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What's more catchy and likeable?

  1. The Edge of Steam and Gear

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  2. Edge of Steam and Gear

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  3. Edge Steam and Gear

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  4. I dun like any of them! (Patty: Give me a better one then!!!)

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  5. SteamWeavers

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  1. Hello all!
    My brother and I are starting a Steampunk Business and we need a little help...

    We're not really sure which name we should go with!
    We'll be selling things such as handmade jewlery/trinket boxes, Goggles, Hats, bags, timepieces, some antique items, and other accessories.
    We are also totally open to suggestions for names and/or things we should sell.

    Other than that, A catchphrase would be appreciated, if you guys think of one. ^_^

    THANK YOU!!!!

    (Pictures of some of our stuff will be up soon!)
  2. Well this is only a sugestion for other things you could sell.

    You could also sell your own made shirts like NintendoCapriSun does on Youtube. He makes his own pictures and adds them to the shirt. Not sure if that would cost you extra at all but I say that it's a thought.

    *sorry but I'm not really good at names at all*
  3. Edge Steam and Gear. You don't want a too long name or no one will be able to remember it, and Edge Steam and Gear sounds ...just cool.

    Give us a link when the store is up!
  4. Well, in any case, here's a few of the boxes we did today.
    (Yes, impulsively thought of this, bought stuff too make prototypes, and made prototypes today. lol)

    Group Shot:
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    Tiny Box:
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    Personalized box:
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    Goggles Box:
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    Large Box: (Yes, that is a real, working clock on the front.)
    Show Spoiler

    If you happen to be interested, Please PM for prices. ^_^
  5. Welcome to EDGE Steam and Gear! We carry a vast selection of hand crafted Trinket Box's, Goggles, Hats, Bags, and much much more! Come and look us up at [insert web adress] to see all the latest EDGE gear. Hurry now for all the best deals on custom made box's only to the end of christmas!

    EDGE Steam and Gear, Gear on the Edge!
  6. SteamWeavers

    Gear from the Edge

  7. Haha I think we'll make Piro our official spokesperson. ^_-

    That actually sounds pretty cool...I'll definitely bring it up as a suggestion.
  8. hm, of them I like Edge Steam and Gear, but I do prefer Asmo's Steam Weavers
  9. I kind of like Edge Steam and Gear better though I don't know what but it sounds like it goes together
  10. SteamWeavers, keep the "and"'s and "of"'s out of the company-name.
  11. Of the offerings, I would suggest "Edge Steam and Gear." I would, however, like to throw out my own candidate: "Steam and Gears"
  12. XD
    All of you guys are awesome.

    Ric, We added the "Edge" because the town we come from is "Edgerton". ^_^
  13. I chose the Edge Steam and Gear if you wanted to know what I chose at all. It just as I said before sounds catchy.
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  14. Well, then it makes sense, doesn't it!