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  1. Hey guys~

    For those of you who do not know me, I'm heliacal. I was a lot more active over the summer, but I still pop up in the cbox on a daily basis. Winter break is coming, which will hopefully be accompanied by more free time dedicated to role-playing.

    I'm looking for partners who don't mind long only a handful of posts a week, since I have a pretty tight schedule. I'm open to every genre, but I am definitely a horror and sci-fi nut (although some may say the fandom section is my guilty pleasure <.< >.>), so feel free to approach me with any and all ideas! I would prefer said partners to have a good grasp of spelling and grammar, but more importantly is the ability to form and create a cohesive and exciting collaborative story~

    Genre Expectations

    Romance: Story > Smut. This is the genre I am the most critical about. In order to keep me interested in a romance, there MUST be a plot of some sort. Pure smut has absolutely no allure to me. I want there to be drama, tension and a believable plot.

    DOS: Alllllll the drama, Break ups, negatives and positives, long build-ups

    DONTS: Smuttin' it up, Carly Rae Jepsen-ing*, clichéd concepts, furry stuff (just not my cup of tea)

    *The whole "hey I just met you WE SHOULD FUCK" concept ;P

    Science Fiction: Level 2-4 I take my science fiction with a hearty dose of satire. I prefer my sci-fi to have outward meaning versus just telling a story, so this genre tends to have more of an impactful, universal type of composition.

    DOS: Time travel, Space, Apoc, Heavy symbolism, well thought out and collaborated plots

    DONTS: Action-heavy huge ass mecha suit-type deals, Sci-fi Nazism, Stat-based stories

    Fantasy: 7 years of WoW, an Avid DnD player, and Fantasy is still the genre I am most nervous about. Perhaps it's because of the MOTHER FUCKING BOOKS I see being written in the Fantasy thread, or maybe it's just the fact that fantasy is so expansive that I have issues narrowing it down into a good story. Either way, I'd say fantasy might very well be my weakest genre, so If you'd like to ease me into the genre I'll be more than happy to hand you the reins :P

    DOS: 2-5 paragraph responses, a well focused story, having a solid foundation before letting me attempt to screw up the world in any way ^.^;

    DONTS: "Hey, you already said you are hella paranoid about your fantasy skills so how about you make the entire plot and I just ride along! :D :D"

    Horror: Holy heck. Yes. Gore, psychological thrillers, survival, grim dark, everything. Just yes. This is another genre that I selfishly like to be the more "player" member of the role-play, that way it's all unexpected n' whatnot. I have been noticing that my taste in horror seems to go either in the future, or to a more fantastical setting. Making horror is a delicate balance of suspense and release; it's hard to nail it down without it being boring or cheesy. Mystery works hand in hand with this genre!

    DOS: Shock value, Unfair tragedy, mental shredder on high power, yo

    DONTS: Cheesy goosebumps shiz, "upsetting" the balance

    Fandom: Okay, okay. I'll admit it. I like to geek out in the fandom section more often than I let on. I enjoy taking a pre-made world and twisting it into something unexpected and new- INNOVATION BABY! Taking a simple anime like pokémon and creating a dark and twisted tale for an older audience is such a cool thing, in my opinion.

    DOS: Unexpected plot changes, Prequels and Sequels

    DONTS: Reliving the entire story, Cloning

    Current Want-to-Do's

    - Harvest Moon Role-play
    - Apoc/Time Travel Sci-fi (PM for more details)
    - Romance Tragedy
    - Whatever you have in mind :)

    Other Interests

    - Demons vs Angels
    - Paranormal
    - DnD-type settings
    - Sweet worlds
  2. I'd love to do a supernatural romance with tragedy between a demon and an angel, if that interests you.
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  3. Hey, I've got some pretty sweet horror plots you might like. I'm also down for Harvest Moon.
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  4. I'd be up for a romantic tragedy! :D
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  5. @Marceline29 @Sansa Stark @Alexa

    Feel free to PM me with any and all ideas and we could take a closer look from there :)

    (Sorry if you tried messaging me prior to this post- my inbox was full so I had to do a little clean up ^.^)
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