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    I am
    h e n r i .
    A b o u t _ M e

    • I am a student.
      • So I'll post at about once a day/once every few days/once a week - depending on my worklaod
    • I am really fond of proper grammar and spelling.
      • But I'll probably make a lot of mistakes.
    • I am patient.
      • I will literally sit and wait for a month for your post if I really like you. <3


    M y _ W r i t i n g

    • Very slow posting speed.
    • Fuck quality > quantity. Give me quality = quantity. <3
      • But if it's like, interactions between two characters and mainly dialogue, then quality > quantity is okay.
    • Aggressive > Passive writer. [
    • General posts: 4+ paragraphs. Generally more. I don't really count my paragraphs. 4 is a really rough estimate.
      • Interactions with frequent dialogue will probably result in about 3 ~ 4 paragraphs, IDK. It really depends, y'know?
      • I don't do one liners or one paragraphs. Gross.
    • Smut is ok. I guess. So like. 90% plot and 10% smut. SMUT ONLY IS 18+

    Y e s ​

    • Dark plots
      • Psychological (Maybe, i dunno)
      • Not gore.
      • Or mutilation.
    • Atypical pairings.
    • Deviating from the stereotype.
    • The strange.
    • Romance <3

    N o oOOOoOooOOoooo

    • Doctor/Doctor
    • Doctor/Patient
    • Anything dOctOr
    • Anything hoSpiTal or aSylUm
    • Detective pairings
    • Kidnapper/Captive kind of crap
    • Sci-fi


    P a i r i n g s

    • Peter Pan and the Lost Boys
    • Beauty and the Beast
    • Other stuff, idk
    P l o t s !!!!

    Of Fantastical Monsters (open)

    What if monsters weren't really bad at all?
    The Boogeyman (open)

    The one that used to hide under the bed or the closet.
    Children are terrified of them but are they - really scary at all?
    Meet the Boogeymn. They say the Boogeyman is the quintessence of a monster. They say that he's nothing short of terrifying, that he's got the face of a nightmare. And perhaps he is. Perhaps he really is the monster behind every child's nightmare. But the only way to know the truth is to know the story of the Boogeyman.
    When a child sleeps, a darkness lingers. It's like a shadow, the sort of shadow you might see in the corner of your eye. You'd look but nothing would be there. The shadow is a sort of darkness that preys on children. Rather, they prey on their innocence, looking to corrupt them. A Boogeyman is a hunter. He hunts at night and hides 'neath the bed or the closet and he captures the shadows. In a little glass jar, he seals them inside and he returns home where he adds yet another shadow to his collection.
    If a Boogeyman fails, a child is riddled with nightmares.
    It is only up to the Boogeyman to save them in silence.
    Most children outgrow these shadows upon maturity and the Boogeyman becomes a forgotten fragment of their past. But there is one such child that the shadows are attached to and they never let go of him. Into adulthood, the shadows follow and so does the Boogeyman. But with every year that the once-child ages, it becomes harder to hide - harder to become a forgotten fragment in his memories. There is only so much the Boogeyman can do.

    The Grimm Reaper (open)

    What happens after death?
    They say when a person dies, they are sent to heaven or hell. But how?
    This is the job of the Grimm Reaper. He collects the souls of the dead and with his all-knowing eyes, he sees everything. The secrets, the lies, the regret - he sees it all. Then he returns to Elysium, a obscure place that was once the beginning of everything. At Elysium, there are only three doors. First, the entrance in which he will enter and exit. Second, the door to Heaven. And third, the door to Hell.
    It's a mundane job. Collecting souls and depositing them at the proper door.
    Then one day, he comes across a little soul. It's small, a little brighter than the rest, and absolutely artificial. Unsure what to do with this man-made experiment, the Grimm Reaper leaves the little soul in Elysium until he can decide what to do with it.

    Gentle Romance (open)

    Slow-moving and sweet.
    The Light in this World (open)

    X is blind. All his life, he's only known darkness.
    Y has one leg. War changes a man.
    There is a coffee shop just off 2nd Avenue in East Village of Manhattan. It's a little bit unknown, hidden by the allure of bigger and more attractive revenues, but it has its' regulars. Y likes to visit at night, and X visits in the morning.
    One day, X and Y visit in the afternoon.

    In the Mountain (open)

    They say there is a God in the Mountain.
    X is weak. People no longer worship him and his home had slowly been hacked away by the very people who'd once looked up to him. At this rate, he'll disappear.
    Y is a clumsy little angel. No one thinks very highly of him - but his unusually strong powers earns him envy from his peers.
    And like the clumsy angel he is, Y trips (over nothing) and falls from his cloud (apparently his wings didn't work or something lmfao). Landing in a bushel of leaves and twigs, Y is injured with a sprained wing when X comes across him.
    X helps Y out.

    Forgotten Love (open)

    Those six months were the happiest months in his life. At least, until the end.
    X and Y had at some point in their lives. They meet again many years later and old feelings are rekindled.

    Dark (open)

    Darker plots.
    The Lake (open)

    This one actually has an entire plot from beginning to end. The RP will just be "inspired" by it or loosely based or will follow along what's written.
    Oh - this plot is inspired by a book I read a long time ago, lmao.

    It's always raining here. The ground is always wet, the sky always gray, and there is something unsettling about this place.
    Just beyond the abandoned house, there is a lake. It's gloomy murky waters seem to be hiding something - something unnatural.
    X is new to town. He has high hopes - rebuilding the home and making the property come alive again. But there's something in the lake... something strange. At night, he dreams of the lake and it calls to him like a hazy mist in the back of his mind. Then one day, Y shows up at his door step. X can't quite place it but there's something strange about Y.
    Y claims to be a previous owner of the house and offers to show X a hidden room. Intrigued, he accepts Y's offer and Y reveals a hidden library. It's massive and utterly impressive. X can't believe he'd never noticed it before. Somewhere in the back of his mind, a little voice tells him that there is something strange about the entire thing but Y is alluring and X is easily enamored by him.
    He loses time, talking to Y and exploring the library. He likes talking to Y. Y shows him books and with every book that opens, the story seems to comes alive. It's as if they are in the story itself. X and Y explore many books together.
    How long has it been?
    X can't remember but he doesn't care. He likes Y.
    It's like a never ending dream. Food and water is a foreign concept. With Y, there's no need to eat or sleep. But when they've gone through all the books, X does the most dangerous thing of all. He remembers.He remembers that he has a life, that he needed to return - it was time to leave. But Y won't let him go.
    The library is no longer the sparkling and dazzling place it once was. It becomes a prison to X. Y tries to cheer him up, tries to lure him into X's favorite stories but X wants to leave. Unable to see X so upset, Y convinces X to take one more adventure to one more story.
    Y's story.
    When it ends, X wakes up in the middle of one of many empty rooms in his run-down home. His stomach hurts with hunger gnawing at it, and his mouth is dry. But Y's story is still on his mind. How long has it been? X stands but his legs are wobbly and skinny, his stomach dipping inward and his ribs clearly visible. He eats and picks up the newspapers left outside the door.
    Four days. Time had passed without him knowing. But X doesn't care. He picks up the phone and calls the police.
    "There is a dead body in the lake."