rain comes down in thick sheets and I curse under my breath, the sweet scent of the storm wafting into the room.

    If I don't find this guy by tonight, a part of me doubts that I ever will. Sebastian was desperate that I find him as soon as possible. Sebastian had a suspicion that Nils would try to get out of the kingdom soon, but he didn't tell me why. I just nodded, promised him I'd kill the guy and then I left.
  6. I lean against a wall and examine you "so what is your name?" I am suspicious because I am familiar with this part of town and you do not look like a regular resident who comes from around here. I put my knives back up my sleeve as I deem you are not a threat at the moment
  7. "Blair," I respond, barely glancing at him and returning my eyes to the gray outdoors. I pause then turn back to him. My eyes flick over him curiously. "What's yours?"
  8. I pause for a minute. I know Sebastian is not above sending spies after me so I give you a false name "call me Dun". I sit back down in the chair and look at you. "what are you doing all the way out here? You look like you should be in the kings court, not running around in the streets"
  9. "Dun?" I remark, a smile playing at my lips. "How'd your parents pick that name?" I laugh, not expecting a reply. The chair across from Dun looks inviting, but I remain where I am. I lean against the wall and jam my hands into my pockets, stifling a yawn. I'm exhausted after the stressful meeting with Sebastian, but don't want to fall asleep while Dun is still awake.

    At his question, I nonchalantly shrug. "I've always been in the streets. I'm not one for the palace life." Partially, my words are a lie. I was born to a single mother immersed in poverty and debt. She toted me from house to house, running from debt collectors until I was seventeen and she was thrown in jail. We weren't particularly close, I resented her for allowing herself to have a child in her situation, but it was a rough couple of years after she was gone.

    Then, Sebastian approached me on a whim on my twentieth birthday. He made a proposal that I become his assassin and at the mention of the money I could earn from the job, I took him up on it. At first, he offered me a place at the palace to live, but I declined. Even if I work for the Prince, I don't belong under the same roof as him.
  10. I laugh "well i was left in an orphanage as a baby so you should ask the nun who named me" I yawn as well "I am going to go to sleep now..please dont rob me or kill me in my sleep. that would be very rude" I grin as I pull my hood over my eyes and lean my head against the wall behind me.
  11. "Wasn't planning on it, but now...," I throw him a grin and nod. My laugh flickers in the air, an airy sound. "Night."

    Pulling away from the wall, I look around the room and spot a couch shrouded in darkness. Through it, I stumble over to to the dusty clouch and throw myself on it, stretching out and yawning. The rain continues to beat the roof and I close my eyes against my racing thoughts, soothed by the storm.
  12. I watch you from under my hood. "she seems nice enough" I think to myself. I close my eyes and drift off to sleep as well.
  13. My dreams are blurs of dark images and figures. With a startled gasp, I jerk away, my last nightmare a vision of infuriated Sebastian driving a knife into my chest. When I wake up, I am not comforted by the storm's noise. Blinking dully, I look at the window I was staring out of before. The rain has ceased and the streets are shrouded in moonlight. I wonder how far I am from dawn and when I'll have to continue my relentless search for Nils.
  14. I groan in my sleep and you hear me mutter "...Sebastian..." I roll over and go back to snoring gently
  15. At the sound of Sebastian's name, I jerk up against the couch. My head snaps towards where Dun is slumped against the wall and I narrow my eyes, patiently waiting for another word to stumble from his mouth. I hold my breath, my heart rate quickly picking up.
  16. I slip off the chair and land on my side with a thump "ow..." I pull myself up and turn to look at where you are sleeping
  17. I'm still sitting up on the couch and give Dun a rigid smile as he turns towards me. Disappointment cracks through me at the sight of him awake. I was hoping he'd say something else. Now, I stare at him with a slight suspicion. A normal citizen wouldn't be muttering about the Prince in their sleep unless they somehow had a connection to him-

    "Hey," I say, suddenly aware of the silence in the room and the loud buzz of my thoughts. "You were talking in your sleep." I shrug, wanting to justify why I'm awake and not cast any doubt on myself.
  18. I rub my eyes "oh...sorry if I woke you. I have not been able to sleep very well as of late." I sit back down on the chair and gaze at the moon. hopefully i did not say anything about Sebastian or Clara...I glance over at you. She is to well taken care of to be just another girl off the street, something is different about her...
  19. I feign pity, slumping my shoulders. "Well I'm sorry to hear that. What's been keeping you up, if you don't mind my asking?" My expression melts into a genuine smile, but the curiosity in me only grows. He's being so obviously vague- what is this guy hiding?

    Whether he's Nils or not, I'm interested in the secrets he's holding back. Slowly rising from the couch, I come over to Dun and sit beside him, making sure to sway my hips as I walk. Next to him, I tilt my head back and smile again, blinking a few times.
  20. I notice your attempts to catch my eye and I file that away. So she knows how to use her looks to beguile men..interesting.
    I sigh "well...I used to be part of the Prince's bodyguard detail. Recently there has been some bad blood between the prince and one of his close friends that goes by the name of..Nils i think. It was over a girl or something...well now the prince is acting very strange and it is putting a lot of stress on everyone in his entourage..."
    I watch your expression to see how you react to my altered information
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