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  1. Xanshi…A mysterious planet possessing life, lightyears upon lightyears away from Earth. Its main city, where the Laira Dynasty ruled, down to its current ruler-to-be, Celeste Laira. Civil unrest was plaguing some of the streets, as a strange man with an eyepatch and armor roamed the halls of the central mansion-castle structure that housed the royal family, currently down to Celeste, Her mother, Eva, and for the moment, Celeste's father's brother in law, Kaisar, who was working as hard as he could to maintain the throne for Celeste. Unlike most sterotypical uncles who were jealous of the power their brother possessed, Kaisar loved his brother Neo dearly, as well as his wife and child, but due to issues of former rules, could not rule due to blood. This did not stop him from taking a part somehow...

    Kaisar would enter a room to find several senators arguing with a team of strange fellows in the most bizarre red and white exo-suits...

    "What is the meaning of this?!" Demanded Kaisar, staring at the newcomers.

    "These intruders claim to have been the nearest intergalactic police force that could respond right now."

    "That's right sir: We're the Darkstars. And we're here to take some names." Explained one member of the Darkstars team, possessing pink skin and light blue eyes.

    "We don't need any of you crooked Darkstars here. The Laira Dynasty and its people will hold out for others, Like The-"

    "Yes, you do. At least until some other policing body enters the investigation, we're in charge."

    Kaisar (W/his armor from past wars he's fought in)

    The Darkstars' Team

    Celeste (*Cough* Lacus Clyne/Meer Campbell of Gundam, COUGH.)

  2. Celeste stared out her window, looking out the window at the city that she was next in line to rule, along with the rest of the planet. However, behind the warm smile that she often showed everyone else outside the privacy of her room was her feelings of uncertainty. Could she really match up to her mother? She knew that even her people doubted that the princess could really take over with all the issues that were at hand. It didn't quite help that she had to get married as well in order to rule, yet she wasn't sure of who she should choose, especially since she didn't have anyone in mind!

    She looked away, her attention drawn to a photo of a younger version of herself, when she was about five or so. It was of happier times, when her father was still alive. Despite how painful it was, emotionally, to hear that her father was assassinated, she often tried to focus on the happier memories rather than that moment... though it was hard to not be reminded of it.

    Her attention turned towards a box, her grandmother had given her it as a gift and a hand-me-down. Inside it was a mat with a certain design, some incense, and a book of poems. She'd often light up the incense, lay down on the mat, and read the poems, sometimes out loud even, she found that it helped her to relax, and she was doing that ritual more often with what was going on lately...

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    Meanwhile on the faraway blue planet we call Earth...


    A young man was sitting on the top of a building. He looked to be about as old as Celeste, about sixteen Earth-years. He had short black hair that was spiked at the front, with dark brown eyes, and a caucasian skinned athletic build that was toned from having gotten plenty of exercise quite often, going with his green jacket, red t-shirt, khaki pants, and dark blue sneakers. He turned over to look at the rooftops ahead: It looked incredibly dangerous...

    "No Fear…"

    And he kicked himself off the ledge, and onto the next, running and running until there was a flash of light in the sky that blinded him. And then he began to fall. This was it. The big slip-up that would get him killed. All because of a stupid light. One he did not realize, had traveled all throughout the universe, and found Jack of all people. As he drew closer to the ground, he shut his eyes, ready to accept his fate seeing as he had no other means of escape. One last time, he tried to jolt himself up into the air...

    …And it worked!

    Jack began to defy gravity, floating freely in the skies, as he looked in awe of his own new ability. He zipped around, trying it out, exclaiming his joy for such a gift. But then something began to draw him upwards. He stood still for a moment, and in a flash of light, broke the sound barrier, as he flew through the atmosphere, speed increasing as he suddenly disappeared in another flash of light, which had been a portal leading to the Galaxy containing Xanshi...

    …And the beginning of his great adventure!...



    Jack was floating in space at high speed. He had been spat out by the portal, and send in to collide with the planet, where he flew through the atmosphere, casually handling the re-entry with newfound invulnerability, as he found he could not entirely control himself, and he crashed into the open window of Celeste's room, slamming into a wall...

    "Ohhh fffuuu-…I need to read more Superman comics…See how he lands…" He moaned, not noticing he was rather close to the girl who was uttering some strange language...
  4. Celeste's peaceful ritual was interrupted by a man suddenly flying through an open window of hers before being stopped by a wall. She stopped her reading, looking at him in confusion. Thank goodness that window was open, but still, how and why did he even do that? Was... was he here to assassinate her, much like her father? There was a flash of fear in her eyes as she scooted away from the boy, at first, scrunching up the mat that she was sitting on. She shook her head; no, she shouldn't just assume things like that. Besides, surely an assassin for a princess of a royal monarchy would be much more... poised.

    She sat up, trying to look more dignified despite the shock of his rather sudden (and unintended) entrance, "Um, sir, are you alright? ... Well actually, I suppose that seems obvious... Rather, are your wounds serious?" she said, concern in her voice despite having just met him; it was only natural for her, really.
  5. The strange thing about all this was how the girl was starting to make sense in terms of her speech, as it sounded more and more like english. Seriously, was he secretly Kryptonian, and just had to soak up enough sunlight? But what shocked him the most was Celeste's stunning beauty when he took one good look at her. Her bizarre pink hair only complimented her angelic features, as Jack stared for a good moment, fighting to keep his jaw from dropping.

    "I feel amazing, actually. Like a bird, or a plane…In fact, I don't mind going off to fight the superstitious and cowardly lot most people know as criminals and evildoers!"

    Jack proceeded to levitate himself a little, and giggled, starting to float around casually, moving his arms and legs in different motions as if he was swimming through.

    "I guess I survived because I have some kind of invulnerability…Like Achilles, or Captain Marvel…"
  6. Celeste could only tilt her head at the strange visitor, she couldn't help but notice his rather interesting fashion sense, it was much different than what most people wore (at least on her planet). It was still surprising to see him levitating, she found herself giggling as well, amused as he seemingly 'swam' through the air, but before she could even ask about who 'Achilles' and 'Captain Marvel' were, her door was opened by a concerned maid.

    "Miss Celeste, I heard a loud noise and... and... I-I-I..." the maid froze upon seeing the floating stranger, her face turning pale, "G-g-g-ghost! There's a g-ghost in the castle! I knew it!" she shrieked.

    "No, Amelia wait!" Celeste said, quickly getting to stop the maid from running off... only for the maid to just faint, landing face down.
  7. Jack nearly freaked out at the Maid catching them, and began to feel awful for scaring her. Jack picked the lady up (who to him, weighed very little due to his newfound strength), as he bit his lip, and looked at Celeste.

    "I…Uh…Ah…I'm Sorry." He mumbled. "I didn't mean to do that at all, I just came here because…I was…compelled to. Someone needed me. I think it was you…not saying you did if you didn't need me…"

    Jack edged towards the window. He felt unsafe. This girl was either royalty, or plain rich. Either way that meant violent guards would come after him, like all those RPG games he and his friends on Earth played, like the Ultima games. This whole coming to another world and saving it was very much like the Avatar of the fictional world, Britannia.

    "I mean, I already like you- Uh…well…you seem nice enough and…Oh god, I don't want to cause any trouble! DX"
  8. Celeste could tell that he seemed to feel bad for scaring Amelia, the maid, and she couldn't help but feel bad for him. It seemed like he felt very uncomfortable here, almost like he wasn't supposed to be here. And he came here because he was compelled to? She wasn't sure about if that person who needed him was her. There were quite a lot of questions swimming through her head, and Celeste had to have them answered.

    She walked towards him, putting a hand on his shoulder, "It's alright, I can tell that you didn't mean to scare Amelia, or crash into my room like that." she said calmly, "If you're scared of guards coming in, which I'm sure they might, I wouldn't let them take you away. You certainly don't seem to be a threat, after all. However..." she paused, "You're... not from here, are you?
  9. "No, I'm from Krypton." Joked Jack. "Earth, Actually. I got these cool powers just as I was about to fall to my death, and then found a portal just outside my planet's atmosphere. Then I ended up in beautiful you's room and proceeded to bring mass confusion to your building."


    "What do you damned Darkstars think you're doing?!"

    "We've detected a disturbance upstairs. Team, charge up those Exo-Mantles, we're goin' in!"


    Jack began to hear something with his newly heightened senses, and began to freak out.

    "Oh shit Oh Shit!" He cursed. He poked his head out the window, and saw both confused Guards, and some pretty determined looking Darkstars. He silently closed the door...

    "Celeste, those guys in the weird armor don't look like guardsmen: They look more like Darkstars…" He spoke, the princess likely to know the name of a well known intergalactic police group. "I thought they were just comic book characters! Knowing those corrupted cops, they'll try to blast me first and ask questions later!"


    "This is Munchuk" Spoke a giant green man outside of the castle/mansion's walls. "I'm in the air and monitoring all windows and possible escape methods."

    Jack saw Munchuk out the window, and shut the blinds as he searched frantically for a vent he could crawl out of or something.


  10. His back story might have sounded a bit ridiculous, impossible even, but Celeste nodded her head, believing every word of it. It didn't seem like he'd want to lie to her. She had always had an interest for other planets, but unfortunately their planet had not figured out space travel, there was even less attention paid to it now with the political mess going on.

    His cursing startled her, something wasn't right. Peeking out the window right after he did, she saw the strangely uniformed men. They definitely weren't guards; she recalled that they were called 'Darkstars'. She had heard of them before, but thankfully never had to deal with them, at least until now.

    There wasn't any time to spare, Celeste looked for somewhere that he could escape from, perhaps somewhere to hide... and then an idea struck her. She grabbed Jack's hand, holding it firmly, "Sir, I need you to go with whatever I say or do, alright?" she said rather calmly, despite the fact that her heart was still beating in panic.
  11. Jack suddenly took on a shade of pink, cheeks full-on blush mode as he nodded immediately, and looked to the sides, truly fearing for both their lives., as he looked into Celeste's strangely comforting eyes. He started to feel stronger and braver now. Energized with an indomitable willpower, he put on a weak smile, and gave her a look that said 'Lady, I trust you.'

    If she could only hurry up...
  12. Celeste couldn't deny that she felt scared, even with her seemingly calm face, but the look that he gave her was comforting, and she couldn't help but feel a bit more confident as she finally went towards the door. Before she opened it, she looked back at him, "Just in case this doesn't work out... I want you to know that my name is Celeste." she said, hoping that he might give his in exchange. She turned the knob, opening her bedroom door. Still holding Jack's hand, she walked out, still scared, but also ready to face whomever might approach her.
  13. "Jack. Jack McCoy of Earth."


    Two Darkstars were standing several feet from the door, about to fire when they suddenly saw Celeste and her friend.

    "Princess Celeste Laira, could you explain to us who this stranger is?" Demanded the head Darkstar. "We have reason to believe he could be an assassin out for your life also, thus halting the pure lineage of the royal bloodline. Answer now, or we will be forced to blast him into the nearest sun."

    Jack stared for a moment. Dark Stars. REAL Darkstars. And they were all too much like their fictional counterparts. The part he disliked most though, was how they were a bunch of Green Lantern wannabes.

    "Uh, yeah…We were just about to…" He began, trying to think of something.
  14. Celeste couldn't help but stare at them for a moment. Just hearing about them being here made her heart skip a beat, but to actually see them... She had to be brave, this man's life, and perhaps hers as well, depended on it, "I assure you that he isn't an assassin, or a killer of any kind, not counting animals. If he was then he would have done so by now." or, at least, she was sure that he wasn't, "Instead, he's... my boyfriend." she said, though it really came out wrong. What she meant to say was that he was a boy who was her friend, a very close one, but in her panic her brain put the two together.

    She realized her mistake, but taking it back might arose suspicion, and being blasted to the nearest sun sounded painful. Very, very painful, "And we were just about to go out on our date, right Jacky?" she said, putting the y on his name for extra convincing points. She looked at him, flashing a grin with all her teeth showing, though it was of the comical, nervous kind. She hoped that he wouldn't object too much, she could explain the situation to her family when these Darkstars left.
  15. "Oh…yeah..hah…" Replied Jack. "Yeah. She summoned me from Earth waaaay back, we met in secret because she didn't want the burden of me becoming her husband and member of the royal family."

    Jack placed a tender, convincing kiss onto Celeste's cheek that pretty much sealed his fate, as the guards stared in awe, among them being her uncle, Kaisar.

    "Celeste, you realize that since you've brought this relationship to light, added with his lips touching your body now, and likely not the first time, he will in fact have to be the new king!…But, thankfully you love him…I'm sure if you teach him the ways of our planet, he'll understand…"

    Jack felt like his heart just bursted out of his chest. Everyone began to clap and cheer that Celeste now had an ally in her struggle to uphold her father's legacy.
  16. Celeste tightened her grip on Jack's hand when he kissed her cheek. And her uncle was watching too, declaring that this man that she had really just met a few moments ago would be the new king. She hadn't meant to drag him into this, all she wanted was to get past the Darkstars and get outside so that he could escape, and from there... Perhaps they had acted a bit too well, since how could she possibly explain anything now?

    "Darkstars," she said, remembering that they still might be consider blasting Jack into the sun, "since you did do an... exceptional job at patrolling the area, and everything seems to be in order here, perhaps it's time that you take your leave."
  17. "We'll stay in town, thanks. We're waiting for a reply from the Nova Corps."

    Jack's heart nearly exploded. A Legit intergalactic police force….and a decent comic book. That would be comforting once he met some actual interstellar heroes. He flashed Celeste a nervous grin, her uncle taking the two of them off to be together in peace, as all the guardsmen scrambled back to their posts, the Darkstars leaving the castle/mansion to allow the 'lovers' a chance to have some space.

    "Celeste, I'm sorry." Whispered Jack. "I like you and all, but I didn't mean to ruin your life like this!…"
  18. Celeste sighed, "If you insist..." she said. At least the Darkstars wouldn't be threatening Jack (though she'd prefer if they'd just leave her planet in general, she didn't feel safe around them), though now there was the issue of Jack becoming her husband.

    "I sincerely apologize as well," Celeste whispered back, "I-I didn't mean to just drag you into this, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have..." she said, feeling terrible for having done this to Jack, who probably just wanted to go home. She could try to explain what was really going on to her family, but she wasn't sure about if they'd understand now. If anything they'd be furious about her lying like that in front of everyone.
  19. "I…This may sound crazy but…Now that this has happened…I think we should give it a shot, Celeste!"

    He looked around, and they seemed fine there and then. Jack had to consider what he was saying though. He was going to marry a girl from an alien planet with a beautiful face and a warm heart, with silky hair, alien physiology, and likely to produce hybrid human-alien babies that would end up ugly because Jack was a bloody failure.

    Okay. A bit too negative there, Jack.

    "Celeste, maybe we were destined to be married or something…since our fates are sealed, I think I might have been falling in love with you…sort of, when I first saw you. I think on Earth, I've seen a girl like you in my dreams. This all may sound like a bit much, it is for me too, but I think we may be soulmates or something…If you're…cool with all that. I mean, I guess I'm getting used to it-"

    Suddenly, Kaisar appeared, having put on a cloak to cover up his armor and appear sort of less menacing, the cape being scarlet red.

    "Jacky is it?"

    "Just Jack, sir."

    "Jack. Right. Interesting name for an outworlder."


    "I'm going to have to learn much about you, won't I?…"

    "Uh…could me and Celeste start doing stuff now? Preferably anything to help the kingdom here. Maybe I could start off by exploring a bit, and learning my new kingdom. The most I've seen is out her window…so…yeah."

    "Are you a capable warrior?"

    "I'm capable of flying through space at the speed of light, and tanking most metals…And I've got some killer super strength."

    "…Fair enough. Celeste, you have some knowledge of self-defense, no? Your father... boasted you could defend yourself if need be. That he himself trained you to be a little monster of a warrior?"

    A kind of sadness filled Kaisar's good eye. He didn't mean to mention Celeste's father, his brother, though not by blood, but still by love and friendship.

    Jack scratched his head a moment, catching on pretty fast that the man who used to be king had croaked...

    "I…I'm sorry, Celeste…I don't really know what its like not to have my parents with me. It must be awful…"
  20. Celeste was surprised at his words, since she was sure that he might not like being stuck on a foreign planet with what seems like no way to go back home, but from how he put it... Perhaps fate did have a part in this, Jack did have a sort of charm about him that made her trust and believe in him, and though Celeste by nature was a very caring and kind girl towards everyone, there was something special about this boy that made her care differently towards him... she wasn't quite sure about it, since in truth she never had a boyfriend before.

    Before she could say her feelings, her uncle appeared. She appreciated him putting on his cape, since as scary as he might look, she loved Kaiser dearly, and though she wouldn't admit it in the open, he was like a second father to her, having helped her and her mother through the depression that her father's death brought.

    "Of course." Celeste said, nodding when Kaiser mentioned what her father had taught her. Back then, she used to terrorize maids, nannies, and even guards with the techniques her father taught her. In his memory, and because she figured that it would come in handy, she continued her self-defense training.

    "It's alright, I'd never wish for you to go through the same thing." she said, putting on a smile, but the memory still stung.