Her Militia Family (A small group RP)

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  1. Elizabeth "Liz" Burke had been raised in a militant family since she was born. She knew nothing of dolls and dress-up, but only combat and survival skills. She is raised with her father's militia squad, "Elite Squad 2", and knows every man, woman and their children as family. On her 13th birthday, however, both her mother and father are killed by an assassin of another planet and she is raised to be a soldier by her father's closest friend and his son. On her 21st birthday she is recruited along with her 'foster' family to go on a mission on a far away planet. On the way, they are attacked by the enemy and their ship is disabled by enemy fire and is floating in deep space. The enemy tries to board, but none of the soldiers will have that and they decide to fight.

    I will be Elizabeth, I will need a few more people to play the other soldiers and staff. Elizabeth as of right now is a Corporal, skilled in martial arts and weaponry (mainly guns).

    The most important character other than Elizabeth is the Commander of the mission/ship (who is a bit older, late 40s, early 50s), so he/she will be needed most of all.

    The next most important character is the Commander's son/daughter (Elizabeth's love interest). I'd prefer them to be older than Elizabeth and of higher rank.)

    After that, you can choose your own ranks (Go here for some ideas: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fictional_military_ranks)

    In this group RP, I'd like there to be 4-6 people, not counting me, and keep in mind we will need staff (Mechanic, Engineer, but you can add your own badass secrets if you want lol.)

    So, if you're interested let me know. :)

    Elizabeth "Liz" Burke
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    Elite Squad 2's ship, the Whitestar
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