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  1. [​IMG]

    "Such a lavish home."
    "Mr. and Mrs. Belacourte have certainly spared no expense."
    "I say, a lot can be told of a man with good liquor and a beautiful wife!"
    "My heavens Mr. Wicker, you hold your tongue!"

    Its been seven years. Seven years since such laughter and joy filled the hollowed walls of the Belacourte mansion. Since drink of every color flowed from glasses. Seven years...

    "Ms. Young, look at the fine carvings of the hearth!"
    "Oh I know, Its even on the railings of that grand staircase."

    Seven years.

    "I wonder if the Belacourtes will be throwing another masquerade, the last was simply..."
    "Haven't you heard?"
    "Ashley Belacourte, God rest her soul, passed two nights ago."

    My Ashley, how you loved your dinners. Your parties.

    "I heard that her husband went into a horrible rage, then he pushed her down the grand."
    "My heavens woman, quit your gossip."
    "Oh and the baby, she was so full with the child. Its simply the saddest thing..."
    "Oh Virgil, its the truth and it deserves to be shared. Especially when that monster still--"

    The whispers, they followed me around my dearest Ashley. The secrets that passed behind the backs of powdered hands, even when you were here my love. Alas, you've loved this town since we first met all those years ago. This town was your home, and you were mine.

    "They say the baby was not his."


    "They say he murdered their first born."


    "They say he forced her to do the most awful of deeds."


    "They say..."

    My dearest, my love, my only. I will show them all, I will lay their sins before them, and so they will burn. For you. For us.


    October 31, 1838
    In the year of our Queen Victoria

    It has been seven years since the mysterious death of the well bred and high class aristocrat, Ashley Belacourte. At the time she had been pregnant with what is rumored to be the second child by her husband, Daniel. Rumors had spread like wildfire after Ashley's sudden death only two nights after their annual Halloween Masquerade. Many of Ashley's friends found it extremely odd, especially when Daniel planned the funeral alone and kept out any kindly visitors and their well deserved sympathies. Many thought something more sinister was about the scandalized mansion, but no one would know as Daniel locked up the expansive home and fled the small town three hours from London. Seven years have passed, and many have let the spirit of gossip rest as many let the rumors of murder go. Brumby went on as life often does, that is until a heavy cream and crimson sealed letter arrived into the hands of many. An invitation, to the formal debutante masquerade in honor of a Victoria Belacourte's introduction into society. Least to say, no one could resist the call into a home long scorned of a woman's presence. But the question that hangs on everyone's lips is of course...

    Who is Victoria?


    Hi everyone! This idea of mine is still under works, and it is also my first GM goal and its only appropriate it be dedicated to Horror. Its the age old cliche of a setting, I realize, but none the less I hope some will find it interesting! The basic idea is you people will be playing certain aristocratic family members, whether it be a descendant, and heiress, a mother, a father... whatever it may be you are playing someone DESCENDED from someone who did something terrible to the Belacourte family. All that will be discussed later of course, and you will all find out very slowly. I plan to have many surprises along the way, there will be revenge and some good clean horror. Though clean-up is going to be a pain. Anyways! Please let me know if you are interested and any ideas you may have, I look forward to hearing from you all~
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  2. Sounds good. I'll keep an eye out for the OOC.
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  3. I shall be lurking
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  4. I will keep this in mind.
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  5. This sounds like something I could really sink my teeth into. If I was looking for more roleplays to join, I would definitely be in! I will be following this RP closely in case I get any room.
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  6. This seems amazing! XD
    I'm in way too many rps to join but I just wanted to say that I think it's completely amazing!
    And Victoria! My mind is racing with ideas of who she could be XD
    I shall follow and wait to find out X3
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  7. Dammit... wrong link again!

    Jk I'll join this sound like fun Ill be in the shadows stalking you*evil laughs and rides away on a magic pony saying 'I do what I want'*
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  8. Im Interested as well!~

    *glomps sin senpai*
  9. Hey I love this Idea. I would love to join.
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  10. I would love to join this. Love me some horror themes.
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  11. Oh gosh, a lot of people are interested already... Well, it wouldn't hurt to say I am as well. Also, something about the plot reminds me about Rebecca, which is all the more reason for me to be interested ^^
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  12. Would love to join this when it starts :}
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  13. I agree with everyone, something about your idea has a lot of 'plot'ential. ;)
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  14. Ohh, 'plot'ential... I like that word, @Punmaster
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  15. Wow, I didn't realize that people would actually bite. Well then! This will get started as soon as I compile a list of positions! ^.^ Thanks for all the interest, I will keep all of you updated~
  16. This sounds great! I'm totally interested.
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  17. I want in too! If there's room of course ^ ^
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  18. I want in of course I've come pretty late so as Goodevening said If there is still room :)
  19. Great potential, count me in, bro!
  20. I like. A lot. I'm in (I'm usually not that easy to persuade-pfft yeah right-but I'll keep this in mind). X3
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