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    It was dark. Quiet, except for the sound of batwings and water dripping from rusty pipes, slowly eroding the concrete floor of the warehouse. It smelled so... stale in there. She could see nothing due to both the cloth covering her eyes and the fact that it was the middle of the night. She had stopped screaming for help about two hours ago, when one of her captors had smashed the back of her head with the butt of his gun, making her pass out for a bit. After she'd woken up, she'd begun to cut through the thick rope bounding her hands with one long nail, but it was doing no good. She arched her back in the iron chair, her poor butt numb since half an hour ago, and writhed. Warm liquid coated her wrists, accompanied by a searing hot pain. The ropes had cut into her flesh and she was bleeding. She whimpered and bit her lip, trying to listen hard for anything... anyone. She heard footsteps and her heart raced, mind exploding with possibilities and paranoia. They were coming back. They were going to kill her. This was how she would die.

    Elizabeth Marie Walker was the daughter of Prime Minister Gordon Walker, so to get to him, terrorists had taken her hostage. They had demanded an unreasonable amount of money and political immunity from jail as every captor in every movie did, but her father had refused, telling them to take her. He'd never loved her to begin with, and she knew this. She knew she didn't have much of a chance for survival in this situation: now the only thing she could wait for was the decision of the captors. What would they do to her? She squeaked as a huge man approached her and spoke, his voice sounding like a garbage disposal gargling a bunch of gravel.

    "Alrighty then, missy Walker... Gittup. We ain't needin' you no mores, so the boss-man says I'ma supposed ta take you to da desert and but a round in yer head."

    So, now she knew.

    Well shit.
  2. Sitting at base only a few miles out of where she would be held hostage. The captain of the Marines came walking up to him with a phone in his hand, seeing the look in the captains face, Austin knew that he was something terrible that he would have to go out and risk his own life once more.

    "Alright Austin, I know I told you that the last mission you was on was the last one, but this one just came up and you're the only one who could do it. Do thios last mission and your free to leave the Rangers postion and retire back to your kids."

    With out a single a single word slipping from his mouth Austin stood from the chair and slipped the note from hius hands and read the note in his head. The look on his face was blank to show that nothing could fear or think he couldn't do it.
  3. Elizabeth struggled against her captor as he lifted her easily over his shoulder, moving out the door of the warehouse and down metal mesh stairs. Where was he taking her? She kicked and punched at his back, but nothing happened and he seemed unphazed. He was so strong he carried her as a small girl would carry a baby doll. She screamed again, hoping anyone would hear her as the big man threw her into the back of a Caddy and slammed the door behind her. There was a cage-like box around the whole seat she lay in, so she knew there was no chance of escape. She threw herself against the bars anyways, screaming in rage that he would die a horrible, painful death, her blond hair messy and in her face. She hated him, hated her predicament. It wasn't her fault she was related to such a powerful yet awful man... She clung to the bars, leaning her forhead against it and closing her eyes. Tears threatened to fall, but she willed them back, refusing to look as weak as she felt. She would never let this man break her. She would die with a proud expression on her face and a calm mind. She accepted her fate and watched the trees slowly begin to move as the car started and pulled away. This would be her last view. At least it was beautiful.
  4. As Austin would walk towards his bunker to equip his gear to his tatical vest, a phone call came through his phone that came up as unknown. Small static was brushing through the speaker of his phone before a man began speaking in a low but scared voice. Hanging his phone up, he left his bunker and quickly went towards the chopper that was just about to leave to take him to the scene where she was being held captive. After about half an hour pass by, the chopper would drop down about 6 miles from the house that she was being held in.

    "Good luck Austin, becareful. You finish this job, you free to have your life back as a father once again."

    Nodding his head to what came out of his mouth, he held the Scar-H tightly against his chest with a tight grip on the leather griper holder just beneith the barrel of the gun. Turning to face the opposite way of his captain with out a word, he begun to jog down the side walk, quickly leaping over each fence of the backwards to reach the house much faster. Once Austin had reached the house, he took a moment to examine the entire land field and the structor of the house for a stradegy. Being behind the house in the backyard, he kneel'd down behind one of the trees to lift a rock up. Position him self for a clean throw, he'll toss the rock acros the backyard to hit the back door, making a loud knock noise against the white door, hoping to get any sort of sign that the house is either empty or not.
  5. Elizabeth rested her forhead against the stiff leathery plastic of the upholstery on the inside of the door, but gasped slightly when the car came to a sudden halt. The driver seemed angry about something. No, not something, an intruder. Someone at his... house? They were in a house? She'd thought they were in a warehouse, but perhaps it had been a basement... She looked out the window to see a man chucking a rock at the back door of a small-ish house and she raised an eyebrow. Damn kids, vandalizing homes... But wait, what was he holding? A gun... Why? She watched him with wide eyes then managed to push the gag out of her mouth and let out a loud, ear-piercing scream. One last scream. If the man didn't hear her, or if he wasn't a good guy, she'd definitely be dead. The scream went on for what seemed like an eternity, then she made herself visible in the window, struggling against the rope on her wrists and ankles even more. Please. Please let him see me. Please.
  6. When the car came to a sudden stop from, he quickly turned towards where it came from and ran around to the front of the house pointing the Acog sight down the barrel with the red dot set on the female. He nodded his head to the girl to let her know he was on her side. He knew running after the car would be useless, instead he took off to the left along the other backwards of the houses to get in front of the car for an easier shot of the driver. After passing the 4th house up he rested his back to the wall to take a deep calm breath before twisting out in the open for the first shot.
  7. Elizabeth shut up as the man shoot his head, motioning that he was, indeed a good guy and he had heard her. The driver glared back at her in the rearview mirror with angry eyes and snapped at her to shut her 'whore mouth' up because the more she screamed, the faster she would die. She stuck her tongue out at him and leaned her head against the window of the car, her eyes closing, her heart slowing to a more normal pace. She was going to be saved, hopefully. But then again, why was she worried? It wasn't as if she had much to live for anyways. She looked back to where the man was, but he was gone. She sighed gently and furrowed her brow in thought.
  8. Twisting out into the open so just the gun and bits of his face was shown around the corner, he brought the barrel of the Scar up to aim the Acog scope at the passenger's chest, popping a single round into his chest, it would instantly be a quickly one shot kill. taking another quick shot he shot at the radiator of the car so it was un able to move further away from him or to make a quick get away. Slowly moving out in the open he continued to hold the Scar tightly agaisnt his shoulder with the sight aimed at the drivers forhead. Kicking the gun to the left, he motioned the driver to remove him self from the vehicle

    "Remove your self from the vehicle with her hands in the air, now!"

    His finger was ready to pull the trigger if he made any sudden movement towards her or a a weapon.
  9. She whimpered as a shot rang out and screamed as blood splattered through the seat, spraying onter her face and clothes. He'd shot the second captor!! She watched the man with the gun with huge, terrified eyes as he shot again, the car shuddering to a dead stop and the driver began freaking out. He was cursing, screaming, yelling. She bit her lip, curling up in the space between the back of the front seats and the beginning of the back seat, cuddling into a trembling ball on the floorboard of the Caddy and covering her ears as she heard muffled yelling from outside. The driver moved to pretend to get out, grabbing a gun as he went.
  10. Once he notice the man getting out of the car, he quicklydrop the barrel down to his foot to pop a round through it, knowing that he wasgoing to pull something since he’s been in situations like this before. As hebegan to walk towards the vehicle he kept the Acog aiming towards the man onthe floor, kicking his gun away from him, he tapped the barrel on the hood ofthe car to get her attention. <o:p></o:p>
    “You ok back there? Can you get out?” <o:p></o:p>
    Austin would turn the gun back to the man on the ground andwalk towards the back down on the same side as the driver. Putting the gun around his back to hang down, he'll lift up on the door handle and slowly opened it to bring his eyes down to finally make contact with the female.
  11. She heard the third shot and the driver cried out in agony, dropping himself and the gun to the cement. She poked her head up slowly, watching the gunman walk toward her with his eyes on the driver and she looked down at saw his foot. Well, the part of the foot that wasn't a gaping hole... She felt sick to her stomach, but intrigued at the same time. When he opened the door, she looked up at him with her huge blue eyes, not sure whether she should move or not. She trusted no one any more.
  12. Austins face was plain but serious at the same time, he would bring his hand down to help the lady out of the car.

    "It's ok, im not gonna hurt you"
  13. She looked up to him and carefully moved her hand, slipping it into his and getting out, still shaking in fear and shock from everything that has happened over the past day or three. She was silent, still for a moment, but then suddenly she was on him, in his arms, her own wrapped around him as she cried.
  14. Putting his arm back around hers as well, he kept her close within his arms due to her being scared from her experience. Pushing his finger against his ear to push the activate the walkie talkie, he'll tell his commander officer the location of there spot to be picked up.
  15. She was in this man's arms, so safe and secure, she didn't want to move. Din't want to let go of him. She felt as if she would die if she let go right now. He kept her on her feet. If she let him go she would sink to her knees. She was moments from being shot and he saved her life.
  16. Ugh, I can't believe this is all you had planned and you don't want to continue. Whaddafuq, dude. Lame. So uber lame.
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