Her Baby Boy

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  1. My stepmother has been married to my father for about 13 years. My stepbrother is her biological youngest, and her baby boy. He dropped out of high school, got into a fight with my dad, passed around drugs at school and (after he got out of the army, which I respect) does nothing but yell at and hit his children, disrespect and control his wife, and spend 24/7 on the computer playing his online games, but he can do no wrong in my stepmother's eyes.

    On the other hand, I clean the kitchen, do anything I can to help, watch my stepbrother's kids, tell my stepmother I love her every day and try to be as good as possible but she finds anything to bitch about. She's always mad at me for one reason or another. My dad didn't notice at first, but then he fell ill with congestive heart failure and kidney failure and their marriage began to fail. Now-a-days, they're more roommates than husband and wife. But anyways, that's not the point.

    For example, the router to our internet is messed up, so it drops connection at random times. One day, my stepbrother reset the router, disconnecting my stepmother from her Facebook game. The only thing she did was ask him "Hey did you disconnect me?" To which he said yes and she laughed and sighed a bit then said "okay then you coulda told me."

    A couple days later (A.K.A Today) The router went down again. I didn't know she was directly connected to the router and that disconnecting it would turn her game on Facebook off, so I restarted it and went back to my computer. She comes storming in and says "I gotta restart the router" to which I honestly say "I've already done that." And she gets PISSED! She starts using her pissy voice and cursing and storming about even as I apologize repeatedly (Which my stepbrother never did). And now she refuses to look at me and it's like she want's to kill me!

    I'm pretty sure she hates me because I'm not blood. I'm sick and tired of her treating me like this and I try to talk to her but every time I do she launches into this whole speech about how I'm "not the only one under stress in the house" and she makes the conversation about her! And everyone I try to talk to just goes and tells her and I get in even more trouble! This is bullshit! I'm already Manically Depressed and she piles on top of everything with her hatred for me and it makes me even more depressed and suicidal. I'd be better off not living. Maybe she'd be happy then. I cry every day because nothing I do is ever good enough for her no matter how hard I try. My biological mother abandoned me and now the closest thing I have to a mother hates me and my dad is dieing. He's all I have left. He's the only person that keeps me sane. What am I going to do when he goes? I'll have no one...
  2. Living with the lie that you have no one, will eventually become a truth. Think of all the people you are alienating, who genuinely care about you [yet you may not know it].

    I am sorry you have a poor livng situation, but there is always a way of looking at positive things rather than looking deep in the pits. I would probably suggest proffessional help with this, namely family therapy. All I can really offer is to get yourself out there, out of your home, and spending time with those whom you DO want to call family. Blood or not.
  3. I hate to thank you for a post describing such a sad living enviornment, but I must: the fact of the matter is, I know how you feel. My stepmother loves her sons to death and is so excited for them to call on the phone, but when I'm gone and call, she has no interest in talking to me and is annoyed. Sometimes she's not even interested in saying goodbye to me when I leave.

    Constantly I am compared to others, constantly I am called spoiled when I am FAR less spoiled than my friends. Everything is my fault, it's never their fault. I never know what I'm talking about, only they do. My jokes aren't funny, but theirs are. They want me to be more social with the family, but when I'm more social they get annoyed having me around and tell me to go do something I should be doing at my age. They say I'm free to talk to them about my feelings, but when I do, the topic instantly turns to how they feel and how my feelings mean absolutely nothing, just brushed off in favor of how stressed they are compared to me.

    The same exact thing happened with the stepmother I had before this one, only it was even worse back then. My dad seems to like women that are obsessed with their own sons but don't want to deal with his child. XDD Lol. (I don't dislike my stepmom btw, she's nice, but I can tell I'm not her favorite person.)

    But this isn't about my family, it is about yours. If I were to give you a recommendation, it would be to do as Curiose says and look towards the positive. Hanging around my family may be stressful, but there's things I enjoy doing that take my mind off of that stress. I decided it doesn't really matter what they think of me, as long as I know I can defend myself as a good person.

    It sounds to me like you are a great person for trying so hard to be friendly with her, you have nothing to stress over because you are the one in the right. Just keep searching for things you like, and things you look forward to doing. Try to stay friendly with your family, but if they won't cooperate, don't push it. Just back off and let her yell without you being around to hear that yelling. You can't make everyone happy, and you shouldn't be expected to.

    There are people out there who love you, and I'm sure your father and possibly even your stepmother do love you. If the time comes you can't handle it any more, moving out may be just what you need.
  4. Survive until you can move out, then never talk to her again. >>;

    I grew up in the same situation, only my mother is my biological mother. e__e I won't go in to details. But it sucked big ass.

    But I agree with the others, that you have to stay positive and think about the future you ARE going to have once you have survived the present and moved forward. You will not be there forever, especially if you are still working towards leaving. (Finishing school if you're still in it, finding a decent job, moving out, etc.)

    When you are able to live on your own, things start to get better. 8D You just have to keep hopeful and keep working.