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  1. "I'm just saying Bethany! He's a loser, always has been! And I hate the way the guy treats ya!" It was a usual Saturday evening. Bethany and her close friend since middle school sat in the Town's Pub. After a long stressful week the two promised to go out with each other and get some drinks. They deserved a drink or five for the overly hectic and trying week.

    Sitting at the bar, the woman beside Bethany cheeks were flushed a bright pink color. She was slightly tipsy, this being her third beer. The woman had a round face, and her cute chubby cheeks were rapidly dashed with specks of brown freckles. Those freckles also ran across her cute button nose, as well as down her arms. Over top of that nose was huge, beautiful eyes. Her eyes were doe like, and was a bright aquamarine color. The woman's eyes were bedded with thick long strawberry blonde lashes. And that same strawberry blonde color was in her hair. Her hair was thick, and rolled down into messy curls that sat on her shoulders. Her pale, small lips that were usually curved into a smile, was sunk into a tight grimace, and were pressed tightly together. The woman had a small, yet slightly pudgy frame. Her pudginess came from her latest breakup. She often ate when she was upset.

    "He judges you, says writing is for losers and....And he can't keep a job for more than two months! Leave the sucker!" Being slightly drunk, Delilah (her name), could easily speak her thoughts. They rolled off her tongue like vomit. "You're gorgeous babe, any guy would want you! You're goal, blonde, and bright blue eyes! Who wouldn't want you? Leave your sorry ass boyfriend." She huffed. Delilah and Beth's boyfriend never got along. Like...Ever.

    Delilah hated the guy for being a 'good for nothing, sore ass loser'. Her words, not mine. She hated the way the man would pick arguments with her. And the man was overly insecure. He always thought Bethany would cheat on him, because the woman was gorgeous, and he was an Average Joe. Delilah tucked her thick hair behind her ear, before grabbing her third cup of beer downing it with a satisfied sigh. "Ahh~ that hit the spot...Anyway, didn't that dumb loser say your stories suck? They do not! He sucks monkey balls!" She viscously growled.
  2. Taking a drink off of her bourbon, Bethany forced a smile. The tall blonde knew far too well how her closest friend felt about her boyfriend. "It's not that simple. I love him." Sebastian and her had been together for quite a while, a part of Bethany felt obligated to stay with him. Another sip off her bourbon had Bethany beginning to loosen up a little bit. "I know he isn't the best, but he's mine."

    Jacob wasn't the smartest of people, or the nicest, or the best looking, but he was there for Bethany when she needed someone. Not saying that there wasn't a moment where Beth wanted to leave the man behind and move on with her life, but she didn't. Maybe, she was too scared to do so. Yes, Bethany was beautifully built- tall, blonde, blue eyed, hour glass figure, with a knack for wearing clothing that made her shine, but she mentally didn't feel that way. Jacob was her safe zone. She knew what she was getting with him, there wasn't any surprises.

    Swirling the liquor in her glass, Bethany sighed. "I can't just leave him, not now. He needs me." The comment came out more pathetic than she meant it to be, but it was the truth. Jacob was of course out of work and had no where to go. Bethany just happened to have him staying at her place till he 'got back on his feet' again, hopefully this time he stayed on his feet. "Besides his criticism helps me edit my stories well."

    "I get what you're saying, Delilah, I do..." Bethany said looking over at her friend before sighing, "but I can't." When Delilah first brought up Bethany breaking things off with Jacob, she thought she was jealous, but when Bethany saw the same things that Delilah saw she knew there were facts behind her demands. "Jacob says he's trying, hard. I believe him."
  3. "Ugh for the love of-I can't stand him! He's always saying he's trying! But is he really? I bet he isn't, that sorry ass no good loser." Delilah bitterly grumbled under her breath. Her phone, that was buried deep in her purse began buzzing, and the woman groaned before grabbing her purse. Fishing through the make up, perfumes, hand lotions, wallets, and hand sanitizers she finally grabbed her phone, looking at it.

    Her round face twisted into a grimace, and she looked back at her best friend. "It's my sister...It's a damn pain having her stay with me. Just one more week." Grumbled the girl, before standing up, and answering her phone. "What?....Oh my goodness, right now Rachel?....Rach, Rach slow the hell dow-....You know what, okay, okay...I'm coming." She grumbled, and hung up. "Baby, I gotta go." Pouted the woman.

    Pulling her into a hug, she gave her a gentle squeeze, kissing her cheek. "Text me when you get home sweetie. I'm going to catch a cab or something." She mumbled, raking her fingers through her red hair. Waving once more, she finally left the small pub.

    About nine minutes after she left, a an had took her place in her seat. Without even asking. He smell of aftershave, and a hint of honey. the smell was strangely intoxicating. And his feature? Gorgeous. He had deep coffee brown eyes, with darker brown hair that was styled perfectly on his hair. His cheek bones sat high, and his lips were full and perfect. The man was...Perfect himself. Gorgeous, breathtaking. His eyes were on Bethany... Just studying her, in slight shock.
  4. A slight frown appeared on the young blonde's face as he friend fished through her purse. With Bethany's bad luck of course Delilah would be pulled away from their girls night out, but at least it wasn't something too serious. "It's alright, I understand." The words slipped out of her mouth effortlessly and Bethany watched as her friend exited the bar.

    The smell of many different types of alcohol, perfumes, and body odor filled the small bar as men watched their favorite basketball team play on the jumbo screen in the corner of the joint. Bethany, on occasions, took a quick glance at the screen mostly trying to decide whether or not she should stay here or leave to her apartment. But the blonde soon found herself ordering another drink. Why waste a perfectly good night? Besides it was the first one she had off in a while, she might as well make the most of it.

    Pushing some of her gorgeous locks behind her left ear, Bethany took a sip before watching a man slid into what use to be Delilah's place. He was rather attractive, brown hair with a lighter chocolate brown eyes. Bethany could smell the small amount of honey from him as the front door let in a draft. Though despite the immediate attraction to the man, that wasn't what sent Bethany off into total shock. He was him. The man from her dreams. The man that served much purpose in her writing her novel. The slight shock was easy to be seen on her face as her mouth was ever so slightly open and her eyes were wide compared to what they use to be.

    "Who...no what...I got to go." It wasn't exactly how Bethany wanted to introduce herself, but the headache beginning to form was enough to make her leave her seat and walk to the door in a hurry. As she did, the room seemed to spin around her and she felt rather light headed. She needed fresh air. How was it possible that he could look so much like the king from her dreams, even the small little scar below his left ear was there. Had someone slipped something into her drink when she wasn't looking? She hoped so, because there was no other explanation for this.
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