Henir's Labyrinth of Space and Time

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  1. A group of adventurers seek to challenge the madness of a strange place which has no concept of space and time. Guided by Giansee, one of Glave's only students, they attempt to journey to is rarely explored nooks and crannies.

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    Henir's vast expanses were always lonely. Filled only with the terror of that abominable, non-existent blue, the abstract corridors which stretched onto eternity never had any soul patrolling them except her. Of course, she had encountered many of the labyrinth's threats: monsters, unspeakable horrors, deformed guardians, even mutated creatures, but sapient individuals whom one could talk without fear of being torn into shreds were almost non-existent. Apparently, there were no other students beside her, but there was always the alternative solution of this place being so huge that meeting another was bordering on the impossible unless they had entered together, arm-in-arm.

    Today, however, that was about to change. With these two synthetised fragments that Giansee brought fourth from the many little bites of space-and-time floating behind her, she would open the gateways to two people. Two travelers, one filled to the brim with the power of the Fire El, the other surrounded by strange miracles that would have been out of place even in this bizarre Labyrinth, would join her in her task willingly. Whether they would find what they were looking for in here was up to them, but she would have to be their guide, their anchor that kept them on the traversable roads.

    "Faireheart," she called out as she lifted one of the fragments up in the air and then shifted the light of El around her, pouring massive amounts of it into the little stone. As a result, the barriers that stood between her and the individual she had sought disappeared onto nothing. Before her, a portal with a rim of white-hot, ever-burning fire opened, connecting this realm to wherever Faireheart was in the myriad of realities that Henir's mysterious construct bridged.

    "Lahst." The second call was just as impressive as the firt one, with the portal's rim taking on the properties of ever-shifting, mercurial mythicism shrouded in many enigmas. Likewise, the many myriad blocks which dared to place themselves between Giansee and her target shattered into countless pieces as if they had been the part of an abstract mirror around her.

    Adorned with these dual portals, Giansee, once queen of the Nasod Empire, First Battle Seraph, Servant of the Grand First Empress and Student of Glave waited patiently for her guests to arrive at the start of their journey.
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