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  1. Still under construction but the basic idea is there.
    Pls send me a pm


    I am
    h e n r i .



    w h o
    a m


    _searching for one partner only.
    _advanced writer
    _picky af
    _slow poster. posts once a week, maybe more.
    _will be 18 in november.
    _still needs to get my fucking driver's permit.
    _searching for someone who can take up a challenge.
    _or gets turned on by challenges. either one.
    _patient. you have one month to reply otherwise I'm going to drop it.
    _grammar nazi.
    _hypocrite bc i make a shit ton of mistakes on my crap.
    _aggressive > passive writer.
    _very busy.


    w h a t
    n e e d
    f r o m

    y o u

    _dedication + patience
    _ if >18, must wait until november before all the touchy-touchy crap, if it happens.
    _ if <18, touchy-touchy crap may happen 'til november hits. when it does, we will discuss.
    _advanced+ writing.
    _be assertive.
    _perfect grammar and spelling. perfect.
    _relatively good grammar and spelling.


    w h a t
    y o u
    n e ed
    i n
    y o u r

    _statement of interest or something, idk.
    _name, address, phone number, credit card number.
    _other information you deem necessary to add in.
    _plot ideas you'd like to discuss.



    m y
    i n t e r e s t s

    _dark plots
    _atypical pairing
    _deviating from the stereotype
    _the strange
    _plots 70%
    _everything else 30%
    _romance may or not happen.
    _if it happens, it happens.
    _if our characters fuckin' hate each other,
    then they hate each other.

    l o l ,
    n o .

    _doctor/doctor;doctor/patient pairings
    _detective pairings
    _asylum crap
    _hospital crap
    _kidnapping (depends on plot)

    _I have no plots at the moment.

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    S t i l l
    O p e n .​
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    S t i l l
    E d i t i n g . . .
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